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Couverture Titre     Année Auteur (s) Editeur
Histoire de l'informatique (Computing History)
A Brief History of Computing   2008 G. O'Regan Springer
A Business and its Beliefs - The Idea that Helped Build IBM   2003 T. J. Watson Jr. McGraw-Hill
A few Good Men from Univac     1987 D. E. Lundstrom. MIT Press
A History of Computing in the Twentieth Century   1980 N. Metropolis, J. Howlett, G.-C. Rota Academic Press
A History of Computing Technology   1997 M. R. Williams IEE Computer Society Press
A History of Modern Computing   2003 P.E. Ceruzzi MIT Press
A History of Silicon Valley   2015 P. Scaruffi -
A History of the Personal Computer   2001 R. A. Allan Allan Publishing
A History of Sperry Rand Corporation   2005 - Stanford
A Mind at Play - How Claude Shannon invented the Information Age   2017 J. Soni, R. Goodman Simon & Schuster
A People's History of Computing in the USA   2018 J. L. Rankin Harvard Press
A Science of Operations - Machines, Logic and the Invention of Programming   2011 M. Priestley Springer
A Survey of Automatic Digital Computers   1953 - Dep. of the Navy
A to Z of Computer Scientists   2003 H. Henderson Fact On File
Accidental Empires   US 1992 R. X. Cringely Addison-Wesley
Alan M. Turing   2012 S. Turing Cambridge
Alan Turing and His Contemporaries: Building the World's First Computers   2012 Simon Lavington, Martin Campbell-Kelly, Chris Burton British Computer Society
Alan Turing - Computer Genius   2011 H. Henderson Chelser House
Alan Turing - His Work And Impact   2013 S. Cooper Cooper & Van Leeuwen  
Alan Turing: Life and Legacy of a Great Thinker 2005 D. Hofstadter, Ch. Teuscher Springer

Alan Turing's Electronic Brain

  2012 B. Jack Copeland Oxford
Alan Turing - Pioneer of the Information Age   2013 B. Jack Copeland Oxford
Alan Turing - The Enigma   2012 A. Hodges, D. Hofstadter Princeton University Press
Alan Turing - The Enigma   2014 A. Hodges Princeton University Press
Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma   2014 D. Boyle Endeavour Press
The Essential Turing   2004 B. Jack Copeland Oxford
The Man Who Knew Too Much   2005 D. Leavitt Atlas Books
Turing's Vision - The Birth of Computer Science   2016 C. Bernhardt MIT Press
Ada the Enchantress of Numbers   1992 B.A. Toole Critical Connection
Ada's Algorithm   2014 J. Essinger Melville House
Ada: A Life and a Legacy 1985 D. Stein MIT Press
Babbage's Calculating Engines 1888 Ch. Babbage Cambridge University Press
Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation   2017 J. Lendino Ziff Davis
Charles Babbage and his Calculating Engines   1961 P. Morrison, E. Morrison Dover Publications
Charles Babbage: And the Engines of Perfection   2007 B. Collier, J. MacLachlan Oxford University Press
It Began with Babbage: The Genesis of Computer Science   2014 S. Dasgupta Oxford University Press
The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage   2015 S. Padua Pantheon
Barbarians Led by Bill Gates - Microsoft from the Inside   1998 J. Edstrom, M. Eller Henry Holt
Before the Computer   1993 J. W. Cortada Princeton University Press
Best of 2600 - A Hacker Odyssey 2008 E. Goldstein Wiley
Bit by Bit - An Illustrated History of Computers   1984 S. Augarten Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Bootstrapping: Douglas Engelbart, Coevolution, and the Origins of Personal Computing   2000 T. Bardini Stanford University Press
Breakout - How Atari 8-bit computers defined a generation   2017 J. Lendino Ziff Davies
Bright Boys : [the making of information technology]   2010 T. Green CRC Press
Broken Genius - The Rise and Fall of William Shockley   2006 J. N. Shurkin Macmillan
Building IBM - Shaping an Industry and Its Technology   1996 E. W. Pugh MIT Press
Can the AS/400 survive IBM   2004 B. Kelly Let's Go Publish
CODE - The hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software 2000 C. Petzold Microsoft Press
Colossus - The Secrets of Bletchey Park's Codebreaking Computers   2006 B.J. Copeland et al. Oxford Press
Commodore - A company on the edge   2011 B. Bagnall Variant Press
Computer - Objekt   2010 P. Atkinson Reaktion Books
Computing - A Concise History   2012 Paul E. Ceruzzi MIT Press
Computer Engineering - A DEC View of Hardware Systems Design   1978 C. Gordon Bell, J. Craig Mudge, J. E. McNamara Digital Press
Computer - A history of the Information Machine   2004 M. Campbell-Kelly,
W. Aspray
Computing Before Computers   1990 Aspray,Bromley,
Campbell-Kelly, Ceruzzi,Williams
Iowa State U.
Core Memory   2008 J. Alderman Chronic Books
Cow-boys contre chemin de fer   2011 A. Lefebvre,
L. Poulain
Talking Heads
DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC: The Lasting Legacy of Digital Equipment Corporation   2004 E. H.Schein,
P. Kampas
Dictionnaire biographique et historique de la micro-informatique   2005 A. Loranger Multimondes
Die Rechnenmaschine von Konrad Zuse   1998 R. Rojas Springer
Early British Computers 1980 S. H. Lavington Digital Press
Early Computing in Britain   2019 S. Lavington Springer
Electronic Dreams - How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer by Tom Lean   2016 T. Lean -
ENIAC - The Triumphs and tragedies of the World's First Computer   1999 S. McCartney Walker & Co.

