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Bell Telephone LaboratoriesComplex Calculator (aka Model I)SpecialEarly1940
Model IIMainframeEarly1943
Model IVMainframeEarly1945
Model VMainframeEarly1946
Barber Colman Co.?SpecialEarly1949
Bell Telephone LaboratoriesModel IIIMainframeEarly1949
Boeing Airplane Co.BEACAnalog1949
Bell Telephone LaboratoriesModel VIMainframeEarly1951
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)Hollerith Electronic Computer (aka HEC)MainframeEarly1951
BullGamma 2MainframeEarly1951
Burroughs Corp.Lab CalculatorMainframeEarly1951
UDEC IMainframeEarly1951
Beckman Instruments, Inc.EASE EC500Analog1952
Bendix Aviation Corp.Stored Program DDASpecialMilitary1953
BullGamma 3MainframeEarly1953
Burroughs Corp.UDEC IIMainframeEarly1953
Beckman Instruments, Inc.EASE 1031Analog1954
EASE 1032Analog1954
Bell Telephone LaboratoriesTRADICMainframeEarly1954
Bell Telephone Mfg. Co.IRSIA-FNRSMainframeEarly1954
Bendix Aviation Corp.D-12MainframeEarly1954
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)1200MainframeEarly1954
BullGamma 3 MMainframeEarly1954
Burroughs Corp.B204 (aka Datatron 204)MainframeEarly1954
B205 (aka Electrodata DATATRON)MainframeEarly1954
Barber Colman Co.BAR COL DEC DIGSpecialEarly1955<
Berkeley Enterprises, Inc.SIMPLACSpecialEarly1955<
Belorussian Academy of ScienceLUCHSpecialEarly1955
Bendix Aviation Corp.G-14MainframeEarly1955
Burroughs Corp.E 101 (aka BUR-E101)MainframeEarly1955
UDEC IIIMainframeEarly1955
Baird-Atomic, Inc.Digital Correlator 580SpecialEarly1956
Barber Colman Co.BAR COL DEC D1SpecialEarly1956
Beckman Instruments, Inc.EASE 1132Analog1956
EASE 1133Analog1956
EASE 1200Analog1956
Boeing Airplane Co.BEAC 7000Analog1956
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)1201MainframeEarly1956
Berkeley Enterprises, Inc.SimonSpecial1956~
Bendix Aviation Corp.G-15AMainframeEarly1957<
Bell Telephone LaboratoriesLEPRECHAUN (aka AN/UJQ-2 aka YA-1)SpecialMilitary1957
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)DIANASpecialEarly1957
BullGamma 3BMainframeEarly1957
Gamma AETMainframeEarly1957
Gamma ETMainframeEarly1957
Burroughs Corp.B220 (aka Datatron 220)MainframeEarly1957
E 103MainframeEarly1957
Bo Nyman AB (ABN)Wegematic 1000 (/Alwac III)MainframeEarly1958
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)1202 (aka HEC 4)MainframeEarly1958
Budapest Technical University (BME)MESZ-1SpecialEarly1958
Burroughs Corp.D103MainframeEarly1958
Mod-1 Atlas guidance computerSpecialGuidance computer1958
British Tabulating Machine (BTM)1400MainframeEarly1959<
Bo Nyman AB (ABN)Wegematic 8000MainframeEarly1959
BullGamma 300 MCTMainframeEarly1959
Gamma ET 300MainframeEarly1959
Burroughs Corp.D201MainframeMilitary1959
E 102MainframeEarly1959
Bendix Aviation Corp.G-15DMainframe1950s
BullGamma 3 AEPMainframe1950s
Gamma 3 PPCMainframe1950s
Gamma MDMainframe1950s
Gamma MDEMainframe1950s
Burroughs Corp.B205CMainframe1950s
Bailey Controls Co.750MinicomputerEarly1960
Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL)MERLINMainframeEarly1960
BullGamma 60MainframeEarly1960
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BR-300 (aka TRW-300)MainframeEarly1960
BR-330 (aka TRW-330)MainframeMilitary1960
Burroughs Corp.B251MainframeEarly1960
Bailey Controls Co.755Minicomputer1961
Ballistic Research Laboratories (BRL)BRLESCSpecialEarly1961
Bendix Aviation Corp.G-20Mainframe1961
BullGamma 500Mainframe1961
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BR-130 (aka TRW-130)Minicomputer1961
