Zayre Corp.
Framingham, MA, USA

Zayre was founded in 1956 by Stanley and Summer Fieldberg in Hyannis Massachusetts. It started as a discount department store chain.
The headquarters of Zayre Corp. were located in Framingham, MA. 

In 1975 Zayre agreed with Texas Instruments to distribute the Concept calculator line based on the TI-1200, TI-1250, and SR-16 II. 
In 1988 Zayre Stores declared bankruptcy and Ames Department Stores acquired the bankrupt 392 Zayre stores, closing 74 of them. After some reorganizing in 1990 Ames annonuced in August 2002 to go out of business and closed the remaining shops in October 2002.

Source : Joerg Woerner, Datamath Calculator Museum