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Marathon Technologies Corp. Departmental SeriesServer-
Enterprise SeriesServer-
Workgroup SeriesServer-
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.Sequel-
Micro SistemasAXis 2.0Micro-
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)MS-6377Board-
MS-91A3 (BTO)Board-
MS-91C2 SeriesBoard-
MS-92C2 SeriesServer-
MS-9638 seriesBoard-
MS-9656 seriesBoard-
MS-96C8 SeriesBoard-
X1-1000 SeriesServer-
Microsys - BeocinZR-ProMicro-
Mid-Century Instrumatic Corp. MC 5800Analog1958<
Mini-Computer Systems, Inc. (MCSI)DIALOG SYSTEM-
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteIskra 2106Micro-
Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (-> Litton Industries)8020-
Motorola, Inc.3432Server-
MilDef SystemsRF10Micro (P)Military2022<
RK10Micro (P)Military2022<
RS11Micro (P)Military2022<
RV11Micro (P)Military2022<
RW11Micro (P)Military2022<
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Pioneer-SCUSSupercomputer2021
Megware Computer GmbHLichtenberg II (Phase 1)Supercomputer2020
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Pioneer-EUSSupercomputer2020
Surface DuoTablet (P)2020
Surface Go 2Tablet (P)2020
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.SL10-NPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SL10-WPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SL10K-NPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SL10K-WPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SM15PDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SM15NPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
SM15WPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
UL20FPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
UL20WPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
UL20XPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
US20WPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
US20XPDA (P)Data terminal2020<
Microway, Inc.IBM Power System LC921Server2020<
IBM Power System LC922Server2020<
IBM Power System S821LCServer2020<
IBM Power Systems AC922Server2020<
Navion 1U 2P EPYC Server (2 models)Server2020<
Navion 2U 2P EPYC ServerServer2020<
Navion 3U 2P EPYC ServerServer2020<
Navion 4U 2P EPYC ServerServer2020<
Numbersmasher 1U (5 models)Server2020<
Numbersmasher 2U (3 models)Server2020<
Numbersmasher 3UServer2020<
Numbersmasher 4U/TowerServer2020<
Numbersmasher 8 CPU+8 GPUServer2020<
Numbersmasher Twin MaxxServer2020<
Numbersmasher Xeon 2U (3 models)Server2020<
Octoputer 4U (4 models)Server2020<
WhisperStation Deep LearningWorkstation2020<
WhisperStation QuadroWorkstation2020<
Maju Express Indonesia PT (Mito)T330 PrimeTablet (P)2010s
Match TechMID100Tablet (P)2010s
MID120Tablet (P)2010s
MID728Tablet (P)2010s
MID733Tablet (P)2010s
MID735Tablet (P)2010s
MID736Tablet (P)2010s
MID737Tablet (P)2010s
MID800Tablet (P)2010s
MID900Tablet (P)2010s
MID930Tablet (P)2010s
MID940Tablet (P)2010s
MID960Tablet (P)2010s
Mediatek Rugged Computer Systems211-1715MicroMilitary2010s
CR-4000Micro (P)Military2010s
MODH-07-MTablet (P)Military2010s
PJK-10-MTablet (P)Military2010s
PJK-15-MTablet (P)Military2010s
Mediox (-> Coby)MID1042Tablet (P)2010s
MID1060Tablet (P)2010s
MID1126Tablet (P)2010s
MID4331Tablet (P)2010s
MID7027Tablet (P)2010s
MID7033Tablet (P)2010s
MID7042Tablet (P)2010s
MID7428Tablet (P)2010s
MID7768Tablet (P)2010s
MID8042Tablet (P)2010s
MID9042Tablet (P)2010s
MID9742Tablet (P)2010s
Merlin DigitalPC 7 Video EditionTablet (P)2010s
Tablet 10.1Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet 8Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet Lite 7Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet PC 3G 7Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet PC 7Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet PC 9.7Tablet (P)2010s
Tablet PC 9.7 3GTablet (P)2010s
Metron L. Industria Eletronica Ltda.TG75Tablet (P)2010s
Mexmal Mayorista, S.A. de C.V.TG97Tablet (P)2010s
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)1055Tablet (P)2010s
K1-1000 SeriesServer2010s
K2-102 SeriesX2-105 SeriesServer2010s
K2-104 SeriesServer2010s
K2-104 Series V2X2-108 SeriesServer2010s
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas LT666 LaptTablet (P)2010s
Canvas LT777 LaptTablet (P)2010s
Canvas P701+Tablet (P)2010s
X740 SimmtronicsTablet (P)2010s
MicrostandardTQ72Tablet (P)2010s
MilDef SystemsCS1100 Series (8 models)Server (P)Military2010s
CS2100 Series (6 models)Micro (P)Military2010s
CS371Server (P)Military2010s
CS373Server (P)Military2010s
CS391Server (P)Military2010s
CS392Server (P)Military2010s
CS9100 SeriesMicro (P)Military2010s
DE13Tablet (P)Military2010s
DK13Tablet (P)Military2010s
DR13Tablet (P)Military2010s
DS13Tablet (P)Military2010s
RB14Micro (P)Military2010s
RK12Micro (P)Military2010s
Rocky RW11Micro (P)Military2010s
RS13Micro (P)Military2010s
RW14Micro (P)Military2010s
Milwaukee PC, Inc.TQ79Tablet (P)2010s
Mint ConnectSapphire M7LTablet (P)2010s
MiotexMiotab MT710UATablet (P)2010s
Miotab MT712UATablet (P)2010s
Miotab MT715UATablet (P)2010s
Miotab MT750UATablet (P)2010s
MIReaderM10Tablet (P)2010s
M8Tablet (P)2010s
M801Tablet (P)2010s
MobicelCosmoTablet (P)2010s
EchoTablet (P)2010s
feverTablet (P)2010s
NeoTablet (P)2010s
PlumTablet (P)2010s
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus-4.4 1UServer2010s
MoveOTPC-10GQTablet (P)2010s
TPC-10HQTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7DCTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7HGTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7HQTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7IQTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7VGTablet (P)2010s
TPC-7VYTablet (P)2010s
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogKaleanaSpecial2010s
MyPhoneSmartview 7 3GTablet (P)2010s
myPhone sp. r.o.o.Smartview 9.6 3GTablet (P)2010s
myTab7Tablet (P)2010s
10Tablet (P)2010s
U19GT3Tablet (P)2010s
U55GTTablet (P)2010s
U9GTVTablet (P)2010s
Medion AGLifeTab E10501Tablet (P)2019
LifeTab X10605Tablet (P)2019
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface Laptop 3Micro (P)2019
Surface Pro 7Tablet (P)2019
Surface Pro XTablet (P)2019
Surface Studio 2Tablet (P)2019
Surface Pro 5 BusinessTablet (P)2019<
MilDef SystemsMilDef DB7PDA (P)Military2019<
Mankyungdae Martime Technology Exchange CenterTaeyang 8321Tablet (P)2018
Megware Computer GmbHGOETHE-HLRSupercomputer2018
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas Tab Breeze P660Tablet (P)2018
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface GoTablet (P)2018
Surface Go JST-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Go JTS-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Go LXK-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Go LXL-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Go MCZ-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Go MHN-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro 6Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FJR-00016Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FJT-00031Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FJX-00031Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FJZ-00023Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FKH-00027Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro FKK-00031Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro GWL-00009Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro GWP-00009Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro HGG-00019Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro HLY-00009Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro KJR-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro KJS-00014Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro KLG-00022Tablet (P)2018
Surface Pro LTE Advanced GWM-00009Tablet (P)2018
Modbook, Inc.Modbook Pro XTablet (P)Mac clone2018
MyPhoneSmartView 8 LTETablet (P)2018
MilDef SystemsDF8APDA (P)Military2018<
Mankyungdae Martime Technology Exchange CenterTaeyang W713Tablet (P)2017
Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.JDTab 7.9Tablet (P)2017
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface Pro 4 FML-00008Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJR-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJS-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJT-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJU-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJX-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJY-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FJZ-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FKG-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FKH-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FKJ-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FKK-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FKL-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FMZ-00002Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FNG-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FNL-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FNN-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FNQ-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro FNS-00014Tablet (P)2017
Surface Pro HGG-00004Tablet (P)2017
Micro/SYS, Inc.miriac SBC-LS1043ASBC2017<
miriac SBC-LS1046ASBC2017<
miriac SBC-LS1088ASBC2017<
miriac SBC-T1024SBC2017<
miriac SBC-T1042SBC2017<
miriac SBC1011SBC2017<
miriac SBC1013SBC2017<
miriac SBC1022SBC2017<
miriac SBC2020SBC2017<
miriac SBC2041SBC2017<
miriac SBC6QSBC2017<
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM-JasperHome computerZX clone2016
Manta S.A.MID1011Tablet (P)2016
MID1013Tablet (P)2016
Medion AGLifeTab P10505Tablet (P)2016
LifeTab P10506Tablet (P)2016
Megware Computer GmbHMeggieSupercomputer2016
Mogon IISupercomputer2016
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)Pro 16 FlexTablet (P)2016
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas P701Tablet (P)2016
Canvas P702Tablet (P)2016
Q341Tablet (P)2016
Q465Tablet (P)2016
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface Pro 4 SU4-00014Tablet (P)2016
Surface Pro 4 TH2-00014Tablet (P)2016
Surface StudioTablet (P)2016
MJN Technology Plc (div. Granville Technology)LA703-KIDS-2Tablet (P)2016
LA703-KIDS-3Tablet (P)2016
Modecom Cyprus Ltd.FreeTAB 8015 IPS XTablet (P)2016
Myohyang IT Co.Ryonghung iPadTablet (P)2016
MyPhonemyTab 10 IIITablet (P)2016
myTabU21GT1Tablet (P)2016
VoltaTablet (P)2016
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM-AlcyonHome computerZX clone2015
Manta S.A.MID1010Tablet (P)2015
MID705Tablet (P)2015
MID715Tablet (P)2015
MID721QCTablet (P)2015
MediacomSmartPad 7.0 iProTablet (P)2015
SmartPad i10 3GTablet (P)2015
SmartPad i7 3GTablet (P)2015
WinPad 8.0 iPro 3GTablet (P)2015
WinPad W801 8.0Tablet (P)2015
WinPad X121 10.1 3GTablet (P)2015
WinPad X201 10.1 3GTablet (P)2015
WinPad X201 E 10.1Tablet (P)2015
Medion AGAkoya E8201TTablet (P)2015
Akoya S1219TTablet (P)2015
LieTab P8912 8.9Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab P7331Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab P8311Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab P8314Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab S10321Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab S10345Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab S10346Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab S10351Tablet (P)2015
LifeTab S8311Tablet (P)2015
P8502Tablet (P)2015
Megatel Computer Corporation, Inc.Tryton (with Action)Supercomputer2015
Megware Computer GmbHbwForCluster MLS&WISO ProductionSupercomputer2015
Micro/SYS, Inc.SBC1654SBC2015
