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P. HabersetzerHCC-80Micro1985
P. HakalaMikrospectraMicro1970s
P. Kitsun (Syd)Speccy 2007Home ComputerZX clone2000s
P. LohmerCP/M RechnerHome Computer1980~
P. RustonV6Z80PSBCZX clone2000s
P. RyalRC-3Special2000s
P1 GmbHParwellSpecial1986
Paavo-Paimen OyPP-200 (/RCA Cosmac 1802)Home Computer1970s
Pacific Computers8088-10 XTMicroPC comp.1988
80286-10 PortableMicroPC comp.1988
LCD-286MicroPC comp.1988
Pacific 286-12MicroPC comp.1988
Pacific Cyber/Metrix, Inc. (PC/M)PCM-12MinicomputerPDP-8 comp.1976
PCM-12AMinicomputerPDP-8 comp.1976
Pacific Data Systems, Inc. (PDS) (div. EAI)PDS 1020Office1964
PDS 1068Office1964
Pacific International Computing Corp.ATSWord Processor1976<
CompspecWord Processor1976<
Pacific Microcomputers, Inc.PM200MicroMultibus1983
Pacific Universal Research, Inc.PortabrainMicro1983
Pack-In-Tell ElectronicsLTV 286MicroPC comp.1991
LTV 386SXMicroPC comp.1991
NotebookMicroPC comp.1990s
Packard Bell400TMicroPC comp.1994<
425 SX Model 2MicroPC comp.1993
430ES-DX334MicroPC comp.1995<
430ES-SX254MicroPC comp.1995<
470MicroPC comp.1994<
485MicroPC comp.1994<
486 CD/33MicroPC comp.1994
486 CD/50MicroPC comp.1994
486 DXMicroPC comp.1991
486 DX/25MicroPC comp.1990s
486 DX2-66 HWMicroPC comp.1993
486 SXMicroPC comp.1991
486 SX-33 H2MicroPC comp.1993
486-33MicroPC comp.1995<
486/25nbMicroPC comp.1990s
486CDMMicroPC comp.1994<
486DX/33MicroPC comp.1994<
486MT250AUSMicroPC comp.1995<
486SX/25MicroPC comp.1994<
486SX170 AUSMicroPC comp.1995<
486SXMM AUSMicroPC comp.1995<
495MicroPC comp.1994<
515EMicroPC comp.1994<
525EMicroPC comp.1994<
545EMicroPC comp.1994<
550MicroPC comp.1994<
560MicroPC comp.1994<
565EMicroPC comp.1994<
715MTMicroPC comp.1995<
1110MicroPC comp.1994<
1110 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
1120MicroPC comp.1994<
1150MicroPC comp.1994<
1150 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
2050MicroPC comp.1994<
5605MicroPC comp.1997
A430MicroPC comp.1995<
A440MicroPC comp.1995<
Activ Dream Machine 7724/BELMicroPC comp.1990s
Activ Dream Machine 7724/BEL COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
ALG1166MicroPC comp.1995<
ALG207MicroPC comp.1995<
ALG2276MTMicroPC comp.1995<
ALG233MicroPC comp.1995<
ALG747MTMicroPC comp.1995<
ATL Series Glav-i-Dre@mMicroPC comp.1990s
ATL Series iMedia P3MicroPC comp.1990s
AX1033MicroPC comp.1995<
AX1066MicroPC comp.1995<
AX1066TMicroPC comp.1995<
AX120CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX121CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX122CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2007MMMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2008MM MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2033MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2047MMMicroPC comp.1995<
AX205MicroPC comp.1995<
AX2060MicroPC comp.1995<
AX2066+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2066MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2077+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2077MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX2078+MicroPC comp.1995<
AX230MicroPC comp.1995<
AX43CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX4500MicroPC comp.1995<
AX45CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX46CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX4700MMMicroPC comp.1995<
AX47CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX48CDMicroPC comp.1995<
AX49CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX51 CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX533HMicroPC comp.1995<
AX533JMicroPC comp.1995<
AX630 MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX630+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX635 MTMicroPC comp.1995<
AX635+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
Axcel 1033MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 105MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 1066MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 1103 SLMicroPC comp.1994
Axcel 130MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 1602DMicroPC comp.1994
Axcel 1707DMicroPC comp.1994
Axcel 1728DMicroPC comp.1994
Axcel 2005MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 2015MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 2033MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 205MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 2066 MINITOWERMicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 230MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 251CD PlusMicroPC comp.1990s
Axcel 405 (incl. H model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 410MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 410E (incl. H, F and W G models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 420MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 42CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Axcel 450G (incl. H, J and TJ models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 453CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Axcel 460MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 460H (incl. TJ model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 486/33MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 486A66MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 486SXMicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 530MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 530 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Axcel 533H (incl. J and TJ models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 533STJMicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 550MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 550 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Axcel 550MT/JMicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 570MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 570 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Axcel 630 MINITOWERMicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 666J (incl. TJ and TL models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Axcel 850MicroPC comp.1994<
BLG2133MTMicroPC comp.1995<
BLG2276MTMicroPC comp.1995<
BLG233MicroPC comp.1995<
C F4800MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX1033MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX1066MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX205MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX2066MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX2066+MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX230MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX4500MicroPC comp.1995<
CAX4700MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CAX630MicroPC comp.1995<
CF1137MicroPC comp.1995<
CF1177MicroPC comp.1995<
CF1178MicroPC comp.1995<
CF200MicroPC comp.1995<
CF2020+MicroPC comp.1995<
CF204MicroPC comp.1995<
CF2068MicroPC comp.1995<
CF2386MicroPC comp.1995<
CF2386+MicroPC comp.1995<
CF2387MicroPC comp.1995<
CF715MicroPC comp.1995<
Chroma Chrom@MicroPC comp.1990s
Chroma Chroma Millenium SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
CL2075MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG1 134 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG1133MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG1166MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG1166+MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG1176MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2016MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2035MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2075 MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2133MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2176 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2276MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG2276+MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG233MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG233+MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG234 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG236MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG33D SUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG33T SUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG5000MicroPC comp.1995<
CLG5200MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG747FMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG780 SUPMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG780 SUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
CLG896 SUPMicroPC comp.1995<
CPB1030MMMicroPC comp.1995<
CPB1060MTMicroPC comp.1995<
CPM1984MicroPC comp.1995<
CPM633MicroPC comp.1995<
CPM733MicroPC comp.1995<
CPM766MicroPC comp.1995<
DC 1700MicroPC comp.1990s
DiplomatMicroPC comp.1995
Dot SMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Lite (PA-1400-19)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Lite (PA-1400-19FI)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy NoteMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 1700MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 1701MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 2800MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3100MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3102MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3131MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3138MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3612cMicroPC comp.1999
Easy Note 3705MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 3750MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note 4012cMicroPC comp.2000
Easy Note LEMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note LE69MicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note LGMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note LVMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note SCMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note SC (ADP-60DB)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note SilverMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note TEMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note TE69MicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note TVMicroPC comp.2019<
Easy Note VXMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy Note VX+MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One 1550 (ADP-60DB)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One 1550 (OP-520-73701)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One 1550 (OP-522-73701)MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One 3120MicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One DCMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One SilverMicroPC comp.1990s
Easy One/PlusMicroPC comp.1990s
Executive 403MicroPC comp.1990s
Executive 405MicroPC comp.1990s
Executive 486/33MicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486/33 EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486/33G 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Executive 486/33J 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Executive 486DX2/JW (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX ELITEMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX-ECMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX/FWMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX/HWMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486SX250MicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 486XE (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Executive 560MicroPC comp.1990s
Executive 590TMicroPC comp.1990s
Executive 8707 DMicroPC comp.1990s
Executive Elite Series 486SXCCMicroPC comp.1994<
F-4800MicroPC comp.1995<
F-486DX/DHMicroPC comp.1995<
F-486DX/DJMicroPC comp.1995<
F-486DX/DJ-WMicroPC comp.1995<
F-4900MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F1 DX2-504 4X4MicroPC comp.1995<
F1 DX2-504 TW RMicroPC comp.1995<
F101CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F102CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F103CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
F1066MicroPC comp.1995<
F111CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
F1135MicroPC comp.1995<
F1137MicroPC comp.1995<
F1150MicroPC comp.1995<
F1177MicroPC comp.1995<
F1177+MicroPC comp.1995<
F15MicroPC comp.1995<
F200MicroPC comp.1995<
F2030MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F204MicroPC comp.1995<
F2040MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F2048MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F2049MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F205MicroPC comp.1995<
F2067MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F2068MMMicroPC comp.1995<
F21 SSMTMicroPC comp.1995<
F2233MTMicroPC comp.1995<
F2280MTMicroPC comp.1995<
F2376MicroPC comp.1995<
F2376FMicroPC comp.1995<
F2386+MicroPC comp.1995<
F2386MTMicroPC comp.1995<
F250MicroPC comp.1995<
F53CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F54CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F55CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
F55CDT PlusMicroPC comp.1995<
F56CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F57CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F57CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
F58CDMicroPC comp.1995<
F59CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
Force 101CD (8/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Force 103CD (8/810)MicroPC comp.1995
Force 1066MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 107MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 110MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 1135MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 1137MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 117MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 126MicroPC comp.1995
Force 14 (4/340)MicroPC comp.1995
Force 1998CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Force 1999CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Force 200MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2010MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2010+ MultiMediaMicroPC comp.1993
Force 2020MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 203MicroPC comp.1993
Force 2030 MultiMedia MinitowerMicroPC comp.1993
Force 2040 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2046 MultiMediaMicroPC comp.1993
Force 2233 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2376 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2386 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 2460MicroPC comp.1996
Force 250MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 261+MicroPC comp.1995
Force 2738 D/4MicroPC comp.1995
Force 2742 T/4MicroPC comp.1995
Force 386/25MicroPC comp.1989
Force 386/33MicroPC comp.1990
Force 386/33HMicroPC comp.1990
Force 386/CDH-4MicroPC comp.1989
Force 386SXMicroPC comp.1989
Force 386SXH-4MicroPC comp.1989
Force 386XMicroPC comp.1991
Force 386X4MicroPC comp.1990
Force 386X8MicroPC comp.1990
Force 386XHMicroPC comp.1990
Force 405MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 425MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 443CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Force 4650MicroPC comp.1996
Force 4660MicroPC comp.1996
Force 480MicroPC comp.1995
Force 482 MINI TOWERMicroPC comp.1995
Force 482CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Force 484 Desktop 2000MicroPC comp.1995