Exploding the Phone - The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell

  2013 P. Lapsley Grove Press
FAB: The Comming Revolution on your Desktop   2005 N. Gershenfeld Basic Books
Father, Son & Co. - My Life at IBM and Beyond   1990 T. J. Watson Bantam Books
Fire in the Valley - The Making of the Personal Computer   1984 M. Swaine,
P. Freiberger
From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Edgehog   2003 M. Campbell-Kelly MIT Press
From Compass to Computer   1984 W. A. Atherton San Francisco Press
From Mainframes to Smartphhones   2015 M. Campbell-Kelly, D. D. Garcia-Swartz Harvard Press
Fumbling the Future - How Xerox invented the first Personal Computer   1988 D. K. Smith,
R.C. Alexander
William Morrow & Co.
Giants of Computing - A Compendium of Select, Pivotal Pioneers   2013 G. O'Regan Springer
Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age   2009 K.W. Beyer MIT Press
Hacker, scienzati e pionieri 2007 C. Gubitosa Creative Commons
Hackers - Heroes of the Computer Revolution 1984 S. Levy Doubleday
Hard Drive - Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire   1992 J. Wallace,
J. Erickson
Histoire d'un pionnier de l'informatique : 40 ans de recherche a l'Inria   2004 A. Beltran, P. Griset EDP Sciences
History of Binary   1981 A. Glaser Tomash Publishing
History of Computing - Learning from the past   2010 - Springer
History of Nordic Computing   2005 - Springer
How its works - The Computer 1971 D. Carey Ladybird
How its works - The Computer   1979 D. Carey Ladybird
IBM and the Holocaust   2001 E. Black Dialog Press
IBM: the Rise and Fall and Reinvention of a Global Icon   2019 J. W. Cortada MIT Press
IBM's Early Computers   1986 C. J. Bashe,
L.R. Johnson,
J.H. Palmer,
E.W. Pugh
MIT Press
Idea Man - A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft   2011 P. Allen Penguin Books
Il calcolatore universale - Da Leibniz a Turing   1997 M. Davis Adelphi
Introduction to the History of Computing   2016 G. O'Regan Springer
Inventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Computer Industries   2005 A. D. Chandler Jr. Macmillan
Inventing the PC - The MCM/70   2011 Z. Stachniak McGill U.P.
John Von Neumann and The Origins of Modern Computing   1990 W. Aspray MIT Press
Journey to the Moon - The History of Apollo Guidance Computer   1996 E. C. Hall AIAA
Konrad Zuse - The Computer, my Life   1993 K. Zuse Springer
Le livre sur le livre   1934 P. Otlet Mundaneum
Les machines à penser: des ordinateurs et des hommes   1987 J. Arsac Seuil
Makin' Numbers - Howard Aiken and the Computer   1999 B. Cohen, G. W. Welch MIT Press
Moores's Law   2015