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas LT666 10.1Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P290Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P469 Tabby 7Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P480Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P680Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P690Tablet (P)2015
Canvas P70221Tablet (P)2015
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface 3Tablet (P)2015
Surface 3 128GBTablet (P)2015
Surface 3 64GBTablet (P)2015
Surface Pro 4 CR5-00014Tablet (P)2015
Surface Pro 4 SU3-00014Tablet (P)2015
Microtech s.r.l.e-tab 3GTablet (P)2015
Modecom Cyprus Ltd.FreeONE 10.1Tablet (P)2015
FreeTAB 1035Tablet (P)2015
FreeTAB 8900 IPS IBTablet (P)2015
Momentum 10Tablet (P)2015
SmartPad 10.1 IPTablet (P)2015
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus ARM-401Micro2015
Motion Computing, Inc.C5mTablet (P)2015
F5mTablet (P)2015
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogSkat-8Supercomputer2015
MYIR Tech Ltd.Rico BoardSBC2015
MyPhonemyTab 10 IITablet (P)2015
myTabU101GTTablet (P)2015
U27GT-C8Tablet (P)2015
U51GT-C4Tablet (P)2015
U65GTTablet (P)2015
U80GTTablet (P)2015
MilDef SystemsPanther DF7APDA (P)Military2015<
Manta S.A.MID1009Tablet (P)2014
MID1009ETablet (P)2014
MID701MTablet (P)2014
MID706STablet (P)2014
MID721Tablet (P)2014
MID7803Tablet (P)2014
MID902Tablet (P)2014
MediacomSmarPad 10.1 ProTablet (P)2014
SmarPad Go NeroTablet (P)2014
SmartPad 10.1 S4Tablet (P)2014
SmartPad 10.1 S4 3GTablet (P)2014
SmartPad gGo SkyTablet (P)2014
SmartPad Go SilverTablet (P)2014
SmartPad Go VerdeTablet (P)2014
SmartPad S2 10.1Tablet (P)2014
SmartPad S2 7.03 3GTablet (P)2014
WinPad X100 10.1Tablet (P)2014
Medion AGAkoya E1233TTablet (P)2014
Akoya P2213TTablet (P)2014
Akoya S6213TTablet (P)2014
Akoya S6214TTablet (P)2014
LifeTab P10341Tablet (P)2014
LifeTab S10333Tablet (P)2014
LifeTab S7321Tablet (P)2014
LifeTab S7851Tablet (P)2014
LifeTab S8312Tablet (P)2014
S7322 Junior Tab 7Tablet (P)2014
MegaFonLogin 3Tablet (P)2014
Megware Computer GmbHForHLR 1Supercomputer2014
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)Primo 73KTablet (P)2014
Primo 77Tablet (P)2014
Primo 78 3GTablet (P)2014
Primo 81Tablet (P)2014
S100Tablet (P)2014
S100-017USTablet (P)2014
S80 NoteTablet (P)2014
Micro/SYS, Inc.SBC4661SBC2014
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas P470Tablet (P)2014
Canvas P580I Funbook Ultra HDTablet (P)2014
Canvas P666Tablet (P)2014
Funbook P310 DuoTablet (P)2014
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface Pro 3Tablet (P)2014
Surface Pro 3 5D2-00015 5D2-00015Tablet (P)2014
Surface Pro 3 MQ2-00015 MQ2-00015Tablet (P)2014
Surface Pro 3 PS2-00015 PS2-00015Tablet (P)2014
Surface Pro 3 PU2-00015 PU2-00015Tablet (P)2014
Microtech s.r.l.e-tab ProTablet (P)2014
e-tab StyleTablet (P)2014
Milagrow Business and Knowledge SolutionsM2Pro 3G 16GBTablet (P)2014
M2Pro 3G 32GBTablet (P)2014
M2Pro 3G 8GBTablet (P)2014
M8Pro 3GTablet (P)2014
Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.BE 150Tablet (P)2014
Sky Tab 2Tablet (P)2014
Modecom Cyprus Ltd.7000 ICTablet (P)2014
8000 ICTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 10.1 SilverTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 1004 X4 3GTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 2010 IC 3GTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 7001 HD ICTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 7001 ICTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 8010 ISPTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 8025 IPS IBTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICGTablet (P)2014
FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG PZPNTablet (P)2014
Motion Computing, Inc.CL920Tablet (P)2014
R12Tablet (P)2014
MPManMPDC705Tablet (P)2014
MPDC905Tablet (P)2014
MPQ974 IPSTablet (P)2014
MPQC1004Tablet (P)2014
MPQC1114Tablet (P)2014
MPQC780Tablet (P)2014
MPQC784 IPSTablet (P)2014
MPQC804Tablet (P)2014
MPQC973Tablet (P)2014
MPQC994Tablet (P)2014
My Go Ltd. (Go-Tab)GBT10X GoTab X 10.1Tablet (P)2014
GT785X GoTab X 7.85Tablet (P)2014
GT97X GoTab X 9.7Tablet (P)2014
GT9X GoTab X 9Tablet (P)2014
GTD7-C GoTab 7Tablet (P)2014
GTD7-C GoTab XTablet (P)2014
MyPhonemyTab 10 Q-PremiumTablet (P)2014
myTab 7 Q-PremiumTablet (P)2014
myTab 7+ Dual CoreTablet (P)2014
myTab Mini 3GTablet (P)2014
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM ZephyrSBCZX clone2013
ZXM-ZephyrHome computerZX clone2013
Macroway Technology Co., Ltd.MID138Tablet (P)2013
Manta S.A.MID1003Tablet (P)2013
MID1004Tablet (P)2013
MID1004 3GTablet (P)2013
MID1006Tablet (P)2013
MID1007Tablet (P)2013
MID701Tablet (P)2013
MID701DCTablet (P)2013
MID702Tablet (P)2013
MID703Tablet (P)2013
MID704DCTablet (P)2013
MID705DCTablet (P)2013
MID706 Duo PowerTablet (P)2013
MID707Tablet (P)2013
MID711Tablet (P)2013
MID712Tablet (P)2013
MID713Tablet (P)2013
MID713QCTablet (P)2013
MID713QCETablet (P)2013
MID714Tablet (P)2013
MID717Tablet (P)2013
MID7802Tablet (P)2013
MID781Tablet (P)2013
MID802Tablet (P)2013
MID901Tablet (P)2013
MID9703Tablet (P)2013
MID9704Tablet (P)2013
Media-Tech Poland Ltd. (Media-Droid)M7009 ImperiusTablet (P)2013
MT7004MCD MediaTablet (P)2013
Medion AGAkoya P2211TTablet (P)2013
Akoya P2212TTablet (P)2013
LifeTab E10310 10Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E10317 10.1Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E10318 10.1Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E7310 7Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E7313Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E7315Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab E7316 7Tablet (P)2013
LifeTab S9714Tablet (P)2013
MemupSlidePad 3D 8.1Tablet (P)2013
SlidePad 704DCTablet (P)2013
SlidePad Elite 785Tablet (P)2013
SlidePad Elite 785iTablet (P)2013
SlidePad Elite 9708QCTablet (P)2013
SlidePad Elite 9716QCTablet (P)2013
SlidePad Kids & SlideTablet (P)2013
SlidePad NG 116 DCTablet (P)2013
SlidePad NG 804DCTablet (P)2013
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)Primo 73Tablet (P)2013
Primo 73LTablet (P)2013
Primo 76Tablet (P)2013
Primo 81LTablet (P)2013
Primo 93Tablet (P)2013
W20 3MTablet (P)2013
WinPad Enjoy 71Tablet (P)2013
WinPad Primo 90Tablet (P)2013
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Canvas P650Tablet (P)2013
Canvas P650ETablet (P)2013
Funbook 3G P600Tablet (P)2013
Funbook P255Tablet (P)2013
Funbook P280Tablet (P)2013
Funbook P365Tablet (P)2013
Funbook P4101Tablet (P)2013
Funbook P580Tablet (P)2013
P360 TalkTablet (P)2013
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Surface 2Tablet (P)2013
Surface 2 4G/LTETablet (P)2013
Surface 2 P3W-00012 P3W-00012Tablet (P)2013
Surface 2 P4W-00012 P4W-00012Tablet (P)2013
Surface 2 WiFiTablet (P)2013
Surface Pro 2Tablet (P)2013
Surface Pro 2 6NX-00001 6NX-00001Tablet (P)2013
Surface Pro 2 7NX-00001 7NX-00001Tablet (P)2013
Surface Pro 5NV-00001 5NV-00001Tablet (P)2013
Surface Pro 77X-00001 77X-00001Tablet (P)2013
Surface Pro H5W-00001 H5W-00001Tablet (P)2013
Surface RT 7XR-00030 7XR-00030Tablet (P)2013
Surface RT 7ZR-00017 7ZR-00017Tablet (P)2013
Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.BE 142Tablet (P)2013
BE 151Tablet (P)2013
BE 175Tablet (P)2013
Mobile Tout Terrain (MTT)Tablet 3G 7.85Tablet (P)2013
Modecom Cyprus Ltd.FreeTAB 1001Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1002Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1002 X4Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1003Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1014 X4 3G+Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1014 X4+Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1017 X4+Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1020 IPS ICTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1161Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 1331Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7.4 X4Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7002 X1 3GTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7003 X2 3GTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7004 X2 3GTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7800 IPS ICTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 7801 X4Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 8001 3GTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 8001 X2Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 8002 X2 3GTablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 8014Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 9000 X4Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 9702 X4Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 9704Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 9706 X4+Tablet (P)2013
FreeTAB 9707 X4+Tablet (P)2013
MID701PTablet (P)2013
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus HT-R1000Micro (P)2013
Motion Computing, Inc.F5teTablet (P)2013
J3500Tablet (P)2013
My AudioLightningTablet (P)2013
New Line X2Tablet (P)2013
PowerTablet (P)2013
Series8 816QCTablet (P)2013
Series9 908DCCTablet (P)2013
Series9 916QRTablet (P)2013
My Go Ltd. (Go-Tab)GBT6 GoBook HiveTablet (P)2013
GBT73G GoTab 3GTablet (P)2013
GBT7Lite GoTab 7Tablet (P)2013
GTA6 KidsTab Appi 6Tablet (P)2013
GTA9 KidsTab AppiTablet (P)2013
GTD9 GoTab 9Tablet (P)2013
GTQ785 GoTab 7.85Tablet (P)2013
GTQ97 GoTab 9.7Tablet (P)2013
MYIR Tech Ltd.MYD-AM335XSBC2013
MyPhonemyTab 11 Dual CoreTablet (P)2013
myTab 19 Dual CoreTablet (P)2013
myTab 7 Dual CoreTablet (P)2013
myTab 8 mini Dual CoreTablet (P)2013
MysteryMID-101Tablet (P)2013
MID-123gTablet (P)2013
MID-703GTablet (P)2013
MID-713GTablet (P)2013
MID-721Tablet (P)2013
MID-722Tablet (P)2013
MID-723GTablet (P)2013
MID-724Tablet (P)2013
MID-743GTablet (P)2013
MID-753GTablet (P)2013
MID-781Tablet (P)2013
MID-783GTablet (P)2013
MID-821Tablet (P)2013
MID-823GTablet (P)2013
MID-833GTablet (P)2013
MID-843GTablet (P)2013
MilDef SystemsRocky DF6-CEPDA (P)Military2013<
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)PM-101-A2VServer2012~
Macroway Technology Co., Ltd.MID1010Tablet (P)2012
MID124Tablet (P)2012
MID131Tablet (P)2012
MID134Tablet (P)2012
MID2001Tablet (P)2012
MID2003Tablet (P)2012
MID509Tablet (P)2012
MID511Tablet (P)2012
Manta S.A.MID04Tablet (P)2012
MID05STablet (P)2012
MID05v2Tablet (P)2012
MID06NTablet (P)2012
MID06STablet (P)2012
MID08Tablet (P)2012
MID08STablet (P)2012
MID1001Tablet (P)2012
MID1002Tablet (P)2012
MID1005Tablet (P)2012
MID11Tablet (P)2012
MID12Tablet (P)2012
MID13Tablet (P)2012
MID15Tablet (P)2012
MID709Tablet (P)2012
MID715 3GTablet (P)2012
MID801Tablet (P)2012
MID9701Tablet (P)2012
MID9702Tablet (P)2012
ManyCoreSoft Co., Ltd.ChundoongSupercomputer2012
Media-Tech Poland Ltd. (Media-Droid)Imperius Tab 10Tablet (P)2012
Imperius Tab 10 3GTablet (P)2012
Imperius Tab 10 LTTablet (P)2012
Mediox (-> Coby)MID9740Tablet (P)2012
Megabajt Sp. z o.o. (Tracer)Leo 9Tablet (P)2012
Neo 10 TRaTab43340Tablet (P)2012
Neo 9.7 Premium 3GTablet (P)2012
Neo 9.7 TraTab42820Tablet (P)2012
Neo 9.7 TraTab42973Tablet (P)2012
NoxTablet (P)2012
oVo 2.0 TRaTab42775Tablet (P)2012
oVo 3.0 TraTab43342Tablet (P)2012
oVo Air TraTab43341Tablet (P)2012
oVo Lite GP TraTab43127Tablet (P)2012
oVo Lite GT TraTab43197Tablet (P)2012
oVo TraTab42777Tablet (P)2012
MegaFonLoginTablet (P)2012
Login 2Tablet (P)2012
Megware Computer GmbHAbel (=Cray XC40)Supercomputer2012
MemupSlidePad 704CETablet (P)2012
SlidePad 704CETTablet (P)2012
SlidePad NG 9708DCTablet (P)2012
SlidePad NG 9716DCTablet (P)2012
SlidePad NGT 808DCTablet (P)2012
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)WinPad Enjoy 7 PlusTablet (P)2012
WinPad Primo 91Tablet (P)2012
