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Pan-Asia Electronics Co.STD-Z80SBC-
Peacock Computer GmbHProcida RnxServer-
Procida SSPServer-
Penguin Computing, Inc.AMDServer-
Magnus 4500Server-
Magnus 4800Server-
Magnus 8500Server-
Philco Corp.XORD-
Philips Electronics N.V.300D-
VG 8245 (-> NMS-8245)Home computer-
Platform SolutionsSeries 5000 Machine Type 5210 Model 100Server-
Polywell Computers, Inc.Mini-e3-206i ServerstationServer-
Miniserver 1u-q7700xServer-
Poly 860duServer-
PolyAlpha 1u2pServer-
PolyCluster 2u4xServer-
PolyRaxx 1104ms-560Server-
PolyRaxx 2111APServer-
PolyRaxx 2113CPServer-
PolyRaxx 2113SCServer-
PolyRaxx 2150SPServer-
PolyRaxx 4321APServer-
PolyRaxx 4801RCServer-
PolyRaxx 5221CRServer-
PolyRaxx 5411APServer-
PolyRaxx 81212DCServer-
PolyRaxx 860DU3Server-
Polyserver 440XGLServer-
Polyserver 450NX9Server-
Polyserver 950HEServer-
Polyserver 960HEServer-
Polyserver 9800Server-
Polyserver Ultra-AXmpServer-
Serverstation 890R-RMServer-
Suma 12000ffServer-
Premio Computer, Inc.Phoenix 2UXLServer-
Phoenix 4UXLServer-
Phoenix DXServer-
Phoenix DX8Server-
Phoenix L4Server-
Phoenix SAServer-
Phoenix SCServer-
Predator AWPServer-
Predator BXServer-
Predator G2Workstation-
Pyramid Technology Corp.1SServer-
4ES (4 models)Server-
4S (4 models)Server-
12ES (12 models)Server-
12S (5 models)Server-
MIS-8 TURBOServer-
NL Series Model 150 (7 models)Server-
NS Series Model 100 (4 models)Server-
NS Series Model 150 (8 models)Server-
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)Toughbook FZ-G2 (FZ-VCBG21M)Tablet (P)2021
PEZY ComputingNA-IT1Supercomputer2021
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)Toughbook G2 mk1Tablet (P)2020s
Toughbook S1Tablet (P)2020s
Penguin Computing, Inc.PhoenixSupercomputer2020
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 ManzanoSupercomputer2020
Planet Computers Ltd.Astro SlideMicro (P)Palmtop2020
Cosmo CommunicatorMicro (P)Palmtop2020
Gemini PDAPDA (P)2020
Preferred Networks, Inc.MN-3Supercomputer2020
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)Toughbook FZ-A3Tablet (P)2020<
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus XE1111Server2020<
Altus XE1112Server2020<
Altus XE2112Server2020<
Altus XE2142Server2020<
Altus XE2242Server2020<
Altus XO1114GTServer2020<
Altus XO1132gServer2020<
Relion X2112GTServer2020<
Relion XE1112Server2020<
Relion XE1112 EServer2020<
Relion XE1114 GTServer2020<
Relion XE2112eServer2020<
Relion XE2114GTServer2020<
Relion XE2118GTServer2020<
Relion XE2122eApServer2020<
Relion XE2142 EServer2020<
Relion XE2142 EAPServer2020<
Relion XE4112Server2020<
Relion XE4118 GTServer2020<
Relion XE4118 GTSServer2020<
Relion XO1114 GTServer2020<
Relion XO1114 GTSServer2020<
Relion XO1132 EServer2020<
Relion XO1132 GServer2020<
Relion XO2132 GServer2020<
PaceBlade TechnologySlimBook 230P/DTablet (P)Industrial2010s
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion XE2112Server2010s
Relion XE2142Server2010s
Relion XE2242Server2010s
PGP AioDroid 7 7400Tablet (P)2010s
Polaroid Corp.9.0Tablet (P)2010s
Rocket Tab 7.0Tablet (P)2010s
Posh Mobile (div. PCS Wireless)Equal MaxTablet (P)2010s
Equal Plus X700Tablet (P)2010s
PrestigioMultiPad Grace 3318Tablet (P)2010s
MultiPad Wize 3067Tablet (P)2010s
MultiPad Wize 3131Tablet (P)2010s
MultiPad Wize 3618Tablet (P)2010s
Pulwin LLCBabyTablet (P)2010s
Penguin Computing, Inc.LLNL/NNSA CTS-1 MAGMASupercomputer2019
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 AttawaySupercomputer2019
PixusBlastTablet (P)2019
PrestigioGrace 3738Tablet (P)2019
Grace 3761Tablet (P)2019
Grace 3768Tablet (P)2019
Grace 3848Tablet (P)2019
Grace 3868Tablet (P)2019
Grace 3878Tablet (P)2019
Muze 3831Tablet (P)2019
Muze 3841Tablet (P)2019
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FZ-G1 v5 2018Tablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1W3000VJTablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1W3001VJTablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1JAAAJVJTablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1JAAAXVJTablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-M1G FZ-M1GAAAJVJTablet (P)2018
ToughPad FZ-M1G FZ-M1GAAAXVJTablet (P)2018
Philips Electronics N.V.E Line 3G TLE772Tablet (P)2018
PixushiPowerTablet (P)2018
Ride 3GTablet (P)2018
Vision 10.1Tablet (P)2018
Plum MobileOptimax 11Tablet (P)2018
PrestigioGrace 3101Tablet (P)2018
Grace 5588Tablet (P)2018
Grace 5718Tablet (P)2018
Grace 5771Tablet (P)2018
Grace 5778Tablet (P)2018
Grace 5791Tablet (P)2018
Grace 7781Tablet (P)2018
Muze 3096Tablet (P)2018
Muze 3151Tablet (P)2018
Muze 3161Tablet (P)2018
Muze 3171Tablet (P)2018
Muze 3196Tablet (P)2018
Wize 1177Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3317Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3327Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3427Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3437Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3537Tablet (P)2018
Wize 3637Tablet (P)2018
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)Toughbook FZ-A2Tablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1DDCAACJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1DDCBACJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-N1 FZ-N1ADCAAZJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-N1 FZ-N1AKCAAZJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-N1G FZ-N1GDPAAZJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-N1G FZ-N1GKPAAZJTablet (P)2017
ToughPad FZ-Q2Tablet (P)2017
Penguin Computing, Inc.LLNL/NNSA CTS-1 NelSupercomputer2017
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 EclipseSupercomputer2017
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.N1Tablet (P)2017
W1 ProTablet (P)2017
Plum MobileOptimax 12Tablet (P)2017
Porsche Design Book OneTablet (P)2017
PrestigioGrace 3157 3GTablet (P)2017
Grace 3157 4GTablet (P)2017
MultiPad PMT3131Tablet (P)2017
MultiPad PMT3401Tablet (P)2017
Muze PMT3708DTablet (P)2017
Wize 3418Tablet (P)2017
Wize 3518Tablet (P)2017
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CF-20Tablet (P)2016
CF-D1 mk3Tablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CAAAZ6JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CAAAZMJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CAAAZVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CHBBZ6JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CHBBZMJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CHBBZVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1DMBHZ6JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad A2 FZ-A2 FZ-A2A400GAJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad A2 FZ-A2 FZ-A2A400JAJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad B2 FZ-B2D FZ-B2D500GAJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad B2 FZ-B2D FZ-B2D500JAJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-A2Tablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-B2 v2Tablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-G1 v3Tablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-M1 MK2 Value EditionTablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-Q1Tablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-Q1 PTablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1CDAAACJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1CDABACJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1L FZ-G1L3020BJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1L FZ-G1L3020CJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1L FZ-G1L3021BJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1L FZ-G1L3021CJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R30005JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R3000KJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R3000VJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R30015JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R3001KJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad G1 FZ-G1R FZ-G1R3001VJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1D FZ-M1D050JVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1D FZ-M1D050KVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1D FZ-M1D050XVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150J5JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150JKJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150JVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150K5JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150KKJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150KVJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150X5JTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150XKJTablet (P)2016
ToughPad M1 FZ-M1F FZ-M1F150XVJTablet (P)2016
Pantel TechnologiesT-PadTablet (P)2016
PC Engines GmbHAPU.2C64SBC2016
Penguin Computing, Inc.LANL CTS-1 GrizzlySupercomputer2016
LANL/NNSA CTS-1 FireSupercomputer2016
LANL/NNSA CTS-1 IceSupercomputer2016
LLNL CTS-1 QuartzSupercomputer2016
LLNL/NNSA CTS-1 JadeSupercomputer2016
SNL CTS-1 Dark GhostSupercomputer2016
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 CayenneSupercomputer2016
SNL/NNSA CTS-1 SerranoSupercomputer2016
Perfeo902-HDTablet (P)2016
PEZY ComputingShoubu system B (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2016
Philips Electronics N.V.E Line 4G E821LTablet (P)2016
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.N7Tablet (P)2016
PixusBlaze 10.1Tablet (P)2016
hiMAXTablet (P)2016
Plum MobileOptimax 10Tablet (P)2016
Optimax 7.0Tablet (P)2016
Optimax 8.0Tablet (P)2016
Posh Mobile (div. PCS Wireless)Equal Pro LTE L700Tablet (P)2016
PrestigioGrace 3118Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMP1012TDTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT1012TETablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3027Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3108CTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3108DTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3118Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3137Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3147Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3208CTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3237Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3331Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3351CTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3351DTablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3407Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3508Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3608Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad PMT3797Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte 4UTablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte 4U 3GTablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte ATablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte MTablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte STablet (P)2016
MultiPad Visconte VTablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3027Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3108Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3111Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3147Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3308Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3331Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3341Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3407Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3408Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3508Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3757Tablet (P)2016
MultiPad Wize 3797Tablet (P)2016
Purism, SPCLibrem 10.1Tablet (P)2016
Librem 11Tablet (P)2016
