Commodore Business Machines Ltd.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Commodore Business Machines (CBM), best known for their innovative and popular personal computers such as the VIC-20, 64, and Amiga, was a pioneering and major force in the pocket calculator industry. No other manufacturer I can think of produced so many calculators of such widely divergent styles from each other.

The first pocket calculator produced under the Commodore name appears to be the C110. This model is identical in every way to the Bowmar 901B and Craig 4501, but is much, much rarer. It is no doubt related to the C108 and C112, popular small desktop units released in 1971 and advertised heavily in big-city newspapers, yet I have not seen the C110 mentioned in any of these ads. A November 1972 issue of Electronics magazine indicates in passing that Bowmar made "special models" for CBM that were like the 901B, but nowhere else have I seen a reference to this Bowmar/Commodore link. The serial number on my C110 is "G8897", which is unusual in that both Bowmar and CBM serial numbers were purely numeric.

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