Micromax Informatics Ltd.Funbook P250Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P275Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P300Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P350Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P362Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P500Tablet (P)2012
Funbook P560Tablet (P)2012
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)SurfaceTablet (P)2012
Surface ProTablet (P)2012
Surface RTTablet (P)2012
Milagrow Business and Knowledge SolutionsTabTop 7.4Tablet (P)2012
MinihandHackberry A10SBC2012
Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.BE 100Tablet (P)2012
BE 101Tablet (P)2012
BE 140Tablet (P)2012
BE 200Tablet (P)2012
Modbook, Inc.Modbook ProTablet (P)Mac clone2012
Modecom Cyprus Ltd.FreeTAB 1002 IPS X2Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 2096 X2+Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 2099Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 7.5 X4 3G+Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 9701Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 9701 HD X1Tablet (P)2012
FreeTAB 9702 ISP X2Tablet (P)2012
Freeway TAB 7.0Tablet (P)2012
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus-3CServer2012
NT Elbrus SMicro (P)2012
Motorola, Inc.ET1 Rugged EnterpriseTablet (P)2012
Xoom 2 10Tablet (P)2012
Xoom 2 Media Edition 8Tablet (P)2012
Xoom 2 MZ615Tablet (P)2012
MPManMID82CTablet (P)2012
MP747Tablet (P)2012
MPDC1000Tablet (P)2012
MPDC110Tablet (P)2012
MPDC77Tablet (P)2012
MPDC8Tablet (P)2012
MPDC88Tablet (P)2012
MPDC97Tablet (P)2012
MPDC99Tablet (P)2012
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogTaygetaSupercomputer2012
My AudioNext D7HDTablet (P)2012
Next S7Tablet (P)2012
Series10 1008BTablet (P)2012
Series10 1016DCCTablet (P)2012
Series7 7080PTablet (P)2012
Series7 708AGTablet (P)2012
Series7 708DCCTablet (P)2012
Series7 708MTablet (P)2012
Series7 708RTablet (P)2012
Series7 708VTablet (P)2012
Series7 708WTablet (P)2012
Series8 808DCCTablet (P)2012
Series9 908ATablet (P)2012
Series9 916DCCTablet (P)2012
Series9 916QITablet (P)2012
My Go Ltd. (Go-Tab)GBT1040RS GoTab 10Tablet (P)2012
GBT10L GoTab Lite 10Tablet (P)2012
GBT7 GoTab 7Tablet (P)2012
GBT740M GoTab 7Tablet (P)2012
GBT740RS GoTab 7Tablet (P)2012
GBT9 GoTab LiteTablet (P)2012
GBT97 GoTab epic vTablet (P)2012
GNT102BK GoNote 2 10Tablet (P)2012
GNT7WT GoNote 7 MiniTablet (P)2012
GoTab 7Tablet (P)2012
GoTab DigitTablet (P)2012
GoTab MultiPad 9Tablet (P)2012
GTB10 GoTab 10Tablet (P)2012
GTi8 GoTab 8Tablet (P)2012
MyPhonemyTab 10Tablet (P)2012
myTab 7Tablet (P)2012
MysteryMID-733GTablet (P)2012
MID-971Tablet (P)2012
myTabU30GT2Tablet (P)2012
Macroway Technology Co., Ltd.MID115Tablet (P)2011
MID119Tablet (P)2011
MID120Tablet (P)2011
MID121Tablet (P)2011
MID123Tablet (P)2011
MID2002Tablet (P)2011
MID306Tablet (P)2011
MID504Tablet (P)2011
MID505Tablet (P)2011
MID508Tablet (P)2011
MID604Tablet (P)2011
MID605Tablet (P)2011
MID607Tablet (P)2011
MID801Tablet (P)2011
MID806Tablet (P)2011
MID808Tablet (P)2011
MID809Tablet (P)2011
Manta S.A.MIDTablet (P)2011
Media-Tech Poland Ltd. (Media-Droid)CassiusTablet (P)2011
Master-Mid GPSTablet (P)2011
MeeboxSlateTablet (P)2011
Megware Computer GmbHVSC-2Supercomputer2011
MemupSlidePad Pocket Pad 4.0Tablet (P)2011
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)WinPad 100WTablet (P)2011
WinPad 110WTablet (P)2011
WinPad EnjoyTablet (P)2011
WinPad Enjoy 10Tablet (P)2011
WinPad Enjoy 10 PlusTablet (P)2011
Motorola, Inc.Droid XYBoardTablet (P)2011
MZ505 Xoom FamilyTablet (P)2011
MZ600 Xoom LTETablet (P)2011
MZ601 Xoom 3GTablet (P)2011
MZ604 Xoom WiFiTablet (P)2011
MZ607 Xoom 2 Media Edition 3GTablet (P)2011
MZ607 Xoom 2 Media Edition WiFiTablet (P)2011
MZ615 Xoom 2 WiFiTablet (P)2011
MZ616 Xoom 2 3GTablet (P)2011
MZ617 Droid Xyboard 10.1Tablet (P)2011
XoomTablet (P)2011
XYBoard 10.1 MZ617Tablet (P)2011
XYBoard 8.2Tablet (P)2011
MPManMID102CTablet (P)2011
MID34CTablet (P)2011
MID72CTablet (P)2011
MID74CTablet (P)2011
MID77CTablet (P)2011
MID84CTablet (P)2011
MP547Tablet (P)2011
MP7007Tablet (P)2011
MP709Tablet (P)2011
MP843Tablet (P)2011
MP888Tablet (P)2011
MP959Tablet (P)2011
MP969Tablet (P)2011
MPDC77 BTTablet (P)2011
MPDC8 BTTablet (P)2011
My Go Ltd. (Go-Tab)GBT1040R GoTab 10Tablet (P)2011
GBT740R GoTab 7Tablet (P)2011
GNT10BK GoNote 10Tablet (P)2011
GNT10WT GoNote 10Tablet (P)2011
Microway, Inc.Navion 8Server2011<
Motorola, Inc.Droid XYBoard 10.1Tablet (P)2011<
Droid XYBoard 8.2Tablet (P)2011<
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM-Phoenix 2Home computerZX clone2000s
M. WynneSpeccyBobSBCZX clone2000s
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.MC-1100PDA (P)2000s
Marxer InformatiqueNLynxTerminal2000s
Maxdata Computer GmbHPlatinium 100 M10Server2000s
Platinium 100 M7Server2000s
Platinium 100 M8Server2000s
Platinium 100 M9Server2000s
Platinium 1000 IM M1Server2000s
Platinium 1000 IM M2Server2000s
Platinium 1600 IR M1Server2000s
Platinium 200 M10Server2000s
Platinium 200 M8Server2000s
Platinium 200 M9Server2000s
Platinium 2000 IR M1Server2000s
Platinium 7200RServer2000s
Platinium Blade X122Server2000s
Platinium Blade X123Server2000s
Platinium Micro 500 I M1Server2000s
Platinium Modular SystemServer2000s
Platinium SU 1012 IR M1Server2000s
Maxxboxx DatasystemsMaxxBoxx 860/200MicroMac clone2000s
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)P1-1000Server2000s
P1-106 SeriesServer2000s
P1-107 SeriesServer2000s
X2-201 SeriesServer2000s
X2-203 SeriesServer2000s
Micro/SYS, Inc.SBC1652SBC2000s
Micromint, Inc.BCC180SBC2000s
Micron Electronics, Inc.Netframe 120Server2000s
NetFrame 1620Server2000s
NetFrame 1720Server2000s
NetFrame 2620Server2000s
NetFrame 2720Server2000s
NetFrame 3610 RmServer2000s
NetFrame 3620Server2000s
NetFrame 620Server2000s
NetFrame 640Server2000s
NetFrame 6600Server2000s
NetFrame 6600 RmServer2000s
NetFrame 6620Server2000s
MicroSys Electronics GmbHMiriacSBC2000s
Microway, Inc.Navion AServer2000s
Navion CServer2000s
Navion NServer2000s
Midwest Micro-Tek, Inc.MMT-251SBC2000s
Mini-Computer Systems, Inc. (MCSI)IND-486HSBC2000s
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Moi 338+PDA (P)2000s
Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.CraneBoardSBC2000s
Mitac, Inc.CA-25Tablet (P)2000s
CA-27Tablet (P)2000s
CA-35Tablet (P)2000s
Chilai 2000Server2000s
Chilai 2100Server2000s
Maryang 2000Server2000s
Nanhu 1200Server2000s
Puli 1000Server2000s
Puli 1210Server2000s
Taiping 2000Server2000s
Taiping 2100Server2000s
Taiping 5000Server2000s
Takao 7000Server2000s
Mobile Crossing, Inc.WayPoint 105 PDAPDA (P)2000s
WayPoint 205 GPSPDA (P)2000s
MobileDemand, LLCXTabletTablet (P)2000s
Motion Computing, Inc.M1300Tablet (P)2000s
M1400Tablet (P)2000s
M2100Tablet (P)2000s
MultivisionTitan Server 1000Server2000s
M. StirlingZX Spectrum on Altera DE1SBCZX clone2010
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)AE2420 3D AIO E24CI5-B3DH2010
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogRigelSupercomputer2010
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.OX10PDA (P)2010<
UL10PDA (P)2010<
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)MS-9297Server2009
X-Slim Series X340 Super-BK2009
X-Slim Series X340 Super-SV2009
X-Slim Series X340 Super-WH2009
X-Slim Series X340-BK2009
X-Slim Series X340-SV2009
X-Slim Series X340-WH2009
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus MB3S1/CMicro2009
Motion Computing, Inc.J3400Tablet (P)2009
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogOrion-5Supercomputer2009
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.MC-6200SPDA (P)2009<
MC-6700SPDA (P)2009<
MC-7100SPDA (P)2009<
SkyPDA (P)2009<
SM10PDA (P)2009<
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)PM-104Server2008~
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM PhoenixSBCZX clone2008
ZXM-777Home computerZX clone2008
ZXM-PhoenixHome computerZX clone2008
Maxdata Computer GmbHPlatinium 300 IR M8Server2008
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)X2-109Server2008
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio P560 DigiWalkerPDA (P)2008
Motion Computing, Inc.F5Tablet (P)2008
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.MC-7700SPDA (P)2008<
Maxdata Computer GmbHPlatinium 2000 IR M7Server2007
Platinium 300 IR M7Server2007
Platinium 3000 M7Server2007
Platinium 50 M2Server2007
Platinium 500 IR M7Server2007
Platinium 7200 IR M7Server2007
Micro Electronics, Inc.PowerSpec Server 366Server2007
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)P1-107-A2DServer2007
Motion Computing, Inc.C5Tablet (P)2007
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.MC-6300SPDA (P)2007<
MC-6400SPDA (P)2007<
MC-6500SPDA (P)2007<
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CPServer2007<
Maxdata Computer GmbHPlatinium 100 M6Server2006
Platinium 1500 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 200 M6Server2006
Platinium 200 M7Server2006
Platinium 2000 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 300 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 3000 M6Server2006
Platinium 400 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 50 M1Server2006
Platinium 500 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 5200 I M5Server2006
Platinium 600 IR M6Server2006
Platinium 7200 IR M6Server2006
Medion AGMDPEA 1000PDA (P)2006
MDPEA 1500 (MD96700)PDA (P)2006
Micro/SYS, Inc.SBC4670SBC2006
Micron Electronics, Inc.Netframe 1420Server2006
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio P350PDA (P)2006
Mio P550PDA (P)2006
M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.MC-7500SPDA (P)2006<
Maxdata Computer GmbHFusion 1000Workstation2006<
Mesh Computers PlcX-Serve 146Server2006<
X-Serve 5275Server2006<
X-Serve 530Server2006<
Micro/SYS, Inc.SBC0386EXSBC2006<
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)X2-103 SeriesServer2005~
X2-104 SeriesServer2005~
X2-106 SeriesServer2005~
X2-107 SeriesServer2005~
Maxdata Computer GmbHFalcon 100MicroThin client2005
Falcon 200MicroThin client2005
Falcon 200LMicroThin client2005
Falcon 300MicroThin client2005
Falcon 300LMicroThin client2005
Platinium 100 M5Server2005
Platinium 1500 IR M5Server2005
Platinium 200 M5Server2005
Platinium 2000 IR M5Server2005
Platinium 3000 M5Server2005
Platinium 500 IR M5Server2005
Platinium 5220 I M5Server2005
Platinium 7210RServer2005
Medion AGMDPEA 150 (MD95282)PDA (P)2005
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio 169PDA (P)2005
Mobile Crossing, Inc.WayPoint 100PDA (P)2005
WayPoint 200 GPSPDA (P)2005
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus-3M1Micro2005
Motion Computing, Inc.LS800Tablet (P)2005
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)X2-102 SeriesServer2005<
Maxdata Computer GmbHPlatinium 520Server2004
Medion AGMDPEA 150 (MD95459)PDA (P)2004
MDPEA 250 (MD41800)PDA (P)2004
Micron Electronics, Inc.NetFrame 4620Server2004
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio 168 DigiwalkerPDA (P)2004
Mio 168RSPDA (P)2004
Motion Computing, Inc.Tablet PC DeluxeTablet (P)2004
M. PratoChromeSBCZX clone2003
Medion AGMDPEA 100 (MD7200)PDA (P)2003
MDPEA 100 (MD95025)PDA (P)2003
Micron Electronics, Inc.NetFrame 1610Server2003
NetFrame 2610Server2003
NetFrame 3610Server2003
NetFrame 600Server2003
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio 338PDA (P)2003
Mio 339PDA (P)2003
Mio 558 DigiwalkerPDA (P)2003
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Q62DANTerminal2003
Motion Computing, Inc.Tablet PCTablet (P)2003
Marathon Technologies Corp. Endurance 4000Server2003<
MaxVision Corp.Symbion Pro2200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Micro-Pro Computer (Imports) Pty Ltd.Thunder iL440Server2003<
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CE MicrotowerServer2003<