A. Thackray,
D.C. Brock, D. Jones

Basic Books
Moving Animation   - T. Sito MIT Press
Moving Targets - Elliott Automation and the Dawn of the Computer Age in Britain   2011 S. Lavington Springer
My Life with Computers   2015 M. Cohen -
Now the Chips are Down - the BBS Micro   2016 A. Gazzard MIT Press

Open: How Compaq Ended IBM’s PC Domination and Helped Invent Modern Computing

  2013 R. Canion Benbella
Programma 101   FR 1995 P.-G. Perotto Sperling&Kupfer
Programmed Inequality   2017 M. Hicks MIT Press
RAND and the Information Evolution 2008 W. H. Ware RAND Corp.
Ready   2015 R. Dillon Springer
Rechnen mit Maschinen   1968 W. De Beauclair Vieweg
Reckoners - The prehistory of the digital computer, from relays to the stored program concept, 1935-1945   1983 P. E. Ceruzzi Greenwood Press
Reflections on the History of Computing - Preserving Memories and Sharing Stories   2012 A. Tatnall Springer
The Analogue Alternative: The Electronic Analogue Computer in Britain and the USA, 1930-1975   2001 J. S. Small Routledge
The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer   2014 B.G. Pitre,
B. Loguidice
CRC Press
The Computer Age   1978 M. Campbell-Kelly Wayland
The Computer Book   2018 S.L. Garfinkel, R.H. Grunspan Sterling
The Computers Boys Take Over - Computers, programmers, and the politics of technical expertise   2010 N.L. Ensmenger The MIT Press
The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann   1993 H. H. Goldstine Princeton University Press
The Computer Nobody Wanted - My Years with Xerox   2008 P. A. Strassmann The Information Economics Press
The Computer Revolution in Canada: Building National Technological Competence   2006 John N. Vardalas MIT Press
The Difference Engine - Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer   2001 Doron Swade Penguin Books
The Digital Hand - Volume 21   2006 J.W. Cortada Oxford U. Press
The Digital Hand - Volume 2   2006 J.W. Cortada Oxford U. Press
The Digital Hand - Volume 3   2006 J.W. Cortada Oxford U. Press
The Dream Machine: J.C.R. Licklider and the Revolution That Made Computing Personal   2001 M. Mitchell Waldrop Penguin Books
The Early Computer Industry   2013 A. Gandy Palgrave-McMillan
The First Computers - History and Architectures 2000 R. Rojas,
U. Hashagen
MIT Press
The First Electronic Computer - The Atanasoff History   1989 A. R. Burks, A. W. Burks University of Michigan
The Future was Here   2012 J. Maher MIT Press
The Government Machine - A Revolutionary History of the Computer 2003 J. Agar MIT Press
The Hacker Crackdown   1992 B. Sterling FeedBooks
The History of Computing 1981 M. Zientara CW Communications
The Home Computer Wars 1984 M. Tomczyk Compute
The HP Way   1995 D. Packard Collins Business Essentials
The Illiac IV - The First Supercomputer   1982 R. M. Hord Springer
The Innovators   2014 W. Isaacson Simon & Schuster
The Interface - IBM and the Transformation of Corporate Design   2011 J. Harwood U. of Minossota Press
The Logician and the Engineer   2013 P.J. Nahin PUP
The Man Behind the Microchip - Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley   2006 L. Berlin Oxford University Press

The Man Who Invented the Computer- The Biography of John Atanasoff, Digital Pioneer

  2010 J. Smiley Doubleday
The Maverick and his Machine   2003 K. Maney Wiley & Sons
The Sinclair Story 1985 R. Dale Duckworth
The Soul of a New Machine   2000 T. Kidder Back Bay Books
The Story of Commodore 64 in Pixels   2016 C. Wilkins Fusion Retro Books
The Story of ZX Spectrum in Pixel   2014 C. Wilkins Fusion Retro Books
The Supermen - The Story of Seymour Cray   1997 C. J. Murray Wiley
The Technical and Social History of Software Engineering   2013 C. Jones Addison-Wesley
The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing   2000 M. Davis W. W. Norton & Co.
The Universal Machine   2012 I. Watson Copernicus
The Universal History of Computing   2001 Georges Ifrah; et al John Wiley
The Wizards and Their Wonder 1997 - ACM Press
To the Digital Age - Research labs, start-up companies, and the rise of MOS technology   2002 R. Knox Bassett Johns Hopkins Press
Valley of Genius   2018 A. Fisher Twelve
What the Dormhouse said - How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry   2006 J.Markoff Penguin Books
When Computers where Human   2005 D. A. Grier Princeton University Press
When the Machine Made Art   2014 G. D. Taylor Bloomspurry