Force 486 SXMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486 SX EMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486 SX M1MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486 SX M130MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/25MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/25EXMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33 M1MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33 M210MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33+MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33EMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33GMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33G 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 486/33G PlusMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486/33J 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 486/33JW 436dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 486CDM-1/TVMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX/DJ-W (5 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX/H (5 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX/H2 (5 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX2 -WGMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX2/E JTMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX2/F J-W (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX2/F JT-W (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486DX2/G-WMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486MT50JMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX (3 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX-WGMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/25MicroPC comp.1993
Force 486SX/25 GMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/25 WMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/BEMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/FW (3 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/FW-2 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/M (3 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/MM (3 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 486SX/OH-WMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 487 Mini TowerMicroPC comp.1995
Force 50CDMicroPC comp.1994
Force 50CD (4/340)MicroPC comp.1995
Force 515MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 515SMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 515S PlusMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 525MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 525 BMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 525 SMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 53CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Force 545MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 545 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 545 BMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 545 SMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 545S 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 54CD (4/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Force 565 (incl. S model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 565 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 5658 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Force 600 (incl. B and S models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Force 715 Mini TowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Force 820 FEMicroPC comp.1991
Force 845MicroPC comp.1996
Force 860MicroPC comp.1995
Force 860CDMicroPC comp.1995
Force 862MicroPC comp.1995
Force 872 Mini TowerMicroPC comp.1995
Force 872CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Force 998 TowerMicroPC comp.1995
Force 999 Mini TowerMicroPC comp.1995
Force IMicroPC comp.1990
Force I (1/40)MicroPC comp.1990
Force IH4MicroPC comp.1990
Force IH8MicroPC comp.1990
Force T66MicroPC comp.1994<
Glav-i-ConnectMicroPC comp.1990s
Glav-i-Connect EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Glav-i-Dre@m ATL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Glav-i-Dre@m P4 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
GP321 DX2-508 TWRMicroPC comp.1995<
GraphiX Dre@m M@chineMicroPC comp.1990s
GraphiX Dre@m M@chine EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
GraphiX Dre@m M@chine/HOLMicroPC comp.1990s
GraphiX Dre@m M@chine/HOL EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
GraphiX Dre@m Machine XPMicroPC comp.1990s
GraphiX Dre@m Machine XP COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Graphix Dream Machine 9022 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Graphix Dream Machine 9022 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Graphix Dream Machine 9022/BEL COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Graphix Dream Machine 9022/BEL COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iBox 1100 A ComboMicroPC comp.1990s
ibox 1100 A Combo EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iBox 805 dMicroPC comp.1990s
Ibox Epson 680MicroPC comp.1990s
ibox Epson 680 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
ibox Epson 700MicroPC comp.2001
iDesign 1272 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 1272 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 180 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 2071 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3120 DVDMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3120 DVD EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3150 ComboMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3150 Combo EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3154 ARWMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 3154 ARW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 4184 RW DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 4400 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 6190 Combo DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 6770 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 7155 I DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 9500i RW DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign 9700 XP DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign disMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iDesign E seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
IGo 2431MicroPC comp.1990s
IGo 4451 (ADP-90FBrev.E)MicroPC comp.1990s
iGo 5581MicroPC comp.1990s
iGo 5xx MAN seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia & Disney PackMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia & Disney Pack EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1022 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1500 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1500 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1500+MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1500+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1501 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1501 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1510 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1510 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1520 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1520 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1520 A EXP SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1540A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1700 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1700 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1800AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1800A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1950DMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 1950D EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 2222 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 2223 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 2226 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3005c CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3130 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3130AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3133 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3133 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3153 A RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3155 A RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3155 A RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3155/1 ARWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3155/1 ARW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3165 ARW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3175 ARWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3175 ARW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3700a RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3700a RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3795i RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3795i RW COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3801i RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 3801i RW COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4100aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4100a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4105a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4110dMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4121aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4121a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4121a EXP SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4133 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4133 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4134 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4134 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4135aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4135a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4136aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4136a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4140 aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4140 a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4140d EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4144 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4144 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4145a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4155 RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4155 RW COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4170 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4170 I COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4174 RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4174 RW COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4176 RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4176 RW COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4200 aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4200 a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4210aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4210a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4230 aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4230 a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4242 aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4242 a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4342aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4342a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4343 aMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4343 a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4506 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4508 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4606 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4607 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4608 CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4620d EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4650a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4650a EXP SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4680a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4706MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4706 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4716MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4716 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4800 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4800 EXP series (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4800CMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4812 dMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4817 dMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4900 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4900 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4910a EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4925 ATL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 4926 ATL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5005 d EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5006MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5006 (Discovery) DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5006 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5008d EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5066MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5066 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5067 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5068 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5069 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5069 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5100a RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5100a RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5105 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5105a RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5105a RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5106MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5106 (Discovery) DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5106 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5108MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5108 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5109 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5109 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5110MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5110 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5111MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5111 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5130 ComboMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5130 Combo EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5135MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5135 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5150 DVDMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5150 DVD EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5150 TFTMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5150 TFT EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5155MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5155 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5180MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5180 DVD-RMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5180 DVD-R EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5180 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5180 EXP SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5200 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5200 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5205 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5206MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5206 (Discovery) DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5206 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5206 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5209 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5209 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5216MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5216 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5280 iMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5280iMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5280i COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5305 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5306MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5306 (Discovery) DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5306 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5306 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5406MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5406 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5500i DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5550i DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5600i - GOTEBORG COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 5600i - GOTEBORG COLight series1MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6005 I ATL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6005IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6006 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6006 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6107 A RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6107 A RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6150 Combo DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6150 TV DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6155 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6180MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6180 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6180 SpecialMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6180 Special COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6190 DVD-RMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6190 DVD-R COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6335 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6335 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6335 A RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6335 A RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6336 A RW EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6406 AMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6500 +MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6500 + EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6500i RW DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6623 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6700 +MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6700 + EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6710+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6720+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6723 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6800+MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6800+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6806 + EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6810+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6820+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 6826 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 cdrwMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 cdrw EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 cdrw/BELMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 cdrw/BEL EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 DVDMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 DVD EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7110 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7140 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7140 I COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7150 I DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7150 I RW DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7152 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7152 I COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7154 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7154 I COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7158 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7159 I DVDRMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7159 I DVDR COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7165iMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7165i COS Series (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7185 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7185 I COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7300 XPMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7300 XP EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7310 XP EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7500 XPMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7500 XP EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7620MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7622MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7624MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7624 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7626 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7626 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7720MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7722MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7722 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7723MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7723 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7725MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7725 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7822MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7822 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7920MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 7920 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 8615MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia 8635MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia 8829MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia 9020MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9022MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9022 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9022 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9022 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9024 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9024 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9220MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia 9224MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9224 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia 9230MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia A2518MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia A3017CHMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia A3565MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia A3887MicroPC comp.2012<
iMedia A4027MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia ATL SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia ATL Series 4925MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia ATL Series 4926MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia ATL Series 6005 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia COLight SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia D2600MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D3522MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D4222MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D4465MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D5012MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D5076MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D9009MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D9501MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia D9650MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia DIS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia EXPMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia EXP SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia F2792MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia F5040MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia F9218MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia F9547MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia GAL SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia H5140MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia H5310MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia H5315MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia H5509MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia H5691MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J1900MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J2521MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J2589MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J6008MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J9630MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J9644MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia J9679MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia L 4875 HMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia L I6603 BEMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia L I6768 GEMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia L SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia MC 8880MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia MC 9604MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia Mut seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia PRI seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia S A26G1TU01MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S A3910 GEMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S CG4G5GU01MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S i34G1TU02MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S I3839 GEMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S I54G1TG01MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S i54G1TU01MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S I5700 NLMicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S1300MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S1360MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S1710MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S1800MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2100MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2185MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2190MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2291MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2380MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S2885MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S3210MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S3730MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S3810MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S5912MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia S9509MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia SL9553MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia T822nxxxMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia T825nxxxMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia X4530MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X4750MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X4866MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X5664MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X8302MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X9046MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X9645MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X9648MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X9651MicroPC comp.2000s
iMedia X9911MicroPC comp.2007
iMedia XP1500+MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia XP1500+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia XP1600+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia XP1701+MicroPC comp.1990s
iMedia XP1701+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Internet and Music MachineMicroPC comp.1990s
Internet and Music Machine (iMedia 7158 I)MicroPC comp.1990s
internet Dre@m M@chine IV DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Internet Dre@m Machine XPMicroPC comp.1990s
Internet Dre@m Machine XP COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Internet Dream Machine 7727MicroPC comp.1990s
Internet Dream Machine 7727 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iPOWER 6461MicroPC comp.1990s
iWork 2200c CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iWork 2201c CHA SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iWork 3600+ EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iWork 4170 DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 5007MicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 5007 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9020 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9020 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9100 IMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9153 LMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9170 iMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9210 - AstraMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9211 - AstraMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9222 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9222 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9222/HOL COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9222/HOL COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9235 CO2 seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9290i - SKF COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9290i - SKF COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9300i - SCANIA COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9300i - SCANIA COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9435 CO2 seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9507MicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9507 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9607MicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9607 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9608 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme 9708 COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme COL SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtreme HEL SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
iXTreme I6816MicroPC comp.2000s
iXTreme I7490MicroPC comp.2000s
iXTreme M5860MicroPC comp.2000s
iXtreme8140 RWMicroPC comp.1990s
iXtrene ev2MicroPC comp.1990s
L 190MicroPC comp.1997
L 197MicroPC comp.1997
L 198MicroPC comp.1997
LC321 DX2-504 4X4MicroPC comp.1995<
Le Div@MicroPC comp.2000
Legend 1 15 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 100MicroPC comp.1991
Legend 100CD (8/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 102 Elite 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 102H (incl. ELITE model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 102H 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 105CDMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 1066 WG ELITEMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 106CDT SupremeMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 108CDT SupremeMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 10CDMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 10CD Plus (4/340)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 110CDTMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 1133MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 1134 ELITEMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 1135MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 1136MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 115MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 1166MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 117 SupremeMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 1176MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 11CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 120MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 120 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 125MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 125 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 126 ELITEMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 126 Elite 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 127MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 127 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 128MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 128 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 12CDMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 1300 cdrw EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 130CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 130CD SupremeMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 135 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 135H 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 140MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 140 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 1440goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1500 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1510 SupremeMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 1520 SupremeMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 1540 SupremeMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 15CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1700 A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1700 TFT EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1760A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 17CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1824CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 18CDMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 1900MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 1900 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 1900A EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 1910MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 1910 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 1990MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 1990CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 200MicroPC comp.1991