ClientPro CF Low ProfileServer2003<
Millennia Pro 2 400 (2p)Server2003<
Millennia Pro2 360 (2p)Workstation2003<
NetFrame 3400Server2003<
NetFrame LV2001Server2003<
Pantera Server P166Server2003<
PowerServer SMP P266Server2003<
PowerServer SMP P90Server2003<
Microsens Informatica Ltda.Sens In2 IIIServer2003<
Sens In2 III 700Server2003<
Mind Computer ProductsComputer ProductsServer2003<
Eclipse DP2 333 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP2 350 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP2 400 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP2 450 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP3 450 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP3 500 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP3 550 BX-DSServer2003<
Eclipse DP3 600 BX-DSServer2003<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMITY CN M3031-L47P1Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-L47U1Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-P47M1Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-P47S1Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-P47S3Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-P77P3Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-Q78P3Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-Q78S1Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
AMITY CN M3031-Q78S3Micro (P)Pen computer2003<
apricot FT8000 Model 160Server2003<
apricot FT8000 Model 260Server2003<
apricot FT8000 Model 270Server2003<
apricot FT8000 Model 460Server2003<
apricot FT8000 SR220aServer2003<
apricot LS670 Server M3523Server2003<
MultiSourcePPRO 150 ServerServer2003<
PPRO 180 ServerServer2003<
Premier PPRO 150 SERVERServer2003<
Premier PPRO 200 SERVERServer2003<
Van PPRO 150 SERVERServer2003<
Van PPRO 200 SERVERServer2003<
MultitechProSpec PS-PP200D PPro 200 (2p)Workstation2003<
Mynix Technologies, Inc.MyComp P6-200/TD6NF (2p)Workstation2003<
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio 528APDA (P)2002~
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CG2Server2002
ClientPro CHServer2002
Microsoft Corp. (by Pegatron)Smart DisplayTablet (P)2002
Mio Technology Corp. (div Mitac)Mio 528PDA (P)2002
MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbHSC13SBC2002<
Merocomp OyMC ServeriServer2001
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CRServer2001
Movita Technologies, Inc.TP100MicroThin client2001
MPlus Tech Co., Ltd.Phone 2000PDA (P)2001
Zess PlusPDA (P)2001
Microport GmbHMicroPCPanel2000~
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CFServer2000
ClientPro CNServer2000
ClientPro CS 550Server2000
ClientPro CTServer2000
ClientPro DX5000Server2000
ClientPro DX5000 600Server2000
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Entrance 200/1Server2000
Entrance 200/2Server2000
Entrance 200/3Server2000
Entrance 300/1Server2000
Entrance 300/2Server2000
Entrance 300/3Server2000
Entrance 300/4Server2000
Entrance 500/1Server2000
Entrance 500/2Server2000
Entrance 500/3Server2000
Entrance 500/4Server2000
Entrance 500/5Server2000
Entrance 700/1Server2000
Entrance 700/2Server2000
Entrance 700/3Server2000
Entrance 700/4Server2000
Entrance 700/5Server2000
Mesh Computers Plc700LServer2000<
Micron Electronics, Inc.NetFrame 5200Server2000<
Magicland ElectronicsMAG-11SBCMicrocontroller1990s
Marathon Computer, Inc.?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/120MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/200MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/233MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/250MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/250MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/275MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/300MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/180MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/200MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/240MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 604e/200MicroMac clone1990s
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)AlewifeSpecial1990s
Medusa Computer SystemsHades 040Home computerAtari TT clone1990s
T60Home computerAtari TT clone1990s
Memorex Telex Corp.PC-Server 8630Server1990s
PC-Server 8640Server1990s
Met@box?MicroMac clone1990s
JoeCARDMicroMac clone1990s
MGP "Anbelo"Anbelo/CHome computerZX clone1990s
Micona Corp.MICON-196KCSBCMicrocontroller1990s
Micro Computer ConsultantsCentaur1990s
Micro/SYS, Inc.PPC40Micro1990s
Micromint, Inc.BCC52CXSBCMicrocontroller1990s
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CGServer1990s
NetFrame 3101Server1990s
NetFrame 6201Server1990s
NetFrame 9201Server1990s
Vetix MXI PentiumPro 200Server1990s
Microtrek Universal Microcomputer ProductsHD6303X SBCSBCMicrocontroller1990s
Miko - TernopilMiko-BestHome computerZX clone1990s
Minolta Co., Ltd.MWP-161Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-171Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-172Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-181Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-271Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-50fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-51fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-52fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-55Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-60Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-60HWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-65Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-75fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-77fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-77fbWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-78fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-79fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-80Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-81fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-82fWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-85f90Word processor (P)1990s
MWP-90SWord processor (P)1990s
MWP-92fWord processor (P)1990s
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMiTY XP M3071-L46U3Micro (P)Pen computer1990s
AMiTY XP M3071-L46U3BMicro (P)Pen computer1990s
DPP/CAPSpecialParallel computer1990s
Melcom 350/3000Minicomputer1990s
Melcom 60/3000Minicomputer1990s
Melcom ME Series (/HP 9000)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/J200 2pWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7120-60Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7120-80Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-100Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-33Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-50Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-64Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-75Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7150-80Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7250-100Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7250-75Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7350Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7350-125Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7550Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/R7550-125Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/RC160Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/RC180-XPWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/RC8000 (/HP C8000)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/RK260 (4 models)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/RK460 (4 models)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8125Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8135Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8145Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8155Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8340 (2 models)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8350Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8360Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8370 (2 models)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8430Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8440Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8450Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8460Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8470 (2 models)Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8530Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8540Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8550Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8560Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/S8570Workstation1990s
Melcom ME/SD250 2pWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/SK200 2pWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/SK210 1pWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/SK260 2pWorkstation1990s
Melcom ME/SK460 2pWorkstation1990s
Melcom MR Series (/HP 9000)Workstation1990s
Mobius Computer Corp.Mirage Series IPS/1+WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Modular Micro Controls, Inc.PC-452SBCMicrocontroller1990s
Motion Computing, Inc.M1200Tablet (P)1990s
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 8000 Model 8520ServerRISC1990s
Delta Series 8000 Model 8540ServerRISC1990s
Delta Series 8000 Model 8540ServerRISC1990s
PC 7100 FKTerminal (P)1990s
PPX765 / PV1000SBC1990s
PPX820 / PV1000SBC1990s
T-ASPSpecialParallel computer1990s
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CP C400Server1999
ClientPro CS 500Server1999
ClientPro CXServer1999
NetFrame 2100 450Server1999
NetFrame 2101 450Server1999
NetFrame 3100 500Server1999
NetFrame 3101 500Server1999
NetFrame 9200 X450Server1999
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMiTY GP M3071-L46K1Micro (P)Pen computer1999
AMiTY GP M3071-L46S3Micro (P)Pen computer1999
AMiTY SVMicro (P)Pen computer1999
AMiTY VCMicro (P)Pen computer1999
Motorola, Inc.88000/300SupercomputerArray processor1999
StarTAC ClipOn OrganizerPDA (P)1999
MicroSlate, Inc.Datellite 500PMicro (P)Pen computer1999<
Datellite 500VMicro (P)Pen computer1999<
MactellTwister TW 203MicroMac clone1998
Twister TW 243MicroMac clone1998
Twister TW 753MicroMac clone1998
Typhoon TY 183MicroMac clone1998
XB 203/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 203/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 204/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 204/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 253/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 253/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 303/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 303/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 180MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 200MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 233MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 250MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 250MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 266MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 275MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 300MicroMac clone1998
Meridian Data, Inc.Snap!ServerNAS Server1998
Micron Electronics, Inc.ClientPro CE C300Server1998
ClientPro CE C300 MicroTowerServer1998
ClientPro CE C333 MicroTowerServer1998
ClientPro CP 350Server1998
ClientPro CP 400Server1998
ClientPro CP 450 MiniTowerServer1998
ClientPro CS 450Server1998
ClientPro CS 450 MiniTowerServer1998
NetFrame 10900 400Server1998
NetFrame 2101 333Server1998
NetFrame 3100 400Server1998
NetFrame 6200 X400Server1998
NetFrame E LV2001 233Server1998
NetFrame LV2000 233Server1998
NetFrame MV5000 300Server1998
