Radofin Electronic
West London, UK

Radofin Electronic was based in King Street, West London and marketed a variety of advanced consumer electronics.
In July 1974 there was a report of three newly formed electronics companies, Radofin Electronics of London, Radofin Electronics of Liechenstein, and Radofin Electronics (Far East) of Hong Kong. Later Radofin models were manufactured in Hong Kong.

By January 1978 Radofin Electronics (Far East) were leaders in the electronic games business. It had once let the market in calculators, its only product until September 1976, but had seen the end of the calculator boom and moved into games production.

Triton was a registered trademark of the company and the earlier calculators bear the Triton name, whereas later calculators carry the Radofin name. Taktile calculators are similar to Triton models but any connection with Radofin is not known. If you have any information about this please get in touch.

Some early Triton calculators were manufactured by Advanced Telecommunications Equipment (ATE), of Woking, Surrey. This company was a small manufacturer of telecommunications and other equipment, and marketed its own Calate range of electronic calculators for about 18 months. It ceased this at the beginning of 1974 to concentrate on OEM production for other companies, including Acme Electric (Ajax) and Radofin (Triton), with trade enquiries being handled by Radofin Electronic. The company manufactured its own membrane tactile keyboards.
The Taktile models are identical to these Triton models so were presumably made by the same company.

Source : vintagecalculators.com

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