Legend 2000MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2000 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 2000 Multi-MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 2000 Plus Multi-MediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 2001MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2001 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 2001 Multi-MediaMicroPC comp.1993
Legend 2002 ELITEMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2002 Elite 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 2011 SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2011 Supreme 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 201CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 2025MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2025 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 204+ (8/540)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 204CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 2050MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 2051MicroPC comp.1994
Legend 2052MicroPC comp.1994
Legend 205CD (8/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 207MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 20CD (4/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 2133 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2135 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2176 Elite MTMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2250 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 2266 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2270 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2276 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 230MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 2300 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 233MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 233 PlusMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 234 EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 2440MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 245MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 24CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 25CDT (8/720)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 2CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 300MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 300 Supreme 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 300CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 300CD (8/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 300SXMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 316SXMicroPC comp.1991
Legend 322CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 3304SMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 33T SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 33T Supreme MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 3540MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 3550MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 386/33MicroPC comp.1990
Legend 386SX (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Legend 401CD (8/850)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 402CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 402CDWMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 403CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 406 (8/850)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 406CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 408CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 409CDTMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 410CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 415CD-P75 (8/1 GB)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 416SXMicroPC comp.1991
Legend 418CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 423CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 430 G (incl. WG and F models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 430 WG EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 430E (incl. E2 and EL models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 430HMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 435E Elite (incl. 2 Elite model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 436CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 440GMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 445 G Elite (incl. G 2 Elite model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 4610MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 4670MicroPC comp.1996
Legend 486CDM-1/TVMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 486T/50MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 5 (4/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 5000MicroPC comp.1994
Legend 510HMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 520SXMicroPC comp.1991
Legend 5385zMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 600XMicroPC comp.1992~
Legend 605MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 605H EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 60CD SupremeMicroPC comp.1994
Legend 610MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 625MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 635JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 635TJ EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 650 PlusMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 660MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 660 (incl. H and Elite models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 660HMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 660TJ (incl. H model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 66D SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 66T SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 670MicroPC comp.1993
Legend 695 SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 695 Supreme 486sx/25MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 700 (incl. Elite model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 700 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 700 Elite 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 70CD SupremeMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 725DXMicroPC comp.1991
Legend 730MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 730 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 740MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 740 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 747 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 747MTMicroPC comp.1993
Legend 750 SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 760 SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 7612 COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 7612 COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 770 (incl. Elite model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 770 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 770 Elite 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 780MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 780 SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 790MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 790 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 790 SupremeMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 7CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 800 Supreme (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 800 Supreme-486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 800 Supreme/50MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 812 (8/850)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 812CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 814CDMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 818CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 81CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend 822CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 823CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 823CDTWMicroPC comp.1996
Legend 824CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 833DXMicroPC comp.1991
Legend 836CDT (16/1 GB)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 840 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 845 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 848 MinitowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 900 FMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 900 F GMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 900 F-EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 920SX SupremeMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 925 GMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 925 G EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 925 JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 933 GMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 933 G EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 933 JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 933G 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 933G Elite 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 933J 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 933J Elite 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 933J+ 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1993<
Legend 950 EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 950 JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 950 J EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 960TJMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 966JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 966J EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 966TJMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 966TJ EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 966TJ2 EliteMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend 980T (8/1 GB)MicroPC comp.1995
Legend 994CDTMicroPC comp.1995
Legend 999 expertMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A NOV SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A133GOMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A133GO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A134GOMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A134GO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A136 GOMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A136 GO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A139goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A141goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A142goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A143aoMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A143ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A143goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A143go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A144 go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A144goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A147 go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A147AO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A147goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A148 aoMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A148 ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A148goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A149 ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A149goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A152 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A152 go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A153goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A153go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A154AOMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A154AO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A156goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A156go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A157AOMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A157AO EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A157goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A157go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A158goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A158go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A160goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A160go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A161goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A161go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A162go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A166go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A167ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A167go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A168 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A168a0 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A169ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A172ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A173a0 EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A173go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A175 ao EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A1760 coMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A1760co NOV SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A181 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A188 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend A188 go NOV SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend C170ao COL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend C170ao COLight seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D NOV SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend d101 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D102 aoMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D103 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D134 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D137 goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend D903goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend E 174go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend E172go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend E173go EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend Elite 4705 DMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend IMicroPC comp.1989
Legend ImMicroPC comp.1990
Legend M415MicroPC comp.1997
Legend M950MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend MT950MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend MT950 JMicroPC comp.1994<