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CAAAZBJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CAAAZCJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CHBBZBJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1CHBBZCJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1DMBHZKJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad 4K FZ-Y1 FZ-Y1DMBHZVJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BDCBACJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BKCBACJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-G1 v2Tablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-M1A FZ-M1AAJAJBJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-M1A FZ-M1AAJAXBJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-R1Tablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1ADABACJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1AKABACJTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-Y1 (10 models)Tablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-Y1 PTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-Y1 StandardTablet (P)2015
ToughPad FZ-Y1 ValueTablet (P)2015
ToughPad UT-MA6Tablet (P)2015
Pearl GmbHTouchlet X10 OctaTablet (P)2015
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 1900eServer2015
Relion 2900 EServer2015
Perfeo7042Tablet (P)2015
7052Tablet (P)2015
7433-HDTablet (P)2015
9682Tablet (P)2015
PEZY ComputingShoubu (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2015
Suiren Blue (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2015
Philips Electronics N.V.Swift TLS711LTablet (P)2015
PINE64 Inc.Pine A64SBC2015
Pine A64+SBC2015
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.W10Tablet (P)2015
W1STablet (P)2015
W3FTablet (P)2015
Work W8Tablet (P)2015
X8Tablet (P)2015
X9Tablet (P)2015
PixusBlaze 9.7Tablet (P)2015
TaskTab 10.1Tablet (P)2015
Touch 8Tablet (P)2015
PlarkP21Tablet (P)2015
P24Tablet (P)2015
Point of View InternationalMobii 747BTablet (P)2015
Mobii A1085Tablet (P)2015
Mobii Onyx I549Tablet (P)2015
Mobii Onyx I550Tablet (P)2015
Mobii Onyx I6415Tablet (P)2015
Mobii Onyx I847Tablet (P)2015
Mobii P1080Tablet (P)2015
Mobii P6415Tablet (P)2015
Mobii P780Tablet (P)2015
Mobii P980Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab 10 SRTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab 8 SRTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab I845Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1001W-132Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1001W-232Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1005W-232Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1006-232Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1020WM-232Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P10C010-232Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P1100Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P705WTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P800WTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P803WTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P805WTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P810Tablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P820WTablet (P)2015
Mobii WinTab P825WTablet (P)2015
PrestigioMultiPad Color 2 3GTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP1010TDTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP1010TETablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP1010TFTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP811TDTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP811TETablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP811TFTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP881TDTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMP881TZTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3031Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3041Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3067Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3087Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3111Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3308Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3341Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3757Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3767CTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3767DTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3777CTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT3787DTablet (P)2015
MultiPad PMT7008Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad Visconte Quad 3GKTablet (P)2015
MultiPad Wize 3057Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad Wize 3767Tablet (P)2015
MultiPad Wize 3787Tablet (P)2015
Pyramid Computer GmbHCamCube SeriesServer2015
Filia 2500Server2015
Filia 2500 ProServer2015
Filia 300Server2015
Filia 410Server2015
Filia 510Server2015
Filia 600Server2015
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus 2804iServer2014~
Niveus 4904GTWorkstation2014~
Niveus 5200Workstation2014~
Relion 1800GServer2014~
Relion 1800GTServer2014~
Relion 1800iServer2014~
Relion 2800GTServer2014~
Relion 2900Server2014~
Relion 900Server2014~
Tundra OpenHCPSupercomputer2014~
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)BizPad JT-B1 (2 models)Tablet (P)2014
BizPad UT-MA (2 models)Tablet (P)2014
BizPad UT-MB (2 models)Tablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-B2 FZ-B2B501JAJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-B2 FZ-B2B502KBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BDCAACJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BDCAZZJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BKCAACJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-E1 FZ-E1BKCAZZJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1FABZJBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1FABZJCJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1FABZZBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1FABZZCJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1 (other) (8 models)Tablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1CCAAJBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1CCAAJCJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1CCAAZBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1 FZ-M1CCAAZCJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1A FZ-M1AAJAJJJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-M1A FZ-M1AAJAXJJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1ADAAACJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1ADAAZZJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1AKAAACJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad FZ-X1 FZ-X1AKAAZZJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad UT-MA6027HBJTablet (P)2014
ToughPad UT-MA6027HCJTablet (P)2014
PC Engines GmbHAPU.1DSBC2014
Pearl GmbHSX7 Touchlet 7.0Tablet (P)2014
Touchlet X10 Quad V2Tablet (P)2014
Touchlet XA100 ProTablet (P)2014
Touchlet XWi10Tablet (P)2014
XA100 Touchlet 10.1Tablet (P)2014
XWi8 Touchlet 8.0Tablet (P)2014
Pentagram (div. Action)Tab mini 7.85Tablet (P)2014
Perfeo1032Tablet (P)2014
PEZY ComputingSuiren (with Exascaler)Supercomputer2014
Philips Electronics N.V.PI2010B1Tablet (P)2014
PI3105W2Tablet (P)2014
PI3110B2Tablet (P)2014
PI3910B2Tablet (P)2014
PI7100B2/93Tablet (P)2014
Phytec Messtechnik GmbHphyBOARD-MiraSBC2014
PioneerW10Tablet (P)2014
Piper, Inc.Piper Computer KitHome computerLearn, Kit2014
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.H3 10.1 WifiTablet (P)2014
i101Tablet (P)2014
i702Tablet (P)2014
i894 8.9Tablet (P)2014
M6 ProTablet (P)2014
M7T 3GTablet (P)2014
M8HDTablet (P)2014
M9 ProTablet (P)2014
Max-M7TTablet (P)2014
Max-M9 ProTablet (P)2014
Max-M9 Pro 3GTablet (P)2014
P1Tablet (P)2014
P4Tablet (P)2014
P4 3GTablet (P)2014
P7Tablet (P)2014
P8Tablet (P)2014
Smart S6Tablet (P)2014
T1 3GTablet (P)2014
T4 3GTablet (P)2014
T9Tablet (P)2014
Tab P1Tablet (P)2014
Tab P7Tablet (P)2014
Talk T3Tablet (P)2014
Talk T5Tablet (P)2014
Talk T6Tablet (P)2014
Titanium T9Tablet (P)2014
U7 3GTablet (P)2014
U8T 3GTablet (P)2014
U9T 3GTablet (P)2014
W2Tablet (P)2014
W2FTablet (P)2014
W3Tablet (P)2014
W4STablet (P)2014
W6STablet (P)2014
Work W4Tablet (P)2014
Work W5Tablet (P)2014
Work W6Tablet (P)2014
Work W7Tablet (P)2014
PixusTouch 10.1 3GTablet (P)2014
VisionTablet (P)2014
Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd.Momo (WTablet (P)2014
Momo 10WTablet (P)2014
Momo 116WTablet (P)2014
Momo 21 AirTablet (P)2014
Momo 7WTablet (P)2014
Momo 9WTablet (P)2014
PocketBook International SASURFpad 4LTablet (P)2014
SURFpad 4MTablet (P)2014
SURFpad 4STablet (P)2014
Point of View InternationalMobii 1026Tablet (P)2014
Mobii 1046Tablet (P)2014
Mobii 722CTablet (P)2014
Mobii 742Tablet (P)2014
Mobii Onyx 548Tablet (P)2014
Mobii WinTab 1001WTablet (P)2014
Mobii WinTab 1005W-232Tablet (P)2014
Mobii WinTab P1325Tablet (P)2014
Onyx 6412Tablet (P)2014
Polaroid Corp.MIDC010PR White LineTablet (P)2014
Posh Mobile (div. PCS Wireless)Equal S700ATablet (P)2014
Equal S700BTablet (P)2014
PrestigioMultiPad 4 Diamond 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad 4 Quantum 8 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad 7008 ConsulTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Color 10.1 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Color 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Color 8.0Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Journey 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Muze 5001Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Muze 5008Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Muze 5011Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Muze 5018Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Muze 5021Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMP5670CTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMP5770DTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMP5785CTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMP7100DTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMP7880D3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMTTablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMT3677Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMT5487Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMT5777Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad PMT5887Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Ranger 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Ranger 8.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Ranger 8.0 4GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Rider 7.0Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Rider 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Thunder 7.0ITablet (P)2014
MultiPad Thunder 8.0I 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Visconte 3Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Visconte 3 3GTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Visconte QuadTablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3008Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3009Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3017Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3018Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3019Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3037Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3038Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 3047Tablet (P)2014
MultiPad Wize 5002Tablet (P)2014
PA. Times Technology Co., Ltd. (Ordro)V716Tablet (P)2013
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)BizPad JT-H580VTRAJTablet (P)2013
BizPad JT-H580VTRGJTablet (P)2013
BizPad JT-H581VTCAJTablet (P)2013
BizPad JT-H581VTCDJTablet (P)2013
Toughbook FZ-A1Tablet (P)2013
Toughbook FZ-G1Tablet (P)2013
ToughPad 4K PerformanceTablet (P)2013
