The National Cash Register Co.
Georgia, USA

The first "Cash Register" was made by James and John Ritty in Dayton, Ohio. James Ritty was owner of a good running saloon in Dayton - but there were no profits. Ritty was suspicious that his bartenders had their hands in the cash drawer. Together with his brother he build the first "Incorruptible Cashier" in the "National Manufacturing Co." In 1883 John H. Patterson became shareholder and in 1884 owner of the company. Patterson made substantial improvements, renamed the company to THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. and launched sales initiatives. "He revolutionized the worlds way of doing business.
Before most of merchants had no idea how much profit they should have made at the end of a year or even how much was missing from their cash box at the end of the day. The cash register gave them, for the first time, the means of running their businesses professionally and systematically." In 1926 NCR became publicly owned. Although famous for its beautiful mechanical brass cash registers (designed by Tiffany), NCR nnounced in 1957 its first fully transistorized business computer, the »NCR-304«. Inventing the "Liquid Crystal Display" in 1968, the first commercially available bar code scanner in 1974, NCR survived into modern "Computer World".

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