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Rave Computer Association, Inc.2uaxi-cServer-
Rair Microcomputer Corp.3/65Micro1986<
Royal Business Machines Inc.3D Best BuyMicroPC comp.1999
3D MMX (2 models)MicroPC comp.1997
3D MultiMedia SpecialMicroPC comp.1999
3D Professional 19MicroPC comp.1999
Reason Technology Corp.4 LX Plus 486DX2/66MicroPC comp.1994<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.4U-AXMP+Server-
Reason Square6 NA/VAMicroPC comp.1996
Rave Computer Association, Inc.6uaxmpServer-
Roldec Systems Plc6XiMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Redifon Computers Ltd.10/20Analog1960s
Rechenzentrum Hünxe GmbH (RZH)30 (aka RUF 30)Office1970s
RNA, Inc.32 SeriesMicro1986<
Ridge Computers, Inc.32/110Workstation1985
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.40+ KL1Terminal1981<
Remington Rand Co.60MainframeEarly1954
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)70/740Terminal1970<
RLX Technologies, Inc.100exServer2003<
Ross Technology100S-125WorkstationSPARC clone1995
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)110Mainframe1961
110A SGCSMainframeSpatial1961
Remington Rand Co.120MainframeEarly1954
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)200MainframeEarly1960
200 seriesMinicomputer1969
Ross Technology200S-125WorkstationSPARC clone1995
200S-125/512WorkstationSPARC clone1995
Raytheon Data Systems Co.250MinicomputerEarly1960
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)280-ZSBC1978
RW-Roger Willis Comp.286-12MicroPC comp.1991
286-16MicroPC comp.1991
Reply Corp.286/16 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
286/20 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)300MainframeEarly1960
Rein Elektronik GmbH300 SLC MK2Micro (P)PC comp.1987
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)301Mainframe1961
RLX Technologies, Inc.324Server2003<
Reeves366-33CMicroPC comp.1993<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)380-ZMicro1978
Reeves386 DX40Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
RW-Roger Willis Comp.386-25MicroPC comp.1991
386-33MicroPC comp.1991
Reply Corp.386/20C (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386/25 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386/25C (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386/33 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386/33C (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
RW-Roger Willis Comp.386SX-16MicroPC comp.1991
Reeves386SX-25MicroPC comp.1993<
386SX-25CMicroPC comp.1995<
Reply Corp.386SX/16 (7 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386SX/20 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
386SX/20C (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Raytheon Data Systems Co.404Minicomputer-
Remington Rand Co.409-2RMainframeEarly1951
Rein Elektronik GmbH420 SLCMicro (P)PC comp.1987~
Raytheon Data Systems Co.440Minicomputer1964
RW-Roger Willis Comp.486-25MicroPC comp.1991
Reeves486-33CMicroPC comp.1995<
Reply Corp.486/25 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
486/33 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
486/33 320MB/HDMicroPC comp.1990
Redstone Computers486DX4MicroPC comp.1996<
RW-Roger Willis Comp.486ISA-33MicroPC comp.1991
Reeves486SX-20CMicroPC comp.1995<
Reply Corp.486SX/20 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)501MainframeEarly1959
Raytheon Data Systems Co.520Minicomputer1965
520 (aka PB-440)Mainframe1965
RST Data586-100 PC 95aMicroPC comp.1990s
586-133 PC 95aMicroPC comp.1990s
586-150 PC 95aMicroPC comp.1990s
586-75 PC 95aMicroPC comp.1990s
586-90 PC 95aMicroPC comp.1990s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)601Mainframe1961
Raytheon Data Systems Co.703Minicomputer1967
Roldec Systems Plc1300Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)1600Mainframe1968
ROLM Corp.1601 (aka AN/UYK-12)MinicomputerMilitary1970
1602 (aka AN/UYK-19)MinicomputerMilitary1973
1602A (aka AN/UYK-19)MinicomputerMilitary1977
1603 (aka AN/UYK-27)MinicomputerMilitary1973
1603A (aka AN/UYK-12)MinicomputerMilitary1976
1606 (aka AN/UYK-19)MinicomputerMilitary1977
1650 (aka AN/UYK-19)SpecialMilitary1976
1664 (aka AN/UYK-28)SpecialMilitary1975
1666 (aka AN/UYK-19)SpecialMilitary1977
1666B (aka AN/UYK-64)SpecialMilitary1977
Racionalização e Mecanização Ltda. (RACIMEC)1800Home ComputerTRS-80 clone1984
ROLM Corp.1801MinicomputerMilitary1970
Rex Berry1900S SeriesMinicomputer1970s
Remcom Systems, Inc.2275TerminalTeleprinter1973<
Rockwell International3010Terminal1981<
Ridge Computers, Inc.3200/90Workstation1986
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)3301Mainframe1964
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.4010 8A1Terminal1980
Ramtek Corp.4220Terminal1970s
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.4270Terminal1981
Ramtek Corp.4321Terminal1989
Remcom Systems, Inc.4700Terminal1973<
Roldec Systems Plc5400 133-166 PentiumMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.5500/3500 SeriesServer2010<
ROLM Corp.5605 (aka AN/UYK-19)SpecialMilitary1976
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.6000Micro1983<
Ramtek Corp.6200ATerminal1981<
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)6230Terminal1972<
Radiation, Inc.6603Terminal1969<
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)6740-11TerminalTeleprinter1970<
Royal Business Machines Inc.7000 Word Processing System (aka Friday)Word Processor1980s
Raytheon Data Systems Co.7180-
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.8015STerminal1984
Ramtek Corp.8100Terminal1979
8120 (=Omron 8120)Terminal1976
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.8220STerminal1984
Ramtek Corp.8410Terminal1977
Raytheon Data Systems Co.86601985
Ramtek Corp.9460Workstation1984
Rank Peripherals of Canada, Ltd.68101SBC1979<
R.W. Electronics?SBC1980s
Racal-Redac Ltd.?WorkstationCAD-
RacTech GmbH & Co. KG?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Rangine Corp.?WorkstationCAD1983
RAVE Computer Association, Inc.?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
RCP Systems Inc.?SBC1980s
Resilience Corp.?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Riphah International University?Supercomputer2016
Riva Terminals Ltd.?WorkstationCAD1980s
Rugged Portable Systems?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)A10MicroPC comp.1990s
Royal Business Machines Inc.A12 286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Rave Computer Association, Inc.A770Micro (P)2006<
Raytheon Data Systems Co.AADCSpecialMilitary1971
Rosh TechABA P100 ServerServer2003<
ABA P133 ServerServer2003<
ABA Pentium 100MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA Pentium 150MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA Pentium 166 (ATX Desktop)MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA Pentium 166 (ATX Full Tower)MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA Pentium 166 (ATX Mini Tower)MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA PentiumPro 200 (Desktop)MicroPC comp.1995>
ABA PentiumPro 200 (Mid Tower)MicroPC comp.1995>
Real Time Associated (RTA)ABM 50/60Micro1983
ABM 50/80Micro1983
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 450 PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 500 PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 550 PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 667MicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 733MicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 800MicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 866MicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator 933MicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Accelerator PC-5233MicroPC comp.2003<
RCS Data SystemADS1Minicomputer1970s
Remington Rand Co.AF CRCMainframeEarly1956
Raytheon Data Systems Co.AgamaPDA (P)2002
AGC (aka Apollo Guidance Computer)SpecialSpatial1960s
Rock ComputersAgend 820Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Agenda SiMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Agenda XTMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rockwell InternationalAIM-65Home Computer1977
AIM-65/40Home Computer1980
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Air 10.1 3GTablet (P)2013
Air 7.85Tablet (P)2013
Air 7.85 3GTablet (P)2013
Air 8.0Tablet (P)2014
Air A70Tablet (P)2013
Air Play S7Tablet (P)2016
Air Q10Tablet (P)2016
Air S7Tablet (P)2016
Air S70Tablet (P)2013
Air S8Tablet (P)2016
Rational-GodALL-System 5001977<
ALL-System 5801977<
ALL-System 6001977<
ALL-System 7001977<
ALL-System 700/TS1977<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Alphatronic PCMicro1984
AMD Athlon 1000MicroPC comp.2001
RoadrunnerAmericanMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Ritro Electronics BVAMI-COSHome ComputerKit1978
Ramo-Wooldridge Corp.AN/UYK-1SpecialMilitary1958
Rugged Digital Systems, Inc.AN/UYK-79MicroMilitary1988
Reliant Engineering Co. AP IIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Radofin Electronics Ltd.AquariusHome Computer1983
