Osaka, Japan.

The Sanyo Electric Works was founded in 1947 by Toshio Iue, in Osaka, Japan. The first product was a tiny electricity generator for bicycle lamps, running off the side wall of the tyre.

In 1950 the Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. was established, and in 1952 started production of a plastic-bodied radio, the first of many household appliances that were ro be manufactured under the Sanyo name.

Sanyo launched its first electronic calculator in 1966, and became a pioneer in the development of calculators using integrated circuits. In 1968 the journal Electronics said that Sanyo was the first Japanese company to use shift registers (using MOS - Metal Oxide Semiconductor) in a calculator for register and memory functions. Later in that year it said that Sanyo had exhibited two calculators "built around Motorola large-scale-integration packages. Sanyo intends to switch to domestic LSI packages as soon as Japanese semiconductor producers offer them."

The development problems with the ICs delayed the introduction of the miniature hand-held calculator, probably till late 1970. Sanyo was then never quite at the forefront of calculator development. The miniature calculator emerged as the Sanyo IC-0081 Mini Calculator, using integrated circuits marked with the "GI" logo of General Intruments Microelectronics of the U.S.A. It was followed by the IC-82 and a large number of other hand-held models through the 1970s.

The Company changes is logo in 1976 and 1987.

Since 2009, Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic.

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