A Parent's Guide to Personal Computers & Software   1983 D. Goodman Simon & Schuster
Algorithms and programs of the structural method of data processing   1988 - RG Strongin
Automatic Digital Computers 1965 A.D Booth, K.H.V. Booth Butterworth
An introduction to microcomputers - Volume 0 1977 A. Osborne Osborne & Associates
An introduction to microcomputers - Volume 1 1977 A. Osborne Sybex
An introduction to microcomputers - Volume 2 1977 A. Osborne Osborne & Associates
A Personal Guide to Personal Computers 1982 P. Lundstrom Apple
A Second Survey of Domestic Electronic Digital Computers   1957 M. H. Weik BRL
Automatic Data-Processing Systems 1960 R. H. Gregory, R. L. Van Horn Wadsforth Publishing
Bill Gates   2007 R. Strother Abdo Publishing
Calculating Intruments and Machines 1949 D. R. Hartree Univ. Press of Illinois
Calculator puzzles, trick and games   1977 N. Pallas Sterling publishing
Capability-based Computer Systems 1984 H. M. Levy Digital Press
Cinquant'anni con 1 bit 2007 P. Ridolfi -
Classic Computing Book   2014 D. Greelish Classic Computing Press
Computers and Commerce   2005 A. L. Norberg MIT Press
Computers at work   1970 R. Lohberg, T. Lutz Sterling Publishing
Computer for Everybody   1983 J. Willis, M. Miller. Asutralia & New-Zealnd Books
Computing with Quantum Cats - From Colossus to Qubits   2014 J. Gribbin Prometheus books
Cybernetics - Or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine   1948 N. Wiener MIT Press
CyberPunk - Outlaws and Hackers   1991 K. Hafner, J. Markoff Simon & Schuster
Computer Dictonary 1982 Ch. J. Sippl Howard W, Sams
Digital Culture 2008 C. Gere Reaktion Book
Don't ! (or how to care for your computer)   1981 R. Zaks Sybex
Easy to understand guide to home computers   1982 - Publications International
Eglantine et les ouinedoziens 2009 Francois G. In Libro Veritas
Enciclopedia Practica de la Informatica (23 vol) 1983 - Nueva Lnete / Ingelek
English-Russian glossary of terms and abbreviations for BT, Internet and programming   1998 E.M. Proydakov SK Press
Essential Guide to Bulletin Board Systems   1987 P.R. Dewey Meckler Publishing
Experiments with your Computer     H. Davies Usborne
Founders at Work 2007 J. Livingstone Apress
Fundamentals of analog computer technology   1971 A.V. Shileyko Energia
Guides de l'informatique - Fluide glacial   2002 - Fluide glacial
Handbook of computers   1989 V.I. Grubov, V.S. Kirdan, S.F. Kozubovsky Naukova Dumka
Handbook of personal computers   1991 -