Aquarius IIHome Computer1984
Rakuten Kobo Inc.ArcTablet (P)2012
Arc 10.1 HDTablet (P)2013
Arc 7Tablet (P)2013
Arc 8 HDTablet (P)2014
Research Institute of Electronic Machines (NIEM)Argon-10SpecialAirborne1970s
Rubicon Systems, Inc.Associate Model 125Micro1985
Associate Model 150MicroPC comp.1986<
Associate Model 200Micro1986<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Atlas XMicroPC comp.1998
RRR (3R) Computers Corp.Avatar TC1MicroTerminal expander1982
Avatar TC10MicroTerminal expander1982
Avatar TC100MicroTerminal expander1983
Avatar TC110MicroTerminal expander1983
Avatar TC3278MicroTerminal expander1983
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Ax1105-1uServer-
Rock ComputersBad Boys II XtremeMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Ratcomp Basic 66MicroPC comp.1998~
Radiopribor - KievBejsikHome ComputerZX clone1990>
Russian Academy of Sciences - MoscowBESMSpecialEarly, IAS machine 1952
Royal Business Machines Inc.Best BuyMicroPC comp.1998
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)BIZMAC IMainframeEarly1957
BIZMAC IIMainframeEarly1956
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Black BoxMicro1979
Black Box IIMicro1980
Black Box III/10Micro1981
Black Box III/20Micro1981
Black Box III/30Micro1981
Black Box III/40Micro1981
Black Box III/50Micro1982
Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM)Blackberry 5000 SeriesPDA (P)2002
Blackberry 6000 SeriesPDA (P)2002
Blackberry 7000 SeriesPDA (P)2003
Blackberry 7100 SeriesPDA (P)2003
Blackberry 7230PDA (P)2003
Blackberry 8000 SeriesPDA (P)2006
Blackberry 9000 SeriesPDA (P)2008
BlackBerry PlaybookTablet (P)2011
BlackBerry Playbook Wi-FiTablet (P)2011
Razer Inc.BladeMicro (P)PC comp.2013
Blade 15 RZ09-02385J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2018
Blade 15 RZ09-02386J91-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2018
Blade 15 RZ09-02886J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-02887J91-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-02887J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-02888J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-03006J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-03009J97-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-03017J02-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-03018J02-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade 15 RZ09-03018J52-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade ProMicro (P)PC comp.2013
Blade Pro 17 RZ09-02876J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Pro 17 RZ09-02878J92-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Pro RZ09-01663E52-R3U1Micro (P)PC comp.2017
Blade Pro RZ09-01663E53-R3U1Micro (P)PC comp.2017
Blade RZ09-01953J73-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2017
Blade RZ09-02705J75-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2018
Blade StealthMicro (P)PC comp.2016
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-02810J71-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-02812EQ1-R3U1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-02812J52-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-02812J71-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-03100JM1-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-03101J52-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 13 RZ09-03101J72-R3J1Micro (P)PC comp.2019
Blade Stealth 4KMicro (P)PC comp.2016
Blade Stealth RZ09-02393E31-R3U1Micro (P)PC comp.2018
Blade Stealth RZ09-02393E32-R3U1Micro (P)PC comp.2018
Racer Computer Corp.BristolMicroPC comp.2000
RDI Computer Corp.BriteLightWorkstationSPARC clone1993
BriteLight-LX-PortableWorkstation (P)SPARC clone1993
BriteLite IPXWorkstation (P)SPARC clone1991
RioworksBS-81MicroPC comp.2000<
Riodan & Ross Distribution Inc.BSS seriesMicroPC comp.1999
Royal Business Machines Inc.Budget Network DesktopMicroPC comp.1999
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Business ComputerWorkstation1983
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)CADstation 386/XLMicroPC comp.1990s
CADstation 486/25 DesignerMicroPC comp.1990s
CADstation 486/25 EliteMicroPC comp.1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Callisto 331Server2003<
Callisto 350Server2003<
Callisto 360SServer2003<
Callisto 371SServer2003<
R-Style ComputersCarbonMicroPC comp.1990s
Rianda ElectronicsCaribeMicro1983
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)CDP18S693MicroDevelopment System1981
Rekers DigitaltechnikCE 8/256Micro1982
ROLM Corp.CedarTerminal1984
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Centrino Tablet PCTablet (P)2000s
RIOS Systems, Co., Ltd.ChandraMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Chandra IIMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Chandra NP40Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Chandra NP50Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Chandra NP60Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Chandra NP70Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Chandra NP80Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Racer Computer Corp.CharlotteMicroPC comp.2000
Redifon Computers Ltd.Ci 150Analog1960s
Ci 175Analog1960s
Ci 500Analog1960s
Ci 5000Analog1960s
Rose ComputerCidex 386DX-40 ISA(AMD)MicroPC comp.1994<
Cidex 486DX-40 ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
Rekam Inc.CitiPad 3G-105BQTablet (P)2013
CitiPad 3G-702Tablet (P)2013
CitiPad 3G-785MQTablet (P)2013
CitiPad 3G-805BQTablet (P)2013
CitiPad 3G-905BQTablet (P)2013
CitiPad 3G-910 RQTablet (P)2013
CitiPad L-700Tablet (P)2013
CitiPad L-700 3GTablet (P)2013
CitiPad L800Tablet (P)2013
CitiPad L810Tablet (P)2013
Retail Sciences Inc. (RSI)Clerk 800Micro1980
Robotech Corp.Cobra 166PWR WRMicroPC comp.1997
Cobra P90MicroPC comp.1994<
Cobra RS 486DX2-66MicroPC comp.1994<
Cobra RS-486/DX266MicroPC comp.1995<
Cobra RS-DX2/66MicroPC comp.1994
Cobra RS-DX4/100MicroPC comp.1994
Cobra RS-P90MicroPC comp.1994
Cobra XL P100MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XL P133MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XL PC200MicroPC comp.1997
Cobra XLP/200MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XLT P100MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XLT P133MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XLT P166MicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XLT/2MicroPC comp.1997
Cobra XLT75 Home OfficeMicroPC comp.1995
Cobra XLTX 200 MMXMicroPC comp.1997
Random Corp.Colleague Laptop PortableTerminal (P)1994
Colleague Plus LaptopTerminal (P)1994
Colleague Plus PortableTerminal (P)1987
Colleague PortableTerminal (P)1987
Ramtek Corp.Colographic 6110Terminal1978
Colographic 6200ATerminal1978
Colographic 6211Terminal1981
Colographic 6212Terminal1981
Colographic 6310Terminal1978
Radio Shack (div. Tandy)Color ComputerHome ComputerTRS-80 clone1980
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Color TerminalTerminal1981<
Random Corp.CompanionTerminal1994
Companion 3270Terminal1991
Companion Extended PlusTerminal1991
Companion Plus 3270Terminal1991
RDI PCConfort SX-33MicroPC comp.1993<
RASK Engros A/S Connection P5-100iMicroPC comp.1990s
Connection P5-133iMicroPC comp.1990s
Connection P5-75iMicroPC comp.2003<
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Cosmac ELFSBC1976
COSMAC IIMicro1977
COSMAC IVMicro1977
COSMAC MicrokitMicro1975
COSMAC Microtutor IIMicroLearn1979<
Cosmac VIPSBC1977
Cosmac VIP (aka VP-111)Micro1977
Cosmac VIP (aka VP-711)Micro1977
Radio BulletinCosmicosSBC1979
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)CRT TerminalTerminal1981<
Rever Computer, Inc.Cruiser 2-1011Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Cruiser 3SP-1112Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Cruiser 3SP-2212Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Cruiser 3SP-2412Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Royal Business Machines Inc.CTS IWord Processor1976<
CTS IIWord Processor1976<
ROLM Corp.CypressTerminal1983
Reply Corp.D16 3SX-160MicroPC comp.1992<
D32 386-33CMicroPC comp.1992<
D32 486-250MicroPC comp.1992<
D32 486-50CMicroPC comp.1992<
D32 4SX-200MicroPC comp.1992<
Royal Business Machines Inc.D33Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Regnecentralen (RC)DASKSpecialEarly, IAS machine 1957
Radio Shack (div. Tandy)Data Terminal DT-1Terminal1980
Data Terminal DT-100Terminal1984
Roland Digital GroupDataTrainMicroPC comp.1985
DataTrain DPC (7 models)MicroPC comp.1987-1991
Royal Business Machines Inc.daVinci DV6PDA (P)2001
daVinci DV7PDA (P)2001
Racer Computer Corp.Daytona 200 RsMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona 200 SsMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona 233 GtMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona 233 RsMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona 233 SsMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona 233RsMicroPC comp.1998
Daytona GtMicroPC comp.1998
Radio Shack (div. Tandy)Deluxe Color ComputerHome Computer1983