Legend P1603aoMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend P1603ao COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend P4161goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend P4161go COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend P4202goMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend P4202go COS SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Legend Supreme 1125MicroPC comp.1990s
Legend Supreme 1600MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1605MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1610MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1611 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1612MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1620MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1700MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1710MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1730MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1810MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1905MicroPC comp.1997
Legend Supreme 1910MicroPC comp.1998
Legend T66MicroPC comp.1994<
Legend VMicroPC comp.1989
Legend xHMicroPC comp.1990
LG100CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1050MicroPC comp.1995<
LG105CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1066MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG110CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1133MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1134 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1135MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1136MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1140MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1150MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1155MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1156MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1166AMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1170MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1170CMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1170MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1176MicroPC comp.1995<
LG1176+MicroPC comp.1995<
LG11CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG12CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1333MicroPC comp.1995<
LG145MicroPC comp.1995<
LG14CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG18CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1956 SUP MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG1966MM SUP MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG201 6MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2033MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2035MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2037MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2038E MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2040MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2045MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2050MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2059MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG205CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2064MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2068MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2069MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG207MicroPC comp.1995<
LG2070MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2075MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2078MMMTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG20CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG210CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2133MicroPC comp.1995<
LG2133MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2135MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2150MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2176EMTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2177EMTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG21CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2266MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2270MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2271MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2276MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2276MTCMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2280MTCMicroPC comp.1995<
LG228OMTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG22CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2300MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG230EMicroPC comp.1995<
LG233MicroPC comp.1995<
LG233+MicroPC comp.1995<
LG234 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
LG2340MicroPC comp.1995<
LG23CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG245 ELITEMicroPC comp.1995<
LG24CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG25CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG26CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG276+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG27CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG28CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG29TVMicroPC comp.1995<
LG30CDSUPMicroPC comp.1995<
LG34CDSUPMicroPC comp.1995<
LG37TSUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
LG38CDSUPMicroPC comp.1995<
LG39CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG42CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG5MicroPC comp.1995<
LG5000MicroPC comp.1995<
LG5200MMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG5900UPMMMicroPC comp.1995<
LG61CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LG62CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG635JMicroPC comp.1995<
LG63CDTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG64TVMicroPC comp.1995<
LG660HMicroPC comp.1995<
LG66TSUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
LG747DMTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG747FMicroPC comp.1995<
LG747MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG749MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG780SUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
LG790SUPMicroPC comp.1995<
LG810MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG840MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG843+MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG843MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG845MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG845MTHMicroPC comp.1995<
LG848MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG855MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG855MTHMicroPC comp.1995<
LG860MTMicroPC comp.1995<
LG885SUPMicroPC comp.1995<
LG896SU PMicroPC comp.1995<
LG933MTSMicroPC comp.1995<
LG9CDMicroPC comp.1995<
LGBGDSUPRMicroPC comp.1995<
LGSSCDSUPMicroPC comp.1995<
M LG233MicroPC comp.1995<
Mega Dre@m M@chine DIS seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
MF-'2133S MTMicroPC comp.1995<
MF1066SMicroPC comp.1995<
MF1137SMicroPC comp.1995<
MF2133SMTMicroPC comp.1995<
Ml-722333MicroPC comp.1995<
MLG1136MicroPC comp.1995<
MLG1136SMicroPC comp.1995<
MLG1166MicroPC comp.1995<
MLG1166SMicroPC comp.1995<
MLG207MicroPC comp.1995<
MLG2276MTMicroPC comp.1995<
MLG74'/MTMicroPC comp.1995<
MPB1120SHMicroPC comp.1995<
MPB430MicroPC comp.1995<
MPB440MicroPC comp.1995<
MultimediaMicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 102CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 215MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 550MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 70106DMicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia 70157CMicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia 70159DMicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia 730MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 750MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia 820MicroPC comp.1998
Multimedia C110MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia C111MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia C115MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia C115AMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia C75MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia CORNERMicroPC comp.1995
Multimedia Corner 90MicroPC comp.1995
Multimedia D130MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia D131MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia D135MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia D136MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia D141MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia D141 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia D142 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia D160MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia Designer TowerMicroPC comp.1995
Multimedia E140MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia E152MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia E153MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia E154MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia E155MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia E156MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia E158MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia F170MicroPC comp.1996
Multimedia F173MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia F175MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia F177MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia J178MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia J179MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia J180 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia J185 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L190MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L190 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L191MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L192 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L195MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia L197MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia L197+MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia L198MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia L199MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia M400MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia M402MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia M403MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia M404MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia M415MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia R500MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia R501MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia R504MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia R506MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia R507MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia R510MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia R515MicroPC comp.1998
Multimedia S600MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia S605MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia S606MicroPC comp.1998
Multimedia S610MicroPC comp.1997
Multimedia S615MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia S616MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia S618MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia S620MicroPC comp.1990s
Multimedia V134MicroPC comp.1990s
Music Dre@m M@chine IIMicroPC comp.1990s
Music Dre@m M@chine II EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Music Dre@m M@chine II/HOLMicroPC comp.1990s
Music Dre@m M@chine II/HOL EXP seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
NEC Versa PremiumMicroPC comp.1990s
P8430-28 DX-33MicroPC comp.1995<
P8430-28 DX2-66MicroPC comp.1995<
P8430-28 SX-25MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate 1950MicroPC comp.1994
Pack-Mate 2050 486Sx125MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate 3000CDMicroPC comp.1995
Pack-Mate 3980CDMicroPC comp.1990s
Pack-Mate 3987CDMicroPC comp.1995
Pack-Mate 486/33GMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486/33G 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate 486/33JMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486/33J 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate 486/EMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 48625MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX/33 XMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX/33 YMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX/33 Y-WMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX2/50TYMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX2/50TY-WMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX2/T Z -WMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX2/YMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX33/T YMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486DX33/T Y-WMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SXMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/20EMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/20FMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/20GMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/25GMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/25WMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/33TMMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/33XMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/33X2MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX/TGMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX25UMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX25U2MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 486SX25XMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 4990CDMicroPC comp.1994
Pack-Mate 6200MicroPC comp.1990s
Pack-Mate 6419CDMicroPC comp.1995
Pack-Mate 6540CDMicroPC comp.1995
Pack-Mate 7130MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7135MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7240MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 733 CMTMicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate 7415MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7416MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7530MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7540MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7580MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7590MicroPC comp.1990s
Pack-Mate 7600MicroPC comp.1996
Pack-Mate 7661MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7670MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7680MicroPC comp.1997~
Pack-Mate 7700MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7715EXMicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7725MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7745MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7745+MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7746MicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7755MicroPC comp.1997~
Pack-Mate 7820 NSMicroPC comp.1997
Pack-Mate 7835MicroPC comp.1997~
Pack-Mate 7900MicroPC comp.1997~
Pack-Mate IIMicroPC comp.1989~
Pack-Mate II (286)MicroPC comp.1990s
Pack-Mate PMX220MicroPC comp.1993
Pack-Mate X225MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate X230MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate X230 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate X233MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate X233 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate X240MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate X240 486dx/33MicroPC comp.1995<
Pack-Mate X250 (incl. Y model)MicroPC comp.1994<
Pack-Mate XT266MicroPC comp.1994<
PB 1666CDMicroPC comp.1994
PB 1750CDTMicroPC comp.1995
PB 23MicroPC comp.1992
PB 240Minicomputer1960s
PB 250MinicomputerEarly1960
PB 250-PBC 1000MinicomputerEarly1960
PB 250-PBC 1004Minicomputer1961
PB 250-PBC 1006Minicomputer1961~
PB 286MicroPC comp.1986
PB 286-12MicroPC comp.1990
PB 286H-3MicroPC comp.1986
PB 286H-4MicroPC comp.1986
PB 286H-8MicroPC comp.1986
PB 286LP (2 models)MicroPC comp.1989