Moskva Prosveshchenie

High-Speed Computing Devices 1950 ERA Inc. McGraw-Hill
History of computing - From the simplest counting devices to complex relay systems   1990 I.A. Apokin Nauka
Introduction to personal Computers 1990 K. Murray Que
Inventing Software - The Rise of Computer-Related Patents   1998 K. Nichols Quorum books
Je découvre la micro-informatique   1985 - Hachette
Kids Computer IQ Book   1983 E. Buckholz, J. Settel SAM
Le scienze quaderni - La cultura del calcolatore   1993 - Le Scienze
Made to Break - Technology and Obsolescence in America   2006 G. Slade Harvard
Mastering Multiplan   1984 D. Bolocan, S. Kim, R. King, L. Singer TAB Books
Microserfs 2008 D. Coupland Harper Perennial
Minicomputers   1976 P.C. Sanderson Newmnes-Butterworths
Minisupercomputers   1991 - Architecture Technology
Mon ordinateur est malin   1985 - Hachette
MSX Standard - The New Computers 1985 R.C. Wood TAB Books
Online Computing Systems 1965 E. Burgess Data Processing
Owning Your Home Computer 1980 R. L. Perry Everest House
Personal Computers in Business 1982 B. Gibson Apple
Scelbi's Secret Guide to Computers 1980 R. Walter Scelbi Publications
Small Computer Systems Handbook 1978 S. Libes Hayden Book
The Amiga Book   2015 - Imagine Publishing
The Art of Intrusion   K. D. Mitnick, W. L. Simon Wiley
The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music   2007 N. Collins, J. d’Escrivàn Cambridge University Press
The Cartoon Guide to Computer Science 1983 L. Gonick Barnes & Noble
The Chip 2001 T. R. Reid Random House
The Codebreakers 1996 D. Kahn Scribner
The Commodore 64 book - 30th Anniversary   2012 - Imagine Publishing
The Computer & the Brain 1958 J. von Neumann Yale U. Press
The Definitive Guide to How
Computers Do Math
  2005 C. Maxfield, A. Brown Wiley
The Developments of Computers   1974 I.A. Apokin Nauka
The Intel Microprocessors 2009 B. B. Brey Pearson
The Kid's Guide to Home Computers   1983 D. & S. Cohen Pocket Books
The Microcomputers Handbook   1984 D. Longley, M. Shain Macmillan
The Personal Computer Handbook   1984 P. Rodwell Dorling Kindersley
The ZX Spectrum Book   2016 - Imagine Publishing
Tubes - A journey to the center of the Internet   1978 A. Blum HarperCollins
Understanding Digital Computers 1978 F. M. Mims, III Radio Shack
Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon 1983 C. Stockley, L. Watts Usborne & Hayes
Without Me Your Are Nothing 1981 F. Herbert Pocket Books
VisiCalc Applications   1982 R. W. Williams, B. J. Taylor, B. L. King Radio-Shack

A Discipline of Programming   1976 E.W. Dijkstra Prentice-Hall
Introduction to Computer Programming   1982 B. R. Smith Usborne
Computer Programming For The Compleat Idiot 1984 D. McCunn Design Enterprises of San Francisco
CP/M Operating System Manual 1981 - Digital Research
Fortran Programmer's Reference Manual 1956 - IBM
History of Programming Languages   1981 R. L. Wexelblat Academic Press
History of Programming Languages II   1996 T.J. Bergin, R.G. Gibson Addison-Wesley
How to programm a Microcomputer 1977 W. Barden, Jr. Howard W. Sams & Co.
L'assembleur facile du 6809 1984 F. Bernard Eyrolles
Masterminds of Programming Languages     F. Biancuzzi, S. Warden O'Reilly
Machine Methods of Accounting   1936 - IBM
Mastering CP/M 1983 A. R. Miller Sybex
Pascal 1980 D. L. Heiserman TAB Books
Programmes LM 65C002 et 65C816 1987 G. Hachette Tremplin Micro
Programming Microprocessors   1977 M. W. McMurran TAB Books
Programming the Z80 1980 R. Zaks Sybex
The C Programming Langage 1988 D.M. Ritchie,
B.W. Kernighan
Prentice Hall
The Personal Computer BASIC[S] Reference Manual 1983 D.A. Sordillo Prentice-Hall
The Software Developpeer's Sourcebook 1985 B.W. Liffick Addison-Wesley
Usborne introduction to Machine Code for Beginners 1983 L. Watts, M. Wharton Usborne
8080/Z80 Assembly Language   1981 A. R. Miller Wiley
L'Assembleur facile du Z80   1983 O. Lepape Eyrolles
The Psychology of Computer Programming   1971 G. M. Weinberg Van Nostrand Reinhold
The Z80 Microprocesor 1988 R. Gaonkar Macmillan

Canard PC - Special retrogaming   2016 - -
CHIP - Commodore 64   2012 - CHIP
Science & Vie - Comment l'ordinateur transforme les sciences   1999 - Science & Vie
The Computer Museum Report - 1983 - 1997 1983 - Computer Museum
The Home Computer Course - Vol. 1 à 23 1983 - Orbis
Vintage Technology - Vol. 1 à 6 2008 - Exaro publishing