Burroughs Corp.B250Mainframe1961
Brown-Boveri Co. (BBC)MV 2 460567Analog1961~
BullGamma 30Mainframe1962
Gamma 5Mainframe1962
Burroughs Corp.B200Mainframe1962
Budd Electronics, Inc.STRADAP S 5001Minicomputer1963
STRADAP S 5002Minicomputer1963
STRADAP S 5003Minicomputer1963
BullGamma 305Mainframe1963
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BR-230 (aka TRW-230)Mainframe1963
BR-340 (aka TRW-340)Mainframe1963
Burroughs Corp.B100 SeriesMainframe1963
Beckman Instruments, Inc.420Minicomputer1964
BullGamma 10Mainframe1964
Gamma M40Mainframe1964
GE-415 (lic. GE)Mainframe1964
GE-425 (lic. GE)Mainframe1964
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BR-133 (aka TRW-133)Minicomputer1964
Burroughs Corp.B160Mainframe1964
Bunker-Ramo Corp.AN/UYK-3MinicomputerMilitary1964~
Bailey Controls Co.756Minicomputer1965
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryDJS-7 (aka 127)Special1965
BullGamma 135Mainframe1965
GE-435 (lic. GE)Mainframe1965
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BRIC-1Minicomputer1965
Burroughs Corp.B300Mainframe1965
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryDJS-21 (aka 121)Special1966
DJS-6 (aka 108B)Special1966
BullGamma 115Mainframe1966
Bull General Electric (-> Bull)Gamma 55Mainframe1966
Business Information Technology, Inc. (BIT Inc.)80Analog1966
Ballistic Research Laboratories (BRL)BRLESC II (aka ORDVAC II)Special1967
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryJDS-K1Industrial1967
Budai Járási Háziipari Szövetkezet (BJH)MikromatSpecialLearn1967
BullGamma 145Mainframe1967
Bull General Electric (-> Bull)Gamma 140Mainframe1967
Gamma 141Mainframe1967
Burroughs Corp.B2500Mainframe1967
Bailey Controls Co.855/25Minicomputer1968
Burroughs Corp.B500Minicomputer1968
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Alpha 101Terminal1969<
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN)TeleputerTerminal1969<
Bunker-Ramo Corp.2206Terminal1969<
BBN Computer Corp.IMPMinicomputer1969
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN)IMP (/Honeywell DDP-516)Minicomputer1969
Brown-Boveri Co. (BBC)DP 100Analog1969
Business Information Technology, Inc. (BIT Inc.)BIT-482Minicomputer1969
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryHongqi1960s
Bo Nyman AB (ABN)Teledata1960s
Burroughs Corp.B2700Mainframe1960s
D2000 (aka TC 500)Terminal1960s
D4000 (aka TC 500)Terminal1960s
Badger Meter, Inc.DTS-112Terminal1970<
Beckman Instruments, Inc.816Minicomputer1970<
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Alpha 102Terminal1970<
Alpha 103Terminal1970<
Alpha 105Terminal1970<
Bendix Aviation Corp.BDX 6200Minicomputer1970<
BDX 8000Minicomputer1970<
Berkeley Scientific Laboratories, Inc.GP-30Terminal1970<
Bunker-Ramo Corp.2205/17Terminal1970<
Burroughs Corp.B9352Terminal1970<
TC 500Terminal1970<
TC 700Terminal1970<
Baku Radio FactoryNAIRI-3-1Minicomputer1970
Burnt Hill Electronics Ltd.204Minicomputer1970
Burroughs Corp.L4000OfficeAccounting computer1970
L5000OfficeAccounting computer1970
TU 100Terminal1970
TU 920Terminal1970
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Mark 1Minicomputer1970
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 3000Minicomputer1971
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 300Office1971
MAI 350Office1971
MAI 400Office1971
MAI 500Office1971
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BR-1018Minicomputer1971
Burroughs Corp.B4700Mainframe1971
E8000OfficeAccounting computer1971