ToughPad 4K UT-MB5010SBJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad 4K UT-MB5025SBJTablet (P)2013
Toughpad FZ-G1 (other) (8 models)Tablet (P)2013
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1AABZZBJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad FZ-G1 FZ-G1AABZZCJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad FZ-G1 Xi(LTE) FZ-G1AABZJBJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad FZ-G1 Xi(LTE) FZ-G1AABZJCJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad JT-B1 JT-B1APAAABJTablet (P)2013
ToughPad JT-B1 JT-B1APAAZBJTablet (P)2013
Pearl GmbHTouchlet X8 Quad ProTablet (P)2013
Pentagram (div. Action)Eon Prix 2Tablet (P)2013
P5339 Tab 10.1Tablet (P)2013
Quadra 7 Ultra SlimTablet (P)2013
Quadra 9.7Tablet (P)2013
Quadra 9.7 STablet (P)2013
Quadra Mini ProTablet (P)2013
Tab 7.6Tablet (P)2013
Tab 9.0Tablet (P)2013
Perfeo1016-HDTablet (P)2013
1019-IPSTablet (P)2013
7012-3GTablet (P)2013
7506-HDTablet (P)2013
7510-HDTablet (P)2013
7909-IPSTablet (P)2013
7919-IPSTablet (P)2013
8082-IPSTablet (P)2013
9106-HDTablet (P)2013
Philips Electronics N.V.PI3000L2/93Tablet (P)2013
PI3100B2/93Tablet (P)2013
PI3100Z2Tablet (P)2013
PI3210GB1Tablet (P)2013
PI3900W2/93Tablet (P)2013
PI4010GB1Tablet (P)2013
Phytec Messtechnik GmbHphyBOARD-WegaSBC2013
PioneerR1 TabletTablet (P)2013
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.M7 Pro 3G Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
M7 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
Max-M1 ProTablet (P)2013
Max-M6 9.7Tablet (P)2013
Max-M6 9.7 3GTablet (P)2013
Max-M8 Pro 9.4Tablet (P)2013
Max-M8 Pro 9.4 3GTablet (P)2013
Q770 U6Tablet (P)2013
S1 Pro Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
T9STablet (P)2013
U3T 3GTablet (P)2013
U8 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
W1 4GTablet (P)2013
PixusTouch 7 3GTablet (P)2013
Touch 7.85 3GTablet (P)2013
Touch 9.7 3GTablet (P)2013
Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd.Momo 19HD Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
Momo 20 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
Momo 20HDTablet (P)2013
Momo Mini 7.9 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
PlugForceTablet (P)2013
PocketBook International SASURFpad 2Tablet (P)2013
SURFpad 3 10.1Tablet (P)2013
SURFpad 3 7.85Tablet (P)2013
Point of View InternationalMobii WinTab 1000BWTablet (P)2013
Mobii WinTab 1000WTablet (P)2013
Mobii WinTab 800WTablet (P)2013
Onyx 517 NaviTablet (P)2013
Onyx 527STablet (P)2013
Onyx 528Tablet (P)2013
Onyx 547 NaviTablet (P)2013
Onyx 629 NaviTablet (P)2013
Polaroid Corp.MIDC10PR004 Diamond Line 10.1Tablet (P)2013
MIDC407Tablet (P)2013
MIDC470PR011 Diamond LineTablet (P)2013
MIDC490PR011 Diamond Line 9Tablet (P)2013
MIDC700PR Whte Line 7Tablet (P)2013
MIDC800PR White LineTablet (P)2013
Ranbow PadTablet (P)2013
T7800 CosmicaTablet (P)2013
PrestigioMultiPad 10.1 UltimateTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 10.1 Ultimate 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 2 PrimeTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 2 Pro Duo 7.0Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 2 Pro Duo 8.0 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 2 Ultra Duo 8.0Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 2 Ultra Duo 8.0 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Diamond 10.1 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Diamond 7.85Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Diamond 7.85 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Pro Quad 8.0 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Quantum 10.1Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Quantum 10.1 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Quantum 9.7Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Ultimate 10.1 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Ultimate 8.0 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 4 Ultra Quad 8.0 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 7.0 HDTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 7.0 HD PlusTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 7.0 Prime Duo 3GTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 7.0 Ultra Duo 8.0Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad 8.0 3G NoteTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 8.0 HDTablet (P)2013
MultiPad 9.7 Ultra DuoTablet (P)2013
MultiPad VisconteTablet (P)2013
MultiPad Visconte 2Tablet (P)2013
MultiPad Visconte ProTablet (P)2013
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 1903GTServer2013<
Relion 1904GTServer2013<
PA. Times Technology Co., Ltd. (Ordro)P701Tablet (P)2012
P801WTablet (P)2012
P802Tablet (P)2012
P901Tablet (P)2012
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)ToughPad JT-B1Tablet (P)2012
Pantech Wireless, Inc. ElementTablet (P)2012
Pentagram (div. Action)Eon PrixTablet (P)2012
Eon Prose 2Tablet (P)2012
P5330 Eon PrimeTablet (P)2012
P5331 Tab 7.0Tablet (P)2012
P5332 Tab 8.0Tablet (P)2012
P5333 Tab 10.0Tablet (P)2012
P5333 Tab 8.1Tablet (P)2012
P5333 Tab 8.1 LiteTablet (P)2012
P5334 Eon Prime 2Tablet (P)2012
P5336 ProseTablet (P)2012
P5338 Tab 8.2Tablet (P)2012
P5340 Tab 7.3Tablet (P)2012
P5340 Tab 7.5Tablet (P)2012
P5342 Tab 8.3Tablet (P)2012
P5344 Tab 8.5Tablet (P)2012
P5347 Tab 7.4Tablet (P)2012
P5349 Tab 8.6Tablet (P)2012
Perfeo1006-IPSTablet (P)2012
7123WTablet (P)2012
7133WTablet (P)2012
7320WTablet (P)2012
7326WTablet (P)2012
7500-HDTablet (P)2012
7500-IPSTablet (P)2012
7777-HDATablet (P)2012
8506-IPSTablet (P)2012
9103WTablet (P)2012
9706-IPSTablet (P)2012
9716-RTTablet (P)2012
9726-RTTablet (P)2012
PAT712-3DTablet (P)2012
Philips Electronics N.V.PI3000O2/93Tablet (P)2012
PI3000P2/93Tablet (P)2012
PI3000W0/93Tablet (P)2012
PI3000W2/93Tablet (P)2012
PI3800B2/93Tablet (P)2012
PI7000S2/93Tablet (P)2012
Pierre Cardin Co., Ltd.F127Tablet (P)2012
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.DS711Tablet (P)2012
DS803Tablet (P)2012
DS820Tablet (P)2012
DS820MTablet (P)2012
Max-M5 8.0Tablet (P)2012
Max-M5 8.0 3GTablet (P)2012
P101Tablet (P)2012
P102 M3Tablet (P)2012
P103Tablet (P)2012
P106Tablet (P)2012
P511Tablet (P)2012
P710Tablet (P)2012
P717 U2Tablet (P)2012
P733 S1Tablet (P)2012
P763 U3 3GTablet (P)2012
P778 U1 ProTablet (P)2012
P793 S3Tablet (P)2012
P804 S2Tablet (P)2012
P832Tablet (P)2012
P891Tablet (P)2012
P901Tablet (P)2012
P940 M8Tablet (P)2012
P973 M2Tablet (P)2012
P975 m1Tablet (P)2012
Q106 M9 Quad Core 3GTablet (P)2012
S1sTablet (P)2012
Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd.Momo 11 Bird IITablet (P)2012
Momo 11 DualTablet (P)2012
Momo 11 Quad CoreTablet (P)2012
Momo 11 SpeedTablet (P)2012
Momo 12Tablet (P)2012
Momo 12 Dual CoreTablet (P)2012
Momo 15Tablet (P)2012
Momo 18Tablet (P)2012
Momo 19 Quad CoreTablet (P)2012
Momo 7Tablet (P)2012
Momo 7 Dual CoreTablet (P)2012
Momo 7 SpeedTablet (P)2012
Momo 7 Talent Dual CoreTablet (P)2012
Momo 8 Dual CoreTablet (P)2012
Plug10.1Tablet (P)2012
ImpactTablet (P)2012
Impact 2Tablet (P)2012
PocketBook International SAA 7Tablet (P)2012
SURFpadTablet (P)2012
Point of View InternationalMobii 1015Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 1045Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 1325Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 701Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 703Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 731NTablet (P)2012
Mobii 741-3GTablet (P)2012
Mobii 825Tablet (P)2012
Mobii 945 HD+Tablet (P)2012
Onyx 506 NaiTablet (P)2012
Onyx 527 NaiTablet (P)2012
ProTab 2 IPSTablet (P)2012
ProTab 25Tablet (P)2012
ProTab 25XXLTablet (P)2012
ProTab 26Tablet (P)2012
ProTab 26 XXL IPSTablet (P)2012
ProTab 26XLTablet (P)2012
ProTab 27Tablet (P)2012
ProTab 3 IPS 9.7Tablet (P)2012
ProTab 3 XXL 10.1Tablet (P)2012
Polaroid Corp.PER702Tablet (P)2012
PMID4311Tablet (P)2012
PMID800Tablet (P)2012
PTAB750Tablet (P)2012
PrestigioMultiPad 5080 ProTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 PrimeTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 Prime 3GTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 Prime DuoTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 Prime PlusTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 ProTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 Pro DuoTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 UltraTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 7.0 Ultra PlusTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 8.0 Prime DuoTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 8.0 Pro DuoTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 8.0 Ultra DuoTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 9.7 ProTablet (P)2012
MultiPad 9.7 UltraTablet (P)2012
MultiPad PMP3770BTablet (P)2012
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)BizPad JT-H5 (8 models)Tablet (P)2011
ToughPad 3G FZ-A1BDAAEAJTablet (P)2011
ToughPad FZ-A1BDAAZAJTablet (P)2011
ToughPad H2Tablet (P)2011
PandaBoardPandaBoard ESSBC2011
Philips Electronics N.V.PI5000/93Tablet (P)2011
PI7000B2/93Tablet (P)2011
PI7000B3/93Tablet (P)2011
Pierre Cardin Co., Ltd.PC-70006GTablet (P)2011
Pipo Technology Co., Ltd.DS101Tablet (P)2011
DS970Tablet (P)2011
DS973Tablet (P)2011
Ultra-U1 7.0Tablet (P)2011
Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd.Momo 8Tablet (P)2011
Momo 8 StarTablet (P)2011
Momo 9Tablet (P)2011
Momo 9 IIITablet (P)2011
Momo 9 StarTablet (P)2011
Momo 9P 2GTablet (P)2011
PocketBook International SAA 10Tablet (P)2011
PrestigioMultiPad PMP3074BTablet (P)2011
MultiPad PMP3084BTablet (P)2011
MultiPad PMP3384BTablet (P)2011
MultiPad PMP7070CTablet (P)2011
MultiPad PMP7074B 3GTablet (P)2011
MultiPad PMP7100CTablet (P)2011
P. Kitsun (Syd)Speccy 2007Home computerZX clone2000s
P. RustonV6Z80PSBCZX clone2000s
P. RyalRC-3Special2000s
Palm, Inc.Zire 31PDA (P)2000s
Paysan Innovation Co.PaceBlade PaceBookTablet (P)2000s
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus 1000eServer2000s
Altus 1200Server2000s
Altus 1240Server2000s
Altus 130Server2000s
Altus 1300Server2000s
Altus 140Server2000s
Altus 1400Server2000s
Altus 1600saServer2000s
Altus 1600ssServer2000s
Altus 1800iServer2000s
Altus 1804Server2000s
Altus 2100Server2000s
Altus 2200Server2000s
Altus 2600saServer2000s
Altus 2650ssServer2000s
Altus 2701Server2000s
Altus 2800Server2000s
Altus 2840Server2000s
Altus 3150Server2000s
Altus 3200Server2000s
Altus 3400Server2000s
Altus 3600Server2000s
Linux 8000Server2000s
Niveus 205Workstation2000s
Niveus 3000Workstation2000s
Relion 100 SServer2000s
Relion 101Server2000s
Relion 1300Server2000s
Relion 1xServer2000s
Relion 230 SServer2000s
Relion 2300Server2000s
Relion 2400Server2000s
Relion 2600SAServer2000s
Relion 2600SCServer2000s
Relion 2600SSServer2000s
Relion 2908 GTServer2000s
Relion 400eServer2000s
Relion 400sServer2000s
Pogo Linux, Inc.Performanceware 1310Server2000s
Performanceware 1350Server2000s
Performanceware 1450Server2000s
Performanceware 1450rServer2000s
Performanceware 1455Server2000s
Performanceware 1465aServer2000s
Performanceware 1465sServer2000s
Performanceware 1475Server2000s
Performanceware 1510Server2000s
Performanceware 2600Server2000s
Performanceware 2610Server2000s
Performanceware 5870Server2000s
Storageware 1400Server2000s
Storageware 3800Server2000s
Webware 1150Server2000s
Webware 1180Server2000s
Webware 1185Server2000s
Webware 1200Server2000s
Webware 1400Server2000s
Webware 2185Server2000s
Webware Cn1100Server2000s
Webware Cn1200Server2000s
Pogo Technology Ltd.PogoPDA (P)2000s
Portland State UniversityHRRGSpecial2000s
Premio Computer, Inc.Zeus 5200Server2000s
Zeus DX5/UXLServer2000s
Zeus DX8Server2000s
Zeus DX8/SAServer2000s
Zeus DXEServer2000s
Zeus M4Server2000s
Zeus SPSH4Server2000s
