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Content (21 February 2024)
2312 calculators brands
1980 calculator brands pictures (94.7% known)
7924 calculators models (93.6% known)
9633 clone calculators
1343 mechanical calculators brands
12129 computer brands
270114 computer models
4896 tablets/mobiles brands
2514 game consoles brands
8874 programming languages
2765 operating systems
Inventory of Electronic Calculators Manufacturers
Companies Informations
Inventory of Mechanical Calculators Manufacturers
Manufacturer Pictures Database
Models Databases (1960 - 2000)

Clone LCD Calculators
Clones Calculators Mapping Table
Production Statistics
Computer Manufacturer's Inventory
Tablets/Smartphones Brands Inventory
Companies Informations
Production Statistics
Models Inventory
Computer Models Statistics
Programming Langage's Inventory
Operating Systems Inventory
Game Consoles
Electronic Games Manufacturer's Inventory
Production Statistics


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