NetFrame MV5001 233Server1998
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMiTY CN modelMicro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 2Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 2/64Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 3Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 30Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 31Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model 40Micro (P)Pen computer1998
AMiTY CN model SMicro (P)Pen computer1998
Apricot FT3000Server1998
Apricot FT5000Server1998
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus-90microMicro1998
Motorola, Inc.PPX820 / PV5000SBC1998
Microway, Inc.Screamer 633Workstation1998<
MacroSystem Computer GmbHCasablancaMicro1997
MacWayStarWay 200MicroMac clone1997
MacWorksMillenium 604/132MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/150MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/166MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/200MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/233MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/400MicroMac clone1997
Millenium G3/307MicroMac clone1997
Millenium G3/325MicroMac clone1997
Maxxboxx DatasystemsMaxxBoxx 730/200MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 860/225MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/233MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/266MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/333MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/180 MPMicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/200MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/200 MPMicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/225MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/800 MPMicroMac clone1997
Micron Electronics, Inc.Vetix 2LXI 200Server1997
Vetix LXI 200Server1997
Vetix LXI-N 200Server1997
Microtec Sistemas Ind√ļstria e Com√©rcio Ltda.Mythus Server 6200Server1997
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMiTY CN M3031-J24P1Micro (P)Pen computer1997
AMiTY CN M3031-J24S1Micro (P)Pen computer1997
AMiTY CN M3031-J26P1Micro (P)Pen computer1997
AMiTY CN M3031-J26S1Micro (P)Pen computer1997
AMiTY CN M3031-L47S1Micro (P)Pen computer1997
AMiTY VP (3 models)Micro (P)Pen computer1997
apricot FT2400 (3 models)Server1997
Apricot FT600 (2 models)Server1997
Melcom 350-MR3100MinicomputerIndustrial, RISC1997
Melcom 350-MR3200MinicomputerIndustrial, RISC1997
Melcom 350-MR3300MinicomputerIndustrial, RISC1997
Melcom 60-MR3000 SeriesMinicomputerIndustrial, RISC1997
Motorola, Inc.PDT 220Terminal1997<
MacroSystem Computer GmbHDraCo VisionMicroAmiga comp.1996
Medusa Computer SystemsHades 060Home computerAtari TT clone1996
Micron Electronics, Inc.PowerServer SMP 133Server1996
PowerServer SMP 266Server1996
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AMiTY SPMicro (P)Pen computer1996
apricot FT1200Server1996
apricot FT4200Server1996
apricot FT8000 Model 400Server1996
apricot FT8000 Model 800Server1996
Motorola, Inc.Forté ComView F2154AMicro (P)Pen computer1996
StarMax 3000/160 DTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/160 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/180 DTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/180 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/200 DTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/200 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 3000/240 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 4000/160 DTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 4000/160 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 4000/200 DTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 4000/200 MTMicroMac clone1996
StarMax 5000/225MicroMac clone1996
StarMax 5000/250MicroMac clone1996
StarMax 5000/275MicroMac clone1996
StarMax 5000/300MicroMac clone1996
StarMax 5500/200MicroMac clone1996
StarMax Pro 6000/233MicroMac clone1996
StarMax Pro 6000/266MicroMac clone1996
Memorex Telex Corp.Infinity SP rangeSpecial1996<
Tricord PowerframeServer1996<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot FT//ex1000Server1996<
apricot FT//ex1500Server1996<
apricot FT//ex2000Server1996<
apricot LS 550 Pentium rangeWorkstation1996<
apricot Shogun SMP SuperserverServer1996<
MJN Technology Plc (div. Granville Technology)486SX25 LANWorkstation1996<
Motorola, Inc.PowerStack rangeMicroMac clone1996<
Micron Electronics, Inc.PowerServer SMP P266 Pentium 133 (2p)Server1995>
PowerServer SMP P90 Pentium 90 (2p)Server1995>
Vetix 2LXI PentiumPro 200 (2p)Server1995>
Vetix 2MXI PentiumPro 200 (2p)Server1995>
Vetix EL 1000 PentiumPro 200Server1995>
Vetix EL 2000 PentiumPro 200 (2p)Server1995>
Vetix LXI PentiumPro 200Server1995>
Mind Computer ProductsUltimate Dual Pro FX-ATX Pentium Pro 180 (2p)Workstation1995>
Ultimate Dual Pro FX-ATX Pentium Pro 200 (2p)Workstation1995>
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot FT//mpServer1995>
MultitechProSpec PS-P100D Pentium 100 (2p)Workstation1995>
ProSpec PS-P166D Pentium 166 (2p)Workstation1995>
ProSpec PS-P200D Pentium 200 (2p)Server1995>
MacroSystem Computer GmbHDraCo 060MicroAmiga comp.1995
MacWarehousePowerUser 110CDMicroMac clone1995
Minsk Production Association of Computer Engineering (MPOVT)ES-1230 (aka MINSK-9000)Mainframe1995
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Apricot Shogun (2 models)Server1995
Motorola, Inc.Envoy 100PDA (P)1995
Marco CommunicatorPDA (P)1995
PowerStack MT 604-100MicroMac clone1995
Micron Electronics, Inc.433VLE Magserver CDServer1995<
433VLE Winserver CDServer1995<
450VLE Magserver CDServer1995<
450VLE WinServer CDServer1995<
MicroARTATM Turbo 2+Home computerZX clone1994
Micron Electronics, Inc.PowerServer 66 PCIServer1994
Micronics Computers Corp.M4PWorkstation1994
Mitac, Inc.Micronote Lite 4010FMicro (P)Palmtop1994
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.RX7000/H10Office1994
Motorola, Inc.MVME 1603Board1994
PowerPC 603MicroMac clone1994
PowerPC 604MicroMac clone1994
Micro Controls InternationalvoiceSTATIONMicro1994<
MicroAccess, Inc.San Francisco seriesServerFault tolerant1994<
Micron Electronics, Inc.486VL MagServer 433 DXServer1994<
486VL MagServer 450 DX2Server1994<
486VL MagServer 466 DX2Server1994<
486VL WinServer 433 DXServer1994<
486VL WinServer 450 DX2Server1994<
486VL WinServer 466 DX2Server1994<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot FT//ex 486DX2/66Server1994<
apricot FT//ex Pentium 90Server1994<
apricot FTe 486DX2/66Server1994<
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)J-machine (1024 nodes)Supercomputer1993
J-machine (512 nodes)Supercomputer1993
Matra DatasystemMinitel 5Terminal (P)VTX (Minitel)1993
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.80C32SBC1993
Medusa Computer SystemsT40Home computerAtari TT clone1993
Meiko Scientific Ltd.CS-2 Computing SurfaceSupercomputer1993
Memorex Telex Corp.1481Terminal1993
PC-Server 8650Server1993
MicroARTATM Turbo 2Home computerZX clone1993
Micron Electronics, Inc.466VLE MagServer CDServer1993
466VLE WinServer CDServer1993
486VL WindServerServer1993
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.AmityMicro (P)Pen computer1993
Apricot FT//eServer1993
Apricot FT//exServer1993
apricot FT//ex 486Server1993
Apricot FT//sServer1993
Melcom ME/S8020Workstation1993
Melcom ME/S8050Workstation1993
Melcom ME/S8070Workstation1993
Melcom ME/S8090Workstation1993
Mobius Computer Corp.Mirage Series IPS/10 Model 30WorkstationSPARC clone1993
Mirage Series IPS/10 Model 40WorkstationSPARC clone1993
Mirage Series IPS/10 Model 41WorkstationSPARC clone1993
Mirage Series IPS/10 Model 51WorkstationSPARC clone1993
Motorola, Inc.810Server1993
PowerPC 601MicroMac clone1993
Series 900 M810Server1993
Series 900 M911Server1993
Series 900 M912Server1993
Series 900 M921Server1993
Series 900 M922Server1993
Series 900 M933Server1993
Series 900 M963Server1993
Series 900 M984Server1993
Series FT 520Server1993
Series FT 820Server1993
Series FT 830Server1993
MasPar Computer Corp.MP-2 (MP-2201) SupercomputerArray processor1992
MP-2 (MP-2201)SupercomputerArray processor1992
MP-2 (MP-2202)SupercomputerArray processor1992
MP-2 (MP-2204)SupercomputerArray processor1992
MP-2 (MP-2208)SupercomputerArray processor1992
MP-2 (MP-2216)SupercomputerArray processor1992
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.P2100Pocket (P)1992
Melard Technologies, Inc.ACCESS II-80Micro (P)1992
Memorex Corp.CommuterMicro (P)Palmtop1992
Memorex Telex Corp.8000Server1992
Micro-Term, Inc.6600LTerminal1992
Microway, Inc.486-B2TWorkstation1992
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M4000 PC-50Workstation1992
M4000 SC-67Server1992
Magnum 4000 PC-50Workstation1992
Magnum 4000 SC-50Workstation1992
Mitac, Inc.1600AMicro (P)Palmtop1992
Mitsuba Corp.Palmtop (=Tidalwave)Micro (P)Palmtop1992
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot LS ProServer1992
Melcom 80 GS700/10Office1992
Mobius Computer Corp.Mirage Series IPS/2WorkstationSPARC clone1992
Momenta Corp.Momenta 1/40WMicro (P)Pen computer1992
Momenta 1/80Micro (P)Pen computer1992
Momenta 1/80WMicro (P)Pen computer1992
Motorola, Inc.MC-56154Special1992
PenSecPDA (P)1992
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)TPA XP-1MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1992
Micromint, Inc.BCC11SBCMicrocontroller1992<
MicroSlate, Inc.Datellite 400LMicro (P)Pen computer1992<
Microsystems Development Technologies, Inc.ispHC11SBCMicrocontroller1992<
Microway, Inc.486-B3Workstation1992<
Minotaur SystemsE2-KITSBCMicrocontroller1992<
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.Magnum 3000/25Workstation1992<
Magnum 3000/33Workstation1992<
MJS Designs, Inc.EV80C51FXSBCMicrocontroller1992<
Modular Micro Controls, Inc.MC51CSBCMicrocontroller1992<
Mosaic Industries, Inc.QEDSBCMicrocontroller1992<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Melcom EX900/180MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/311MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/411MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/490MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/511MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/521MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/570MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/610MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/621MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/622MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/732MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Melcom EX900/742MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991~
Masscomp Co.K11Workstation1991
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.Series XServer1991
Micro-Term, Inc.6600Terminal1991
MicroARTATMHome computerZX clone1991
ATM Turbo 1 (aka ATM 512K)Home computerZX clone1991
MicroMuse Ltd.Muse/ix 2000WorkstationSPARC clone1991
Micronics Computers Corp.3XTerminalX-Terminal1991
Microvitec Ltd.MGC3100Terminal1991
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M3000/33Workstation1991
Mission Cyrus Group286SX NET WorkstationWorkstation1991
386SX NET WorkstationWorkstation1991
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.ADENARTSpecialParallel computer1991
apricot FT486-25SServer1991
apricot FTe (2 models)Server1991
apricot FTs (2 models)Server1991
apricot XEN-LS (Venus IV Motherboard)Micro1991
Melcom EX900/190MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom EX900/210MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom EX900/260MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom EX900/320MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom EX900/440MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom EX900/480MainframeIBM 390 comp.1991
