Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Casio is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. Since ist establishment in 1957, Casio has been active not only in the development of electronic calculators but also in electronic timepieces and musical instruments.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd. was got it start by developing all-electric compact calculator. Company founder Tadao Kashio, originally an engineer specializing in fabrication technology, founded Kashio Seisansho in April, 1946 after work experience that included plants manufacturing products for the military. Kashio Seisakujo manufactured aircraft parts and other products. Toshio, the founder's brother suggested that the company work on developing a calculator. Tadao worked together with his three younger brothers and launched the efforts aimed at producing a calculator.
Most calculators at that time were electrical devices, in which electrical power was used to drive internal gears. The four Kashio brothers, however, adapted the relay elements used for telephone switching equipment to develop the compact, all-electric calculator. The new calculator did not rely on mechanical movements such as gears. The launch of the initial Model 14-A was in June 1957, which also marked the establishment of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Since those beginnings, CASIO has continued to be a leader in pioneering new calculator products for the office, as well as for scientific and technical applications. The September 1965 release of the transistor-based Model 001 marked the beginning of a new era when calculators became small enough to fit on the desk top. It was also the time when the term "electronic calculator" became part of the standard vocabulary. As products became even smaller, they became a familiar sight in offices throughout the world.

However, calculators were still priced outside the reach of the individual consumer at this time, so Kazuo Kashio, who was in charge of marketing, made it a goal of the company to produce a calculator that could be afforded by the individual consumer. The result came in August 1972 with the release of the palm-size CASIO Mini, which was promoted by a television commercial that helped to catch the attention of the public. The CASIO Mini soon took the market by storm, and made the calculator part of our everyday lives. Only two years later in May 1974 with the fx-10 the first scientific calculator entered the market and with the CQ-1 end of 1976 the first calculator with integrated electronic watch appeared.

The digital technology that was made available through the development of CASIO calculators was applied to miniaturization, fueling the company's move into a new sector. In November 1975, CASIO released the Casiotron, a digital watch capable of displaying the year, month, date, hour, minute, and second. The Casiotron was even able to automatically make adjustments for months of different length. The development of the Casiotron was based on the unique CASIO concept of, "time is a continuous process of addition".

January 1980 saw the release of the Casiotone 201, an electronic musical instrument that produced sound generated by digital calculation.

Source : Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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