PrestigioMultiPadTablet (P)2000s
ProMicro TechnologiesProserver 1120Server2000s
Proserver 1121Server2000s
Proserver 1221Server2000s
Proserver 1224Server2000s
Proserver 1225Server2000s
Proserver 1230Server2000s
Proserver 2231Server2000s
Proserver 2260Server2000s
Proserver 2264Server2000s
Proside Corp.AEW 216 SeriesWorkstation2000s
Astrike WS SeriesWorkstation2000s
NETrage neo520Server2000s
Psion Teklogix International, Inc.Netbook ProPDA (P)2000s
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)PAC-PAD Takhti 7Tablet (P)2010
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus 704 ClusterSupercomputer2010
Psion PlcOmnii XT10PDA (P)2010
Purdue UniversityRossmannSupercomputer2010
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)PAC-PAD 1 (with Innavtek)Tablet (P)2010<
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)H1 FieldTablet (P)2010<
Penguin Computing, Inc.Niveus 4200Workstation2009
Niveus HTXWorkstation2009
Relion 4724Server2009
Relion 700Server2009
Proside Corp.AmazeBlast eco510Server2009
Purdue UniversityCoatesSupercomputer2009
Pyramid Computer GmbHPyramid Cluster Xeon QC 32xxSupercomputer2008
Polywell Computers, Inc.PolyStation 2055A-SLIWorkstation2007
PolyStation 2055S-SLIWorkstation2007
Proside Corp.AmazeBlast neo920Server2007
Polywell Computers, Inc.MCE 900VX SempronServer2007<
Poly 1100A OpteronWorkstation2007<
Poly 865RF-3400EWorkstation2007<
Poly 865RF-3400EAWorkstation2007<
Poly 875P 800FSBWorkstation2007<
Poly 925CV Socket-TWorkstation2007<
Poly 940X6-CATWorkstation2007<
Poly SLI 939N4-4500QFXWorkstation2007<
PolyRaxx 2200SServer2007<
PolyRaxx 2200TServer2007<
PolyRaxx 2300TServer2007<
Polyraxx 7230SDServer2007<
PolyRaxx 845GAServer2007<
PolyServer 935X8 Dual XeonServer2007<
PolyStation 1000SLIWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 2021AWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 2050 SLIWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 2050MWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 2050SL-7350VWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 2050TWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 5000X6Workstation2007<
PolyStation 5000X8SWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 5000X8SSWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 590SLIWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 7525SLIWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 7525X4Workstation2007<
PolyStation 7525X8SDWorkstation2007<
PolyStation 939CF-7350Workstation2007<
PolyStation A680X2SLi4Workstation2007<
ServerStation 890SServer2007<
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 1zServer2006
Proside Corp.AEW 416R2Workstation2006
AEW 416TWorkstation2006
AEW 832C5Workstation2006
NETrage neo560Server2006
Pogo Linux, Inc.Performanceware 3566Server2006<
Palm, Inc.LifeDrivePDA (P)2005
Palm Z22PDA (P)2005
Tungsten E2PDA (P)2005
Pepper Computer, Inc.PepperPad 3Micro (P)Pen computer2005
PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.Amida Simputer 2200PDA (P)2005
Proside Corp.AEW 832R5Workstation2005
AmazeBlast mss710Server2005
AmazeBlast neo340Server2005
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 1400Server2005<
Relion 1xtServer2005<
Altus OCP31Server2004~
Packard BellPocketGear 3025PDA (P)2004
Palm, Inc.Tungsten T5PDA (P)2004
Zire 72PDA (P)2004
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 1100Server2004
Relion 1200Server2004
Relion 2100Server2004
Relion 2200Server2004
Pepper Computer, Inc.PepperPad 2Micro (P)Pen computer2004
PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.Amida Simputer 1200PDA (P)2004
Amida Simputer 1600PDA (P)2004
Amida Simputer 4200PDA (P)2004
Pogo Linux, Inc.Performanceware 3564Server2004
Performanceware 5864Server2004
Polywell Computers, Inc.4U20-Way BladeServersServer2004
Poly 865RF-3400Workstation2004
Poly Mini-1UP4Server2004
PolyRaxx 2200A OpteronServer2004
PolyRaxx 2201S OpteronServer2004
PolyRaxx 8400B OpteronServer2004
PolyStation 2020AWorkstation2004
PolyStation 940X4Workstation2004
Proside Corp.AmazeBlast SV t2150-ValueServer2004
AmazeBlast SV t4150-ValueServer2004
Astrike WS i100Workstation2004
PSC, Inc.Falcon 4220PDAIndustrial2004
Polywell Computers, Inc.Poly 880XP AMD with RAIDWorkstation2004<
Poly 890X Dual AthlonMPServer2004<
Poly 935X8 Dual XeonServer2004<
Poly 950HE-QuadXeonServer2004<
Poly 960HE-4way XeonServer2004<
Poly 975HE QuadXeonServer2004<
Poly A6400 Itanium2Server2004<
Poly Ultra-AXiPWorkstationSPARC clone2004<
PolyAlpha 164LPXWorkstationSPARC clone2004<
PolyAlpha 1U2P-DualServer2004<
PolyDual Alpha 264UPServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1102EVServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1102RPServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1103SRServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1112ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1112ASServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1112P2Server2004<
PolyRaxx 1112PI2Server2004<
PolyRaxx 1112RPServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1112UBServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1113ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1113AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1114AISServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1U14iServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1U2X-3seServer2004<
PolyRaxx 1U8iServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2008NASServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2009AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2012AISServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2112LZServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2113EVServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2115AMServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2116AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2118CBServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2220BWServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2400AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2411ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 2U2XsServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3015AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3112CBServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3116ASServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3118CBServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3119AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3214CPServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3220LServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3420LZServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3611ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 3631EVServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4024AISServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4100ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4116AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4313SKServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4314ASServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4411BWServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4710AIServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4711BWServer2004<
PolyRaxx 4810AMServer2004<
PolyRaxx 5190BWServer2004<
PolyRaxx 5214AISServer2004<
PolyRaxx 5512ADServer2004<
PolyRaxx 8400A OpteronServer2004<
PolyServer 850DU3Server2004<
PolyServer 865 DU3Server2004<
PolyServer 9800-7UServer2004<
PolyServer 9980-4UServer2004<
PolyStation 833VD/133Workstation2004<
PolyStation 890TEWorkstation2004<
PolyStation 930X4Workstation2004<
PolyStation 940X6Workstation2004<
PolyStation Ultra-60Workstation2004<
PolyUltra-Axmp 4-wayServer2004<
ServerStation 855DU3Server2004<
ServerStation 890TServer2004<
Packard BellPocketGear 2030PDA (P)2003
PocketGear 2060PDA (P)2003
Palm, Inc.Tungsten CPDA (P)2003
Tungsten T3PDA (P)2003
Zire 21PDA (P)2003
Zire 71PDA (P)2003
Penguin Computing, Inc.Altus 4200Server2003
Niveus 400Workstation2003
Relion 140Server2003
Pepper Computer, Inc.PepperPadMicro (P)Pen computer2003
Pogo Linux, Inc.Performanceware 1264Server2003
Performanceware 1464Server2003
ProMicro TechnologiesProBladeServer2003
Proserver 4430Server2003
Peacock Computer GmbHServer CTM 8564Server2003<
Server DSS 8164Server2003<
Server SSA 8364Server2003<
Philips Electronics N.V.Server F6000 F620TN (2p)Server2003<
Server F6000 F620TR (2p)Server2003<
Polywell Computers, Inc.Poly Dual P6/200Workstation2003<
Poly Dual P6/200 PPro 200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Pony Computers, Inc.Devron Pro FX200DWorkstation2003<
Devron Pro FX200D PPro 200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Poseidon Technology, Inc.MPserver P5/100 (4p)Server2003<
Positivo Informatica S.A.POS-AT XXXG-PServer2003<
POS-AT XXXH-PServer2003<
POS-AT XXXI-PServer2003<
POS-AT XXXJ-PServer2003<
POS-Server 3000Server2003<
POS-Server 4000Server2003<
POS-Server 6000Server2003<
Premier Computer Systems, Inc.PX-2000 SRVServer2003<
Premio Computer, Inc.FX Dual Pro200Workstation2003<
FX Dual Pro200 PPro 200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Zeus ServerServer2003<
Procomp Industria Eletronica Ltda.ProcompServer2003<
Professional ConceptsMarauder 5133/D2Workstation2003<
Marauder 5166/D2Workstation2003<
Prosys-Tec Corp.Proserve SCB2 (14 models)Server2003<
Proserve SDS2Server2003<
Ultra Pro Dual PR 200Workstation2003<
Ultra Pro Dual PR 200 PPro 200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-600C (=@migo PD-600C)PDA (P)2002~
Palm, Inc.Palm i705PDA (P)2002
Palm m130PDA (P)2002
Palm m515PDA (P)2002
Tungsten TPDA (P)2002
Tungsten T2PDA (P)2002
ZirePDA (P)2002
Zire m150PDA (P)2002
Penguin Computing, Inc.Niveus 1XWorkstation2002
Relion 115Server2002
Relion 125Server2002
Relion 130Server2002
Relion 225Server2002
Relion 230Server2002
Relion 240Server2002
PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.SinputerPDA (P)2002
Procom Technology, Inc.Netforce 1750Server2002
Proside Corp.Astrike WS 2150CSWorkstation2002
Psion Teklogix International, Inc.7030PDA (P)2002
7035PDA (P)2002
7520PDA (P)2002
Palm, Inc.Palm M125PDA (P)2001
Palm m500PDA (P)2001
Palm m505PDA (P)2001
Penguin Computing, Inc.NiveusWorkstation2001
Relion 105Server2001
Relion 220Server2001
Relion 405Server2001
Relion 4500Server2001
Pillokat-Systeme und Pheripherie PSP GmbHRS/620 6F1Server2001
RS/620 6H1Server2001
Proside Corp.Astrike WS 2130V3EWorkstation2001
Psion Teklogix International, Inc.NetpadMicro (P)Palmtop2001
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 110Server2001<
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-131PDA (P)2000~
PD-6MPDA (P)2000~
PD-7MPDA (P)2000~
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 200Server2000~
Relion 200 EServer2000~
Relion 200 PServer2000~
Relion 200 PSServer2000~
Relion 200 PXServer2000~
Relion 200 SServer2000~
Palm, Inc.Palm IIIcPDA (P)2000
Palm M100PDA (P)2000
Palm M105PDA (P)2000
Palm VIIxPDA (P)2000
Palm VxPDA (P)2000
Tungsten EPDA (P)2000
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-60MPDA (P)2000
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)WiLL PC CF-E1XV2000
PC-EPhone, Inc.PC-EPhonePDA (P)2000
Penguin Computing, Inc.Relion 100 EServer2000
Relion 120Server2000
Relion 200 SXServer2000
Relion 200 XServer2000
Premio Computer, Inc.Phoenix 1UServer2000
Phoenix 2UServer2000
Phoenix 4UServer2000
Phoenix 8U/133Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 1000Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 800Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 850Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 866Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 900Server2000
Zeus Server PIII 933Server2000
Prime Computer, Inc.WS40CServer2000