Raytheon Data Systems Co.DIDS-401Terminal1970<
DIDS-402 (M8)Terminal1970<
Richfield ComputersDigitek P5-100 PCIMicroPC comp.1990s
Digitek P5-120 PCIMicroPC comp.1990s
Digitek P5-133 PCIMicroPC comp.1990s
Digitek P5-75 PCIMicroPC comp.1990s
Digitek P5-90 PCIMicroPC comp.1990s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)DIPEarly1960
Regnecentralen (RC)DISADECSpecial1962
Redactron Corp.Dual CardWord Processor1976<
Dual MediaWord Processor1976<
Dual TapeWord Processor1976<
Roper Mobile Technology, Inc. (RMT)Duros 8404Tablet (P)2000s
Red Submarine Ltd.DV-LT 2.8Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Royal Business Machines Inc.DVD 667MicroPC comp.2001
DVD 750MicroPC comp.2001
DVD Best BuyMicroPC comp.1999
E320Micro (P)PC comp.1998
Razer Inc.Edge ProTablet (P)2013
Research Institute "Delta" - MEPElektronika SS BIS-1Supercomputer1989
Elektronika SS BIS-2Supercomputer1991
Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Cybernetics ProblemsElektronika SSBISSpecialParallel Computer1991
Rain Computers Inc.Element 64TMicroPC comp.2005
Element PQMicroPC comp.2007
Element PX4MicroPC comp.2008
Element R (3 models)MicroPC comp.2004
Element T (2 models)MicroPC comp.2004
Element T2MicroPC comp.2006
Element T3MicroPC comp.2007
Element T4MicroPC comp.2007
Element T5MicroPC comp.2007
Element T6MicroPC comp.2007
Element V1 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2006
Element X1MicroPC comp.2007
Element X2MicroPC comp.2010
Royal Business Machines Inc.EMP L20Micro (P)PC comp.1991
EMP N12 286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1991
EMP N16 286-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
RoyalTek Company Ltd.Empus RTW-1000PDA (P)2006
Empus RTW-2000PDA (P)2006
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Entry Level 633 CeleronMicroPC comp.1998>
Entry Level 667 CeleronMicroPC comp.1998>
Entry Level 700 CeleronMicroPC comp.2000>
Entry Level 733 CeleronMicroPC comp.1998>
Entry Level 766 CeleronMicroPC comp.1998>
Entry Level 800 CeleronMicroPC comp.2000>
Entry Level MX36LE-UNMicroPC comp.1990s
Entry Level PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Entry Level WMicroPC comp.1990s
Radisys Corp.EPC-100MicroPC comp.1990s
EPC-23MicroPC comp.1994<
EPC-4MicroPC comp.1994<
EPC-5MicroPC comp.1994<
EPC-7MicroPC comp.1994<
EPC-8MicroPC comp.1994<
EPC-9MicroPC comp.1994<
Rock ComputersEstima SonataMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Evaluation KitSBC1979<
Rain Computers Inc.Event Mini EA2-01MicroPC comp.2012
Event Mini EA2-02MicroPC comp.2012
Event Mini MB1MicroPC comp.2007
RoadmaxEvolution 3Tablet (P)2012
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Evolution W16Tablet (P)2012
Evolution W19Tablet (P)2012
Royal Business Machines Inc.Expert MediaMicroPC comp.1997
RedBoxExpression 604e/200MicroMac clone1997
Expression 604e/200+MicroMac clone1997
Rundfunk-und FernsehTechnik (RFT)F1100TerminalTeleprinter1981
Racer Computer Corp.Fastrack Performance PC A1.2MicroPC comp.2001
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)FC-4100Special1961
Royole Corp.FlexPaiTablet (P)2018
Rave Computer Association, Inc.FlexSPARC-III Portable Server/WorkstationWorkstation (P)2004
FlexSPARC-III-DWorkstation (P)2005<
FlexSPARC-III-SWorkstation (P)2005<
FleXtreme Vigor-DMicro (P)2005<
FleXtreme Vigor-SMicro (P)2005<
RoadmaxFortius Quad 7Tablet (P)2014
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Fred 2 (Prototype)Micro1974
Ramtek Corp.FS-2500Terminal1981<
Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)GEPUSAnalogMilitary1950
Regnecentralen (RC)GIERSpecial1960
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Go C7Tablet (P)2016
Go Q10Tablet (P)2016
Go S7Tablet (P)2016
Rave Computer Association, Inc.GRA790Micro (P)2009<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Graph Pro MMx (2 models)MicroPC comp.1997
Graphic Xpert 21MicroPC comp.1998
Rave Computer Association, Inc.GRB300Micro (P)2009<
GRE100Tablet (P)2009<
GRM230Micro (P)2009<
GRP470Micro (P)2009<
GRV100Micro (P)2009<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)GS 6000 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
GT 6000 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
GT7000 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.GuardianTablet (P)2009<
ROLM Corp.Hawk/32SpecialMilitary1983
Rave Computer Association, Inc.HFWB-1UCS-1Server-
Radioindustrija Zagreb (RIZ)HIS-5Micro1980s
Royal Business Machines Inc.Home DVDMicroPC comp.1998
R. BellevilleHomebrewHome Computer1980s
Ross TechnologyHyperSTATION-20WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
HyperSTATION-30WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.I10 10.1Tablet (P)2013
I10ProTablet (P)2014
i10sTablet (P)2015
i11 Pro 10.6Tablet (P)2014
I12C 11.6Tablet (P)2013
RDI PCi486dx2-66MicroPC comp.1980s
i486DX2/66c EISAMicroPC comp.1994<
i486DX2/66c ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
i486DX2/66c VL BusMicroPC comp.1994<
i486dx4-100MicroPC comp.1980s
i486sx33MicroPC comp.1980s
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.i7sTablet (P)2014
I8 8Tablet (P)2013
i8 ProTablet (P)2014
I8CTablet (P)2013
I9Tablet (P)2013
i9sTablet (P)2014
i9s ProTablet (P)2015
RIOS Systems, Co., Ltd.IBM ThinkPad 235Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.ICC 40Terminal1976
Relational Memory Systems, Inc. (RELMS)IceboxMicroMultibus1984<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Innovator 815 1000MhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Innovator 815 1GhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Innovator 815 733MhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Innovator 815 800MhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Innovator 815 866MhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Innovator 815 933MhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Intel Celeron 700MicroPC comp.2001
Intel Pentium 933EBMicroPC comp.2001
Rain Computers Inc.Ion 64 Octo-CoreMicroPC comp.2009
Ion AFX IN-401MicroPC comp.2012
Ion Six CoreMicroPC comp.2010
Ion StudioMicroPC comp.2010
RyonghungiPadTablet (P)2010s
REXISTC 5000Micro1978
Raytheon Data Systems Co.JetSupercomputer2010
Radiola (div. Philips)Jet 25 (=Philips G7000)Home Computer1980
Jet 27 (=Philips G2000)Home Computer1980
Jet 47 (=Philips G7400)Home Computer1983
Jet 47/74+ (with programmation module)Home Computer1983
Jet 471/741+ (with programmation module)Home Computer1984
Remington Rand Co.John Plain Mail OrderMainframeEarly1954
Rand Corp.JOHNNIACSpecialEarly, IAS machine 1954
Ricoh Company, Ltd.JP100FWord Processor1987
JP30EWord Processor (P)1986
JP50DWord Processor (P)1986
JP70DWord Processor (P)1986
ROLM Corp.Juniper ITerminal1984
Juniper IITerminal1986
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.K100Tablet (P)2013
K2 7.85Tablet (P)2013
Rundfunk-und FernsehTechnik (RFT)KC CompactHome Computer1989
KC-85/2Home Computer1984
KC-85/3Home Computer1986
KC-85/4Home Computer1988
Rakuten Kobo Inc.KoboTablet (P)2000s
Rautauukki OyKTP-84Terminal (P)Data terminal1985<
Racore Computer Products, Inc.LANserver 386Server1988
Rio ComputersLanstationMicroPC comp.1990
Racore Computer Products, Inc.LANstation S20Micro1989
LANstation SL60Micro1989
RainbowLaptopMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rundfunk-und FernsehTechnik (RFT)LC80SBCLearn1980s
Racer Computer Corp.Lemans 200 SPMicroPC comp.1998
Lemans 233 SPMicroPC comp.1998
Randal Data Systems, Inc.LINK 100Office1975
LINK 140Office1978
LINK 200Office1976
LINK 240Office1978
LINK 250Office1970s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Link 480 ZMicro1982
Randal Data Systems, Inc.LINK 500Office1977
LINK 540Office1970s
LINK 550Office1978
Rain Computers Inc.LiveBook DiabloMicro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook Diablo DBDM171Micro (P)PC comp.2009
LiveBook L3Micro (P)PC comp.2006
LiveBook L4Micro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook L5Micro (P)PC comp.2006
LiveBook L6Micro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook L7Micro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook LBS-10Micro (P)PC comp.2010
LiveBook LBS-11Micro (P)PC comp.2010
LiveBook LBS-12Micro (P)PC comp.2012
LiveBook LBZ-01Micro (P)PC comp.2010
LiveBook Sketch SK1Micro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook Sketch SK2Micro (P)PC comp.2007
LiveBook Studio LS1Micro (P)PC comp.2006
LiveBook Studio SP1Micro (P)PC comp.2007
Roda Computer GmbHLizard seriesMicro (P)2000s
Russian Academy of Sciences - MoscowM-1MainframeEarly1952
Rikomagic Tech Corp., Ltd. (RKM)M06MicroMiniPC2000s
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.M12 11.6Tablet (P)2014
Riodan & Ross Distribution Inc.M2 MultimediaMicroPC comp.1999
RainbowM350C MilanoMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rein Elektronik GmbHM5Micro (P)PC comp.1987~
RBT LLCM97BTablet (P)2010s
Ricoh Company, Ltd.Magio (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1998
Magio 4GMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Radio ElectronicsMark 8 (see J. Titus)Home Computer1974