Melcom ME/R7200Workstation1991
Melcom ME/R7300Workstation1991
Melcom ME/R7500Workstation1991
Melcom ME/S7200Workstation1991
Melcom ME/S7300Workstation1991
Melcom ME/S7500Workstation1991
Mobius Computer Corp.Protege Series P433iWorkstation1991
Protege Series P450iWorkstation1991
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Development Server IServer1991
Momenta Corp.PenTopMicro (P)Pen computer1991
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 4000 Model 4220Server1991
Delta Series 4000 Model 4620Server1991
Delta Series 8000 Model 8120ServerRISC1991
Delta Series 8000 Model 8220Server1991
Delta Series 8000 Model 8420Server1991
Delta Series 8000 Model 8620Server1991
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)TPA-XP1 (prototype)Special1991
MicroSlate, Inc.Datellite 150SMicro (P)Pen computer1991<
Datellite 300LMicro (P)Pen computer1991<
Mars Microsystems, Inc.Mariner 4i (by Tatung)WorkstationSPARC clone1990
Martin Marrieta5200 RPWorkstation1990
MasPar Computer Corp.MP-1 (MP-1101)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1102)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1104)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1201)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1202)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1204)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1208)SupercomputerArray processor1990
MP-1 (MP-1216)SupercomputerArray processor1990
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Adena 256Mainframe1990
Meiko Scientific Ltd.MK085WorkstationSPARC clone1990
MK086WorkstationSPARC clone1990
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)MS-6100 SerieBoard1990
Micronics Computers Corp.Max TermTerminal1990
Midia InformaticaPDV 600TerminalData Terminal1990
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M3000/25Workstation1990
Magnum 3000Workstation1990
Mitac, Inc.4280G FileServerServer1990
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Apricot LANStationServer1990
Melcom 70 MX/5600IIMinicomputer1990
Melcom 70 MX/5700IIMinicomputer1990
Melcom 70 MX/5800IIMinicomputer1990
Melcom EX860IIMainframe1990
Melcom EX870IIMainframe1990
Melcom EX880IIMainframe1990
Morton Management, Inc.Gigaserver 486/33Server1990
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 8000 Model 8408Server1990
Myrias Computer Technologies, Inc.SPS-3Supercomputer1990
Memorex Telex Corp.1192C2Terminal1990<
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.RC6820Server1990<
Mission Cyrus GroupDarius CentralNtelligenceServer1990<
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 8000 Model 8608Server1990<
Mackintosh Computers Ltd.U-2200Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Magnavox CompanyVideoWriter 250Word processor1980s
VideoWriter 350Word processor1980s
VideoWriter 450Word processor1980s
VideoWriter 460Word processor1980s
Magnex Eletr√īnica Ltda.Manager IIMicro1980s
Manudax SA (by Eltec)Eurocom-IISBC1980s
Marconi Instruments Ltd.CAE SystemWorkstationCAD1980s
Marquette Electronics, Inc.8000 Holter SystemMicro1980s
Mashinno-elektrotekhnicheski Institut - TU SofiaEMK-11SBCLearn1980s
Masscomp Co.6700WorkstationParallel computer1980s
Matériel Technique de Boulogne (MTB)SqualeHome computer1980s
Matra DatasystemM1TerminalVTX (Minitel)1980s
M43 (by SUN)Workstation1980s
MD 500 (by Norsk Data)Micro1980s
MD 5000 (by Norsk Data)Micro1980s
MD 555Micro1980s
MD 565Micro1980s
MD 575Micro1980s
MD 5800Micro1980s
MD 585Micro1980s
MD 5900Micro1980s
TTE 315TerminalVTX1980s
TTE 415TerminalVTX1980s
TTE A310TerminalVTX (Minitel)1980s
X-MS 3000 IA (by SUN)Server1980s
X-MS-1300 (by SUN)Workstation1980s
X-MS-2000 (by SUN)Workstation1980s
MaxitronicaMaxitronic IHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-2001Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-48Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-64Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Maxxboxx DatasystemsMaxxBoxx 860/180 MPMicroMac clone1980s
Mayon Elektronik GmbHPhoenix 16SBC1980s
MBC? (Prototype)Word processor1980s
ALCYANE A10Micro1980s
ALCYANE A100Micro1980s
ALCYANE A15Micro1980s
ALCYANE A20Micro1980s
ALCYANE A30Micro1980s
ALCYANE A5Micro1980s
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.Unigraphics II D-2300 (by Megatek)Workstation1980s
Unigraphics II D-4111 (by Tektronix)Workstation1980s
Measurement Systems & Controls, Inc.SBC-3200SBC1980s
Mechanikai Meromuszerek Gyara (MMG)MIKRO PLVMicro1980s
Medicor M√ľvekMOD-81-DMicro1980s
Medidata Inform√°tica S.A.M1800Minicomputer1980s
Mega Byte Micro Systems?Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Memorex Corp.2391Terminal1980s
Memory System (by SANCO)7000Micro1980s
Mentec Computer Systems Ltd.M1SBC1980s
Mentor Graphics Corp.Compute Engine (/Apollo)Workstation1980s
Merlin (British Telecom)M2215Micro1980s
Metra BlanskoHvezdaTerminal1980s
Michels & Kleberhoff Computer GmbHCPU IISBC1980s
Micom Data Systems Ltd.Micom 3000 MINI EDITWord processor1980s
Micom MINI EDITWord processor1980s
Micom SATELLITEWord processor1980s
Micom WP5002 (=Philips WP5002)Word processor1980s
Micro ConceptsConcept-09SBC1980s
Micro Digital Systems Ltd.MDS 2009MicroS-1001980s
Micro-Archi SarlPBBMicro (P)1980s
Micro-Term, Inc.4440Terminal1980s
MicroAceMicroAceHome computerZX clone1980s
Microbee Systems (-> Applied Technologies)Model IIMicro1980s
Microdata Information Systems Ltd. (MDISL)SequoiaSpecial1980s
Micromation , Inc.Mariner 9000Micro1980s
Micronique SASHB-F2000 (prototype)Home computer1980s
Micropic Ltda.MC-186/TIHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
MicroPro Design Pty Ltd.MicroConSBC1980s
Micropross InstrumentationMU 40Special1980s
MicrorepM 2200Office1980s
Microtec Sistemas Ind√ļstria e Com√©rcio Ltda.MT-300Micro1980s
Microwi Electronic GmbH68000Micro1980s
Mida Systems ABSYSTEM-2SpecialMilitary1980s
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteTIM-020Micro1980s
MIKCA80Home computerLearn1980s
Mikrodat K.K.T.DE-300Micro1980s
MikrolabKR580IK80Home computerLearn1980s
Mikromeri OyMicrospectraMicro1980s
Spectra ZMicro1980s
MilDef Systems?Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Milmar Ind√ļstria e Com√©rcio Ltda.Apple MasterHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
Ministry of Electronic Industry (Minelektronprom)Kompleks 15UT-4-017 (aka KULON-1)WorkstationCAD1980s
Kompleks 15UT-8-060 (aka KULON-3)WorkstationCAD1980s
Minolta Co., Ltd.PCW-1Word processor1980s
PCW-3Word processor1980s
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1705MinicomputerVAX comp.1980s
MiroSystem 8x16Micro1980s
Mitac, Inc.LIC-2001Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
LIC-3001Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Mitek Systems, Inc.T5240Micro1980s
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot VX-300ServerFault tolerant1980s
ML-61Home computerMSX1980s
MMC-Mertes Microcomputersysteme GmbHPPC 3Micro1980s
Modicon (div. Gould)584Special1980s
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Classic 9250Minicomputer1980s
Classic 9260Minicomputer1980s
Monolithic Systems Corp.MSC 8004-47SBC1980s
MSC 8007-41SBC1980s
MSC 8801MicroMultibus1980s
Montex - IvangradMisedo 85Home computerTRS-80 clone1980s
Morari ElectroniqueStrator 200Special1980s
Morgan-Smith Electronics Ltd.?SBC1980s
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus 1 DB (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1980s
Elbrus 1K2 (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1980s
Motorola Codex, Inc.Codex 9800Micro1980s
Motorola, Inc.EXORmacsMicro1980s
MDT-9100Terminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MDT-9100-10Terminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MDT-9100-11Terminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MDT-9100-20Terminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MDT-9100-386Terminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MDT-9100-WSTerminal (P)Data terminal1980s
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)Brailab-3Home computer1980s
TPA-11/100MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1980s
TPA-11/40MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1980s
TPA-11/400MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1980s
TPA-11/48MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1980s
TPA-11/500MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1980s
SYSTER NHome computer1980s
Multitech Electronics, Inc.Micro Professor MPF-IIHome computerApple 2 clone1980s
MultixMX-CompactoHome computerTRS-80 clone1980s
MŇĪszer- √©s M√©r√©stechnika Tansz√©k (MMT)NYAKMicro1980s
Mycro-Tek, Inc.AdCompMicro1980s
Martin Marrieta5100 RPWorkstation1989
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Number Cruncher (with Kyoto U.)Special1989
Medidata Inform√°tica S.A.M386Micro1989
Megatek Corp.Sigma-70Workstation1989
Megatel Computer Corporation, Inc.Quark/PC IISBC1989
Meiko Scientific Ltd.CS-1 Computing SurfaceSupercomputer1989
Memorex Telex Corp.C19A/CTerminal1989
Merlin (British Telecom)M1800 (aka Tonto)Home computerQL clone1989
Metaphor Computer Systems, Inc.216Workstation1989
Micro-Term, Inc.5540Terminal1989
MikroelektronikaPyldin-601AHome computer1989
Pyldin-601MHome computer1989
Pyldin-601THome computer1989
Pyldin-601UHome computer1989
Miles Gordon Technology (MGT)Sam CoupeHome computerZX clone1989
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1425Minicomputer1989
Minsk Production Association of Computer Engineering (MPOVT)ES-1130Mainframe1989
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M2000Server1989
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Melcom 70 MX/5000II-SPMinicomputer1989
Melcom 70 MX/5000SPMinicomputer1989
Melcom 80 GEOC 100GROffice1989
Melcom 80 GEOC 10GROffice1989
Melcom 80 GROffice1989
Modgraph, Inc.GX-2000-TZTerminal1989
Mohawk Data Science Corp. (MDS)MDS 29Office1989
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 3000 Model 3200Server1989
Delta Series 8000 Model 8864APServer1989
Delta Series 8000 Model 8864SPServer1989
MVME 141-3Board1989
Multiflow ComputerTrace 14/300Supercomputer1989
Trace 7/300Supercomputer1989
Myrias Computer Technologies, Inc.SPS-2Supercomputer1989
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1505 (aka SM-52/12)MinicomputerVAX comp.1988~
SM-1634 (ak SM-50/60)Minicomputer1988~
M-Office (div. MIGROS)WP-1 (by Brother)Word processor1988
MAD Intelligent Systems, Inc.MAD-2 Model F5000Server1988
Series 3000Workstation1988
Magnavox CompanyVideoWriter 160Word processor1988
VideoWriter 4500Word processor1988
Makewei Enterprises Co., Ltd.OXO-60001988
Masscomp Co.536Workstation1988
Matra DatasystemMO5Terminal (P)VTX (Minitel)1988
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.190151988
Series 18/300Minicomputer1988
Series 18/600Minicomputer1988
Series 18/900Minicomputer1988
Memorex Telex Corp.1091CTerminal1988
Micro Palm Computers, Inc.PC/5000PDA (P)Data terminal1988
Micro-Term, Inc.5510Terminal1988
Micronix Computers Ltd.ESB1SBCLearn1988
Microproject Corp.UnicornMicro1988
Ministry of Radio Technology (Minradioprom)ES-1068 (dev.)Supercomputer1988
ES-1087 (dev.)Mainframe1988
Minskom Radiotekhnicheskom Institute (MRTI)Nemiga PK 588MicroPDP comp.1988
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.AR/120Minicomputer1988
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Melcom 70 MX/5600Minicomputer1988
Melcom 70 MX/5700Minicomputer1988
Melcom 70 MX/5800Minicomputer1988
Melcom EX800IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX830IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX840IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX850IIMainframe1988
Melcom ME100Workstation1988
Melcom ME200Workstation1988