Proside Corp.Astrike WS G500KWorkstation2000
Astrike WS G550x-UWorkstation2000
Astrike WS GR1700Workstation2000
Astrike WS MS-UIWorkstation2000
Astrike WS VR-DVWorkstation2000
Psion PlcSeries 7Micro (P)Palmtop2000
Premio Computer, Inc.Zeus 133Server2000<
Zeus 5u/tServer2000<
Zeus DxServer2000<
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CF-PC1000 (aka NeoBet)PDA (P)1990s
FW-U1B21LSWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1B22DSWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1B31DSWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1B31DSAWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1B51Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1B51AWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1CD100Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1CD360Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1EXWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1J62Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1J62-AWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1K104Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P151AIWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P153AIWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P301Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P353F2Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P611Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P633LWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P95Word processor (P)1990s
FW-U1P95SWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1PRO IIWord processor (P)1990s
FW-U1S50Word processor (P)1990s
KX-W1525Word processor1990s
KX-W955Word processor1990s
Paragon Technology (UK) Ltd.HavalMicro1990s
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RHC-1000PDA (P)1990s
RHC-2000PDA (P)1990s
RHC-500PDA (P)1990s
ParsysSuperNode 1000SupercomputerArray processor1990s
SuperNode 9000 seriesSupercomputerArray processor1990s
TA9000SpecialParallel computer1990s
Parsytec AGGigaCluster GC-1Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-2Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-3Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-4Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster GC-5Supercomputer1990s
GigaCluster PowerPlusSpecialParallel computer1990s
GigaCluster TPM-4Supercomputer1990s
Patisonic48Home computerZX clone1990s
48STHome computerZX clone1990s
48ST1Home computerZX clone1990s
PE Nelson SystemsModel 1020Micro1990s
Model 2600Micro1990s
Pearlson Development Corp.PDC1990s
PerifiTech, Inc.Aerial SuperServersServerFault tolerant1990s
Phase5 Digital Products (div. AS&S)PowerPCMicroAmiga comp.1990s
Philips Electronics N.V.Minitel 2 CouleurTerminalVTX (Minitel)1990s
NMS 6302/00BTerminalVTX (Minitel)1990s
PDLX 6141 (aka Aroflex II)Micro1990s
Pilyugin’s Scientific-Research Institute for Automation and Instrument Building (NII AP)BISER-6SpecialGuidance computer1990s
Pinnacle Data Systems?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
PLM AvtomatikaExpress (aka Novosibirsk 54)Home computerZX clone1990s
PO Schetmash - KishinovAssistent 128Home computer1990s
Point of View InternationalMobii NB9010Tablet (P)1990s
Politecnico di MilanoPAPRICA-3SpecialParallel computer1990s
PotzBits975MicroMac clone1990s
985MicroMac clone1990s
Pro LogPIP10A/760Workstation1990s
Procom Technology, Inc.Netforce 100Server1990s
Netforce 1300Server1990s
Netforce 1500Server1990s
Netforce 1700Server1990s
Netforce 1800Server1990s
Netforce 3100Server1990s
Netforce 3100haServer1990s
Netforce 3200cServer1990s
Prologic Designs, Inc.80C52-Basic SBCSBCMicrocontroller1990s
Promark Technology West, Inc.PEPIndustrial1990s
Promatek Industries Ltd.CopitrakMicro1990s
Copitrak eclipse CFXMicro1990s
Proside Corp.FS-KING SeriesServer1990s
VEX SeriesWorkstation1990s
Pyramid Computer GmbHValuestation 300 BXWorkstation1999~
Valuestation PIII 600 MultimediaWorkstation1999~
Valuestation VSA 450 DVDWorkstation1999~
Valuestation VSX 400/1Workstation1999~
Palm, Inc.Palm VPDA (P)1999
Palm VIIPDA (P)1999
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-1000Micro (P)Palmtop1999
PD-2000Micro (P)Palmtop1999
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1C200Word processor (P)1999
FW-U1CSD600Word processor (P)1999
WiLL PC CF-E11999
Philips Electronics N.V.Nino 200PDA (P)1999
Nino 500PDA (P)1999
Phoenix Group, Inc. (PGI)FalconMicro (P)Pen computer1999
RavenMicro (P)1999
ToughPadMicro (P)Pen computer1999
Phytec Messtechnik GmbHkitCON-167SBC1999
Procom Technology, Inc.Netforce 2000Server1999
Netforce 2200Server1999
Psion PlcnetBookMicro (P)1999
RevoMicro (P)Palmtop1999
Series 5mxMicro (P)Palmtop1999
Polywell Computers, Inc.PolyAlpha 600/164LXWorkstation1999<
PolyRaxx RackServerServer1999<
PolyServer 440NS2Server1999<
PolyServer 450NX4Server1999<
PolyServer 600LXServer1999<
PolyServer 8000BS2Server1999<
PolyServer 800BDUServer1999<
PolyServer 8450R1Server1999<
PolyServer 900GU3Server1999<
PolyServer Ultra-2Server1999<
PolyStation 800BS2Workstation1999<
PolyStation 8450B9Workstation1999<
PolyStation 8450BU2Workstation1999<
PolyStation 900MS2Workstation1999<
PolyStation 9450GU2Workstation1999<
PolyStation Ultra-2Workstation1999<
PolyUltra-AX Sun SolarisWorkstation1999<
PolyUltra-Axi Sun SolarisWorkstation1999<
Philips Electronics N.V.Nino 301PDA (P)1998~
Nino 302PDA (P)1998~
Nino 312PDA (P)1998~
Nino 510PDA (P)1998~
Pyramid Computer GmbHValuestation Dual PIIWorkstation1998~
Palm, Inc.Palm IIIPDA (P)1998
Palm IIIePDA (P)1998
Palm IIIxPDA (P)1998
Palm IIIxePDA (P)1998
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.CDPDPDA (P)1998
PD-1100PDA (P)1998
PD-300PDA (P)1998
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1CD350Word processor (P)1998
FW-U1CSD500Word processor (P)1998
PFU Corp.GP7000FServer1998
Philips Electronics N.V.Nino 300PDA (P)1998
Velo 500PDA (P)1998
Power Computing Ltd.A4000 Tower (3 models)MicroAmiga comp.1998
Psion PlcSeries 3mxMicro (P)Palmtop1998
Workabout MXTerminal (P)Data terminal1998
Psion Teklogix International, Inc.Workabout MXTerminalData terminal1998
Workabout RFTerminal1998
Pyramid Computer GmbHBenHurServer1998
Valueserver 500Server1998
Phoenix Group, Inc. (PGI)CondorMicro (P)Pen computer1998<
RoadRunnerMicro (P)Pen computer1998<
Rugged Secure Internet-Intranet TerminalMicro (P)1998<
Super NightingaleMicro (P)Pen computer1998<
Pyramid Computer GmbHValuestation SBU 500Workstation1997~
Palm, Inc.PalmPilot Personal (US Robotics)PDA (P)1997
PalmPilot Professional (US Robotics)PDA (P)1997
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)ALA-AAK1PDA (P)1997
ALA-P1-SPDA (P)1997
ALA-P132 (aka Pinocchio)PDA (P)1997
FW-U1C30Word processor (P)1997
FW-U1C33Word processor (P)1997
FW-U1C71Word processor (P)1997
FW-U1C80Word processor (P)1997
FW-U1C83Word processor (P)1997
FW-U1CD330Word processor (P)1997
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RNB-520Micro (P)Military1997
Parsytec AGCognitive Computer CciSupercomputer1997
Peters Plus, Ltd.Sprinter'97Home computerZX clone1997
Philips Electronics N.V.Velo 1PDA (P)1997
Phoenix Group, Inc. (PGI)NightingaleMicro (P)Pen computer1997
Pioneer Electronics Corp.MPC-GX2MicroMac clone1997
PIOS Computer AGKeenya 603/200MicroMac clone1997
Keenya 604/200MicroMac clone1997
Keenya 604/200 ProMicroMac clone1997
Keenya 604/200 Pro 3DMicroMac clone1997
Magna 200MicroMac clone1997
Magna 220MicroMac clone1997
Magna 250MicroMac clone1997
Magna 275MicroMac clone1997
Magna 300MicroMac clone1997
Magna Mach 300MicroMac clone1997
Power Computing Ltd.A1200 Power Tower (3 models)MicroAmiga comp.1997
PowerDome (Umax)PowerDome 4200MicroMac clone1997
PowerDome 4233 TSMicroMac clone1997
PowerDome 4250 TSMicroMac clone1997
PowerDome 4250 TS G3MicroMac clone1997
PowerDome 4250 TS ProMicroMac clone1997
PowerEx Systems, Inc.StepMac 180MicroMac clone1997
StepMac 200MicroMac clone1997
StepMac 233MicroMac clone1997
StepMac 233 DPMicroMac clone1997
StepMac 250MicroMac clone1997
PowerToolsInfinity 3160MicroMac clone1997
Infinity 3180MicroMac clone1997
Infinity 3200MicroMac clone1997
Infinity 3200GTMicroMac clone1997
Infinity 3240MicroMac clone1997
Infinity 4200MicroMac clone1997
Infinity 4200GTMicroMac clone1997
Infinity T2MicroMac clone1997
X-Factor 250MicroMac clone1997
X-Force 250MicroMac clone1997
X-Force 275MicroMac clone1997
X-Force 300eMicroMac clone1997
Psion PlcSeries 5Micro (P)Palmtop1997
Phoenix Group, Inc. (PGI)LBC-901Micro (P)1997<
Pyramid Computer GmbHValuestation 450/100-3Workstation1996~
Palm, Inc.PalmPilot 1000 (3com)PDA (P)1996
PalmPilot 5000 (3com)PDA (P)1996
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-500PDA (P)1996
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-C550 (aka Slala)Word processor (P)1996
FW-U1C550Word processor (P)1996
FW-U1CD300Word processor (P)1996
Parsytec AGCognitive Computer CCeSupercomputer1996
Peters Plus, Ltd.Sprinter 2000Home computerZX clone1996
Pioneer Electronics Corp.MPC-LX200MicroMac clone1996
Psion PlcSeries 3cMicro (P)Palmtop1996
SienaMicro (P)Palmtop1996
Peapod Distribution Ltd.Standby Server 32Server1996<
Phoenix Group, Inc. (PGI)HummingbirdMicro (P)1996<
PEN seriesMicro (P)Data terminal1996<
Phoenix 2Terminal (P)Data terminal1996<
Polywell Computers, Inc.Poly 333P-AMicroRISC1996<
Philips Electronics N.V.Server F3000 Pentium 166 (2p)Server1995>
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-96PDA (P)1995
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1C100Word processor (P)1995
FW-U1C50Word processor (P)1995
FW-U1N10Word processor (P)1995
FW-U1P98FEWord processor (P)1995
JT-900PTMicro (P)Pen computer1995
Peacock Computer GmbHPowerserverServer1995
Pioneer Electronics Corp.MPC-GX1MicroMac clone1995
MPC-LX100MicroMac clone1995
MPC-LX200-MOMicroMac clone1995
MPC-LX200-TVMicroMac clone1995
Power Computing Corp.Power 100MicroMac clone1995
Power 110MicroMac clone1995
Power 120MicroMac clone1995
Power 80MicroMac clone1995
PowerBase 180MicroMac clone1995
PowerBase 200MicroMac clone1995
PowerBase240MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter 120MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter 132MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter 150MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter 166MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter 180MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 180MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 200MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 225MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 225 MPMicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 250MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro 250 MPMicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro G3 250MicroMac clone1995
PowerCenter Pro G3 275MicroMac clone1995
PowerCurve 601/120MicroMac clone1995
PowerWave 604/120MicroMac clone1995
PowerWave 604/132MicroMac clone1995
PowerWave 604/150MicroMac clone1995
Pyramid Technology Corp.6/401995
RM1000SupercomputerParallel computer1995
Phase X Systems, Inc.14ce1TerminalX-Terminal1995<
Palmax Technology Co., Ltd.PD-95PDA (P)1994
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1C70Word processor (P)1994
FW-U1J770Word processor (P)1994
FW-U1J87Word processor (P)1994
FW-U1P93Word processor (P)1994
FW-U1P97FWord processor (P)1994
FW-U1P98Word processor (P)1994
FW-U1P98FWord processor (P)1994
Parsytec AGPowerXPlorerSupercomputer1994
Peters Plus, Ltd.MD-256Home computerZX clone1994
Phase X Systems, Inc.14tc1TerminalX-Terminal1994
PsiTech, Inc.V81BTerminal1994
Pyramid Technology Corp.2/121994
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1J70Word processor (P)1994<
FW-U1J80Word processor (P)1994<
FW-U1P505AIWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1P551Word processor (P)1994<