R-Style ComputersMarshallMicroPC comp.1990s
Réalisation et Etudes Electroniques (R2E)MC 1Micro1982
Royal Business Machines Inc.MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Media 3D 17MicroPC comp.1999
Media MasterMicroPC comp.1990s
Media ProDeskMicroPC comp.1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Meso 999 UltraSPARC-IIIiMicro (P)2006<
Redactron MFB Vertriebs-GmbHMFB REDACTRON 4101Office1983<
MFB REDACTRON 4102Office1983<
MFB REDACTRON 4110Office1983<
MFB REDACTRON 4800Office1983<
Robotics Institute - SofiaMIC 16 TurboMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16BMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16EMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16NMicroPC comp.1986
Réalisation et Etudes Electroniques (R2E)Micral 80-20Micro1980
Micral 80-25Micro1979
Micral 80-30Micro1979
Micral 8022 GMicro1983
Micral 8030Micro1979
Micral 85Micro1980
Micral 90-20Micro1983
Micral 90-50Micro1983
Micral 9050Micro1982
Micral CMicro1977
Micral GMicro1974
Micral MMicro1976
Micral NMicro1973
Réalisations Etudes Informatiques Industrielles (RE2I)Micral NMicro1973
Réalisation et Etudes Electroniques (R2E)Micral P2Micro1981
Micral SMicro1974
Micral VMicro1978
Micral XMicro1981
Rifran Eletrônica Ltda.Micro-Master MK-1Home ComputerLearn1983
RUF Buchhaltung AGMICROCOMPUTER-SYSTEM 2000Micro1979
Ramtek Corp.Micrographic 6000Terminal1977
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Microtutor 1800Home ComputerLearn1976
Rugged Digital Systems, Inc.MicroVAX II R/630Micro1987
Riodan & Ross Distribution Inc.MII MultimediaMicroPC comp.1999
Radio MagazinMikro-80Home ComputerKit1983
RealTime Intelligence Corp.MIMIC1970s
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Mini MicroMicro1985
Royal Business Machines Inc.Mini NoteMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Mini ProMicro1985
R&D TechnologyMint 486DX2/66 HPMicroPC comp.1996<
Mint 486SX/33MicroPC comp.1996<
Mint 7500TMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
Mint Demon 666MicroPC comp.1996<
Mint MagicbookMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
Mint P100MicroPC comp.1996<
Mint P90MicroPC comp.1996<
Mint Pentium 75MicroPC comp.1996<
Ricoh Company, Ltd.MJ550 (aka Cuvax)Word Processor1990s
Radiola (div. Philips)MK 180Home ComputerMSX1984
Rikomagic Tech Corp., Ltd. (RKM)MK22MicroMiniPC2000s
Riodan & Ross Distribution Inc.MM1.23CX seriesMicroPC comp.1999
MM2.33IC seriesMicroPC comp.1999
MM3.33IC seriesMicroPC comp.1999
MM4.45IO seriesMicroPC comp.1999
Royal Business Machines Inc.MobileMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile Best BuyMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Mobile C280Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile C995Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile E430Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile ExpertMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Mobile MediaMicro (P)PC comp.1996
Mobile Media ProMicro (P)PC comp.1996
Mobile ProMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile RoadrunnerMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Mobile S500Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Mobile S600Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Rave Computer Association, Inc.MobileForce M220Micro (P)2006<
Rothenberg Information Systems, Inc.Model 1/32Word Processor1979
R&B Computer Systems, Inc.Model 10Micro1982
Randal Data Systems, Inc.Model 100Office1979
Model 200Office1970s
Model 500Office1970s
Model 5000Office1979
Raster Technologies Inc.Model OneWorkstationCAD1983
Rijksuniversiteit GroningenMotorola M68091980s
RoyalMP-983Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MP-993Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Ricoh Company, Ltd.Mr. My Tool Alpha IIMicroPC comp.1990s
Mr. My Tool Core IIMicroPC comp.1990s
Mr. My Tool II EMicro1989
Mr. My Tool IIIMicroPC comp.1990s
Mr. My Tool III EXMicroPC comp.1990s
Mr. My Tool SuperMicroPC comp.1990s
ROLM Corp.MSE/14MinicomputerMilitary1981
MSE/14 MicroSBCMilitary1981
Royal Business Machines Inc.MultiMedia 2000MicroPC comp.1999
MultiMedia Best BuyMicroPC comp.1999
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Multimicro BB IIMicro1988
RSC SKIFMVS-10PSupercomputer2012
Ricoh Company, Ltd.My Riport 1600TSIWord Processor1986
My Riport 20Word Processor (P)1986<
Riken Electronic Co., Ltd.MYCOMZ-80AHome ComputerLearn1981
Royal Business Machines Inc.MystiqueMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Ricoh Company, Ltd.N-10Word Processor (P)1990s
N-11Word Processor (P)1990s
N-12Word Processor (P)1990s
N-21AiWord Processor (P)1990s
Rover ComputersNautilus B500Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Nautilus B570 (CL50)Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Nautilus D570 (CL50)Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Nautilus E510 (CL51)Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Navigator D570 (CL50)Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Navigator E415 (M220ES)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Navigator E416 (KT6) (M220S)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)NB200Micro (P)PC comp.1991
ResearchNB300Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)NB300Micro (P)PC comp.1991
NB400Micro (P)PC comp.1991
R.-D. Klein NDR Klein Computer 68020Home ComputerKit1986
Revista Nova EletrônicaNE Z80MicroKit1979
Rayton Comm UsaNeat 780MicroPC comp.1989
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Net PCMicroPC comp.2003<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Net Starter SystemMicroPC comp.1998 Inc. (-> Hardware Canada Computing)NetWinder 3100Micro2000
NetWinder 3300Micro2000
NetWinder 3400Micro2000
Razer Inc.New Razer BladeMicro (P)PC comp.2014
New Razer Blade ProMicro (P)PC comp.2014
Rave Computer Association, Inc.NextBlade 160Micro (P)2005<
NextBlade 165Micro (P)2005<
NextBookMicro (P)2005<
NextBook64Micro (P)2005<
NextDimension EvoMicro (P)2009<
NextDimension Evo HDMicro (P)2009<
NextDimension ProMicro (P)2009<
NextDimension Pro HDMicro (P)2009<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Nimbus (Prototype)Micro1985
Nimbus 286 AX/2MicroPC comp.1986
Nimbus 386 AX/2MicroPC comp.1986
Nimbus AX 286MicroPC comp.1986
Nimbus AX 386MicroPC comp.1980s
Rain Computers Inc.Nimbus M2 NM2-01MicroPC comp.2012
Nimbus M2 NM2-02MicroPC comp.2012
Nimbus NIM-04MicroPC comp.2010
Nimbus NIM-05MicroPC comp.2010
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Nimbus PC-186Micro1985
Nimbus PC-286MicroPC comp.1980s
Nimbus PC-386MicroPC comp.1992
Nimbus PC-386/20MicroPC comp.1992
Nimbus PC-486MicroPC comp.1990s
Nimbus PC-486/25SXMicroPC comp.1994<
Nimbus PC-486/66MicroPC comp.1992
Nimbus PC2Micro1980s
Nimbus PC20Micro1980s
Nimbus TMMicro1986<
Rain Computers Inc.Nimbus VM1MicroPC comp.2007
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Nimbus VX 386/25MicroPC comp.1990s
Nimbus VX 486MicroPC comp.1989
Nimbus VX/2MicroPC comp.1986
Nimbus X10Micro1980s
Ricoh Company, Ltd.NL-1Word Processor (P)1990s
NL-2AiWord Processor (P)1990s
NL-3AiWord Processor (P)1990s
NL-5AiWord Processor (P)1990s
NL-7AiWord Processor (P)1991
Rumo Norte InformaticaNorion CyclonMicroPC comp.2007<
Norion FLEXMicroPC comp.2007<
Norion GraphiMicroPC comp.2007<
Norion ITICMicroPC comp.2007<
Norion P4MicroPC comp.2007<
Norion XPMicroPC comp.2007<
RainbowNotebookMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
RDI PCNotebook 486 DX-100Micro (P)PC comp.1995<
Notebook 486 DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1995<
RASK Engros A/S Notebook FT6000 P5-90MicroPC comp.2003<
Royal Business Machines Inc.NP900 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Ricoh Company, Ltd.NS-100Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-110Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-120Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-150Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-250Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-260Word Processor (P)1993
NS-270Word Processor (P)1990s
NS-280Word Processor (P)1990s
Royal Business Machines Inc.NT Power ServerServer1997
NT ServerServer1999
Ricoh Company, Ltd.NT-260Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-300Word Processor (P)1991
NT-310Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-310 (P)Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-350Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-350 (P)Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-360Word Processor (P)1993
NT-360 (P)Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-370Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-370 (P)Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-380Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-380 (P)Word Processor (P)1990s
NT-500Word Processor (P)1993
NT-510Word Processor (P)1990s
NV-850Word Processor (P)1990s
NW-70Word Processor (P)1990s
NW-71Word Processor (P)1990s
NW-72Word Processor (P)1990s
NW-73Word Processor (P)1990s
