Computing timelines

Old Computing

The 30 years of the PC

A brief history of Computer Network Technology

Apple evolution

A new class of computing (1988)

The Universe of Supercomputing

Computer Genealogy (1980)

DEC-PDP tree (1980)

Computers : A chronological timeline

History of Hacking

History of Microsoft

History of Windows

Bill Gates history

Steve Jobs history

Intel timeline

The subjective life of a Computer User

Computers timeline

The complete History of Personal Computers

Logitech timeline

Microprocessor evolution poster

The 40 years of the Microprocessor

Supercomputers history

The computer tree

The history of Digital Storage

The history of the Calculators

The Storage Media lifespan

Computer hardware chart

Infographie de l'histoire de l'informatique


Modern computing

The evolution of the Geek

The environmental impact of computing

Linux distributions

A growing & power hungry Internet

The evolution of computer power/cost

Technology Innovation in business

The boom of Social Sites


Web Browsers

State of the Internet (2010)

Internet timeline (1945-2010)

The Web Technology timeline

Internet history

e-mail history

The history of Modems

Top significant moments of Internet history


The world of Programming poster

Computer Languages chart

The History of Programming Langages

Programming Languages timeline

Evolution of lines of code



The Video Games timeline

Best selling video games in the USA

Video gaming timeline (1972-1989)

The periodic table of controllers

The Joypad evolution

The Gameboy timeline

The evolution of Video game Controllers

Console Joypad standards

Video game controllers timeline


Audio Format timeline

Consumer Electronics Gadgets

History of the Telephone

Cellphones timeline

History of the ipod & iphone

Multimedia timeline

Sony timeline

Nokia timeline

Sony Trinitron

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