FW-U1P553AIWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1P555Word processor (P)1994<
FW-U1P703F2XWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1S555AIWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1S55AIWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1S77AIWord processor (P)1994<
FW-U1S88AIWord processor (P)1994<
Peacock Computer GmbHServer Modell SSE 8332Server1994<
Server Modell SSE 8364Server1994<
Philips Electronics N.V.NMS 6202/19BTerminalVTX (Minitel)1993~
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1J85Word processor (P)1993
Parsytec AGx'plorerSupercomputer1993
PatisonicAleste 520EXHome computerAmstrad clone1993
Peters Plus, Ltd.MC64Home computerZX clone1993
MC64S1Home computerZX clone1993
MC64S3Home computerZX clone1993
Politecnico di MilanoPAPRICA-1SpecialParallel computer1993
Poqet Computer Corp.Pad PlusPDA (P)1993
PC PlusMicro (P)Palmtop1993
Psion PlcSeries 3aMicro (P)Palmtop1993
Series 3bMicro (P)Palmtop1993
Pyramid Technology Corp.4/1201993
Pagine Corp.C2000TerminalX-Terminal1993<
Phase X Systems, Inc.17cTerminalX-Terminal1993<
Princeton Electronic Products, Inc.Ultra X C-30TerminalX-Terminal1993<
ProLinear Corp.Palmbook 300Micro (P)Palmtop1993<
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FS-A1GTHome computerMSX1992
FW-U1J82Word processor (P)1992
Panatek ComputerPWS 8025WorkstationSPARC clone1992
PWS 8040WorkstationSPARC clone1992
ParsysSuperNode 8000/EntrySupercomputerArray processor1992
SuperNode 8000/LargeSupercomputerArray processor1992
Peacock Computer GmbHPalmtop PCMicro (P)Palmtop1992
Philips Electronics N.V.HC-101Micro (P)Palmtop1992
PI Systems, Inc.InfolioMicro (P)1992
Poqet Computer Corp.PadPDA (P)1992
Prime Computer, Inc.5510Minicomputer1992
ProLinear Corp.PS-3000 (aka ME-386)Micro (P)Palmtop1992
Pyramid Technology Corp.MIS 12ES/24Server1992
MIS 12ES/4Server1992
MIServer ESServer1992
Prologic Designs, Inc.BASCOM1SBCMicrocontroller1992<
Palmcom International Ltd.Palmcom 286Micro (P)Palmtop1991
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FW-U1J81Word processor (P)1991
FW-U1P607Word processor (P)1991
FW-U1P609Word processor (P)1991
FW-U1S57Word processor (P)1991
KX-WL45Word processor (P)1991
KX-WL55Word processor (P)1991
Parsytec AGGCServer1991
OfficeSupercomputerParallel computer1991
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9604/FX1-CWMWorkstation1991
Cadmus 9604/FX1-NCWorkstation1991
PFU Corp.DS/90Server1991
Philips Electronics N.V.CD-i (Mono-I)Micro1991
Pilot Computer Ltd.Palmcom 286Micro (P)Palmtop1991
Prime Computer, Inc.5370Minicomputer1991
EXL 7363Server1991
EXL 73634Server1991
EXL 7660Server1991
EXL 7680Server1991
ProLinear Corp.PS-1000Micro (P)Palmtop1991
Psion PlcHC100Pocket (P)1991
HC110Pocket (P)1991
HC120Pocket (P)1991
Series 3Micro (P)Palmtop1991
Pyramid Technology Corp.MIS 12S/12Server1991
MIS 12S/4Server1991
MIS 12S/6Server1991
MIS 12S/8Server1991
MIServer SServer1991
MIServer TServer1991
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CI-P1 (=Sharp PA-8800)PDA (P)1990
CI-P5 (=Sharp PA-9500)PDA (P)1990
FS-A1STHome computerMSX1990
FW-U1P503AIXWord processor (P)1990
FW-U1P603AIXWord processor (P)1990
FW-U1P605AIWord processor (P)1990
FW-U1S53Word processor (P)1990
KX-WL50Word processor (P)1990
VW-KT300Home computerMSX21990
Penzenskom Radiozavode - PenzaSimbolHome computerZX clone1990
Peripheral Technology, Inc.PT68K4SBC1990
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9244Workstation1990
Cadmus FX.1-WorkstationWorkstation1990
Philips Electronics N.V.HCS 280Home computerMSX1990
HCS 80/08TerminalVTX (Minitel)1990
Minitel 2 (Black case)TerminalVTX (Minitel)1990
Minitel 2 (Grey case)TerminalVTX (Minitel)1990
Priboj plant - NovosibirskEliks-89Home computerRadio-86RK clone1990
Prime Computer, Inc.5310Minicomputer1990
EXL 7000Server1990
EXL 7330Server1990
EXL 7340Server1990
EXL 7360Server1990
Princeton Electronic Products, Inc.Ultra X C-100TerminalX-Terminal1990
Ultra X C-300TerminalX-Terminal1990
Ultra X C-400TerminalX-Terminal1990
Ultra X C-500TerminalX-Terminal1990
Ultra X M-200TerminalX-Terminal1990
Psion PlcMobile ComputerMicro (P)1990
Pyramid Technology Corp.MIS-1 TURBOServer1990
MIS-12 TURBOServer1990
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)KX-W1025Word processor1990<
KX-W1510Word processor1990<
KX-W1550Word processor1990<
KX-W900Word processor1990<
Pan-Asia Electronics Co.STD-Z80SBC1980s
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)KX-D4910Terminal1980s
KX-D4930VTerminal (P)1980s
KX-W1000Word processor1980s
KX-W1030Word processor1980s
KX-W1505Word processor1980s
KX-W1520Word processor1980s
KX-W1555Word processor1980s
KX-W90Word processor1980s
KX-W905Word processor1980s
KX-W940Word processor1980s
KX-WD55Word processor1980s
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RHC-44EPDA (P)1980s
Pasco International, Inc.AtlantisMicro1980s
Patrick Computer Systems, Inc.IC686Micro1980s
Penta Systems International, Inc.MultistarMicro1980s
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)OPS 2000Office1980s
Perkin Elmer Corp.4000Minicomputer1980s
Philips Electronics N.V.M2BTerminalVTX (Minitel)1980s
Minitel 1BTerminalVTX (Minitel)1980s
VG 8230JHome computerMSX21980s
Videowriter 150Word processor1980s
Videowriter 1501Word processor1980s
Videowriter 160Word processor1980s
Videowriter 20Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2000Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2100Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2110Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2140Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2200Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2210Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2220Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2230Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2240Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2300Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2310Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2340Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2400Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2410Word processor1980s
Videowriter 2440Word processor1980s
Videowriter 28Word processor1980s
Videowriter 30Word processor1980s
Videowriter 3030Word processor1980s
Videowriter 3040Word processor1980s
Videowriter 350Word processor1980s
Videowriter 4160Word processor1980s
Videowriter 4200Word processor1980s
Videowriter 4260Word processor1980s
Videowriter 4460Word processor1980s
Videowriter 450Word processor1980s
Videowriter 4620Word processor1980s
Videowriter 7716Word processor1980s
Videowriter 9301Word processor1980s
Videowriter 9302Word processor1980s
Videowriter 9311Word processor1980s
Videowriter 9312Word processor1980s
Videowriter 9901Word processor1980s
Phylec (div. MB Electronique)UTC 2000Terminal1980s
Picture Element Ltd.VSPMinicomputer1980s
Piiceon, Inc.Business SystemMicro1980s
Pilyugin’s Scientific-Research Institute for Automation and Instrument Building (NII AP)BISER-3SpecialGuidance computer1980s
Pineapple Computer Products Ltd.6400Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
DP-64EHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
Pioneer Electronics Corp.UC-V102Home computerMSX1980s
PLAEDelta 1Home computer1980s
Polymax Sistemas e Periféricos S.A.Poly 105 DPOffice1980s
Poly PlusHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
PPZ ApinaZX SpectrumHome computerZX clone1980s
ZX Spectrum+Home computerZX clone1980s
PPZ POL-ROL?Home computerAmstrad clone1980s
PPZ Polbrit InternationalZX SpectrumHome computerZX clone1980s
ZX Spectrum+Home computerZX clone1980s
Pragma Ltd.Visual 200WorkstationCAD1980s
Precision Technology, Inc.?Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Primax BusinessworldPrimax ExecutiveMicro1980s
Prisma Supercomputers?Workstation1980s
Product Associates, Inc.CRTWRITERWord processor1980s
Professional Data Computer GmbH (PDC)Conex1980s
Prolink Corp.ProlinkWord processor1980s
Promatek Industries Ltd.Copitrak CFXMicro1980s
PrometricB2Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Proton Electronics Ltd.Utopia1980s
Przedsiebiorstwo Zagraniczne Wielobranzowe EMIXEMIX IIHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
Przemyslowy Instytut ElektronikiMSP-80Micro1980s
PSI Data Systems Ltd.DPS 7000 comp.Mainframe1980s
PsiTech, Inc.GB2020Micro1980s
Pulse Train Technology Ltd.?Terminal1980s
Pyramid Technology Corp.RTP-50/4001980s
Poqet Computer Corp.PC PrimeMicro (P)Palmtop1989>
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)BP 150Micro (P)1989
BP 170Micro (P)1989
FS-A1WSXHome computerMSX21989
FW-U1P303AIWord processor (P)1989
FW-U1P501AIWord processor (P)1989
FW-U1P503AIWord processor (P)1989
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RLT-88Micro (P)Military1989
Perfect Terminal, Inc.P6530Terminal1989
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus ASWorkstation1989
Intus 2000Terminal1989
PFU Corp.A-300IIMinicomputer1989
Philips Electronics N.V.NMS 800Home computerMSX1989
NMS 801Home computerMSX1989
Poqet Computer Corp.PCMicro (P)Palmtop1989
Prime Computer, Inc.2850Minicomputer1989
EXL 1227Server1989
EXL 1281Server1989
EXL MBXMicro1989
EXL MBX PlusMicro1989
Princeton Electronic Products, Inc.Ultra X M-100TerminalX-Terminal1989
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-500/M80CHome computerTRS-80 clone1989
Psion PlcMC 200Micro (P)1989
MC 400Micro (P)1989
MC 600Micro (P)1989
Organiser II LZPDA (P)1989
Organiser II LZ64PDA (P)1989
Organiser II LZ64SPDA (P)1989
Organiser II P464PDA (P)1989
Pyramid Technology Corp.MIS-1Server1989
Paracom (-> Parsytec)Starter KitSpecial1989<
Philips Electronics N.V.P2766Terminal1988~
Panafacom Ltd.A-60Minicomputer1988
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FS-A1FXHome computerMSX21988
FS-A1WXHome computerMSX1988
FW-U1P201Word processor (P)1988
FW-U1P501Word processor (P)1988
FW-U1P701Word processor (P)1988
FW-U1SuperPROWord processor (P)1988
KX-W1500Word processor1988
Paravant Computer Systems, Inc.RHC-88Pocket (P)1988
Peripheral Technology, Inc.PT68K2SBC1988
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9604-MPWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9604-MWSWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9604/RCWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9700/RCWorkstation1988
Cadmus 9900/RCWorkstation1988
Periphonics Corp.VPS 3000MinicomputerCommunication processor1988
VPS 5000MinicomputerCommunication processor1988
PFU Corp.A-700Minicomputer1988
Philips Electronics N.V.P9130Workstation1988
Videowriter 4500Word processor1988
Pixar Animation StudiosPixar II Image ComputerWorkstationCAD1988
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 12EMinicomputer1988
Politecnico di MilanoPAPIASpecialParallel computer1988
Prime Computer, Inc.4150Minicomputer1988
EXL 316Workstation1988
EXL 320Workstation1988
EXL 325Workstation1988
MXCL 5 (aka Cydra 5)Server1988
Prosisa InformaticaMPCMicro (P)1988
Pyramid Technology Corp.9000-TAMinicomputer1988
Philips Electronics N.V.P9100Workstation1988<
Prime Computer, Inc.Caddserver 34SServer1988<
Caddstation Model 30MWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 32CWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 32MWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 32SWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 33CWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 33FWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 33MWorkstation1988<
Caddstation Model 34CWorkstation1988<
Philips Electronics N.V.P2756Terminal1987~
Panafacom Ltd.A-30Minicomputer1987
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FS-A1FHome computerMSX21987
FW-U1PROWord processor (P)1987
FW-U1PROEXWord processor (P)1987