Royal Business Machines Inc.Office PCMicroPC comp.1999
Office WorkstationMicroPC comp.2001
OmniwriterWord Processor1982
Rebus Corp.Orange AGTerminal1987
Orange AGBTerminal1987
R&D TechnologyOrangeNet WebMaster 2000MicroPC comp.1996<
ROLM Corp.Orion 30001990
Rave Computer Association, Inc.P-IA-2USX1500-01-Q70Server-
RNA, Inc.P-Machine1983
Roldec Systems PlcP166 MMXMicroPC comp.1999<
Revered Technology Inc.P233Micro (P)PC comp.1998
Ratcomp P75MicroPC comp.1998~
Red Box Studios Ltd.P90 with Diamond EdgeMicroPC comp.1996<
Roldec Systems PlcPacer II 300MicroPC comp.1999<
Pacer II 333MicroPC comp.1999<
Panther PR 166MicroPC comp.1999<
Panther PR 200MicroPC comp.1999<
Panther PR300MicroPC comp.1999<
Panther PR333MicroPC comp.1999<
Radxa Ltd.ParallellaSBC2000s
Radix Micro Devices PlcPassport LaptopMicro (P)PC comp.1989
RDI PCPC 286/20MicroPC comp.1988
Ravensburger AGPC ChampionHome ComputerLearn1999
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)PC-5166MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5200MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5200 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5200 ProfessionalMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5233MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5233 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-5233 ProfessionalMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6200 Professional ATX P6200MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6200 Professional IIMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6200 Professional P6200MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6233 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6233 Professional IIMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6266MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6266 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6266 Professional IIMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6300MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6300 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6300 Professional IIMicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6333MicroPC comp.2003<
PC-6333 AcceleratorMicroPC comp.2003<
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KGPCA-12MicroMeasure comp.1986
PCA-5Micro (P)Measure comp.1986
PCU-ATMicroPC comp.1986
RioworksPDBMicroPC comp.2003<
PDB-SMicroPC comp.2003<
Rock ComputersPegasus CT / CTSMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus DTSMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus TiMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Ricoh Company, Ltd.PenCol DE5000Office1976
Roldec Systems PlcPentium - 150MicroPC comp.1999<
Pentium - 166MicroPC comp.1999<
RDI PCPentium 75MicroPC comp.1990s
Pentium 90MicroPC comp.1994<
Pentium PCI Triton 166 MhzMicroPC comp.1995>
Repco Data, Inc.Pentium/IMicroPC comp.1994<
Roldec Systems PlcPhantom Pro 200MicroPC comp.1999<
Pilot 3D P200 MMXMicroPC comp.1999<
Radiozavodom "Signal" - StavropolPK8000 VestaHome Computer1988
RSC SKIFPolytechnic RSC TornadoSupercomputer2014
Réalisation et Etudes Electroniques (R2E)PortalMicro (P)1980
Revered Technology Inc.Power CruiserMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Royal Business Machines Inc.Power MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Redactron Corp.Power TypewriterWord Processor1976<
RASK Engros A/S Power-Line P5-166iMicroPC comp.2003<
Royal Business Machines Inc.PowerGraph TNT2MicroPC comp.2001
PowerGraph UWMicroPC comp.1997
RDI Computer Corp.PowerlightWorkstationSPARC clone1994
PowerLite Turbo 170WorkstationSPARC clone1996
Rave Computer Association, Inc.PowerSPARC NCM-757CMicro (P)2005<
PowerSPARC NCM-767CMicro (P)2005<
Rio ComputersPowerstation 486-25MicroPC comp.1990
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KGPPCMicro1980s
RUF Buchhaltung AGPraetor 3000 (by Nixdorf)Office1969
Praetor 4000 (by Nixdorf)Office1969
Praetor 5000 (by Nixdorf)Office1969
Praetor 6000 (by Nixdorf)Office1969
Praetor 8000 (by Nixdorf)Office1969
RDI Computer Corp.PrecisionBook C132Workstation (P)SPARC clone1998
PrecisionBook C160Workstation (P)SPARC clone1998
PrecisionBook C180Workstation (P)SPARC clone1998
Roldec Systems PlcPredatorMicroPC comp.1998<
Predator 233MicroPC comp.1999<
Predator 266MicroPC comp.1999<
Predator 300MicroPC comp.1999<
Predator 333MicroPC comp.1999<
Predator XL DualMicroPC comp.1999<
Predator XL KATMicroPC comp.1999<
PremierMicroPC comp.1996<
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Pro 7.85Tablet (P)2014
Pro Expert Q7Tablet (P)2017
Roldec Systems PlcPro P133MicroPC comp.1999<
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Pro Q10Tablet (P)2016
Pro Q7Tablet (P)2016
Pro Q8Tablet (P)2016
Pro S7Tablet (P)2017
Royal Business Machines Inc.Professional 19MicroPC comp.1998
Rair Microcomputer Corp.Professional ComputerMicroPC comp.1984
RASK Engros A/S Professional P5-166iMicroPC comp.2003<
Red Box Studios Ltd.ProStation 200 / LiteMicroPC comp.1996<
R-Style ComputersProximaMicroPC comp.1990s
Proxima MC R-PXT0010MicroPC comp.2003<
Ricoh Company, Ltd.PS Series Model 2405-W/YMicro1990s
PS Series Model 2410-YMicro1990s
Reeves PlcPS-1000 (=Tidalwave PS-1000)Micro (P)Palmtop1991
Rave Computer Association, Inc.PS535EPDA (P)2009<
Raytheon Data Systems Co.PTS-100Terminal1972
PTS-1200 MKITerminal1978
PTS-1200 MKIITerminal1978
Royal Business Machines Inc.PublishingMicroPC comp.1990s
Roldec Systems PlcPuma K300MicroPC comp.1999<
Puma K333MicroPC comp.1999<
Puma K6 233MicroPC comp.1999<
RBT LLCQ823Tablet (P)2010s
Q975Tablet (P)2010s
Rock ComputersQTI 3.4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra / XSMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra DTSMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra DTS Pro 3.2Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra TiMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra Ti 3.4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra XS-2.6-30Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra XTMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Quaddra XT ProMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
RDS TelecomQuartz 4DMicroPC comp.1995<
Quartz 4D2MicroPC comp.1995<
Quartz 4D4MicroPC comp.1995<
Quartz P5MicroPC comp.1995<
Renex Corp.R-378Terminal1982
Repco Data, Inc.R/Pentium/PCIMicroPC comp.1997~
RadionicR1001MicroTRS-80 clone1980s
Raytheon Data Systems Co.R11Special1967
Rave Computer Association, Inc.R135PDA (P)2009< (div. Evolution Computers)R16-1920GServer2000s
Redifon Computers Ltd.R1800Minicomputer1981
Regency Systems, Inc.R2-BMicro1983
R2-CMicro1986< (div. Evolution Computers)R2-OP 244 ServerServer2000s
Redifon Computers Ltd.R2000MinicomputerDDP-124 clone1976<
Raytheon Data Systems Co.R2078Terminal1983<
Redifon Computers Ltd.R2800Minicomputer1987
Random Corp.R3Micro1985<
Redifon Computers Ltd.R300Minicomputer1978
Raytheon Data Systems Co.R31Special1967
Repco Data, Inc.R33B486MicroPC comp.1994<
R33VLB486MicroPC comp.1994<
Random Corp.R4Micro1985<
Redifon Computers Ltd.R400Minicomputer1978
Rave Computer Association, Inc.R45AAR-PDSMEServer-
Redifon Computers Ltd.R50Minicomputer1978
Repco Data, Inc.R50VLB486MicroPC comp.1994<
Redifon Computers Ltd.R550Minicomputer1978
Repco Data, Inc.R66VLB486MicroPC comp.1994<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.R6720Micro (P)2009<
RiscStation Ltd.R7500Workstation1998
Redifon Computers Ltd.R800/50Minicomputer1970s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.R9020Micro (P)2009<
R9194Micro (P)2009<
Relisys Corp.RA220ETerminal1987<
Raytheon Data Systems Co.RAC-230Minicomputer1967
RLX Technologies, Inc.Rackmodule 2600iServer2003<
Rackmodule 2800iServer2003<
Rackmodule 3000ixServer2003<
Radiant Computer Technology Corp.RAD-1Micro1990s
Rade Systems Ltd.RaderSBC1981
Rader 1000Micro1982
Rader 2000Micro1982
Redifon Computers Ltd.RADICAnalog1960
Radio MagazinRadio-86RKHome Computer1986
Royal Business Machines Inc.Rage 128 Best BuyMicroPC comp.1999
Rage 128 Fury Ultra SCSIMicroPC comp.1999
Rage 128 Graf 19MicroPC comp.1999
Rage 128 Media Best BuyMicroPC comp.1999
Rage PowerGraphMicroPC comp.2001
Rakoa Computer Co., Ltd.Rakoa IHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Rakoa IIIMicro1984
Ramec-VSRamec GaleMicroPC comp.1990s
Ramec StormMicroPC comp.1990s
Racal Recorders Ltd.RapidaxMicroVoice logger1990
Rascal Micro LLCRascalSBC2011
Raspberry Pi Foundation (div. Premier Farnell)Raspberry Pi 2SBC2015
Raspberry Pi 3SBC2016
Raspberry Pi Model ASBC2012
Raspberry Pi Model BSBC2012
Raspberry Pi Model CSBC2014
Raspberry Pi Model DSBC2014
Raspberry Pi Model ZeroSBC2015
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Rave RC-14Micro (P)2006<
Rave RC-68Micro (P)2006<
Raytheon Data Systems Co.RAYCOM (aka DATAMATIC-1000)MainframeEarly1953
Regnecentralen (RC)RC 3600Minicomputer1971
RC 39-
RC 4000Minicomputer1967
RC 700 (aka Piccolo)Micro1980s
RC 7000Minicomputer1970
RC 7001Minicomputer1971
RC 7002Minicomputer1972
RC 7003Minicomputer1972
RC 7004Minicomputer1971
RC 700SCMinicomputer1971
RC 750Micro1984