Melcom ME400Workstation1988
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Classic 9230Minicomputer1988
Classic 9235Minicomputer1988
Motorola, Inc.150Workstation1988
Delta Series 3000 Model 3300Server1988
Delta Series 3000 Model 3600Server1988
Delta Series 3000 Model 3640Server1988
Delta Series 3000 Model 3840Server1988
Delta Series 8000 Model 150Server1988
Delta Series 8000 Model 310Server1988
Delta Series 8000 Model 610Server1988
Delta Series 8000 Model 650Server1988
Delta Series 8000 Model 850Server1988
Myrias Computer Technologies, Inc.Myrias-4000SupercomputerParallel computer1988
Mytishchinskom Elektrotekhnicheskom ZavodeKometa-01Home computerZX clone1988
Megatek Corp.Sigma-20Workstation1988<
Ministry of the Communications Equipment Industry (Minprom)NeuronMicro1988<
Motorola, Inc.VME DELTA 1147Workstation1988<
VME DELTA 3300Workstation1988<
VME DELTA 3640Workstation1988<
VME DELTA 3840Workstation1988<
M. KramerKramer MCMicro1987
Masscomp Co.5350Workstation1987
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.M6460Minicomputer1987
Series 18Minicomputer1987
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.8177-4Terminal1987
Memorex Corp.2191-CTerminal1987
Memorex Telex Corp.1191ATerminal1987
2192 DSTerminal1987
Mentor Graphics Corp.Board StationWorkstation1987
IDEA Board Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987
IDEA Chip Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987
IDEA Idea Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987
MERA-BLONIEMRAMOR (with Pravda Publishing)Workstation1987
Metheus Corp.Omega 3700Terminal1987
Micom Data Systems Ltd.MB3-BSCMinicomputerCommunication processor1987
MB3-XAPMinicomputerCommunication processor1987
Micro-Term, Inc.Forsight 4520Terminal1987
Forsight 4525Terminal1987
Forsight 4540Terminal1987
Forsight 4560Terminal1987
Micromint, Inc.SB180SBC1987
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteTIM-011Micro1987
MikroelektronikaPyldin-601Home computer1987
Ministry of Electronic Industry (Minelektronprom)Kompleks 15UT-1-037WorkstationCAD1987
Kompleks 15UT-1-061WorkstationCAD1987
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1700MinicomputerVAX comp.1987
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M/800Minicomputer1987
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.apricot VX WSWorkstation1987
Melcom 70 MX/2600Minicomputer1987
Melcom 70 MX/2800Minicomputer1987
Melcom 70 MX/2900Minicomputer1987
Melcom 80 System 80GOffice1987
Melcom EX860Mainframe1987
Melcom EX870Mainframe1987
Melcom EX880Mainframe1987
Melcom PSI IIWorkstation1987
ML-TS2Home computerMSX21987
ML-TS2HHome computerMSX21987
Modgraph, Inc.GX-1000Terminal1987
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Classic 32/57Minicomputer1987
Classic 32/87Minicomputer1987
Power 45Minicomputer1987
Moscow Lemonossov State University (MGU)KorvetHome computer1987
Motorola, Inc.430Workstation1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 100Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8250Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8400Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8440Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8640Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8820Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8840Server1987
Delta Series 8000 Model 8940Server1987
System 8000/100Workstation1987
VME DELTA 2316Workstation1987
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)TPA-11/510OfficeMicroVAX comp.1987
TPA-11/520OfficeMicroVAX comp.1987
TPA-11/530OfficeMicroVAX comp.1987
TPA-11/535OfficeMicroVAX comp.1987
Multiflow ComputerTrace 14/200Supercomputer1987
Trace 28/200Supercomputer1987
Trace 28/300Supercomputer1987
Trace 7/100Supercomputer1987
Trace 7/200Supercomputer1987
Trace 7/400Supercomputer1987
Multihouse NVMultipower MP 32/010Workstation1987
Multipower MP 32/024Workstation1987
Muromskiy Zavod Radioizmeritelnykh Priborov (RIP)Krista-2Home computer1987
MyarcGeneve 9640Home computerTI-99/4A clone1987
Myrias Computer Technologies, Inc.SPS-1Supercomputer1987
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.8300/6Word processorMultibus1987<
8300/7Word processor1987<
Melard Technologies, Inc.ACCESS IIMicro (P)1987<
Mentor Graphics Corp.IDEA Capture Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987<
IDEA Cell Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987<
IDEA Design Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987<
IDEA Gate Station (by Apollo)Workstation1987<
PC 116-2Micro1987<
PC 116-X/20Micro1987<
Micro-Link Corp.VME-1000Micro1987<
MicroSage Computer Systems, Inc.400 seriesWorkstation1987<
600 seriesWorkstation1987<
Microtronics Systems, Ltd.KXT-X.25MicroCommunication processor1987<
LSI.X25MicroCommunication processor1987<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.ML-TS100Micro1987<
Mizar, Inc.MZ 9500Micro1987<
Micro ConceptsMicrobox IIISBC1986>
Ministry of Radio Technology (Minradioprom)PK-8001Micro1986~
MAD Intelligent Systems, Inc.D3000Workstation1986
Magnavox CompanyVideoWriter (by Philips)Word processor1986
mc Magazinmc-65816Home computerKit1986
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.M6100Minicomputer1986
Prism 7Terminal1986
Prism 8Terminal1986
MDS Qantel, Inc. (div. Mohawk)SYSTEMS 45Minicomputer1986
SYSTEMS 55Minicomputer1986
SYSTEMS 58Minicomputer1986
Mechanical and Electrotechnical Institute Varna (VMEI)FadataMicro1986
Meiko Scientific Ltd.ECSSupercomputer1986
Memorex Corp.2179Terminal1986
Metalka TOZD racunalniski inzeniringHeroMicro1986
Micom Data Systems Ltd.MB2-XAP-HSMicroCommunication processor1986
MB3-PSW-HSMicroCommunication processor1986
MB3-PSW-STDMicroCommunication processor1986
MB5-XAP-STDMicroCommunication processor1986
Micro 1, Inc. Second FujitsuTerminal1986
Micro-Term, Inc.420Terminal1986
Microdigital Eletr√īnica Ltda.TK-3000 IIe CompactHome computerApple 2 clone1986
TK-95Home computerZX clone1986
Mighty Computers Co.MC-32Workstation1986
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteIskra 1030Micro1986
Iskra 1130Micro1986
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.M/500Minicomputer1986
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.ME-1000Workstation1986
Melcom ME1200Workstation1986
Melcom ME1500Workstation1986
Melcom PSIWorkstation1986
ML-FX1Home computerMSX1986
ML-FX2Home computerMSX1986
ML-G1Home computerMSX21986
ML-G3Home computerMSX21986
ML-G30 MK IIHome computerMSX21986
Moj MikroSlovenijaMicro1986
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus-3Micro1986
Motorola, Inc.Delta Series 8000 Model 400EServer1986
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)TPA-11/170OfficePDP-11 comp.1986
Multitech Electronics, Inc.LAN 500Workstation1986
Muromskiy Zavod Radioizmeritelnykh Priborov (RIP)KristaHome computerRadio-86RK clone1986
Muszertechnika-Computer Kereskedelmi, Ipari és Szolgáltató Rt.Multicenter TurboMicro1986
M/A-Com Information Systems, Inc.MegaframeMicro1986<
Magnolia MicrosystemsMagnet FileserverServer1986<
Masscomp Co.HC 900Workstation1986<
Work Station 900Workstation1986<
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.NAP-2000SBC1986<
Mavis Computer SystemsModel VMicro1986<
Maxicom, Inc.MAXICOM/DLMicro1986<
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.M6320Minicomputer1986<
M7000 Integrated Business SystemMinicomputer1986<
Microdata 1000Micro1986<
Microdata Reality 4700Micro1986<
Mini EngineMinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
MDB Systems, Inc.Micro/11-1MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/11-73MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/23MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/73MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.8300/1Word processor1986<
8300/2Word processor1986<
8300/3Word processor1986<
8300/4Word processor1986<
Challenger PCWorkstation1986<
Memotec Data, Inc.MPSN 8000MinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
Mepcom International, Inc.TigerMicro1986<
Micom Data Systems Ltd.MB3MinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
Micro AdvanceMicro IMicro1986<
Micro PC-AMicro1986<
Micro-Aide, Inc.80-0027SBC1986<
Microproducts and Systems, Inc.VMS SystemSMicro1986<
MicroSage Computer Systems, Inc.Stride 420Micro1986<
Stride 440Micro1986<
Stride 460Micro1986<
Stride 640Micro1986<
Stride 660Micro1986<
Stride 680MPMicro1986<
SuperStride 740Micro1986<
Microserve, Inc.SYSNET 2000Micro1986<
Microtronics Associates Pte Ltd.Portable Microprocessor Development SystemMicroDevelopment system1986<
Mikrodat K.K.T.MikrodatHome computerApple 2 clone1986<
MIL Computer Systems, Inc.MIL-AT99/32Micro1986<
Miltope Corp.MILTERM-280Terminal1986<
Mini Data Systems, Inc.M1000Micro1986<
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1300Micro1986<
Mizar, Inc.VME7120SBC1986<
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)4614-ATerminal1986<
Molecular Computer Corp.Series 12 Model IIMicro1986<
Series 4Micro1986<
Series 9Micro1986<
MOM InternationalPrompipeWorkstationCAD1986<
Monolithic Systems Corp.MSC 8019SBC1986<
Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (-> Litton Industries)MS 2111/MSMicro1986<
MS 2112Micro1986<
MS 2121Micro1986<
MS 2122Micro1986<
MS 2212Micro1986<
MS 2222Micro1986<
MS 2311Micro1986<
MS 2321Micro1986<
MS 2322Micro1986<
MS 3114Micro1986<
MS 3124Micro1986<
MS 3134Micro1986<
Morrow Designs, Inc.Micro Decision MD-9Micro1986<
Mosaic Technology Corp.SVS 110Workstation1986<
SVS 120Workstation1986<
SVS 130Workstation1986<
SVS 132Workstation1986<
SVS 220Workstation1986<
SVS 230Workstation1986<
SVS 232Workstation1986<
MSB Electronique/Ingénierie?Terminal1986<
MTC Mikrotec GmbH8PMicro1986<
Multi-Media Video, Inc.ARABDATA 50Terminal1986<
Muszertechnika-Computer Kereskedelmi, Ipari és Szolgáltató Rt.MVX-32Workstation1986<
Marathon Computer GmbHM3032Micro1985
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)IdSpecialDataflow machine1985
Masscomp Co.5300Workstation1985
5600WorkstationParallel computer1985
MC5000 seriesWorkstation1985
Matra DatasystemAlice 90Home computer1985
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.M9050Minicomputer1985
MDB Systems, Inc.RSC-21CMicro1985
Mechanikai Meromuszerek Gyara (MMG)SAM-E-DSMicro1985
Medicor M√ľvekEmilyMicro1985
Medidata Inform√°tica S.A.M1001Micro1985
Memorex Corp.2191Terminal1985
Memoria Factory - TemesvarAllicMicro1985
Mephisto (div. Hegener + Glaser)PHC 64 (=Enterprise 64)Home computer1985
Micom ComputersystemeMicom-2 EPHome computerApple 2 clone1985
Micro ConceptsMicrobox IISBC1985
Micro Five Corp.Series 5000/100Micro1985
Series 5000/200Micro1985
Turbo 1000 T-1700Micro1985
Turbo 1000 T-1800Micro1985
Micro-Term, Inc.Ergo 200Terminal1985
Ergo 320Terminal1985
Microdata Corp.M6200Minicomputer1985
Microdigital Eletr√īnica Ltda.TK-3000Home computerApple 2 clone1985
TK-3000 IIeHome computerApple 2 clone1985
TK-90XHome computerZX clone1985
Microkey Kft.Pro-PrimoMicro1985
Micronique SASHector HRX + mini DiscHome computer1985
Hector MXHome computer1985
Hector MX 40C + Disc2Home computer1985
Hector MX 80C + Disc2Home computer1985
Hector XTHome computer1985
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteTIM-100Terminal1985
Milmar Ind√ļstria e Com√©rcio Ltda.Dactar-Comp (=CompuMate)Home computer1985
Laser IIcHome computerApple 2 clone1985
Mindset Corp.IIMicro1985
Minelektronprom ‚ÄúEksiton‚ÄĚ plant - Pavlovskiy PosadBK 0010Home computer1985
BK 0011Home computer1985
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Melcom 70 MX/2000Minicomputer1985
Melcom EX800Mainframe1985
Melcom EX830Mainframe1985
Melcom EX840Mainframe1985
Melcom EX850Mainframe1985
ML-G10Home computerMSX21985
ML-G30Home computerMSX21985
Modgraph, Inc.GX-1105Terminal1985