PB 286LP/40MicroPC comp.1989
PB 286LPTMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 286LPVMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 286LTMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 286NBMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 2900MicroPC comp.1996
PB 2951MicroPC comp.1996
PB 2990MicroPC comp.1996
PB 386/16MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/16H-4MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/16H-8MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/20MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/20H-4MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/20H-8MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/20TH-8MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/25TMicroPC comp.1989
PB 386/25TH-8MicroPC comp.1989
PB 386SXMicroPC comp.1991
PB 386XNBMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 4240MicroPC comp.1996
PB 425/8MicroPC comp.1993
PB 440 (aka Raytheon 520)Mainframe1962
PB 486 CDMicroPC comp.1992
PB 500MicroPC comp.1980s
PB 5330MicroPC comp.1996
PB 610MicroPC comp.1994
PB 660CDMicroPC comp.1990s
PB 686MicroPC comp.1989
PB 686-S4MicroPC comp.1989
PB 7201SMicroPC comp.1994
PB 7705 DMicroPC comp.1994
PB 800/16-H4MicroPC comp.1989
PB 800/16HXMicroPC comp.1989
PB 8810MicroPC comp.1980s
PB1030MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PB1120MicroPC comp.1995<
PB1120H+MicroPC comp.1995<
PB11CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PB1520MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PB1555CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PB2011MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PB2034MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PB20CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PB20CD+MicroPC comp.1995<
PB2555CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PB4200MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-24 DX-33MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-24 DX2-50MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-24 DX2-66MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-24 SX-25MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-28 DX2-50MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430-28 SX-33MicroPC comp.1995<
PB430SX25MicroPC comp.1994<
PB430_5428MicroPC comp.1994<
PB450 DX-33MHzMicroPC comp.1995<
PB450 DX2-50MicroPC comp.1995<
PB450 DX2-66MicroPC comp.1995<
PB450 SX-25MHzMicroPC comp.1995<
PB486 DX2/50AMicroPC comp.1995<
PB486 SX/33AMicroPC comp.1995<
PB486T66MicroPC comp.1995<
PB520R DX-60MicroPC comp.1995<
PB530_5428MicroPC comp.1994<
PB550 DX-90MicroPC comp.1995<
PB560 P-100MicroPC comp.1995<
PB566MicroPC comp.1995<
PB7622MTMicroPC comp.1995<
PBZBCDTMicroPC comp.1995<
Pentium 100MicroPC comp.1996
Pentium 120MicroPC comp.1996
Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1996
Pentium 150MicroPC comp.1996
Pentium 166MicroPC comp.1996
Pentium 75MicroPC comp.1996
PlatinumMicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum 2010MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2010XMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2015MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2015X NSMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2016MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2018MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2019MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2220MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2240MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2240XNSMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2250XMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2250X NSMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2260MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 2280MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 3000MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 3100MicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum 3500MicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum 40MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum 4000MicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum 4400MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum 5100MicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum 55MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum 60MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum 61MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum 65MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum 70MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum IMicroPC comp.1996
Platinum I MultiMediaMicroPC comp.1996
Platinum IIIMicroPC comp.1996
Platinum PRO 650MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum PRO 750MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum PRO 755MicroPC comp.1996
Platinum PRO XXIMicroPC comp.1996
Platinum Supreme 1660MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum Supreme 1665MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum Supreme 1670MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum Supreme 1680MicroPC comp.1997
Platinum Supreme 1740MicroPC comp.1997~
Platinum Supreme 1850MicroPC comp.1997~
Platinum Supreme 1890MicroPC comp.1997~
Platinum XMicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum XAMicroPC comp.1997
Platinum XIMicroPC comp.1996
Platinum XXIMicroPC comp.1996
PM 4CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PM1981MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PM1988MMMicroPC comp.1995<
PM1990MMCMicroPC comp.1995<
PM486DX/33XMicroPC comp.1995<
PM486DX/33YMicroPC comp.1995<
PM50CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PM52CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PM66CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PM733MTCMicroPC comp.1995<
PM74CDMicroPC comp.1995<
PM750CMicroPC comp.1995<
PM76MicroPC comp.1995<
PM766MTCMicroPC comp.1995<
PM850CMicroPC comp.1995<
PM966MicroPC comp.1995<
PowerMate ESMicroPC comp.1990s
PowerMate ES 5200MicroPC comp.1990s
PowerMate ES 5250MicroPC comp.1990s
PowerMate VT 300-600 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PPB3900GMMMicroPC comp.1995<
Pro 65CD SupremeMicroPC comp.1990s
Pro 66TV Multimedia ComputerMicroPC comp.1994
R450MicroPC comp.1997
R501MicroPC comp.1997
R510MicroPC comp.1997
R515MicroPC comp.1998
S601MicroPC comp.1998
S606MicroPC comp.1998
S615MicroPC comp.1997
S618MicroPC comp.1998
Spectria 310MicroPC comp.1995
Spectria 310 (8/850)MicroPC comp.1995
Spectria 310 All-in-OneMicroPC comp.1995
Spectria 610 ANMicroPC comp.1990s
Spectria 9012MicroPC comp.1990s
Spectria Base System (8/420)MicroPC comp.1995
Spirit 9100 ATL seriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Statesman 810410MicroPC comp.1993
Statesman Plus 810415 (by Zenith)MicroPC comp.1990s
StatesmenMicroPC comp.1995
Synera 412MicroPC comp.1997
Synera 414MicroPC comp.1997
Synera 427MicroPC comp.1997
System 1800MicroPC comp.1990s
The Microsoft StationMicroPC comp.1995
Video Dream Machine 9222MicroPC comp.1990s
Video Dream Machine 9222 COL SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
VX 88MicroPC comp.1987
Packtron IntegrationPatriot II 233NXMicroPC comp.1998
Patriot Media 333NXMicroPC comp.1998
Quake 9NSX90MicroPC comp.1994
Pacomp (div. Comtech)486 Personal ComputerMicroPC comp.1995<
Pactron Integration Computer Inc.DaytonaWin-120NXMicroPC comp.1996
Pactron Quake 9NSX90MicroPC comp.1990s
PowerPACMicroPC comp.1990s
Pagine Corp.C2000TerminalX-Terminal1993<
PAIA Electronics, Inc.8700SBC1977
Pal Systems Ltd.Legend 486DX SupremeMicroPC comp.1992
Palm, Inc.LifeDrivePDA2005
Palm IIIPDA1998
Palm IIIcPDA2000
Palm IIIePDA1998
Palm IIIxPDA1998
Palm IIIxePDA1998
Palm M100PDA2000
Palm M105PDA2000
Palm M125PDA2001
Palm m130PDA2002
Palm m500PDA2001
Palm m505PDA2001
Palm m515PDA2002
Palm VPDA1999
Palm VIIPDA1999
Palm VIIxPDA2000
Palm VxPDA2000
Palm Z22PDA2005
PalmPilot 1000 (3com)PDA1996
PalmPilot 5000 (3com)PDA1996
PalmPilot Personal (US Robotics)PDA1997
PalmPilot Professional (US Robotics)PDA1997
Tungsten CPDA2003
Tungsten EPDA2000
Tungsten E2PDA2005
Tungsten TPDA2002
Tungsten T2PDA2002
Tungsten T3PDA2003
Zire 21PDA2003
Zire 31PDA2000s
Zire 71PDA2003
Zire 72PDA2004
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.CDPDPDA1998
PD-600C (=@migo PD-600C)PDA2002~
Palmcom International Ltd.Palmcom 286MicroPC comp.1991
Palyn AssociatesEMMYSpecial1970s
PAM486HLVMicroPC comp.1995<
Pan American Electronics, Inc.Type TRS-80Home ComputerTRS-80 clone1981<
Pan-Asia Electronics Co.STD-Z80SBC-
Pan-United Corp.Micro Lab 286MicroPC comp.1988
Micro Lab 386MicroPC comp.1988
Micro Lab XT-TurboMicroPC comp.1988
Panafacom Ltd.A-30Minicomputer1987
C-180 (=Fujitsu F9450 =HIT-80 =V-80)Micro1980
MB 16501975
PFL-16AHome ComputerLearn1977
U-1200 IIMinicomputer1984
U-1500 IIMinicomputer1983
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)486SLC/CMicroPC comp.1990s
580MicroPC comp.1990s
800MicroPC comp.1990s
860CMicroPC comp.1990s
8000MicroPC comp.1990s
8800MicroPC comp.1990s
8890MicroPC comp.1990s
9000 C86MicroPC comp.1990s
ALA-P132 (aka Pinocchio)PDA1997
Biz Pad JT-B1 (2 models)Tablet2014
Biz Pad JT-H5 (8 models)Tablet2011
Biz Pad UT-MA (2 models)Tablet2014
Biz Pad UT-MB (2 models)Tablet2014
BP 150Micro1989
BP 170Micro1989
Business Partner (FX-600)MicroPC comp.1987
Business Partner 286 (FX-800)MicroPC comp.1986
CF E1 C400MicroPC comp.2001
CF-01MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-1000MicroPC comp.1993
CF-1200Home ComputerMSX1983
CF-1300 (Red Case)Home ComputerMSX1985
CF-150MicroPC comp.1989
CF-150BMicroPC comp.1991
CF-150BPKG Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
CF-17MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-170MicroPC comp.1991
CF-20MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-2000 (=Sanyo MPC-64)Home ComputerMSX1983
CF-250/20MicroPC comp.1989
CF-250/40MicroPC comp.1989
CF-270 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990
CF-2700GHome ComputerMSX1985
CF-27LBMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28GJA2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28GJAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28P3JAZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PBJAZFEMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PBJAZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PBJGZFEMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PBJGZQGMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJAEFPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJAZFEMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJAZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJGEFPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJGZFGMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PCJGZQGMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PRJAAQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PRJAZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PTJAAQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-28PTJAZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-3000Home ComputerMSX1983
CF-33MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-3300Home ComputerMSX1984
CF-34MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-35MicroPC comp.1997
CF-37MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-370MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-370H6 Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1991
CF-380MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-4000Home ComputerMSX1984
CF-41 DX2/150MicroPC comp.1995<
CF-41 DX4/100MicroPC comp.1995<
CF-45mk2 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-480 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1992
CF-480CMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48V4HHUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48V4HLUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48V4HNUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48V4KNDQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48X4KHUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48X4KLUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-48X4KNUQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-52MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-580MicroPC comp.1992
CF-61 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1997
CF-62 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1996
CF-63MicroPC comp.1997
CF-71MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-72V3JPZFEMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-72V3JPZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-72V3JWZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-72VCJUZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-72VCJWZQMMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JFA2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JFAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JSWB2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JSWCQSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JT2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82JTXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82KFA2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82KFAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82KSAQSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82KT2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82KTXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82LDAQSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82LFA2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82LFAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82MFA2SMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82MFAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82mk1MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-82mk1HMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-A1RMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L1EXMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L1FSPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L1GAMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L1XRMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L1XSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-L2N8CAQSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-M31MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-M34MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1NVAXPMicroPC comp.2002
CF-R1PCAXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PCAXRMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PCAXSMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PCHXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PCQXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWAXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWBXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWHXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWJXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWQXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-R1PWRXPMicroPC comp.1990s
CF-S51MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-T1PWAXPMicroPC comp.2003
CF-T1RWAXRMicroPC comp.2002
CF-U1MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-V21MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-V21P (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994
CF-V25MicroPC comp.1990s
CF-V41 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1994
CS-3000Home ComputerMSX1984
CS-3300Home ComputerMSX1984
D-800 M1981
DX4 TFTMicroPC comp.1990s
FS-1300Home ComputerMSX1983
FS-3900Home ComputerMSX1985
FS-4000Home ComputerMSX1983
FS-4500Home ComputerMSX1985
FS-4600Home ComputerMSX21985
FS-4600FHome ComputerMSX21985
FS-4700Home ComputerMSX21985
FS-4700FHome ComputerMSX21985
FS-5500Home ComputerMSX21985
FS-5500F1Home ComputerMSX21985
FS-5500F2Home ComputerMSX21985
FS-A1Home ComputerMSX21986
FS-A1 MK IIHome ComputerMSX21986
FS-A1FHome ComputerMSX21987
FS-A1FMHome ComputerMSX21986
FS-A1FXHome ComputerMSX21988
FS-A1GTHome ComputerMSX1992
FS-A1STHome ComputerMSX1990
FS-A1WSXHome ComputerMSX21989