Panacom M500Micro1987
Panacom M700Micro1987
PAO Pribornyy zavod "Tenzor" - DubnaDubna-48Home computerZX clone1987
Parallel Computer, Inc.Parallel 600XRWorkstation1987
Parsytec AGMegaframeSupercomputerParallel computer1987
Perfect Terminal, Inc.P250Terminal1987
Pericom Data Systems Ltd.MG700Terminal1987
MX 10000Terminal1987
MX 5000Terminal1987
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9000/5Workstation1987
Cadmus MWS/4A-42DWorkstation1987
Cadmus RXWorkstation1987
Periphonics Corp.VPS 7000MinicomputerCommunication processor1987
VPS 9000MinicomputerCommunication processor1987
Philips Electronics N.V.NMS 8220 v1Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8220 v2Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8245Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8250Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8250FHome computerMSX21987
NMS 8250JHome computerMSX21987
NMS 8255Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8280Home computerMSX21987
NMS 8280FHome computerMSX21987
NMS 8280GHome computerMSX21987
PhonolaNMS 8280Home computerMSX21987
Pilyugin’s Scientific-Research Institute for Automation and Instrument Building (NII AP)BISER-4SpecialGuidance computer1987
Plessey MicrosystemsPT100GTerminal1987
VixenMinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1987
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/90Workstation1987
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 4EMinicomputer1987
Mark 6Minicomputer1987
Mark 6EMinicomputer1987
Prime Computer, Inc.2455Minicomputer1987
PT 250Terminal1987
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-500 /M80C TurboHome computerTRS-80 clone1987
OP 50C TurboMicro1987
PsiTech, Inc.GTC527Terminal1987
Pyramid Technology Corp.9805ServerSuperminicomputer1987
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.XLMicro1987<
XLO 20Micro1987<
XLO 20+Micro1987<
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/55Workstation1987<
Pont Ksz.PFR 860Micro1987<
PPZ AMEPROD - PoznanZX Spectrum PolskiHome computerZX clone1987<
Prime Computer, Inc.EXL 315Workstation1987<
P1 GmbHParwellSpecial1986
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)FH-2000TPocket (P)1986
FS-A1Home computerMSX21986
FS-A1 MK IIHome computerMSX21986
FS-A1FMHome computerMSX21986
Staff PartnerMicro1986
Paradyne Corp.7913Terminal1986
Parallel Computer, Inc.Parallel 200XRWorkstation1986
Parallel 400XRWorkstation1986
Perfect Terminal, Inc.P210Terminal1986
Pericom Data Systems Ltd.MX 4000Terminal1986
MX 8000Terminal1986
Perkin Elmer Corp.3212Minicomputer1986
Philips Electronics N.V.NMS 8245FHome computerMSX21986
NMS 8255FHome computerMSX21986
VG 8230Home computerMSX21986
VG 8233Home computerMSX21986
VG 8235Home computerMSX21986
VG 8235FHome computerMSX21986
VG 8240 (Prototype)Home computerMSX21986
Videowriter 250Word processor1986
PhonolaNMS 8245Home computerMSX21986
Piiceon, Inc.PIICEON PII 68 (Alpha Micro clone)Micro1986
Plessey MicrosystemsMantraWorkstation1986
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/75Workstation1986
PO Schetmash - KishinovATsVK-41Analog1986
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 2EMinicomputer1986
PPZ Polbrit International2086-v1Home computerZX clone1986
2086-v2Home computerZX clone1986
Prime Computer, Inc.2350Minicomputer1986
9955 IIMinicomputer1986
T 3350Minicomputer1986
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-500 CompactoHome computerTRS-80 clone1986
Proteus International68/20Micro1986
Psion PlcOrganiser II CMPDA (P)1986
Organiser II LAPDA (P)1986
Organiser II LAMPDA (P)1986
Organiser II P200PDA (P)1986
Organiser II P350PDA (P)1986
Organiser II XPPDA (P)1986
Pulsar Electronics Pty Ltd.Model 8SBC1986
Pyramid Technology Corp.9000ServerSuperminicomputer1986
Paradyne Corp.Analysis WKSMicro1986<
Office System 8400Micro1986<
PDX MessengerTerminal1986<
Parallel Computer, Inc.Parallel 300Workstation1986<
Parallel 300XRWorkstation1986<
Parallel 500XRWorkstation1986<
PCE SystemsVoyager IMicro1986<
Voyager IIMicro1986<
Voyager IIIMicro1986<
Performance Technologies, Inc.PT-VBS-104SBC1986<
SYS 100Micro1986<
SYS 102Micro1986<
Peripheral Technology, Inc.PT68K1SBC1986<
Perkin Elmer Corp.3260MPSMinicomputer1986<
PERQ Systems Corp.LN3000Workstation1986<
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. (PMC)PC-101SBC1986<
Pertec Computer Corp.3235Micro1986<
Phaze Information Machines Corp.P9020Terminal1986<
Pinzone International, Inc.E-411Terminal1986<
Pixel Computer, Inc.Pixel System 4Workstation1986<
Plessey MicrosystemsSYST-44Workstation1986<
PolyComputers, Inc.POLY-XMicro1986<
PolyRianda, Inc.CometMicro1986<
Primagraphics Ltd.TopazWorkstationCAD1986<
Prime Computer, Inc.PGT4109Workstation1986<
Pro-Log Corp.ABL-2Micro1986<
STD DOSMicro1986<
Professional Electronic Products (PEP)EC-85 BMicroLearn1986<
PROFESSIONAL-1MicroDevelopment system1986<
Pronto Computers, Inc.130731986<
SolutionMicroPC comp. (-)1986<
Protocol Computers, Inc.Smartnet 3700MinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
Perkin Elmer Corp.XF Series (-> Interdata, Concurrent)Minicomputer1985>
Philips Electronics N.V.PACT 250TerminalTeleprinter1985~
P. HabersetzerHCC-80Micro1985
Panafacom Ltd.C-380Micro1985
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CF-1300 (Red Case)Home computerMSX1985
CF-2700GHome computerMSX1985
FS-3900Home computerMSX1985
FT-70 (aka Executive Partner)Micro1985
Personal PartnerMicro (P)Palmtop1985
Paradyne Corp.7812Terminal1985
Pixnet-XLMinicomputerCommunication processor1985
Pecos SistemasPecos 128Home computer1985
PEL VarazdinOrao 103Home computer1985
Orao EagleHome computer1985
Perfect Terminal, Inc.P200Terminal1985
PerifericVIZ 100Terminal1985
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9600Workstation1985
Cadmus 9604-CWMWorkstation1985
Cadmus 9604-CWSWorkstation1985
Periphonics Corp.VoiceStar 40XXMinicomputerCommunication processor1985
VoiceStar 42XXMinicomputerCommunication processor1985
VoiceStar 47XXMinicomputerCommunication processor1985
Perkin Elmer Corp.3203Minicomputer1985
7300 ProMicro1985
7700 ProMicro1985
Personal Agroelektronikai GTAircomp-16 (black version)Home computer1985
Aircomp-16 (white version)Home computer1985
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. (PMC)TurboMicro1985
Phaze Information Machines Corp.P3279Terminal1985
Philips Electronics N.V.CDWS-201Micro1985
NMS 8235Home computerMSX21985
P3005Word processor1985
P4000 (new)Micro1985
VG 8220Home computerMSX1985
VG 8235/00Home computerMSX21985
VG 8235/20Home computerMSX21985
YesMicroPC comp. (-)1985
Pioneer Electronics Corp.PX-07 PalcomHome computerMSX1985
PX-07UK PalcomHome computerMSX1985
Pixar Animation StudiosPixar Image ComputerWorkstationCAD1985
Plessey MicrosystemsSYSTEM IIIWorkstation1985
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/15Workstation1985
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 12Minicomputer1985
Mark 4Minicomputer1985
Portable Business Systems Ltd.Executive IVHome computerZX clone1985
PPZ AmepolMX-16Minicomputer1985
Prime Computer, Inc.2655Minicomputer1985
Performer WorkstationWorkstation1985
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-400 Colour IIHome computerTRS-80 clone1985
CP-500D/M80Home computerTRS-80 clone1985
Proteus International68/10Micro1985
Pyramid Technology Corp.90MXMinicomputer1985
Pegasus Data SystemsPD1BFSBC1985<
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus AWorkstation1985<
Philips Electronics N.V.P7200Minicomputer1985<
Pioneer Trading Co., Ltd.ToolroomTerminal (P)1985<
Power Solutions, Inc.Arcus 10P-1 (or IOP-1)SBC1985<
PPZ AMEPROD - PoznanZLA-01SBC1985<
PPZ ComputexCS-305Micro1985<
Pro-Log Corp.7842SBC1985<
Proteus Industries, Inc.7510SBC1985<
Protronic Enterprises Corp.PC-5Home computer (P)Apple 2 clone1985<
Philips Electronics N.V.P2754Terminal1984~
Panafacom Ltd.U-1200 IIMinicomputer1984
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CS-3000Home computerMSX1984
CS-3300Home computerMSX1984
PanData Computersysteme GmbHM 6300Minicomputer1984
Panda 3000Micro1984
Paradyne Corp.7811Terminal1984
Pearcom BVPearcom - 1Home computer1984
Pearcom - 2Home computer1984
PEL VarazdinOrao 102Home computerLearn1984
Pericom Data Systems Ltd.Mikrosystem 7000Workstation1984
PerifericSig/Net 3Micro1984
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 9212Workstation1984
Cadmus 9220Workstation1984
Cadmus 9230Workstation1984
Cadmus 9240Workstation1984
Perkin Elmer Corp.7350Micro1984
Personal Agroelektronikai GTURD-85Terminal1984
Personal Computer Products, Inc. (PCPI)PC/CPUMicro1984
Pertec Computer Corp.Model 100Terminal1984
Philips Electronics N.V.PX-1000 (=Text Tell PX-1000)Terminal (P)1984
PX-1000CrTerminal (P)1984
VG 5000Home computer1984
VG 8000Home computerMSX1984
VG 8010Home computerMSX1984
VG 8010 (Black case)Home computerMSX1984
VG 8010FHome computerMSX1984
VG 8020 (Black case)Home computerMSX1984
VG 8020-00Home computerMSX1984
VG 8020-20Home computerMSX1984
VG 8020FHome computerMSX1984
PhonolaVG-8000Home computerMSX1984
VG-8010Home computerMSX1984
VG-8020Home computerMSX1984
Pierre Fontaine Informatique SA (PFI)Galaxie 800Micro1984
Pine Computer, Inc. (Pinecom)DP-64Micro1984
Pinetree Computer Systems, Inc.DP 2502Terminal (P)1984
Pioneer Electronics Corp.PX-V60Home computerMSX1984
PX-V7Home computerMSX1984
Pixel Computer, Inc.Proline 80/40Workstation1984
Proline 80/50Workstation1984
Plantron Computer Ltd.PT-30Micro1984
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 9Minicomputer1984
Polo Microsystems, Inc.System IMicro1984
PolyRianda, Inc.Dancer (8 models)Micro1984
Powertran Cybernetics Ltd.Cortex IIMicro1984
Prime Computer, Inc.2550Minicomputer1984
Prism Micro-informatique SAFC-200E (by Goldstar)Home computerMSX1984
Privac, Inc.CT-1000Workstation1984
Professional Data Computer GmbH (PDC)Carry-HD1984
Consult IIMicro (P)1984
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-400Home computerTRS-80 clone1984
CP-400 ColourHome computerTRS-80 clone1984
Sistema 700 Mod 4Micro1984
Super 700Micro1984
Proton Electronics Ltd.Compactboard 80SBC1984
Psion PlcOrganiser IPDA (P)1984
Paradyne Corp.8400Terminal1984<
System 8400Minicomputer1984<
PDS Technologies, Inc.2150Terminal1984<
Peach MicrosystemsExecutiveMicro1984<
Peach IVHome computerApple 2 clone1984<
Peopleware Systems, Inc.10017A P-FORTHSBC1984<
Philips Electronics N.V.P2009Micro1984<
P2012Micro (P)1984<
Phoenix Computer Graphics, Inc.768-TMTerminal1984<
Phoenix Digital Corp.DPU-50SBC1984<
NCM 6809SBC1984<
PCU 6809SBC1984<
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.PinnacleMicro1984<
Plessey MicrosystemsPT600Terminal1984<
System 19 PC 60Micro1984<
System 19 PC 80Micro1984<
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 2TMinicomputer1984<
Policonsult Scientifica s.r.l.Formula 1Micro1984<
PCS 82000 (6 models)Micro1984<
PCS 84000Micro1984<
PolyComputers, Inc.301AMinicomputer1984<
PolyMorphic SystemsPoly 88 System 10MicroS-1001984<
PPZ AMEPROD - PoznanAC 800 SeriesHome computerZX clone1984<
AC 805Home computerZX clone1984<
AC 815Home computerZX clone1984<
AC 825Home computerZX clone1984<
ZX81 PolskiHome computerZX clone1984<
Prime Computer, Inc.450 IIMinicomputer1984<
Pro LogABL-1Micro1984<
Pro-Log Corp.7804ASBC1984<
Pronto Computers, Inc.Color Graphics 16/130MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Color Graphics 16/230MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Color Graphics 16/30MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Desktop 16/10MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Desktop 16/200MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Graphics 16/115MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Graphics 16/205MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Graphics 16/25MicroPC comp. (-)1984<
