Advanced Telecommunications Equipment
Woking, Surrey, UK

Small independent UK manufacturer of telecommunications and other equipment which was producing and marketing its own Calate range of electronic calculators for about 18 months. Since the beginning of 1974 it has ceased marketing its own brand in order to concentrate on OEM production, for Acme Electric (Ajax), Triton and other brands. Trade enquiries are handled by Radofin.

The Calate range was widely available in non-traditional retail outlets, and although basically low priced (generally retailing at about £20) was soundly based technically, using General Instrument LSI chips. These features have been carried over to the Acme and Triton 1200 models but several up-market variants are due to be added shortly, including a machine with memory within three months. Production is scheduled to reach hundreds of thousands this year and in 1975 the company hopes to become the largest UK manufacturer, which we would not consider impossible if financing is adequate. The company makes its own tactile keyboard (non-moving) and is introducing its own moving key type.

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