FS-A1WXHome ComputerMSX1988
FT-70 (aka Executive Partner)Micro1985
FT6000AMicroPC comp.1990s
FW-C550 (aka Slala)Word Processor1996
FW-U1B21LSWord Processor1990s
FW-U1B22DSWord Processor1990s
FW-U1B31DSWord Processor1990s
FW-U1B31DSAWord Processor1990s
FW-U1B51Word Processor1990s
FW-U1B51AWord Processor1990s
FW-U1C100Word Processor1995
FW-U1C200Word Processor1999
FW-U1C30Word Processor1997
FW-U1C33Word Processor1997
FW-U1C50Word Processor1995
FW-U1C550Word Processor1996
FW-U1C70Word Processor1994
FW-U1C71Word Processor1997
FW-U1C80Word Processor1997
FW-U1C83Word Processor1997
FW-U1CD100Word Processor1990s
FW-U1CD300Word Processor1996
FW-U1CD330Word Processor1997
FW-U1CD350Word Processor1998
FW-U1CD360Word Processor1990s
FW-U1CSD500Word Processor1998
FW-U1CSD600Word Processor1999
FW-U1EXWord Processor1990s
FW-U1J62Word Processor1990s
FW-U1J62-AWord Processor1990s
FW-U1J70Word Processor1994<
FW-U1J770Word Processor1994
FW-U1J80Word Processor1994<
FW-U1J81Word Processor1991
FW-U1J82Word Processor1992
FW-U1J85Word Processor1993
FW-U1J87Word Processor1994
FW-U1K104Word Processor1990s
FW-U1N10Word Processor1995
FW-U1P151AIWord Processor1990s
FW-U1P153AIWord Processor1990s
FW-U1P201Word Processor1988
FW-U1P301Word Processor1990s
FW-U1P303AIWord Processor1989
FW-U1P353F2Word Processor1990s
FW-U1P501Word Processor1988
FW-U1P501AIWord Processor1989
FW-U1P503AIWord Processor1989
FW-U1P503AIXWord Processor1990
FW-U1P505AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1P551Word Processor1994<
FW-U1P553AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1P555Word Processor1994<
FW-U1P603AIXWord Processor1990
FW-U1P605AIWord Processor1990
FW-U1P607Word Processor1991
FW-U1P609Word Processor1991
FW-U1P611Word Processor1990s
FW-U1P633LWord Processor1990s
FW-U1P701Word Processor1988
FW-U1P703F2XWord Processor1994<
FW-U1P93Word Processor1994
FW-U1P95Word Processor1990s
FW-U1P95SWord Processor1990s
FW-U1P97FWord Processor1994
FW-U1P98Word Processor1994
FW-U1P98FWord Processor1994
FW-U1P98FEWord Processor1995
FW-U1PROWord Processor1987
FW-U1PRO IIWord Processor1990s
FW-U1PROEXWord Processor1987
FW-U1S50Word Processor1990s
FW-U1S53Word Processor1990
FW-U1S555AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1S55AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1S57Word Processor1991
FW-U1S77AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1S88AIWord Processor1994<
FW-U1SuperPROWord Processor1988
FX-1650MicroPC comp.1988
FX-1650FD2MicroPC comp.1988
FX-1650HDMicroPC comp.1988
FX-1750MicroPC comp.1988
FX-1750FD2MicroPC comp.1988
FX-1750HDMicroPC comp.1988
FX-1800 Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1800CSYS Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1800CSYSHD Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1800HD Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1800MSYS Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1800MSYSHD Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1850 Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1989
FX-1850HD Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1900MicroPC comp.1989
FX-1925 Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1991
FX-1925S Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1925SCSYSMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1925SCSYSHDMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1925SHD Business PartnerMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1925SMSYSMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1925SMSYSHDMicroPC comp.1990
FX-1950MicroPC comp.1988
FX-1950HDMicroPC comp.1988
JR-100UHome Computer1981
JR-200UHome Computer1983
JR-300Home Computer1983
JT-900PTMicroPen Computer1995
KX-W1000Word Processor1980s
KX-W1025Word Processor1990<
KX-W1030Word Processor1980s
KX-W1500Word Processor1988
KX-W1505Word Processor1980s
KX-W1510Word Processor1990<
KX-W1520Word Processor1980s
KX-W1525Word Processor1990s
KX-W1550Word Processor1990<
KX-W1555Word Processor1980s
KX-W90Word Processor1980s
KX-W900Word Processor1990<
KX-W905Word Processor1980s
KX-W940Word Processor1980s
KX-W955Word Processor1990s
KX-WD55Word Processor1980s
KX-WL45Word Processor1991
KX-WL50Word Processor1990
KX-WL55Word Processor1991
KXFMicroPC comp.1997
LC-View CF-L1 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1996
Let's note CF-02MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-A1 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-A44 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Let's note CF-A77 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-AX (24 models)MicroPC comp.2012
Let's note CF-B10 (5 models)MicroPC comp.2011
Let's note CF-B11 (13 models)MicroPC comp.2012
Let's note CF-C1 (6 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-C33 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Let's note CF-F1MicroPC comp.2011
Let's note CF-F8 (19 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Let's note CF-F9 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-J1 (11 models)MicroPC comp.2011
Let's note CF-J9 (3 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-L1 (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-LX series (68 models)MicroPC comp.2013
Let's note CF-M1 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-MX series (68 models)MicroPC comp.2014
Let's note CF-N1 (12 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-N8 (13 models)MicroPC comp.2009
Let's note CF-N9 (19 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-NX series (59 models)MicroPC comp.2012
Let's note CF-R2 (5 models)MicroPC comp.2003
Let's note CF-R3 (6 models)MicroPC comp.2004
Let's note CF-R4 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2005
Let's note CF-R5 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2006
Let's note CF-R6 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Let's note CF-R7 (12 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Let's note CF-R8 (16 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Let's note CF-R9 (6 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-RZ (24 models)MicroPC comp.2014
Let's note CF-S1 (13 models)MicroPC comp.2011
Let's note CF-S2 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Let's note CF-S5 (5 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Let's note CF-S8 (9 models)MicroPC comp.2009
Let's note CF-S9 (18 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-SX (73 models)MicroPC comp.2012
Let's note CF-SZ (25 models)MicroPC comp.2016
Let's note CF-T2 (14 models)MicroPC comp.2003
Let's note CF-T4 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2005
Let's note CF-T5 (24 models)MicroPC comp.2006
Let's note CF-T7 (24 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Let's note CF-T8 (42 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Let's note CF-T9 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-W2 (16 models)MicroPC comp.2003
Let's note CF-W4 (7 models)MicroPC comp.2005
Let's note CF-W5 (18 models)MicroPC comp.2006
Let's note CF-W7 (20 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Let's note CF-W8 (33 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Let's note CF-W9 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Let's note CF-Y2 (9 models)MicroPC comp.2004
Let's note CF-Y4 (9 models)MicroPC comp.2005
Let's note CF-Y5 (16 models)MicroPC comp.2006
Let's note CF-Y7 (36 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Let's note CF-Y8 (36 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Let's note CF-Y9 (13 models)MicroPC comp.2009
Let's note mini AL-N4MicroPC comp.1997
Let's note mini CF-M3MicroPC comp.1998
Let's note PRO CF-A2 (13 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Let's note PRO CF-A3 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2002
Let's note PRO CF-L2 (21 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Let's note PRO CF-R1 (14 models)MicroPC comp.2002
Let's note PRO CF-T1 (9 models)MicroPC comp.2002
MC 7FMinicomputer1971<
MC 7SMinicomputer1971<
Panacom CF-22 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1997
Panacom CF-62MicroPC comp.1999
Panacom CF-65 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1995
Panacom CV-M21 (31 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Panacom LC CF-55 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1997
Panacom LC CF-57 (5 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Panacom LC CF-58 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Panacom LC/W CF-81 (20 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Panacom LC/W CF-82 (31 models)MicroPC comp.2002
Panacom M500Micro1987
Panacom M700Micro1987
Patriot 2410MicroPC comp.1990s
Personal PartnerMicroPalmtop1985
Pronote AV CF-35 (6 models)MicroPC comp.1997
Pronote AV CF-41 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1995
Pronote CF-47MicroPC comp.2000
Pronote CF-B5 (6 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Pronote CF-L1 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Pronote CF-M2 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Pronote EX CF-45 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Pronote FG CF-110 (3 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Pronote FG CF-25 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1996
Pronote FG CF-27 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Pronote PD CF-62 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1996
Pronote Pen CF-01MicroPC comp.1997
Pronote SD CF-40 (6 models)MicroPC comp.1995
Raven RNE 3SXMicroPC comp.1990s
Ravin RNE 3SXMicroPC comp.1990s
RL-H7000 (aka Sr Partner)MicroPC comp.1983
RL-H7000WA (aka Sr Partner)MicroPC comp.1984
RL-H7100 (aka Sr Partner)MicroPC comp.1984
Staff PartnerMicro1986
Toughbook CF-07 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Toughbook CF-08MicroPC comp.2007
Toughbook CF-18 (10 models)MicroPC comp.2003
Toughbook CF-19 (30 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Toughbook CF-28 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Toughbook CF-29 (5 models)MicroPC comp.2004
Toughbook CF-30 (8 models)MicroPC comp.2007
Toughbook CF-31 (7 models)MicroPC comp.2010
Toughbook CF-52 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Toughbook CF-71 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1999
Toughbook CF-73 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2003
Toughbook CF-C2 (6 models)MicroPC comp.2013
Toughbook CF-D1 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2012
Toughbook CF-H1 (14 models)MicroPC comp.2009
Toughbook CF-H2 (14 models)MicroPC comp.2011
Toughbook CF-M3 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2000
Toughbook CF-P1 (3 models)MicroPC comp.2002
Toughbook CF-U1 (23 models)MicroPC comp.2008
Toughpad FZ-A1 (2 models)Tablet2012
Toughpad FZ-B2 (2 models)Tablet2014
Toughpad FZ-G1 (16 models)Tablet2013
Toughpad FZ-M1 (14 models)Tablet2014
Toughpad FZ-Y1 (10 models)Tablet2015
TS1-M-7GMicroPC comp.1999
V41 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1996
VW-KT300Home ComputerMSX21990
Panatek ComputerPWS 8025WorkstationSPARC clone1992
PWS 8040WorkstationSPARC clone1992
PandaBoardPandaBoard ESSBC2011
PanData Computersysteme GmbHM 6300Minicomputer1984
Panda 1080MicroPC comp.1984
Panda 3000Micro1984
Panel SASystème 802Micro1977
Panstwowego Instytutu Matematycznego - Grupie Aparatow Matematycznych (GAM)ARALAnalog1954
Panther Systems486/33 EISAMicroPC comp.1991
Panther 1000 RTMicroPC comp.2010
Panther 1000 TBMicroPC comp.2009
Panther 2000 CVMicroPC comp.2009
Panther 3000 SSMicroPC comp.2008
Panther 4000 MDMicroPC comp.2008
Panther 5000 WSMicroPC comp.2008
Panther 5500 SRMicroPC comp.2011
Paracom (-> Parsytec)Starter KitSpecial1989<
Paradigit Computers B.V.Voyager 9141MicroPC comp.1990s
Paradise Systems, Inc.ConvertibleMicro1983
Paradyne Corp.7801Terminal1976
Analysis WKSMicro1986<
Office System 8400Micro1986<
PDS 270Terminal1980
PDX MessengerTerminal1986<
Pixnet-XLMinicomputerCommunication Processor1986<
Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS)Infinity PGMicroPC comp.1990s
Paragon Technology (UK) Ltd.HavalMicro1990s
Parallel Corp.Parallel 200XRWorkstation1986
Parallel 300Workstation1986<
Parallel 300XRWorkstation1986<
Parallel 400XRWorkstation1986
Parallel 500XRWorkstation1986<
Parallel 600XRWorkstation1987
Parasitic EngineeringEquinox 100Micro1977
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RHC-1000PDA1990s
Pargos Electronic GmbHNIC-12SBC1982
Pars980MicroPC comp.1990s
ParsysSuperNode 1000SupercomputerArray Processor1990s
SuperNode/8000/EntrySupercomputerArray Processor1992
SuperNode/8000/LargeSupercomputerArray Processor1992
SuperNode/9000 seriesSupercomputerArray Processor1990s
Parsytec AGCognitive Computer CCeSupercomputer1996
Cognitive Computer CciSupercomputer1997
GigaCluster GC-1Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-2Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-3Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-4Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-5Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster TPM-4Supercomputer1990s
MegaframeSupercomputerParallel Computer1987
OfficeSupercomputerParallel Computer1991
Pasco International, Inc.AtlantisMicro1980s
Atlantis 256/64-PCMicroPC comp.1986<
Pastoriza Electronics, Inc.Analog ComputerAnalog1963
Patch Computers486DX-33 VESA/ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
486SX-33 VESA/ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
Path Computer Equipments, Inc.System 1200Minicomputer1970
Patisonic48Home ComputerZX clone1990s
48STHome ComputerZX clone1990s
48ST1Home ComputerZX clone1990s
Aleste 520EXHome ComputerAmstrad clone1993
Patriot800MicroPC comp.1990s
800 SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
860CMicroPC comp.1990s
2410MicroPC comp.1990s
8000MicroPC comp.1990s
8800MicroPC comp.1990s
8890MicroPC comp.1990s
9000 C86MicroPC comp.1990s
FT6000AMicroPC comp.1990s
N340S8 (ADP-60BH)MicroPC comp.1990s
PAV Electronik GmbHBilbo 80Home ComputerApple 2 clone1983
PaymenttelSW-15-T700MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Brand, Inc.386/20MicroPC comp.1990s
386/33MicroPC comp.1991
386/SX-16MicroPC comp.1991
386/SX-20MicroPC comp.1991
386SXMicroPC comp.1990s
386SX/16MicroPC comp.1990s
386SX/20MicroPC comp.1990s
486/25MicroPC comp.1990
486/33MicroPC comp.1990
486slc/CMicroPC comp.1990s
Leader 486/33MicroPC comp.1992
Leader 486/DLC-33MicroPC comp.1993
Leader 486dx/33 CacheMicroPC comp.1994<
Leader 486dx2/66 CacheMicroPC comp.1994<
Leader Cache 486/DX2-66MicroPC comp.1993
Leader VLB 386/SX-33MicroPC comp.1993
Leader VLB 486DX/33MicroPC comp.1993
Leader VLB 486DX2/50MicroPC comp.1993
Leader VLB 486DX2/66MicroPC comp.1993
Leader VLB 486SX/25MicroPC comp.1993
LeaderBook Pro 486DX-33MicroPC comp.1993
LeaderBook Pro 486SX-25MicroPC comp.1993
NB486slcMicroPC comp.1994<
NBSX20MicroPC comp.1990s
PCV20 AD-IIMicroPC comp.1990s
Tower CaseMicroPC comp.1990s
TS34xMicroPC comp.1990s
PC Channel Inc.CTX LCM233-32MicroPC comp.1997
PC ClubBeyond EXTremeMicroPC comp.2001
Beyond EXTreme 4MicroPC comp.2002
Campus Note 14TMicroPC comp.2001
Digital FrontierMicroPC comp.2001
Digital Frontier DF3MicroPC comp.2002
Digital Frontier DF4MicroPC comp.2002
ENP-21403MP3MicroPC comp.2002
ENP-244MicroPC comp.2002
ENP-314MicroPC comp.2001
ENP-325MicroPC comp.2001
ENP-334MicroPC comp.2001
ENP-362MicroPC comp.2001
ENP-36403MicroPC comp.2001
ENP-413MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-420MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-610MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-611MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-770MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-783MicroPC comp.2005
ENP-871MicroPC comp.2005
EnPower FrontierMicroPC comp.2001
EnPower Fuzion 4MicroPC comp.2005
EnPower HorizonMicroPC comp.2005
EnPower MessinaMicroPC comp.2005
EnPower Nitro 4MicroPC comp.2005
EnPower VelocityMicroPC comp.2005
EnPower Velocity 05 SLIMicroPC comp.2007
Expertise ENMicroPC comp.2001