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Mark 2Minicomputer1971
Business Control Systems Corp.System 80/8 (/PDP-8)Minicomputer1971
Bunker-Ramo Corp.2222Terminal1972<
Burroughs Corp.TC 3500Terminal1972<
Bailey Controls Co.855/15Minicomputer1972
BBN Computer Corp.PluribusMinicomputer1972
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Model ITerminal1972
Model IITerminal1972
Model IIITerminal1972
Model VTerminal1972
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryDJS-17Special1972
Bendix Aviation Corp.BDX 9000Minicomputer1972
Brest Electromechanical Plant (BEMZ)ES-1020 (aka ZIT-320) (=R-20)MainframeRYAD1972
Brown-Boveri Co. (BBC)DP 1000Analog1972
Burroughs Corp.B1700Mainframe1972
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18Minicomputer1972
Molecular 18 Mark IVMinicomputer1972
Badger Meter, Inc.DTS-100MTerminal1973<
Basic Automation LogisticIntellequeOffice1973<
Burroughs Corp.B1712Mainframe1973<
L3000OfficeAccounting computer1973<
L8000OfficeAccounting computer1973<
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Mini BeeTerminal1973
Super BeeTerminal1973
Bendix Aviation Corp.Logiport 2Terminal1973
Büromaschinen Export GmbH (BME)1842Minicomputer1973
Burroughs Corp.B1728Mainframe1973
TD 700Terminal1973
TD 800Terminal1973
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Mark 3Minicomputer1973
Molecular 6MMinicomputer1973
Binary Data Systems, Inc.UCOM I (/Nova 3)Minicomputer1973~
Burroughs Corp.L6300Office1974<
Beijing Computer Factory n°3DJS-140Minicomputer1974
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.60401974
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 7220Terminal1975<
MAI 7230Terminal1975<
MAI 7250Terminal1975<
Burroughs Corp.B713Office1975<
Barrister SystemsLaw Office ManagerOffice1975
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 4000/25Minicomputer1975
BTI 4000/35Minicomputer1975
BTI 4000/5Minicomputer1975
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 700Minicomputer1975
MPx 7230Minicomputer1975
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Brilliant BeeTerminal1975
Edit BeeTerminal1975
Mini Bee 2Terminal1975
Mini Bee 4Terminal1975
Speedi Bee 8Terminal1975
Super Bee 3Terminal1975
Budapesti Radiotechnikai Gyar (BRG)DolphinOffice1975
Burroughs Corp.B1726Mainframe1975
TC 4000Terminal1975
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 600Minicomputer1976<
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Micro Bee 2Terminal1976<
Micro Bee 4Terminal1976<
Bunker-Ramo Corp.2204/15Terminal1976<
Burroughs Corp.B2800Mainframe1976<
TD 730Terminal1976<
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 1200Minicomputer1976
Timeshare 40001976
Timeshare 4000/251976
Timeshare 4000/351976
Timeshare 4000/51976
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.B100Terminal1976
Super Bee 2Terminal1976
Beijing Computer Factory n°3DJS-130Minicomputer1976
Beijing Computer Factory n°5CS-2115MicroS-1001976
Borrer ComputersystemeSystem 4000Industrial1976
Bross Datensysteme GmbH & Co.Datasystem 1Minicomputer1976
Modell 10Micro1976
Bunker-Ramo Corp.System 90 (aka BCS 90)Terminal1976
Burroughs Corp.B6800Mainframe1976
PEPESpecialParallel computer1976
TD 731Terminal1976
TD 732Terminal1976
TD 733Terminal1976
TD 734Terminal1976
TD 830Terminal1976
TD 831Terminal1976
TD 832Terminal1976
TD 833Terminal1976
TD 834Terminal1976
Business Control Systems Corp.System 80/11 (/PDP-11)Minicomputer1976
Business Systems Products, Inc. (BSP)Adviser IIMinicomputer1976
Adviser IIIMinicomputer1976