RC GmbHRC 750 PartnerMicro1984
Regnecentralen (RC)RC 759 (aka Piccoline)Micro1984
RC 8000Minicomputer1975
RC 8000-MPMinicomputer1970s
RC 8000/15Minicomputer1975
RC 8000/45Minicomputer1975
RC 8000/50Minicomputer1975
RC 8000/55Minicomputer1975
RC 850Micro1981
RC 900/300Workstation1988
RC 900/400Workstation1988
RC 9000/10Workstation1987
RC 950/190Workstation1988
RC 950/300Workstation1988
RC 950/400Workstation1988
RC 950/90Workstation1988
RC PartnerWorkstation1984
Regency Systems, Inc.RC-1Micro1986<
Redcor Corp.RC-70Minicomputer1968
RC ComputerRC-750MicroPC comp.1986<
Redcor Corp.RC-77Minicomputer1970
RCA Service Business Services and SystemsRCA Multi Function MKSMicro1986<
RealTime Intelligence Corp.RCE-9Mainframe1984
RC GmbHRCO ATMicroPC comp.1987<
RCO PC/XTMicroPC comp.1987<
RDA Inc.RD-11OfficeLSI-11 comp.1977
RD-11AOfficeLSI-11 comp.1978
RD-11BOfficeLSI-11 comp.1978
RD-11COfficeLSI-11 comp.1978
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.RDS 1Terminal1975
Randal Data Systems, Inc.RDS 1Terminal1975
RUF Buchhaltung AGRDS 90Office1976<
RDS 91Office1976<
RDS 92Office1976<
RDS 93Office1976<
RDS 94Office1977
RDS 95Office1977
RDS 96/101Office1979
RDS 96/112Office1979
Raytheon Data Systems Co.RDS-500Minicomputer1973
Reeves Instrument Corp. (RICO)REACAnalog1948
REAC 200Analog1951
REAC 300Analog1953
REAC 400Analog1955
REAC 500Analog1963
REAC C101Analog1949
REAC C301Analog1955
REAC C302Analog1955
Rebus Corp.Rebus 3000Terminal1988
RASK Engros A/S REC 486-50FMicroPC comp.1994<
Red Box Studios Ltd.Red Box DX4MicroPC comp.1996<
Redactron Corp.Redactron Data Secretary1970
Redstone ComputersRedstone 462AHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Redstone PC/XT RSV 20MicroPC comp.1980s
Redstone TR-005eHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Rohner-ETV-ElektronikREDV-88Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Repco Data, Inc.Repco P5MicroPC comp.1997~
Realistic Controls Corp.REXMicro1978
RuggON Corp.Rextorm PM-521Tablet (P)2015
Rextorm PX-501Tablet (P)2015
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RFW500PDA (P)2009<
RFW900PDA (P)2009<
Raster Graphics, Inc.RG-801SBC1982
RGS ElectronicsRGS-008ASBCKit1975
Rice UniversityRice Computer (aka R1)Special1961
Rice Research Computer (aka R2)Special1960s
Ricoh Company, Ltd.RICOM 2000Office1979
RICOM I 520Office1985
Ritas do Brasil I.B.M. Ltda.Ringo R-470Home ComputerZX clone1983
Ricoh Company, Ltd.Riport 1100Word Processor1990s
Riport 1300Word Processor1990s
Riport 1700Word Processor1990s
Riport 200 SeriesMicro1980
Riport 2100Word Processor1990s
Riport 2200Word Processor1990s
Riport 2300Word Processor1990s
Riport 2400Word Processor1990s
Riport 2500Word Processor1990s
Riport 2700Word Processor1990s
Riport 3100Word Processor1990s
Riport 3200Word Processor1990s
Riport 3300Word Processor1990s
Riport 3400Word Processor1990s
Riport 3500Word Processor1990s
Riport 3700Word Processor1990s
Riport 3800Word Processor1990s
Riport 4100Word Processor1990s
Riport 4300Word Processor1990s
Riport 4300vWord Processor1990s
Riport 5100Word Processor1990s
Riport 5200Word Processor1990s
Riport 5300Word Processor1990s
Riport 5400Word Processor1990s
Riport 5500Word Processor1990s
Riport CS10Word Processor1990s
Riport CS10VWord Processor1990s
Riport FD 4220/450 SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Riport FD 6700MicroPC comp.1990s
Riport L100Word Processor1990s
Riport L200Word Processor1990s
Riport L500Word Processor1990s
Riport L500VWord Processor1990s
Riport LS30Word Processor1990s
Riport LS50Word Processor1990s
Riport LS55Word Processor1990s
Riport LS70Word Processor1990s
Riport PC BU-NW71MicroPC comp.1990s
Riport PC FD-SW85MicroPC comp.1990s
Riport PC FD-SW87MicroPC comp.1990s
Riport Star EX9500 seriesWord Processor1990s
Riport TS40Word Processor1990s
Riport TS41Word Processor1990s
Riport TS60Word Processor1990s
Riport TS80Word Processor1990s
Riport TS80VWord Processor1990s
Riport TS81Word Processor1990s
Riport TS81VWord Processor1990s
Riport TS82Word Processor1990s
Riport TS82VWord Processor1990s
RISK Electronics o.o.l.RISK Profiline XPMicroPC comp.1990s
RISK Profiline XProMicroPC comp.1990s
Rigel Corp.Rix51SBCMicrocontroller1990s
Radioindustrija Zagreb (RIZ)Riz 24Micro1980s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RK-4000Workstation2011<
RK-5740 Tower/5U Rackmount ServerServer2010<
Rizzo Ufficio Import/Export s.a.s. (RM Computer)RM 100MicroPC comp.1980s
RM 200MicroPC comp.1980s
RM 386MicroPC comp.1980s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)RM D Series PC-466MicroPC comp.1994<
RM E Series QE-486/33MicroPC comp.1994<
RM Innovator P4MicroPC comp.1990s
RM P10MicroPC comp.1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RM-1012 (2 models)Micro (P)2010<
RM-1013 (by Getac)Tablet (P)2010<
RM-1014Micro (P)2010<
RM-1015Micro (P)2010<
RM-1100Micro (P)2010<
RM-1200 (by Getac)Micro (P)2011<
RM-1230Micro (P)2010<
RM-1300Micro (P)2010<
RM-1400Micro (P)2011<
RM-1470Micro (P)2010<
RM-1790 (by Getac)Micro (P)2010<
RM-2010Tablet (P)2011<
RM-2100Tablet (P)2010<
RM-2104Tablet (P)2010<
RM-2159 (by Black Diamond)Tablet (P)2010<
RM-2404Tablet (P)2010<
RM-2707Tablet (P)2011<
RM-2710Tablet (P)2011<
Ramtek Corp.RM-3000 SeriesTerminal1978<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RM-3135PDA (P)2010<
RM-3236PDA (P)2010<
RM-3500PDA (P)2010<
RM-3535PDA (P)2010<
RM-3900PDA (P)2010<
RM-4001Micro (P)2011<
RM-4101Micro (P)2010<
RM-4103Micro (P)2010<
RM-4105Micro (P)2011<
RM-4201Micro (P)2010<
RM-4203Micro (P)2010<
RM-4305Micro (P)2011<
RM-4307Micro (P)2012<
RM-4309Micro (P)2012<
RM-4311Micro (P)2012<
Ross & MoorRM-790Tablet (P)2013
Ramtek Corp.RM-9000 SeriesTerminal1981<
Ross & MoorRM-997Tablet (P)2013
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Rm-u2Server-
Recortec Inc.RMC-115MicroIndustrial1994<
RitmixRMD-520Tablet (P)2011
RMD-720Tablet (P)2014
RMD-730Tablet (P)2012
Ross & MoorRMD-878GTablet (P)2013
RMD-974RTablet (P)2013
Recortec Inc.RME-100 SeriesMicroIndustrial1994<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RMR-4UAXmpServer2000<
Relisys Corp.RN3000Micro (P)PC comp.1991
RN6000Micro (P)PC comp.1992
RavenRNE3SXMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Radxa Ltd.RockSBC2000s
Rock 2SBC2000s
Roda Computer GmbHRocky seriesMicro (P)2000s
Rolta India Ltd.RolstationWorkstation1990s
Rolstation 433EMicroPC comp.1994<
Roneo Alcatel BVRoneo 2000Minicomputer1980s
Roneo ATMicroPC comp.1980s
Roseapple PiRoseapple PiSBC2015
ROLITRON Müszaki Fejlesztö Ksz.Rosytext 80Word Processor1983
Rosytext 80 MFWord Processor1986
Rosytext MiniWord Processor1987
Rosytext PlusWord Processor1988
Rover ComputersRoverBook CentroMicroPC comp.2005<
RoverBook DiscoveryMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
RoverBook Explorer MT6Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
RoverBook NautilusMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
RoverBook NavigatorMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
RoverBook PartnerMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
RoverBook VoyagerMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
RoverPad 3W A73Tablet (P)2011
RoverPad 3W G70Tablet (P)2010
RoverPad 3W T71Tablet (P)2011<
RoverPad Air A100Tablet (P)2011
RoverPad Air T100Tablet (P)2011<
RoverPad Air T70Tablet (P)2011<
RoverPC C7Mobile (P)2009<
RoverPC E5Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC Evo V7Mobile (P)2008
RoverPC Evo X7Mobile (P)2008
RoverPC Evo X8Mobile (P)2009
RoverPC G5Mobile (P)2005
RoverPC G6Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC M5Mobile (P)2006
RoverPC N6Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC N7Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC P1Mobile (P)2004<
RoverPC P3PDA (P)2001~
RoverPC P4PDA (P)2004
RoverPC P5PDA (P)2003
RoverPC P5+PDA (P)2003
RoverPC P6Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC P7Mobile (P)2004
RoverPC Pro G7Mobile (P)2008
RoverPC Pro G8Mobile (P)2009
RoverPC Q5Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC Q6Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC R5Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC S1Mobile (P)2003
RoverPC S2Mobile (P)2004
RoverPC S5Mobile (P)2007<
RoverPC S6Mobile (P)2007
RoverPC S7Mobile (P)2009<
RoverPC S8Mobile (P)2010
RoverPC S8 LiteMobile (P)2010<
RoverPC W5Mobile (P)2006
RoverPC X1Mobile (P)2006<
Royal Electronics Inc. Royal 486/66 Media Master IIIMicroPC comp.1994
Royal Business Machines Inc.Royal NLCMicroPC comp.1998
Royal Electronics Inc. Royal P/66 Media Master IVMicroPC comp.1994
Royal P/90 Ultra MediaMicroPC comp.1994
Royal Precision Computer (RPC) (-> Royal McBee)RPC 4000MainframeEarly1960
RPC 9000MainframeEarly1960
Ricoh Company, Ltd.RPC NoteMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
RPG Data Systems, Inc.RPG 310Minicomputer1973<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RR-1230Server2010<
RS-2010 Micro2011<
RS-2204 (by Duros)Panel2010<
Relational Memory Systems, Inc. (RELMS)RSbc-Z80/32SBC1984<
RSC SKIFRSC PetaStreamSupercomputer2014
RSC Tornado SUSUSupercomputer2012
