Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory
Tokyo, Japan

Teal calculators are a bit of a puzzle. "TEAL" was a brand name of calculators made by Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory. Entering the calculator business in the late 1960s the company produced some innovative calculators, including early LCD models. Some Teal calculators were also sold under the names of other companies.

Unfortunately, the company was greatly affected by the calculator price war of the mid 1970s and went out of business in 1978.
However, some calculators, like the Photon, have a U.S.A. address, which may be the American division of Tokyo Electronic Application Laboratory Ltd., though the date code on the integrated circuit of the Teal Photon displayed here is 1979, which is later than the date at which the Japanese company supposedly went out of business.

Calculators are also found under the Tealtronic name, which may or may not be related to TEAL.
"TEAL" is a brand name of the calculator made by Tokyo Elestronic Apprication Lab. It was established around 1968 as a electric calculator company.They have two factories in Nagano area. They sold calculator to US and European department with the brand name "TEAL". And they sold many calculators to Canon Toshiba, Hitachi as a OEM machine. By fierce calculator war, it was bancrupted 1978. It was said "the last bancrupted company in the electric calculator war". After that only 2 companies - Sharp and Casio remain as an electronic calculator company in Japan.

Source : Joerg Woerner, Datamath Calculator Museum

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