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Classic CT/15Minicomputer1985
Molecular Computer Corp.System 16/100Micro1985
System 16/200Micro1985
System 16/400Micro1985
System 16/600Micro1985
Motorola, Inc.6350Workstation1985
System 1121Micro1985
System 1131Micro1985
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)TPA-11/540MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1985
TPA-128MinicomputerPDP-8 comp.1985
MTA-SZTAKI COSYFamaWorkstation1985
Multiprocessor Computer Systems Scientific Research Institute (NII MVS) - TaganrogES-2703 (Prototype)Supercomputer1985
Multitech Electronics, Inc.Micro Professor MPF-IPHome computerLearn1985
Muszertechnika-Computer Kereskedelmi, Ipari és Szolgáltató Rt.EaststarMicro1985
IM 16Micro1985
Multi WSMicro1985
Maquis Tecnologia e Sistemas Ltda.MTS/IV-MMicro1985<
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.MAP-2000SBC1985<
MDA Industria e Comercio Ltda.EDIT-8000Word processor1985<
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.8188-7Terminal1985<
Mercure Système Informatique SA2110Micro1985<
Micom ComputersystemeMicom-2 ELHome computerApple 2 clone1985<
Micom-2 SHome computerApple 2 clone1985<
Micrelec SAILDA 3Micro1985<
Micro AdvanceMicro IIHome computerApple 2 clone1985<
Micro Dolphin186-5400 Series1985<
3400 Series1985<
Micro/SYS, Inc.SB8020SBC1985<
Microbar Systems, Inc.COM16SBC1985<
Microcomputer Systems, Inc.MSI-C8888SBC1985<
Microlog, Inc.BABY TALKMicro1985<
Micromint, Inc.Lasar ZEHome computerApple 2 clone1985<
Microtrix Pty Ltd.MCS 200MicroS-1001985<
SBC 200SBCS-1001985<
Mitron Systems Corp.STD-1600Terminal1985<
Mizar, Inc.VME7105SBC1985<
Mohawk Data Science Corp. (MDS)MDS 2100Office1985<
MDS 2110Office1985<
MDS 2120Office1985<
MDS 2140Office1985<
MDS 2150Office1985<
MDS 2160Office1985<
MDS 2170Office1985<
Molecular Computer Corp.MT-50Terminal1985<
Monterey International Corp. (MTek)STAFF-3Home computerApple 2 clone1985<
STAFF-7Home computerApple 2 clone, PC comp.1985<
TK-210KCHome computerApple 2 clone1985<
Mostek Corp.Matrix 200Micro1985<
Matrix 800Micro1985<
Motorola, Inc.M68K-VM01ASBC1985<
MSI Data Corp.MSI PDT IITerminal (P)Data terminal1985<
MSI/80Terminal (P)Data terminal1985<
MTA Számítástechnikai és Automatizálási Kutató Intézete (MTA SZTAKI)VM-03Micro1985<
Micro Craft Corp.Dimension DM25640Micro1984>
Dimension DM51240Micro1984>
Dimension DM51240-XMicro1984>
Dimension PM1240-20Micro1984>
Dimension PM51280Micro1984>
Mechanikai Meromuszerek Gyara (MMG)SAM-80Micro1984~
M Data System (div. Metalplex)M-3202/1Micro1984
Magnex Eletr√īnica Ltda.Manager I (by Vtech)Home computerApple 2 clone1984
Maquis Tecnologia e Sistemas Ltda.MTS/IV-IIMicro1984
Marconi Italiana S.p.A.MAP I (MPC90)Micro1984
Masscomp Co.Work Station 500Workstation1984
Matra Datasystem410Terminal1984
Alice 32Home computer1984
Alice 8000Home computer1984
TTE 820TerminalVTX (Minitel)1984
Mattel ElectronicsAquarius II (by Radofin)Home computer1984
Max Computer GmbHMAX 1Micro1984
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.M6000 seriesMinicomputer1984
Unigraphics II D-3200 (/Merlin 9200)Workstation1984
MDB Systems, Inc.RSC-21AMicro1984
Measurement Systems & Controls, Inc.System 2900Micro1984
Mechanikai Meromuszerek Gyara (MMG)SAM-DSMicro1984
Megatek Corp.Whizzard 3355Terminal1984
Megatel Computer Corporation, Inc.Quark/100SBC1984
Memorex Corp.2178Terminal1984
Memoria Factory - TemesvarCE 119Micro1984
Memotech Computers Ltd.FDX1Terminal1984
MTX 512S2Home computer1984
RS 128Micro1984
MERA-KFAPMK 45Micro1984
Merlin (British Telecom)Merlin M1800 TontoHome computer1984
Metacomp, Inc.MPA-1000SBC1984
Metaphor Computer Systems, Inc.Data Interprestation System (DIS)Workstation1984
Micom ComputersystemeMicom-2 EHome computerApple 2 clone1984
Micro Craft Corp.DD4002Terminal1984
Micro Industries Corp.MIB80/05SBC1984
Micro Products Company (div. C3)MPC 2150Terminal1984
Micro Source, Inc.M3000Micro1984
Micro-Term, Inc.Ergo 301Terminal1984
Ergo 301FKTerminal1984
Microcraft Microcomputadores Ltda.Craft IIeHome computerApple 2 clone1984
Microdata Corp.1000/10Workstation1984
Microdigital Eletr√īnica Ltda.TK-2000Home computerApple 2 clone1984
TK-2000 ColorHome computerApple 2 clone1984
TK-2000 Color IIHome computerApple 2 clone1984
TKS-800MicroTRS-80 clone1984
Microkey Kft.Primo C-64Home computer1984
MicroKit (Micro Systèmes)Super VegasHome computerKit1984
Micronique SASHector HRX + Disc2Home computer1984
Microsys - BeocinHobby ZR-84Home computer1984
MicrotechnicLe GauloisHome computerTRS-80 clone1984
Microtrix Pty Ltd.Super SixSBCS-1001984
Microvoice Corp.MugenMicro1984
Mindset Corp.Graphics ComputerMicro1984
Minicomp Pvt. Ltd.NeptuneMicro1984
MinPRIBOR Instrumentation and Automatisation InstituteSM-1210 (aka SM-53/50)Minicomputer1984
SM-1403 (aka SM-51/11)Minicomputer1984
SM-1410MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1984
Minsk Plant (div. Minradioprom)ES-1065MainframeRYAD1984
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.DC-186/Fom 186Workstation1984
Melcom 70 MX/3000Minicomputer1984
ML-F110 (LETUS)Home computerMSX1984
ML-F120 (LETUS)Home computerMSX1984
ML-F120 DHome computerMSX1984
ML-F48Home computerMSX1984
ML-F70Home computerMSX1984
ML-F80Home computerMSX1984
Model 186Micro1984
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.PAX-64JSpecial1984
Modgraph, Inc.GX-100 F5Terminal1984
Modula Computer Systems, Inc.Lilith NL 84Micro1984
Mohawk Data Science Corp. (MDS)Hero 3000Server1984
MDS 9178Terminal1984
Qantel 264Minicomputer1984
Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (-> Litton Industries)MS 2000MicroPC comp. (-)1984
Morrow Designs, Inc.MD 5-EMicro1984
Micro Decision C3PMicro1984
Portable MD 3Micro (P)1984
Motorola, Inc.6300Workstation1984
EXORset 163MicroDevelopment system1984
EXORset 165MicroDevelopment system1984
System 2000Workstation1984
System 5000Workstation1984
MTA Központi Fizikai Kutatóintézet (KFKI)NEZ 215Micro1984
TPA-11/110MicroPDP-11 comp.1984
TPA-11/560MinicomputerPDP-11 comp.1984
MTA-SZTAKI COSYLaoconIndustrial1984
Primo (-> Microkey)Home computer1984
Multitech Electronics, Inc.Micro Professor MPF-1/65Home computerLearn1984
Micro Professor MPF-1/88Home computerLearn1984
Muszertechnika-Computer Kereskedelmi, Ipari és Szolgáltató Rt.Transmic 16Micro (P)1984
Mycron A/SMycron BCMicro1984
M/A-Com Information Systems, Inc.One TouchMicro1984<
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.GXT-1000Terminal1984<
MDA Industria e Comercio Ltda.Edit VideoWord processor1984<
MDB Systems, Inc.Micro/11MicroLSI-11 comp.1984<
MDS Qantel, Inc. (div. Mohawk)System 20Minicomputer1984<
Measurement Systems & Controls, Inc.Voyager IMicro1984<
Medicor M√ľvekMinimodMicro1984<
MERA-KFAPMK 4501Micro1984<
MK 4501/2Micro1984<
Metheus Corp.Lambda Series 750Workstation1984<
Micro Five Corp.1050Micro1984<
Micro-Link Corp.STD 145SBC1984<
STD 147SBC1984<
Micro/SYS, Inc.SB8010SBC1984<
Microbar Systems, Inc.DBC86SBC1984<
Microcomputer Systems, Inc.MSI-7888ASBC1984<
Microdata Corp.M4000Minicomputer1984<
Microlog Corp.ATR-6800Terminal1984<
Microlog, Inc.BABY BLUEMicro1984<
BABY BLUE IIMicro1984<
BABY TEXMicro1984<
Micronic AB200Terminal (P)Data terminal1984<
445Terminal (P)Data terminal1984<
900Terminal (P)Data terminal1984<
Micropoint Electronic GmbHPC-16SBC1984<
Miller Technology, Inc.MCPU-800-02SBC1984<
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.M816Micro1984<
Mizar, Inc.VME7100SBC1984<
Modata Ltd.C-F 64Micro1984<
G-F 128Micro1984<
Modular Computer Systems, Inc. (ModComp)Model 1815SBC1984<
Molecular Computer Corp.Series 36Micro1984<
Supermicro 16XMinicomputer1984<
Monolithic Systems Corp.MSC 8001-07SBC1984<
MSC 8009-86SBC1984<
MSC 8014SBC1984<
MSC 8802MicroMultibus1984<
Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (-> Litton Industries)MS 2211Micro1984<
MS 2221Micro1984<
MS 2312Micro1984<
Mosaic Technology Corp.SVS 210Workstation1984<
Mostek Corp.Matrix 68KMicro1984<
MD-SBC 1SBC1984<
MRC Systems, Inc.MBK6801SBC1984<
MTA Számítástechnikai és Automatizálási Kutató Intézete (MTA SZTAKI)TEKEMU (dev.)Terminal1984<
MuSys Corp.8816-ASBCS-1001984<
Muszertechnika-Computer Kereskedelmi, Ipari és Szolgáltató Rt.Multi CenterMicro1984<
TRANSMICMicro (P)1984<
Mystic Valley Engineering Co., Inc.AnnunciatorTerminal1984<
Microway Enterprises Co., Ltd.? (apple IIe clone)Home computerApple 2 clone1983>
Milwaukee Computers, Inc.MC-100Micro1983~
M-Office (div. MIGROS)HHC-2000 (by SANCO)Pocket (P)1983
Magic Computer Company, Inc.MAGICMicro1983
Magnex Eletr√īnica Ltda.DM II (by Magnex Eletronica)Home computerApple 2 clone1983
MG-8065Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Matra DatasystemAlcyane A6EMicro1983
AliceHome computer1983
Alice 4 (=Radio Shack MC-10)Home computer1983
Axel AX20Micro1983
Matra-Tandy Electronique SA (MTE) (Lic. Radio-Shack)TRS-80 Model IVMicro1983
Mattel ElectronicsAquarius (by Radofin)Home computer1983
Intellivision Computer ModuleHome computer1983
MBCALCYANE A200Micro1983
ALCYANE A6EMicro1983
Medicor M√ľvekGDT-01Terminal1983
Medidata Inform√°tica S.A.Matrix-MCXMicro1983
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.8174 Model 1Word processor1983
Megatek Corp.Whizzard 1645Terminal1983
Whizzard 1650Terminal1983
Memoria Factory - TemesvarPRAE (dev. ITCP)Home computerZX clone1983
Memotech Computers Ltd.MTX 500Home computer1983
MTX 512Home computer1983
Mercure Système Informatique SAPuissance 3Micro1983
Série 16Micro1983
Metacomp, Inc.MPA-2000SBC1983
METO (by NEC)9000 PC (=NEC PC-8201A)Micro (P)1983
Métrologie (by ye-data)BFM 186 (by ye-data)WorkstationCAD1983
MIC ComputerMinotaureMicro1983
Micom Computer, Inc.MC-1000Micro (P)1983
Micom Data Systems Ltd.Micom 3000 (=Philips P3000)Word processor1983
Micro 860MicroCommunication processor1983
Micrelec SAILDA CompactMicro1983
Micro Craft Corp.Dimension 68000Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Micro Design s.r.l.MiltiboxSBC1983
Micro Industries Corp.MIB80/04SBC1983
Micro Products Company (div. C3)MPC 200Micro1983
MPC 300Micro1983
Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU)MTU-140 SERIESMicro1983
Micro-Link Corp.Approach IMicro1983
Approach IIMicro1983
Approach IIIMicro1983
Micro-Term, Inc.Ergo 201Terminal1983
MicroAPL Ltd. (by Shelton Instr.)ScorpionMicro (P)1983
Microbar Systems, Inc.DBC68K2SBC1983
Microcontrol Systemas de ControlesApplekitHome computerApple 2 clone1983
Microcraft Microcomputadores Ltda.AMC-85Home computerKit1983
Microdata Corp.5420Terminal1983
Microdesigns, Inc.Multibox-85SBC1983
Microdigital Eletr√īnica Ltda.TK-83Home computerZX clone1983
Microdyne Computer Systems, Inc.MCS-100Micro (P)S-1001983
Microkey Kft.Primo B-32Home computer1983
Primo B-48Home computer1983
Primo B-64Home computer1983
Micromation , Inc.MiSystemMicro1983
Micronique SASHector 1Home computer1983
Hector 2 HRHome computer1983
Hector 2 HR+Home computer1983
Hector HRXHome computer1983
Victor LambdaHome computer1983
Victor Lambda 2HR + / Hector 2HR +Home computer1983
Victor Lambda 2HR / Hector 2HRHome computer1983
Victor Lambda II / Hector IHome computer1983
Micronix Computers Ltd.80HDSBC1983
MX SeriesMicro1983
Micronix Industria e Comercio de Computadores Ltda.DactronHome computerApple 2 clone1983
Dactron EHome computerApple 2 clone1983
MicroOffice Systems TechnologyMicroOfficeMicro (P)1983
Road RunnerMicro (P)1983
MicroSCI Corp.HavacHome computerApple 2 clone1983
MicrostandardM3000Micro (P)1983
Microsystems International Ltd. (MIL)MACSMicro1983
Microtech Business Systems, Inc.M1 Series (3 models)Micro1983
Microvoice Corp.Formula-1 (by Yodobashi)Micro (P)Development system1983
Microwest Terminal Systems, Inc.MTS 183Workstation1983
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteTIM-001Micro1983
Milmar Ind√ļstria e Com√©rcio Ltda.