Rave Computer Association, Inc.RT-1010Workstation2011<
RolsenRTB 10.4Q Wide 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 7.4D FoxTablet (P)2013
RTB 7.4D Gun 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 7.4D Run 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 7.4Q GameTablet (P)2013
RTB 7.4Q Gun 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 8.4D Joy 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 8.4Q JetTablet (P)2013
RTB 9.4D Guru 3GTablet (P)2013
RTB 9.4Q Guru 3GTablet (P)2013
RTM SystemsRTM NT PP150MicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P100 ProMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P120 Pro/UltimaMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P133 Pro/UltimaMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P150 ProCADMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P166 Pro GraphicMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P200 Pro GraphicMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P75 Pro / ClassicMicroPC comp.1996<
RTM P90MicroPC comp.1996<
RTM VP466MicroPC comp.1996<
Rubicon Systems, Inc.Rubicon I Model 2000-IVMicro1986<
Rubicon II Model 4000MicroPC comp.1986<
ROLM Corp.Rugged Hawk/32Micro1983
Rugged Nova 1601 (aka AN/UYK12)MinicomputerMilitary1969
Rugged Nova 1602 (aka AN/UYK19)MinicomputerMilitary1972
Ramo-Wooldridge Corp.RW 300MainframeEarly1958
Radix Micro Devices PlcRX-1PDA (P)1990s
Real MachinesRX1MicroPC comp.2000s (div. Evolution Computers)RX1-2200D-54GServer2000s
Rexon Business Machines Corp.RX100Office1986<
RX105Office1986< (div. Evolution Computers)RX1S-3000D-108GServer2000s
Rexon Business Machines Corp.RX200Office1985<
RX305Office1986< (div. Evolution Computers)RX3M-3200D-5TServer2000s
Rexon Business Machines Corp.RX400Office1986<
Rabbit Computer, Inc.RX83Micro1983 (div. Evolution Computers)RXP4-32-IPMIServer2000s
Racore Computer Products, Inc.S20Workstation1989
Royal Business Machines Inc.S20Micro (P)PC comp.1991
S20 386SX-20Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Racore Computer Products, Inc.S30Workstation1989
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)S680MicroPC comp.1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.S7000FC4URServer2010<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)S820Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
S820-RMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
S850Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
S850-RMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Ricoh Company, Ltd.SBC-16MicroPC comp.1984
SBC-16XTMicroPC comp.1984
Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)SCCSpecialEarly1950>
RBT LLCSchoolTablet (P)2010s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)SCP-234SpecialSpatial1972
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)SE400Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Racer Computer Corp.Sebring 200 GTMicroPC comp.1998
Sebring 200 SSMicroPC comp.1998
Sebring 233 GTMicroPC comp.1998
Sebring 233 SSMicroPC comp.1998
Reason Technology Corp.Sence 5 MA-166MicroPC comp.2003<
Racionalização e Mecanização Ltda. (RACIMEC)Senior S-100Micro1980s
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)SENS Pro 820Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
SENS Pro 850Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
SENS640MicroPC comp.1990s
SENS680MicroPC comp.1990s
SENS820Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
SENS820-RMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
SENS850Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
SENS850-RMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
RUF Buchhaltung AGSerie 30/3001Office1975<
Serie 40/41Office1973
Serie 40/71Office1973
Serie 41Office1976<
Serie 50Office1976<
Serie 70/11Office1970
Serie 70/14Office1970
Serie 70/71Office1970
Serie 70/74Office1970
Serie 72/11Office1975<
Serie 72/14Office1975<
Serie 72/71Office1975<
Serie 80/15Office1973
Serie 80/151Office1975<
Serie 80/152Office1975<
Serie 80/751Office1975<
Serie 80/752Office1975<
Serie 82/151Office1975<
Serie 82/152Office1975<
Serie 82/751Office1975<
Serie 82/752Office1975<
RNA, Inc.Series 10001984<
Réalisations Etudes Informatiques Industrielles (RE2I)Series 80Micro1979
RLX Technologies, Inc.ServerBlade 1200iServer2003<
ServerBlade 2800iServer2003<
ServerBlade 3000iServer2003<
ServerBlade 800iServer2002<
Rock ComputersSigma 6120Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Sigma DiMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Sigma Di SDI-C2DMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Sigma Si 1000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Royal Business Machines Inc.SignatureMicroPC comp.1997
Signature 17MicroPC comp.1998
Redactron Corp.Single CardWord Processor1976<
Single TapeWord Processor1976<
RSC SKIFSKIF AuroraSupercomputer2011
SKIF CyberiaSupercomputer2007
SKIF UralSupercomputer2008
Rever Computer, Inc.SKIFF 386/20SXMicroPC comp.1991
SKIFF 386/20SX 1/40MicroPC comp.1991
SKIFF 386/20SX 2/40MicroPC comp.1991
SKIFF 3S-2101Workstation1991
SKIFF 3S-2201Workstation1991
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Sky 7.85Tablet (P)2013
Sky 9.7Tablet (P)2013
Sky 9.7 3GTablet (P)2013
Sky A70 3GTablet (P)2013
Sky C70Tablet (P)2014
Sky Glory S7Tablet (P)2016
Sky Q10Tablet (P)2016
Sky Q8Tablet (P)2016
Sky S7Tablet (P)2016
Sky T70Tablet (P)2013
Racore Computer Products, Inc.SL60Workstation1988
Rair Microcomputer Corp.SM 386-85Micro1987
Rothschild ElectronicsSolid Pro 200MicroPC comp.1997
Rain Computers Inc.Solstice A3MicroPC comp.2012
Solstice Dual Core DAWMicroPC comp.2010
Solstice IGX4MicroPC comp.2008
Solstice O1MicroPC comp.2007
Solstice O2MicroPC comp.2007
Solstice Quad Core DAWMicroPC comp.2010
Solstice Spider EditionMicroPC comp.2008
Rüegg-Naegeli & Cie. AGSophor (/Commodore 8032)Micro1980
Ricoh Company, Ltd.SP 25Micro1983
Ross TechnologySPARCplug-PCWorkstationSPARC clone1990s
R. KelsonSparky eZXSBCZX clone2000s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Spectra 70/15Mainframe1965
Spectra 70/25Mainframe1965
Spectra 70/35Mainframe1966
Spectra 70/45Mainframe1966
Spectra 70/46Mainframe1968
Spectra 70/55Mainframe1966
Spectra 70/60Mainframe1970
Spectra 70/61Mainframe1971
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Spring 2000 System BookMicro (P)2000<
Reason Technology Corp.Square 4 LX-C 486DX/2-66MicroPC comp.1994<
Square 4 LX/DX2-66MicroPC comp.1994<
Square 4LX W32i Mitsumi FX001DMicroPC comp.1994<
Square 4LX/AIOMicroPC comp.1994<
Square 5 HX/MA-166MicroPC comp.2003<
Square 5 LX-TR/IE-150MicroPC comp.1996
Square 5 LX-TR/IE-166MicroPC comp.1996
Square 5 P/I-60MicroPC comp.1994<
Square 5 P/I-90MicroPC comp.1994<
Square 5VLMicroPC comp.1994<
Square 6 NA/VA PentiumPro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Rave Computer Association, Inc.SR1530SH, HSHServer2010<
Rayton Comm UsaStar 500MicroPC comp.1989
Rolta India Ltd.Station 486/66 ENGG.MicroPC comp.1994<
RS Components, Ltd.STE PASBC1986
Rain Computers Inc.Stratus STS-01MicroPC comp.2011
Stratus STS-02MicroPC comp.2011
Rexon Business Machines Corp.Summit 1000Micro1987
Summit 2000Micro1988
Summit 3000Micro1988
Summit 4000Micro1986
Raster Technologies Inc.Sun/GXWorkstation1988<
Rayton Comm UsaSuper 800MicroPC comp.1989
Super 880MicroPC comp.1989
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)Super ElfSBC1978
Royal Business Machines Inc.Super ServerServer1996
Rave Computer Association, Inc.SuperBladeServer2010<
Rayton Comm UsaSuperIOR 900MicroPC comp.1989
SuperIOR 990MicroPC comp.1989
Rair Microcomputer Corp.SupermicroMicro1986<
Supermicro Display TerminalTerminal1984
Rave Computer Association, Inc.SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM2Server2010<
Rayton Comm UsaSupreme 1000MicroPC comp.1989
Ricoh Company, Ltd.SW-85Word Processor (P)1990s
SW-86Word Processor (P)1990s
SW-87Word Processor (P)1990s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.SX-1500 (6 models)Server2004
Royal Business Machines Inc.Synergy 2000MicroPC comp.1998
Synergy 3000MicroPC comp.1998
Synergy Best BuyMicroPC comp.1997
Synergy EVMicroPC comp.1997
Synergy ProMicroPC comp.1997
Synergy SPMicroPC comp.1997
RadiusSystem 100MicroMac clone1995
RUF Buchhaltung AGSystem 30/311979<
System 30/321979<
System 30/331979<
RLX Technologies, Inc.System 300exServer2000s
System 324Server2001
Racal-Milgo Information Systems Inc.System 400Terminal1976
RLX Technologies, Inc.System 600exServer2003<
Rockwell InternationalSystem 65MicroIndustrial1978
RadiusSystem 81/110MicroMac clone1995
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)SystemBaseServer1994<
SystemBase 486/33Server1994<
RSC SKIFT-Platforms T60 ClusterSupercomputer2008
Rock ComputersT200Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
ReellexTAB-071-01Tablet (P)2013
TAB-07B-01Tablet (P)2012
TAB-09E-01Tablet (P)2013
TAB-101Tablet (P)2012
TAB-10B-01Tablet (P)2012
TAB-10B-02Tablet (P)2013
TAB-10E-01Tablet (P)2013
TAB-10E-02Tablet (P)2014
TAB-701Tablet (P)2012
TAB-702Tablet (P)2012
TAB-703Tablet (P)2012