Bywood ElectronicsSCRUMPISBC1976
Bunker-Ramo Corp.System 90/32Terminal1976~
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.B105Terminal1976>
Billings Computer Corp.B-100Terminal1977<
Burroughs Corp.TD 820Terminal1977<
Bainbridge Research and Development, Inc. (BRD)DolphinMinicomputer1977
Bally ManufacturingBally Computer SystemHome computer1977
Bally Home Library ComputerHome computer1977
Bear Microcomputers SystemsNewbear 77-68SBCKit1977
Beaugrand Datentechnik GmbH & Co.Alphatext 102BWord processor1977
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.B102Terminal1977
Billings Computer Corp.Data-Byte System 1Minicomputer1977
Bitech, Inc.Micro-2000Micro1977
Bobst Graphic SAScribMicro1977
Bunker-Ramo Corp.BTS 2060Terminal1977
Burroughs Corp.AE 501Terminal1977
Byte Mfg. (Byte Shop)8080Micro1977
Billings Computer Corp.SC-1204Micro1978<
Burroughs Corp.Redactor IIWord processor1978<
Byte Mfg. (Byte Shop)CondorMicro1978<
Bainbridge Research and Development, Inc. (BRD)PorpoiseMinicomputer1978
Bally ManufacturingBally Professional ArcadeHome computer1978
Barrister SystemsModel 211Word processor1978
Barron Technical Products, Inc.BTP425450/1SBC1978
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 5000Minicomputer1978
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 610Minicomputer1978
MAI 730Minicomputer1978
Beaugrand Datentechnik GmbH & Co.Alphatext 2000Word processor1978
Alphatext 300PWord processor1978
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.B152Terminal1978
DMS SeriesTerminal1978
Micro BeeTerminal1978
Micro Bee 1ATerminal1978
Brisbane's Deakin UniversityDream 6800Home computer1978
Brutech Electronics MicrosystemsESCOSBC1978
Burroughs Corp.B1825Mainframe1978
OFIS Writer 200Word processor1978
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Mark 4Minicomputer1978
Byte Shop SogohSDT-380ZTerminal1978
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 410Office1979<
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Micro B Model DM1ATerminal1979<
Micro B Model DM20Terminal1979<
Micro B Model DM30Terminal1979<
Braegen Corp.B-3Terminal1979<
Burroughs Corp.TD 500Terminal1979<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7100Micro1979
Basic Time, Inc.System B-100Micro1979
System B-200Micro1979
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 5000/ESMinicomputer1979
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.DM30Terminal1979
Bell & Howell (by Apple)II+ Model 3016DHome computerApple 2 clone1979
II+ Model 3032DHome computerApple 2 clone1979
II+ Model 3048DHome computerApple 2 clone1979
Beltron Computer SystemsBeltronHome computerApple 2 clone1979
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP)SMUMicro1979
Berufsförderungszentrum Essen GmbH (BFZ)MFAMicroLearn1979
Billings Computer Corp.BC-12FDMicro1979
Blackhawk Computer SystemsBlackHawk IIIMicro1979
BlackHawk IVMicro1979
BTO "Crystal"UVS-01Micro1979
Budapesti Radiotechnikai Gyar (BRG)ABC-80 (=Luxor ABC-80)Home computer1979
BullTTX-80Word processor1979
TTX-85Word processor1979
Burroughs Corp.B1815Mainframe1979
MT 300Terminal1979
MT 600Terminal1979
OFIS Writer 300Word processor1979
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)DatawordWord processor1970s
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.AlphaTerminal1970s
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryDJS-11 (aka 150)Special1970s
Berkel Systems, Inc.Model 4410Micro1970s
Binary Data Systems, Inc.UCOM IIMinicomputer1970s