Gamer ExpertiseMicroPC comp.2001
Giga Book 364MicroPC comp.2001
Home GeniusMicroPC comp.2001
JukeBox FrontierMicroPC comp.2001
Mobile PowerhouseMicroPC comp.2001
MultiMedia ExpertiseMicroPC comp.2001
Net GeniusMicroPC comp.2001
Nitro EXTremeMicroPC comp.2005
Pro GeniusMicroPC comp.2002
Sabre 6MicroPC comp.2005
Sparx 6MicroPC comp.2005
XNote FridayMicroPC comp.2005
PC CommBest BuyMicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PL266MicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PL300MicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PL333MicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PX300MicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PX333MicroPC comp.1998
Command DVD PX350MicroPC comp.1998
Command PC266MicroPC comp.1998
Command PC300MicroPC comp.1998
DVD Best Buy MachineMicroPC comp.1998
DVD Dream MachineMicroPC comp.1998
DVD Graphics MachineMicroPC comp.1998
Internet MultiMediaMicroPC comp.1998
PC ConnectionEpiq BPS 5100MicroPC comp.2001
PC Craft, Inc.325NB2-60FMMicroPC comp.1992
325NB4-80FMMicroPC comp.1992
333NB4-120MicroPC comp.1992
333NB4-120PKMicroPC comp.1992
333NB8-120MicroPC comp.1992
333NB8-120PKMicroPC comp.1992
386SXMicroPC comp.1991
433NB4-120MicroPC comp.1992
433NB8-120MicroPC comp.1992
486/33MicroPC comp.1992
1800/WSMicroPC comp.1988
2000/WSMicroPC comp.1988
2101/33SMicroPC comp.1992
2101/33S4MicroPC comp.1992
2101/40SMicroPC comp.1992
2104/33ISMicroPC comp.1992
2104SX/25MicroPC comp.1992
2130/12GMicroPC comp.1989
2160/12 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
2160/12IMicroPC comp.1991
2160/12TIMicroPC comp.1991
2160/21TIMicroPC comp.1991
2160HV140MicroPC comp.1991
2160HV140TIMicroPC comp.1991
2160M140MicroPC comp.1991
2160M140TIMicroPC comp.1991
2160V140MicroPC comp.1991
2260/16IMicroPC comp.1991
2260/16IIMicroPC comp.1991
2260/16SXP9MicroPC comp.1989
2260/16XMicroPC comp.1990
2260HV140/IMicroPC comp.1991
2260M140/IMicroPC comp.1991
2260SX/25MicroPC comp.1992
2260SX/25IMicroPC comp.1992
2260V140MicroPC comp.1991
2300 BAREMicroPC comp.1992
2300/12MicroPC comp.1991
2300/12IMicroPC comp.1991
2300/16IMicroPC comp.1991
2300/16IIMicroPC comp.1991
2300/25OPTIMicroPC comp.1992
2300/25OPTI14MicroPC comp.1992
2300/WSMicroPC comp.1988
2301/33MicroPC comp.1991
2301/33M4110MicroPC comp.1991
2301/33V4110MicroPC comp.1991
2350/20MicroPC comp.1988
2360/25MicroPC comp.1991
2360/25IMicroPC comp.1991
2360/25NCMicroPC comp.1990
2360HV140MicroPC comp.1991
2360M140MicroPC comp.1991
2401/33MicroPC comp.1991
2450/25MicroPC comp.1988
2700/20MicroPC comp.1991
2700/20IMicroPC comp.1991
2700/25MicroPC comp.1992
2700/25OPTIMicroPC comp.1992
2700/25OPTI14MicroPC comp.1992
2700HV140MicroPC comp.1991
2700M140MicroPC comp.1991
2700SX/25MicroPC comp.1992
2700SX/25IMicroPC comp.1992
2800/25MicroPC comp.1991
2800/25EMicroPC comp.1991
2801/33MicroPC comp.1990
2801/33E (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
2801/33SMicroPC comp.1992
2801/33S4MicroPC comp.1992
2804/25MicroPC comp.1990
2804/250ISMicroPC comp.1992
2804/33MicroPC comp.1990
2804/33E (2 models)MicroPC comp.1991
2804/33ISMicroPC comp.1992
2804/50ISMicroPC comp.1992
3400/20FBMicroPC comp.1988
3500/25FBMicroPC comp.1988
3501/33MicroPC comp.1989
OrbitMicroPC comp.2008
The CubeMicroPC comp.2008
X50RLMicroPC comp.2008
X51RMicroPC comp.2008
XP433DX-DTMicroPC comp.1992
XP450DX-DSMicroPC comp.1992
XP450DX-DTMicroPC comp.1992
XP450DX2-DSMicroPC comp.1992
XP450DX2-DTMicroPC comp.1992
PC Designs Inc.ET-286iMicroPC comp.1985
FD-1000MicroPC comp.1985
GV-286/120MicroPC comp.1990
GV-286/20MicroPC comp.1990
GV-386/20 PlusMicroPC comp.1990
GV-386/25MicroPC comp.1990
GV-386/33EMicroPC comp.1990
GV-386/SXMicroPC comp.1990
GV386SXMicroPC comp.1989
HD-1000MicroPC comp.1985
The Plain VanillaMicroPC comp.1986
Turbo ATMicroPC comp.1986
PC Direct486epMicroPC comp.1994<
PC DiscountNoble 286 PC/ATMicroPC comp.1987
Noble 386MicroPC comp.1987
Noble 88 PC/XTMicroPC comp.1987
PC EngineeringPRO/286MicroPC comp.1980s
PRO/88MicroPC comp.1980s
PC Engines GmbHAPU.1DSBC2014
PC Expanders, Inc.Vanguard Pentium 60MHZ VLBMicroPC comp.1994<
PC Express Inc.EXP100MicroPC comp.1994
EXP66MicroPC comp.1994
PC House Inc.Micro Q 486dx2-66MicroPC comp.1994<
PC ImportersBusiness ProMicroPC comp.1997
EXTreme L-350MicroPC comp.1998
EXTreme L-400MicroPC comp.1998
NT StationMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia AK6-166VAMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia AK6-200VLMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia AK6-233XLMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia AK6-233XPMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia AK6-233XSMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia CM2-233VLMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia CM2-233XPMicroPC comp.1997
NuMedia K6/233MicroPC comp.1997
PowerHouseMicroPC comp.1997
PC Network Inc.THE 286/10+MicroPC comp.1987
THE 286/12MicroPC comp.1989
THE PC+ Turbo XT/10MicroPC comp.1989
PC Notebook, Inc.Cheetah 3V EliteMicroPC comp.2001
Cheetah 3V ProMicroPC comp.2001
Cheetah 4 EliteMicroPC comp.2002
Jaguar 3 ExecMicroPC comp.2001
Jaguar 4MicroPC comp.2002
Leapord 14 EliteMicroPC comp.2001
Leapord 14 Elite PlusMicroPC comp.2001
Leapord 14 ProMicroPC comp.2001
Leapord 15 EliteMicroPC comp.2001
Leapord 15 Elite PlusMicroPC comp.2001
Leapord 15 ProMicroPC comp.2001
Panther 3S ExecMicroPC comp.2001
TravelCat 3N EliteMicroPC comp.2001
TravelCat 3N ExecMicroPC comp.2001
TravelCat 3N ProMicroPC comp.2001
PC OfficeNT-10MicroPC comp.1988
PC Partner Ltd.Logix ManiacMicroPC comp.1990s
Platinum (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC ProgresCarbonMicroPC comp.2002
CobaltMicroPC comp.2002
HydrogenMicroPC comp.2002
IridiumMicroPC comp.2002
KryptonMicroPC comp.2002
MercuryMicroPC comp.2002
NitrogenMicroPC comp.2002
OxygenMicroPC comp.2002
PlatinumMicroPC comp.2002
PlutoniumMicroPC comp.2002
TitaniumMicroPC comp.2002
PC SourcesEPS 386-33MicroPC comp.1992
EPS 386-40MicroPC comp.1992
EPS 486-33MicroPC comp.1992
PC TechZeos UpgradableMicroPC comp.1994<
PC TECH Com. e Ind. Ltda.PC TechMicroPC comp.1987
PC UnlimitedATMicroPC comp.1985
Turbo XTMicroPC comp.1985
PC&C Research Corp.386DX/25MicroPC comp.1991
386DX/33MicroPC comp.1991
386SX/16MicroPC comp.1991
386SX/20MicroPC comp.1991
386SX/25MicroPC comp.1991
486DX/25MicroPC comp.1991
486DX/33MicroPC comp.1991
486DX/50MicroPC comp.1991
486SX/16MicroPC comp.1991
486SX/20MicroPC comp.1991
486SX/25MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/20- 40MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/20- 60MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/20- 80MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/20-120MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/25- 40MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/25- 60MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/25- 80MicroPC comp.1991
SLic 386SL/25-120MicroPC comp.1991
Pc'S Limited, Inc.20MBMicroPC comp.1986
30MBMicroPC comp.1986
40MBMicroPC comp.1986
286-10MicroPC comp.1986
286-12 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1986
286-16MicroPC comp.1986
286-8MicroPC comp.1987
386-150MicroPC comp.1987
386-16MicroPC comp.1987
386-40MicroPC comp.1987
386-70MicroPC comp.1987
ATMicroPC comp.1985
PCC2300/25MicroPC comp.1990
PCC2301/33CMicroPC comp.1990
PCC2700/20MicroPC comp.1990
TurboMicroPC comp.1987
Turbo PCMicroPC comp.1985
Turbo PC ATMicroPC comp.1986<
Turbo XTMicroPC comp.1985
PC-Ease Inc.NB3500MicroPC comp.1992
PC-Sel Computer Services286-12MicroPC comp.1991
386-33MicroPC comp.1991
386SX-20MicroPC comp.1991
486-25MicroPC comp.1991
PCArkMP-993MicroPC comp.1990s
PCE SystemsVoyager IMicro1986<
Voyager IIMicro1986<
Voyager IIIMicro1986<
PCI Systems Inc.PCI 486SX-25C256MicroPC comp.1992
PcPRIME Systems, Inc.88 PortableMicroPC comp.1987
286 PortableMicroPC comp.1987
386 PortableMicroPC comp.1987
PCS Inc.MicroPacMicro1974
MicroPac 80Micro1975
PCS Industries Ltd.ERGO ChallengerMicroPC comp.1990s
ERGO ClassicMicroPC comp.1990s
ERGO CompactMicroPC comp.1990s
PCS PRODiiGYMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY 2002 (16 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY 2002 Business PCMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY 2002 Consumer PC (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY 2002 Home PC (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY 845GL (32 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY ChallengerMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY ClassicMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY CompactMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY NetPro (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY NetPro Business PCMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY NetPro Consumer PCMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY NetPro Corporate PCMicroPC comp.1990s
PRODiiGY NetPro Home PCMicroPC comp.1990s
Pcs2000PC2012MicroPC comp.1991
PC2016MicroPC comp.1991
PC3016SXMicroPC comp.1991
PC3020SXMicroPC comp.1991
PC3025DCMicroPC comp.1991
PC3025DNMicroPC comp.1991
PC3033DCMicroPC comp.1991
PC4033EISAMicroPC comp.1991
PC4033ISAMicroPC comp.1991
PCUSAStarMicroPC comp.1986
PCX Computers d.o.o.PCX Celeron - TMicroPC comp.1990s
PCX PentiumMicroPC comp.1990s
pd Computer GmbHpd 69-MicrocomputerMicro1982
Versacom ISBC1981
PDS Inc.PDS-2300MicroLSI-11 comp.1982<
Peach MicrosystemsExecutiveMicro1984<
Peach IVHome ComputerApple 2 clone1984<
Peacock Computer GmbH486DX 50MicroPC comp.1994<
ChallengerMicroPC comp.1990s
Challenger 710MicroPC comp.1990s
Compall Bc 380MicroPC comp.1990s
Liberano TMicroPC comp.1990s
Palmtop PCMicroPalmtop1992
PrimusMicroPC comp.1995<
Professional Performance 4/100MicroPC comp.1995<
Professional Performance 90MicroPC comp.1995<
Professional PlusMicroPC comp.1995<
Server Model SSE83XXServerPC comp.1995<
Take P90MicroPC comp.1995<
TS34 X/25MicroPC comp.1990s
Voyager P41MicroPC comp.1990s
Pearcom BVPear IIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1981
Pearcom - 1Home Computer1984
Pearcom - 2Home Computer1984
Pearlson Development Corp.PDC1990s
Pecos SistemasPecos 128Home Computer1985
Pegasus Data SystemsPeanutMicro1982
Pegasus IMicro1982
PEK Electronic38500Analog1971
PEL VarazdinGalebHome Computer1981
Orao 102Home Computer1984
Orao 103Home Computer1985
Orao EagleHome Computer1985
PelicanMobile Computers, Inc.Executive E6600MicroPC comp.2002
Pencept, Inc.PenpadTerminalPen Computer1983
Penflex Elektronik GmbH411-01Terminal1979
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus 704 ClusterSupercomputer2010
LANL CTS-1 GrizzlySupercomputer2016
LANL/NNSA CTS-1 FireSupercomputer2016
LANL/NNSA CTS-1 IceSupercomputer2016
Linux 8000Server2000s
LLNL CTS-1 QuartzSupercomputer2016
LLNL/NNSA CTS-1 JadeSupercomputer2016
LLNL/NNSA CTS-1 NelSupercomputer2017
SNL CTS-1 Dark GhostSupercomputer2016
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 CayenneSupercomputer2016
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 EclipseSupercomputer2017
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 SerranoSupercomputer2016
Penta SystemBlack Star S8Micro1982
Pentasonic SAProf-80SBCTRS-80 clone1982
Pentel Co., Ltd.LetaconWord Processor1983
Penzenskom Radiozavode - PenzaES-1050 (=R-50)MainframeRYAD1973
SymbolHome ComputerZX clone1990
Pep Elektronik Systeme GmbHCPS 20001980s
PEP 2000Micro1981
Pepper Computer, Inc.PepperPadMicroPen Computer2003
PepperPad 2MicroPen Computer2004
PepperPad 3MicroPen Computer2005
Percom Data Corp.AT-88-A1Terminal1982
Percomp Microsystems, Inc.Family Media 133MicroPC comp.1996
P100 ProfessionalMicroPC comp.1996
P133 ProfessionalMicroPC comp.1996
P166 ProfessionalMicroPC comp.1996
P75 MediaProMicroPC comp.1995
Professional 166MicroPC comp.1996
Peregrine ComputersSport SXMicroPC comp.1991
Perfect Terminal, Inc.P200Terminal1985
Performance Business Machines (div. MicroPro)CPC-1000Micro1981
Performance Computer SystemsPCS Double Pro-66MicroPC comp.1993
Pericom PlcMG700Terminal1987
Mikrosystem 7000Workstation1984
MX 10000Terminal1987
MX 4000Terminal1986
MX 5000Terminal1987
MX 8000Terminal1986
PerifericFAZ IIITerminal1981
Sig/Net 3Micro1984
VIZ 100Terminal1985
PerifiTech Inc.Aerial SuperServersServerFault Tolerant1990s
Perimatique (by Pertec)PCC 1000Terminal1979
PCC 2000Terminal1981
Peripheral Data Machines, Inc.Magnyx 6600TerminalTeleprinter1969<
Magnyx 6633TerminalTeleprinter1970<
Peripheral Processor Co.PPC-50Minicomputer1971<
Peripheral Systems Inc.EagleMicro1983<
Peripheral Technology, Inc.PT68K2SBC1988
Scat XTerminal1983
Peripherals s.a.s.IPER 020MicroPC comp.1990s
IPER 286MicroPC comp.1990s
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 2000Terminal1983
Cadmus 9000Workstation1983
Cadmus 9000/5Workstation1987
Cadmus 9200Workstation1983
Cadmus 9212Workstation1984
Cadmus 9220Workstation1984
Cadmus 9230Workstation1984
Cadmus 9240Workstation1984
Cadmus 9244Workstation1990
Cadmus 9600Workstation1985
Cadmus 9604-CWMWorkstation1985
Cadmus 9604-CWSWorkstation1985
Cadmus 9604-MPWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9604-MWSWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9604/FX1-CWMWorkstation1991
Cadmus 9604/FX1-NCWorkstation1991
Cadmus 9604/RCWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9700/RCWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9900/RCWorkstation1988
Cadmus AWorkstation1985<
Cadmus ASWorkstation1989
Cadmus FX.1-WorkstationWorkstation1990
Cadmus MWS/4A-42DWorkstation1987
Cadmus QU68000Workstation1982
Cadmus RXWorkstation1987
HDC 80MinicomputerPDP-8 comp.1979
Intus 2000Terminal1989
OPS 2000Office1980s
S IIMicro1977
Periphonics Corp.C-PAC 3370Terminal1973
T-Comm 7MinicomputerCommunication Processor1973<
Perkin Elmer Corp.550BTerminal1979
7300 ProMicro1985
7700 ProMicro1985
Bantam 550Terminal1978
Bantam 550BTerminal1978
Bantam 550ETerminal1980
Bantam 550STerminal1980
Fox 1100Terminal1977
Nelson 1020Micro1981
Super Owl 1251Terminal1980
XF Series (-> Interdata, Concurrent)Micro1985>
PERQ Systems Corp.LN3000Workstation1986<
Perry Data Systems, Inc.900 SeriesTerminal1977
Personal Agroelektronikai GTAircomp-16Home Computer1985
Personal Computer Graphics Corp. (PCG)PCG BurStar 466MicroPC comp.1994
PCG BurStar P60MicroPC comp.1994
PCG BurStar P90MicroPC comp.1994
Personal Computer Products, Inc. (PCPI)PC SOLUTIONMicroPC comp.1986<
Personal Computer Quality Technology AB (PCQT)PCQT 386-25 cacheMicroPC comp.1990
Personal Micro Computers Inc. (PMC)EPS-80 Word ProcessorWord Processor1981
PMC-101 (aka MicroMate)Micro1983
PMC-80 (by EACA)Home ComputerTRS-80 clone1980
PMC-81Home ComputerTRS-80 clone1981
Perstor Systems, Inc.Perstor APMicroPC comp.1988
Pertec Computer Corp.3205Office1983
Model 100Terminal1984
PCC 1000Micro1979
PCC 2000 (aka MITS 300/15, Ordisor PCC 2000)MicroS-1001979
RJES DT 1311Terminal1973<
Sabre 4220Minicomputer1986<
Sabre 4240Minicomputer1986<
XL 40Terminal1977
XL 50Terminal1986<
Peters Plus, Ltd.MC64Home ComputerZX clone1993
MC64S1Home ComputerZX clone1993
MC64S3Home ComputerZX clone1993
MD-256Home ComputerZX clone1993
Sprinter 2000Home ComputerZX clone1996
PEZY ComputingShoubu (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2015
Shoubu system B (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2016
Suiren (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2014
Suiren Blue (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2015
PFU Corp.A-300IIMinicomputer1989
Phase One TechnologiesPotentis 8162MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8182MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8206MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8227MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8245MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8246MicroPC comp.2002
Potentis 8253MicroPC comp.2002
Phase X Systems, Inc.14ce1TerminalX-Terminal1995<
Phase5 Digital Products (div. AS&S)PowerPCHome ComputerAmiga clone1990s
Phaze Information Machines Corp.P3178Terminal1983
Philco Corp.102 (CPS)Minicomputer1965