Kinpo Electronics, Inc.

Kinpo Electronics, Inc. started business already in 1973 and established itself as a front runner in Taiwan's electronics industry.

The product lines cover the 3C consumer products (Calculators, Cordless and Computers) and most of the customers are well known: Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Casio, Canon and Citizen. In 2002 Kinpo had a staff of more than 10,000 employees worldwide with R&D centers in Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing, mass production facilities in Dongguan, and manufacturing supports in Thailand. In 1996, Kinpo began to set up production facilities in Dongguan, China and, since then, has expanded its operations to Shanghai and Beijing. The Chang An factory in Dongguan is Kinpo's major manufacturing with 4,000 employees assembling products such as calculators,electronic dictionaries, global positioning systems, and digital cameras.

Kinpo established Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) in 1989 to take advantage of local highly skilled work force. Cal-Comp has six manufacturing
plants designed and built to cater to product features. There are more than 30 SMT product lines in total. Computer aided manufacturing facilities are installed to upgrade product quality and reduce costs. Kinpo Thailand employs more than 6,000 employees working on about one hundred assembly lines.

Another member in the Kinpo Conglomerate is Taiwan based Compal Electronics, Inc. with a workforce of about 9,000 employees (2002 numbers).
Compal manufactures its products at two locations; Ping-chen Factory in Taiwan and Kunshan Factory in China.

Source : Joerg Woerner, Datamath Calculator Museum