Calculated Industries
Calculated Industries Inc.
Yorba Linda, California, USA

Most of us know Calculated Industries Inc. as the manufacturer of the Loan Arranger and Loan Arranger II. CII is actually still around and continuing to make specialty calculators for various segments of the industry. We recently sent a query to the company about their history and product line and here is the response. (Thanks to Steve Kennedy for his help.)

"The company was started by three real estate agents in Orange County (California, USA) who within about a year sold out to the present owners. CII moved from Orange County to Carson City, Nevada (USA) in Feb. of 1994.

The LED-style of Loan Arranger was sold until about '81-82 and replaced by an LCD version which was also called "Loan Arranger," but was later changed to "Financial I" due to trademark complaints by the "Lone Ranger" people. (For our non-US readers, the Lone Ranger was a fictional cowboy character of movies and television). Today, this model would be the Real Estate Master IIx and there's a more deluxe model called Qualifier Plus IIx.

Real estate is still a big market for us and we're also "big" (relative) in construction where are feet-inch products are sold; we have about 8 different models. Electrical and the Measuring products (which sell into construction and r/e) are next big markets -- and then we have some real small-market models (i.e., our Frame Master II for the film and video industry)."

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