Montgomery Ward
Montgomery Ward & Co. Inc.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Begun in 1872, Ward pioneered mail-order catalogs when it came out with a single sheet of dry-good items for sale. It was the first U.S. mail-order house to sell general merchandise. Sears, Roebuck & Co. was not founded until 1886 and did not put out its first general merchandise catalog until a decade after that. Ward opened its first store in Plymouth, Ind., in 1926. 

American department store which also sold calculators through a general merchandise catalog. Montgomery Ward labels were usually placed on calculators already made by other companies( either APF, Lloyd's, Novus, Rapid Data or Texas Instruments).

Ward has been financially unstable for years. In 1999, it emerged from bankruptcy and announced a plan to revamp many of its stores.
The department store chain that helped pioneer American retailing is shutting down after more than 125 years in business and will file for bankruptcy.  The chain — with 250 stores and 37,000 employees in 31 states — fell victim to competition from other big retailers.