TAB-704Tablet (P)2012
TAB-97B-01Tablet (P)2013
TAB-97B-02Tablet (P)2012
TAB-97E-01Tablet (P)2013
Racer Computer Corp.Talladega 233 GTMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 233 RSMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 233 SSMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 266 GTMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 266 RSMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 266 SSMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 300 GtMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 300 RsMicroPC comp.1998
Talladega 300 SSMicroPC comp.1998
Recognition Equipment, Inc. (REI)TartanTerminal1982
Tartan CXTerminal1986<
Replitech Corp.Tava PC Gold SeriesMicroPC comp.1985<
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Teacher Tablet PCWorkstation2000s
Research, Inc.Teleray 10Terminal1979
Teleray 100Terminal1981
Teleray 1060Terminal1970s
Teleray 1061Terminal1978
Teleray 11Terminal1979
Teleray 12Terminal1979
Teleray 14Terminal1980
Teleray 16Terminal1982
Teleray 1601Terminal1977~
Teleray 20Terminal1984
Teleray 20-7305Terminal1985
Teleray 30Terminal1990
Teleray 3300Terminal1971
Teleray 3311Terminal1977<
Teleray 3511Terminal1976<
Teleray 3541Terminal1977<
Teleray 3711Terminal1976<
Teleray 3741Terminal1977<
Teleray 3811Terminal1976
Teleray 3841Terminal1977
Teleray 3900Terminal1975
Teleray 3931Terminal1976
Teleray 4041Terminal1977
RoverPad (div. Rover Computer)Tesla 10.1Tablet (P)2013
Tesla 7.0 3GTablet (P)2013
Tesla 8.9 3GTablet (P)2013
Tesla 9.7 3GTablet (P)2013
Ruben Engineering Corp.The AssistantOffice1981
Robin Hood ElectronicsThe Big Blue BoardSBC1984<
R. ManglesTIM 8Special2000s
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Titan 1400SServer2003<
Titan 1700SServer2004<
Titan 1710AServer2004<
Titan 1800SServer2004<
Titan 1810AServer2004<
Titan 2400SServer2003<
Titan 2600SServer2003<
Titan 2701SServer2003<
Titan 2706SServer2003<
Titania 1310Server2004<
Titania 2310Server2003<
Titania 2500Server2003<
Titania 4310Server2003<
R-Style ComputersTornado R-NT9043BMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
RSC SKIFTornado SUSSupercomputer2012
Ronex ABTPC-8300 (by Tricom)Pocket (P)1983
Relisys Corp.TR-170Terminal1994
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Transport LTMicroPC comp.1990s
Transport ZXMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
RealTechTraveler 1480 (by Outbound)Micro (P)Mac clone1992
Traveler 880Micro (P)Mac clone1992
Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)TRIDACAnalogMilitary1954
Radofin Electronics Ltd.Triton PC64Home ComputerMSX1985
Radio Shack (div. Tandy)TRS-80 Model 1Home Computer1977
TRS-80 Model 100Home Computer1983
TRS-80 Model 1000Home Computer1984
TRS-80 Model 102Home Computer1986
TRS-80 Model 12Home Computer1983
TRS-80 Model 1200Home Computer1984
TRS-80 Model 16Home Computer1982
TRS-80 Model 16BHome Computer1983
TRS-80 Model 200Home Computer1984
TRS-80 Model 2000MicroPC comp.1983
TRS-80 Model 4Micro1983
TRS-80 Model 4DMicro1985
TRS-80 Model 4PMicro1984
TRS-80 Model 600Micro1985
TRS-80 Model I (Level I Basic)Home Computer1977
TRS-80 Model I (Level II Basic)Home Computer1978
TRS-80 Model IIMicro1979
TRS-80 Model IIIMicro1980
TRS-80 Model MC-10Home Computer1983
TRS-80 PC-1 (=Sharp PC-1211)Pocket (P)1980
TRS-80 PC-2 (=Sharp PC-1500)Pocket (P)1982
TRS-80 PC-3 (=Sharp PC-1251)Pocket (P)1983
TRS-80 PT-210Terminal (P)1982
TRS-80 VideotexTerminal1980
Repco Data, Inc.Turbo APM-420 DXMicroPC comp.1994<
Turbo APM-425 DXMicroPC comp.1994<
Turbo APM-433MicroPC comp.1994<
Radio ElectronicsTV TypewriterTerminal1973
TV Typewriter IITerminal1975
Raytheon Data Systems Co.TV-BabyMicro1981
Rexon Business Machines Corp.TX SeriesMinicomputer1986
Ricoh Company, Ltd.Typac 16B1973<
Typac 8B1973<
Typer 200Office1973<
Typer 240Office1973<
Typer 600Office1973<
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)TyphoonAnalog1951
Royal Business Machines Inc.Ultra MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Ultra Media IIMicroPC comp.1997
Ultra Media II-15MicroPC comp.1996
Ultra Media II-30MicroPC comp.1997
RBT LLCUltrapad 373Tablet (P)2010s
Ultrapad 735Tablet (P)2010s
Ultrapad 940Tablet (P)2010s
Ultrapad M97BTablet (P)2010s
Ultrapad Q733Tablet (P)2010s
Ultrapad Q777Tablet (P)2010s
Royal Business Machines Inc.Unique Black DDR A1.4MicroPC comp.2002
Remington Rand Co.UNIVAC 1103MainframeEarly1954
Royal Business Machines Inc.V16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)V466MicroPC comp.1994<
Rikomagic Tech Corp., Ltd. (RKM)V5MicroMiniPC2000s
Redland AutomationVCTerminal (P)1982
Royal Business Machines Inc.Velocity E420Micro (P)PC comp.1998
Velocity P233Micro (P)PC comp.1998
Rain Computers Inc.Venturi VEN-S01MicroPC comp.2011
Repco Data, Inc.Venus Pro 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Rock ComputersVertuosoMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Radiola (div. Philips)VG 5000Home Computer1984
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)VIC-36ASpecial1967
Red Box Studios Ltd.Video StationMicroPC comp.1996<
Rave Computer Association, Inc.Vigor Pro SDMicro (P)2009<
Vigor Ultra-IIIMicro (P)2009<
Rock ComputersVirtuoso rangeMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
RUF Buchhaltung AGVisible Computer (by Hohner)Office1969
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)VM7000 SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Rover ComputersVoyager KT5Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)VP-3301Terminal1981
Raytheon Data Systems Co.VT 1202Word Processor1972
VT 2303 LexitronWord Processor1970s
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.W10Tablet (P)2011
W13 ProTablet (P)2012
Rave Computer Association, Inc.W130Micro (P)2006<
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.W17 Pro DualTablet (P)2012
W17 Pro V3.0 QuadTablet (P)2012
W22 ProTablet (P)2012
W22 Pro 3GTablet (P)2012
W23Tablet (P)2012
W27Tablet (P)2012
W28Tablet (P)2012
W30Tablet (P)2012
W30HDTablet (P)2012
W31Tablet (P)2013
W32Tablet (P)2013
W41Tablet (P)2013
W42Tablet (P)2012
W6HDTablet (P)2012
R&J EnterprisesWad PC/AT TurboMicroPC comp.1989<
R&KWiener PC W100MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC W120MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC W133MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC W150MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC W166MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC W200MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC WP180MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PC WP200MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PRO PC WA133MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PRO PC WA166MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PRO PC WA200MicroPC comp.2003<
Wiener PRO PC WP166MicroPC comp.2003<
Royal Business Machines Inc.Win95 MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Red Box Studios Ltd.Winstation Cx6x86-133+MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation Cx6x86-166+MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation Cx6x86-200+MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P100MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P120MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P133MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P60MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P66MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P75MicroPC comp.1996<
Winstation P90MicroPC comp.1996<
Racal Recorders Ltd.WordNET 96MicroVoice logger1995~
Research Machines Ltd. (RM Plc)Workstation P4 1.3GhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Workstation P4 1.4GhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Workstation P4 1.5GhzMicroPC comp.2003<
Ricoh Company, Ltd.WP-1Word Processor1980s
Rabbit Computer, Inc.WRAP BIT IIMicro1983
Ramos Digital Technology Co., Ltd.X10 ProTablet (P)2013
Remington Rand Co.X308MainframeEarly1957<
Rock ComputersXenoMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno 2.2GHzMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno SP P4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno SP P4-2.66Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno-mMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno-m 2.4GHzMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xeno-m 2.5GHzMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Royal Business Machines Inc.XI-286-DES LAN WorkstationWorkstation1991
XI-386-SVE LAN WorkstationWorkstation1991
Xpert Desktop 21MicroPC comp.1998
Xpert Graf 19MicroPC comp.1998
Xpert MediaMicroPC comp.1998
Xpert SE 17MicroPC comp.1998
Xpert Ultra SCSIMicroPC comp.1998
Rein Elektronik GmbHXspeed-400MicroPC comp.1995~
Rock ComputersXtreme XTR-3.2Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Xtreme XTR-3.4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Realistic Controls Corp.Z/100-1Micro1977
Radiotechnika MagazinZX Spectrum 80KHome ComputerZX clone1984

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