Apple & Steve Jobs
Apple Confidential - The Real Story of Apple Computer Inc.   1999 O. W. Linzmayer No Starch Press
Apple Confidential 2.0 - The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company   2004 O. W. Linzmayer No Starch Press
Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker   2011 K. Mitnick Back Bay Books
iCon - Steve Jobs - The Greatest Second Act   2005 J.S. Young -
Insanely Great - The Life and Times of Macintosh   2000 S. Levy Penguin Books
Inside Steve's Brain   2008 L. Kahney Penguin Books
I, Steve   2011 - G. Beham
iWoz - Steve Wozniak   2007 S. Wozniak Norton
Les 4 Vies de Steve Jobs   2011 D. Ichbiah Leduc.S
Return to the Little Kingdom - Steve Jobs, the Creation of Apple, & How it Changed the World   2009 M. Mortitz Overlook
Steve Jobs   2011 W. Isaacson Lattès
Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing   1996 G. Wolf Wired
Steve Jobs: Apple & iPod Wizard   2008 S. Gillam Abdo Publishing
The Macintosh Way 1989 G. Kawasaki Scott Foresman Trade
The Steve Jobs Way   2011 J. Elliot, W.L. Simon Vanguard Press

A history of the Internet and the digital future   2010 J. Ryan Reaktion Book
Comment Google mangera le monde   2010 D. Ichbiah L'Archipel
Dealers of Lightning   1999 M.A. Hiltzik HarperCollins
Digital wars   2012 C. Arthur Kogan Page
How the Web was won   1999 P. Andrews Broadway books
Les sorciers du Net   1998 K. Hafner, M. Lyon Calmann-Lévy
On the Way to the Web: The Secret History of the Internet and Its Founders   1995 M. A Banks Apress
Spam: A shadow history of the Internet   2013 F. Brunnton MIT Press
The Future of Ideas - The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World   2002 L. Lessig Vintage
The Google Story   2005 D. A. Vise, M. Malseed Delacorte Press
The Heart of the Internet 2003 J. Vallee Hampton Roads
The Internet and American Business   2008 W. Aspray, P. E. Ceruzzi The MIT Press
The SAGE Handbook of the Web   2019 N. Brügger, I. Milligan Sage
Thinking on the Web   2006 H. Peters Alesso, C. F. Smith Wiley
Where Wizards Stay Up Late 1996 K. Hafner, M. Lyon Touchstone
Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web   2000 T. Berners-Lee HarperBusiness
Winds of Changes   2017 I. Doumbya Doumbya