Transportable 16/2110Micro (P)PC comp. (-)1984<
Transportable 16/2200Micro (P)PC comp. (-)1984<
Transportable 16/2300Micro (P)PC comp. (-)1984<
Transportable 16/2400Micro (P)PC comp. (-)1984<
Proteus Industries, Inc.6500SBC1984<
PsiTech, Inc.419Terminal1984<
Pertec Computer Corp.3200Micro1983~
P.A.L.Sidney 88Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Sidney IIHome computerApple 2 clone1983
Pacific Microcomputers, Inc.PM200MicroMultibus1983
Pacific Universal Research, Inc.PortabrainMicro (P)1983
Panafacom Ltd.C-280Micro1983
U-1500 IIMinicomputer1983
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)CF-1200Home computerMSX1983
CF-2000 (=Sanyo MPC-64)Home computerMSX1983
JR-200UHome computer1983
Paradise Systems, Inc.ConvertibleMicro (P)1983
Paradyne Corp.ANALYSIS 5500Minicomputer1983
ANALYSIS 5530Minicomputer1983
PortabrainMicro (P)1983
PAV Electronik GmbHBilbo 80Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Pencept, Inc.PenpadTerminal (P)Pen computer1983
Pentel Co., Ltd.LetaconWord processor1983
Peripheral Technology, Inc.Scat XTerminal1983
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus 2000Terminal1983
Cadmus 9000Workstation1983
Cadmus 9200Workstation1983
Periphonics Corp.TelemarketerMinicomputerCommunication processor1983
VoiceBoxMinicomputerCommunication processor1983
VoiceStar 46XXMinicomputerCommunication processor1983
Perkin Elmer Corp.3200MPSMinicomputer1983
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. (PMC)FDD-421Terminal1983
PMC-101 (aka MicroMate)Micro1983
Pertec Computer Corp.3205Micro1983
Sabre 4210Micro1983
Sabre 4220Micro1983
Sabre 4240Micro1983
Phaze Information Machines Corp.P3178Terminal1983
Philips Electronics N.V.P2000IHome computer1983
P3000 (aka P5020)Word processor1983
Videopac G7400Home computer1983
Videopac N60Home computer1983
Phoenix SystemsPhantom-X1Micro1983
Pierre Fontaine Informatique SA (PFI)Galaxie 400Micro1983
Pixel Computer, Inc.Proline 80/20Workstation1983
Plessey MicrosystemsSYST-6244MicroLSI-11 comp.1983
SYST-6245MicroLSI-11 comp.1983
SYST-6247MicroLSI-11 comp.1983
SYST-6248MicroLSI-11 comp.1983
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/35Workstation1983
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 1AMinicomputer1983
Mark 3TMinicomputer1983
PolyComputers, Inc.PolyEtteMicro1983
Polymax Sistemas e Periféricos S.A.Poly 301 WPWord processor1983
PPM, Inc.PPM-86-50SBC1983
PPZ ComputexCS-80 PCMicro1983
Prime Computer, Inc.9950Minicomputer1983
Producer 100Terminal1983
Professional Data Computer GmbH (PDC)ClipperMicro (P)1983
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-200SHome computerZX clone1983
CP-300Home computerTRS-80 clone1983
CP-300 (Large keyboard)Home computerTRS-80 clone1983
Sistema 600 (aka S-600)Micro1983
Sistema 700 Mod 3Micro1983
Pronto Computers, Inc.Desktop 16/110MicroPC comp. (-)1983
Desktop 16/20MicroPC comp. (-)1983
Pyramid Technology Corp.90XMinicomputer1983
PAV Electronik GmbHBilbo IISBCApple 2 clone1983<
Penta Systems International, Inc.Pentavision (/DG MV)MinicomputerPublishing computer1983<
Peripheral Systems, Inc.EagleMicro (P)1983<
Perry Data Systems, Inc.9200Terminal1983<
Philips Electronics N.V.Information Management Facility (IMF)Office1983<
Micom 2001EWord processor1983<
Plessey MicrosystemsSYST-6241Micro1983<
PolyMorphic SystemsPOLY 186SBCS-1001983<
Portico TechnologyMiracleMicro (P)1983<
Positron Computers900Micro1983<
Powerhouse MicrosPowerhouse 2Micro1983<
Powerhouse 3Micro1983<
PPZ AMEPROD - PoznanK-100PHome computerZX clone1983<
PPZ IMPOL IMSK-1Micro1983<
PPZ IMPOL IIIMP-85Micro1983<
Prime Computer, Inc.Office Automation Systems (OAS)Office1983<
Pertec Computer Corp.3000Micro1982~
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/25Workstation1982~
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 8Minicomputer1982~
Pacific Microcomputers, Inc.PM68DSBCMultibus1982
Panafacom Ltd.U-1200Minicomputer1982
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)JD-850MMicro1982
Pargos Electronic GmbHNIC-12SBC1982
pd Computer GmbHpd 69-MicrocomputerMicro1982
Pegasus Data SystemsPeanutMicro1982
Pegasus ISBC1982
Penta Systems International, Inc.Black Star S8Micro1982
Pentasonic SAProf-80SBCTRS-80 clone1982
Pep Elektronik Systeme GmbHCPS 2000Workstation1982
Percom Data Corp.AT-88-A1Terminal1982
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)Cadmus QU68000Workstation1982
Perkin Elmer Corp.3250Minicomputer1982
Philips Electronics N.V.Color ComputerMicro1982
NMS 3000Micro1982
P2000B (aka P2500)Home computer1982
P2000CHome computer (P)1982
P3000/3XWord processor1982
P3000/4XWord processor1982
P3003Word processor1982
P3004Word processor1982
P5010Word processor1982
P5020Word processor1982
P5030Word processor1982
P5040Word processor1982
Series 3000Word processor1982
WP2002Word processor1982
Phoenix Computer Graphics, Inc.1024MicroMultibus1982
Plessey MicrosystemsPMM 68KSBC1982
PO Schetmash - KishinovByteHome computerZX clone1982
Polymax Sistemas e Periféricos S.A.MaxxiHome computerApple 2 clone1982
Positron Computers9000Micro1982
Powertran Cybernetics Ltd.CortexMicro1982
Prime Computer, Inc.2250Minicomputer1982
Product Associates, Inc.ZDISKMicro1982
Professional Data Computer GmbH (PDC)Consult IMicro (P)1982
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-200Home computerZX clone1982
NE-Z8000Home computerZX clone1982
Sistema 700 Mod 2Micro1982
Protocol Computers, Inc.PCI 51Terminal1982
PCI 78Terminal1982
PDS Technologies, Inc.PDS-2300MicroLSI-11 comp.1982<
Piiceon, Inc.Series IMicro1982<
Series IIMicro1982<
Series IIIMicro1982<
PolyMorphic SystemsPoly-8810MicroS-1001982<
Post-, Telefon- und Telegrafenbetriebe (PTT)LESLI-80MicroLearn1982<
Printed circuits plant - RuseIZOT 1010SMicroIndustrial1982<
IZOT 1011SMicroIndustrial1982<
IZOT 1012SMicroIndustrial1982<
Pragmatic Designs, Inc.Inspector 200Micro1981~
Pacific Microcomputers, Inc.PM68KSBCMultibus1981
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)D-800 M1981
HHCPocket (P)1981
JR-100UHome computer1981
RL-H1400Pocket (P)1981
RL-H1800Pocket (P)1981
Paradyne Corp.9440Terminal1981
pd Computer GmbHVersacom ISBC1981
PEAR Systems SAPEAR 685Micro1981
PEAR 8050Micro1981
Pearcom BVPear IIHome computerApple 2 clone1981
PEL VarazdinGalebHome computerLearn1981
Penflex Elektronik GmbH411-50Terminal (P)1981
Pep Elektronik Systeme GmbHPEP 2000Micro1981
PEP 2000 MPM 10Micro1981
PEP 2000 MPM 4Micro1981
Performance Business Machines (div. MicroPro)CPC-1000Micro1981
Perimatique (by Pertec)PCC 2000Terminal1981
Periphonics Corp.VoicePacMinicomputerCommunication processor1981
Perkin Elmer Corp.550STerminal1981
3210 (Aka MEGAMINI)Minicomputer1981
Nelson 1020Micro1981
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. (PMC)EPS-80 Word ProcessorWord processor1981
PMC-81Home computerTRS-80 clone1981
Pertec Computer Corp.3600Micro1981
Philips Electronics N.V.P1001 Word Processor ESWord processor1981
WP2001/EWord processor1981
Piiceon, Inc.PM 1000Micro1981
PM 2010Micro1981
Plexus Computers, Inc.P/40 Model 1001AMinicomputer1981
P/40 Model 1001BMinicomputer1981
P/40 Model 1001CMinicomputer1981
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 2Minicomputer1981
Mark 3Minicomputer1981
Polycorp New Zealand Ltd.Poly-1 Educational ComputerHome computerLearn1981
Polymax Sistemas e Periféricos S.A.Poly 201 DPOffice1981
Poly 201 WPWord processor1981
Prime Computer, Inc.550 IIMinicomputer1981
ProlĂłgica IndĂșstria e ComĂ©rcio de Microcomputadores Ltda.CP-500Home computerTRS-80 clone1981
NE-Z80Home computerZX clone1981
Sistema 700 Mod 1 (aka S-700)Micro1981
Protec Microsystems, Inc.PRO-80SBCLearn, S-1001981
Protex Industries, Inc.Starnet IIMinicomputerCommunication processor1981
Pulsar Electronics Pty Ltd.Little Big BoardSBC1981
Pan American Electronics, Inc.Type TRS-80Home computerTRS-80 clone1981<
PCC Business Systems7100Terminal1981<
Peritek Corp.VCG-QTTerminal1981<
Phoenix Computer Systems, Inc.RASTER 256Terminal1981<
Piiceon, Inc.Information Processing SystemMicro1981<
Polymax Sistemas e Periféricos S.A.Poly 101 HSOffice1981<
Poly 101 SSOffice1981<
Portable MicrosystemsPDS 65Terminal1981<
Prime Computer, Inc.PT 25Terminal1981<
PT 45Terminal1981<
Princeton Electronic Products, Inc.8500MTerminal1981<
P. LohmerCP/M RechnerHome computer1980~
Philips Electronics N.V.PACT 220TerminalTeleprinter1980~
PM 4300MicroDevelopment system1980~
Phoenix Digital Corp.CPW 09Micro1980~
Optoview 100SBC1980~
Panafacom Ltd.C-180 (=Fujitsu F9450 =HIT-80 =V-80)Micro1980
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)RL-H1000 (aka HHC)Pocket (P)1980
Paradyne Corp.PDS 270Terminal1980
PerifericFAZ IIIMicro1980
Perkin Elmer Corp.550ETerminal1980
Bantam 550ETerminal1980
Bantam 550STerminal1980
Super Owl 1250Terminal1980
Super Owl 1251Terminal1980
PERQ Systems Corp.PERQWorkstation1980
Perry Data Systems, Inc.9800Terminal1980
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. (PMC)PMC-80 (by EACA)Home computerTRS-80 clone1980
Philips Electronics N.V.MARCMinicomputerCommunication processor1980
Micom 1001Word Processor1980
P2000MHome computer1980
P2000THome computer1980
P5002Word processor1980
P5003Word processor1980
PM 4421MicroDevelopment system1980
PM 4422MicroDevelopment system1980
Phoenix Computer GmbH & Co KG1001Micro1980
Pierre Fontaine Informatique SA (PFI)Galaxie 211Micro1980
Galaxie 221Micro1980
Prime Computer, Inc.150Minicomputer1980
150 IIMinicomputer1980
250 IIMinicomputer1980
Panasonic Co. (div. Matsushita)BC-5000Micro1980<
Perkin Elmer Corp.1625Terminal1980<
Philips Electronics N.V.P2033Micro1980<
Plessey MicrosystemsPT100Terminal1980<
P. HakalaMikrospectraMicro1970s
Paavo-Paimen OyPP-1000Home computer1970s
PP-200 (/RCA Cosmac 1802)Home computer1970s
Palyn AssociatesEMMYSpecial1970s
Philips Electronics N.V.P851Minicomputer1970s
WP2000Word processor1970s
WP5/1451Word processor1970s
WP5002Word processor1970s
WP5003Word processor1970s
WP5004Word processor1970s
WP5005Word processor1970s
WP7000Word processor1970s
Pierre Fontaine Informatique SA (PFI)Fontel Galaxie-18Micro1970s
Pilyugin’s Scientific-Research Institute for Automation and Instrument Building (NII AP)BISER-2SpecialGuidance computer1970s
Plessey MicrosystemsSYST-24Minicomputer1970s
Pro-Log Corp.8111Micro1970s
Pertec Computer Corp.4141Terminal1979~
PantherPET console (/CBM PET)Micro1979
Patrick Computer Systems, Inc.LeprechaunMicro1979
Penflex Elektronik GmbH411-01Terminal (P)1979
Perimatique (by Pertec)PCC 1000Terminal1979
Periphere Computer Systeme GmbH (PCS)HDC 80MinicomputerPDP-8 comp.1979
Periphonics Corp.T-CommMinicomputerCommunication processor1979
T-COMM 80MinicomputerCommunication processor1979
Perkin Elmer Corp.550BTerminal1979
Pertec Computer Corp.PCC 1000Micro1979
PCC 2000 (aka MITS 300/15, Ordisor PCC 2000)MicroS-1001979
Philips Electronics N.V.DSX 40MinicomputerCommunication processor1979
PM 4400MicroDevelopment system1979
Plessey MicrosystemsMicro 1/03MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1979
Miproc 16MMicro1979
Point 4 Data Corp.Mark 5Minicomputer1979
Pracownia Elektroniki Medycznej (PEM)Neptun 184MicroIndustrial1979
Pragmatic Designs, Inc.CPU-1SBC1979
Prime Computer, Inc.450Minicomputer1979
Prodigy Systems, Inc.Prodigy IMicro1979
Proteus InternationalProteus III EMicro1979
Psytek, Inc.Psytek 770Micro1979
Pericom Data Systems Ltd.6801Terminal1979<
Perkin Elmer Corp.1615Terminal1979<
Philips Electronics N.V.P430Office1979<
P5005Word processor1979<
Programmed Control Corp.Prophet 21Minicomputer1979<
Pronto Electronic Systems Ltd.601ATerminal1979<
Pyramid Technology Corp.Lite1979<
Pertec Computer Corp.2000Office1978~
Panafacom Ltd.C-15MicroIndustrial1978
Paradyne Corp.ANALYSIS 550Minicomputer1978
Perkin Elmer Corp.1200Terminal1978
Bantam 550Terminal1978