Video Games
1001 Video Games You Must Play Before you Die   2010 T. Mott Cassell
Arcade fever 2001 J. Sellers Running Press
Before the Crash - Early video game history   2012 M. J.P. Wolf Wayne State
Classic Video games - The Golden Age 1971 - 1984   2012 B. R. Eddy Shire
Classic Home Video Games, 1985-1988: A Complete Reference Guide   2009 B. Weiss McFarland
Consoles Wars   2015 B. J. Harris itbooks
Doom - Scarydarkfast   2013 D. Pinchbeck University of Michigan Press
Dungeon & Dreamers   2014 B. King, J. Borland ETC Press
Encylopedia of Video Games - vol. 1   2012 M. J.P. Wolf Greenwood
Gameboy World   2015 J. Parish CreateSpace
Game Over - The Maturing of Mario   1999 D. Sheff First Gamepress
Games vs. Hardware - The history of PC gaming   2014 J.B. Purcaru -
Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders   2012 M. Anderson,
R. Levene
High Score - The Illustrated History of Electronic Games   2004 R. DeMaria, J. L. Wilson Osborne
Historia de Nintendo   2015 F. Gorges Heroes del Papel
How to win at Pac-Man 1982 - Penguin Books
How to win Videogames   1982 - Pocket Books
Insérez la disquette n° 2 2015 - Abandoware
La Saga des Jeux Video   1997 D. Ichbiah Pocket
Masters of Doom 2004 D. Kushner Random House Trade
Ocean - The History   2013 C. Wilkins,
R.M. Kean
Revival Retro Events
Press Start to Play   2015 D.H. Wilson Vintage Books
Racing the beam   2009 N. Montfort, I. Bogost MIT Press
Rated M for Mature   2015 M. Wysoki, E.W. Lauteria Bloomsbury
Replay - The History of Video Games   2010 T. Donovan Yellow Ant Media
Retro Gaming Hacks   2005 Ch. Kohler O'Reilly
Retro gamers book of Arcade classics   2015 - Imagine Publishing
Service Games - The Rise and Fall of Sega   2013 S. Pettus D. Chen
Super Mario - How Nintendo conquered America   2011 J. Ryan Portfolio/Penguin
The Art of Videogames   2012 C. Melissinos, P. O'Rourke Welcome books
The Book of Adventure Games 1984 K. Schuette Arrays Inc.
The Golden Age of Video Games   2011 R. Dillon A K Peters/CRC Press
The History of Visual Magic in Computer   2013 J. Peddie Springer
The Player's Strategy Guide to Atari VCS   1982 A. Katz, B. Kunkel Dell/Reese
The PlayStation Book   2015   Imagin Publishing
The Ultimate History Of Video Games   2001 S. L. Kent Three Rivers
The Untold History of Japanese Game Developpers     - -
The Video Game Explosion   2008 M. J.P. Wolf Greenwood
Video Games and Art   2013 A. Clarke, G. Mitchell Intellect
Videogames Hardware Handbook - Vol. 1 - 1970 to 2000   2007 A. Day, D. Dixon, A. Asadi, R. Andrews Imagine Publishing
Videogames Hardware Handbook - Vol. 2 - 1977 to 2001   2010 A. Day, D. Dixon, A. Asadi, R. Andrews Imagine Publishing
Videogames In The Beginning   2005 R. H. Baer Rolenta Press
Vintages Game Consoles   2014 B. Loguidice Focal Press
Vintage Games - An Insider Look at the History of the Most Influential Games of All Time   2009 B. Loguidice, M. Barton Elsevier
ZAP - The Rise and Fall of Atari   1984 S. Cohen McGraw-Hill

Programmation BASIC
BASIC 1964 Dartmouth College Computation Center Dartmouth College
25 Graphics Programs in Microsoft BASIC   1983 T. J. O'Malley TAB Books
33 Adult Computer Games in BASIC   1983 D. W. Chance TAB Books
33 Challenging Computer Games   1981 D. W. Chance TAB Books
34 More Tested Game Programs in BASIC   1981 D. T. Horn TAB Books
55 Advanced Computer Programs in BASIC   1981 WM. S. Watson TAB Books
A Bit of BASIC   1980 T. A. Dwyer, M. Critchfield Addsion-Wesley
Advanced BASIC - Applications and problems   1977 J. S. Coan Hayden Books
BASIC Fun 1982 S. Drake Lipscombe Avon Camelot
BASIC for Microcomputers   1983 R.W. Haigh,
L.E. Radford
Prindle, Weber & Schmidt
Bible Basic 1983 B. k. Bangley Harper & Raw
Big Computer Games 1984 D. H. Ahl Creative Computing Press
BASIC Computer Games 1978 D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing
Computer Battlegames 1982 D. Isaaman, J. Tyler Usborne
Computer Games 1984 P. Grady Grisewood & Dempsey
Computer Projects 1985 M. Neave Piper Books
Computer Spacegames 1982 D. Isaaman, J. Tyler Usborne
Golden Flutes & Great Escapes   1984 D. T. Horn Dilithium Press
Inside BASIC Games 1981 R. Mateosian Sybex
Micros are fun   1984 T. Gray, C. Billson Ladybird Books
More BASIC Computer Games 1979 D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing
Pocket Computer Programming Made Easy   1982 J. Cole ARCSoft Publishers
Practical Basic Programms 1980 L. Pool Osborne-McGraw-Hill
Practical Things to do with a Microcomputer 1983 J. Tatchell, N. Cutler Usborne & Hayes
Programming in BASIC 1982 M. McRitchie Holt, Rinehart & Winston of Canada
Techniques of BASIC 1982 J.P. Grillo, J.D. Robertson Wcb
The A to Z book of computer games 1979 T. C. McIntire Tab Books
The BASIC Book 1983 H. L. Hellms McGraw-Hill
Usborne Guide to Better BASIC 1983 B. R. Smith, L. Watts Usborne

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