UCOM IIIMinicomputer1970s
Bowne Time Sharing, Inc.Word/OneWord processor1970s
Braegen Corp.3081Terminal1970s
B-40MinicomputerCommunication processor1970s
Bunker-Ramo Corp.2204Terminal1970s
Burnt Hill Electronics Ltd.BH720Terminal1970s
Burroughs Corp.B770Office1970s
RedactorWord processor1970s
Business Systems Products, Inc. (BSP)AdviserMinicomputer1970s
Bywood ElectronicsSCRUMPI 2SBC1970s
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7/60Mainframe1980<
BMG Microsystems Ltd.MS-5000Micro1980<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7120Micro1980
Bally ManufacturingZgrass 100Home computer1980
Zgrass 1200Home computer1980
Zgrass 2000Home computer1980
Zgrass UV-1Home computer1980
Barrister SystemsModel 121Word processor1980
Model 409Word processor1980
Model 410Word processor1980
Model 510Word processor1980
Model 520Word processor1980
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 510Minicomputer1980
BBN Computer Corp.C/60Minicomputer1980
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.DM20Terminal1980
Micro 4400Terminal1980
Braegen Corp.3161Terminal1980
Burroughs Corp.B5900Mainframe1980
MT 983Terminal1980
MT 993Terminal1980
Bleasdale Computer System PlcUDSMicro1981<
BMG Microsystems Ltd.MS-5020Micro1981<
Braegen Corp.BT-100Terminal1981<
Brutech Electronics MicrosystemsBEMSBC1981<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7125Micro1981
Bang & Olufsen (B&O)Beocomp ZX-81 (by Sinclair)Home computerZX clone1981
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 8000Minicomputer1981
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)Dataword IIWord processor1981
MAI 210Office1981
BBN Computer Corp.BitGraph rev ATerminal1981
Butterfly GP1000SupercomputerArray processor1981
BCD GmbHBCD-CS-1Micro1981
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.DM310Terminal1981
Beijing Computer Factory n°2BCM-2Micro1981
Beijing Computer Technical Research InstituteBCM-IIMicro1981
Belton Electronics s.r.l. (div. Jen Elettronica)Lemon IIHome computerApple 2 clone1981
BL MicroelectronicsBiprocSBCKit1981
BOS SystemsBOS-MMicro1981
BRITEurope 2000-20Office1981
Europe 2000-321Office1981
Britannia Computer Ltd.MicrowordWord processor1981
Microword 1010Word processor1981
Microword 363Word processor1981
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)BBC Micro (-> Acorn)Home computer1981
British Micro (div. Hegotron)Mimi 803Micro1981
Mimi 804Micro1981
Britton Lee, Inc.BL700ServerDatabase server1981
Burroughs Corp.B3955Mainframe1981
OFIS Writer 400Word processor1981
OFISreaderWord processor1981
OFISterminalWord processor1981
OFISworkstationWord processor1981
SR 100Terminal1981
Business Machine Corp. (BMC) (by OKI)BMC-800 Model 20CMicro1981
BMC-800 Model 20GMicro1981
BVM Equipamentos e Projetos Ltda.Fast 1Home computerLearn1981
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Series 4000Minicomputer1981
Series 4300Minicomputer1981
Series 5300Minicomputer1981
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryTP-801ASBC1981~
Billings Computer Corp.BC-12DF2MMicro1982<
System 500 CPUMicro1982<
System 500 CPU-IMicro1982<
Britton Lee, Inc.IDM 200ServerDatabase server1982<
IDM 300/600ServerDatabase server1982<
IDM 500ServerDatabase server1982<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7/65Mainframe1982
Barreto & Associates, Inc.MicroMaster MS-1Micro1982
Barrington International Corp.E'LiteMicro1982
Basic Telecommunications Corp.DataVoiceTerminal1982
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 310Office1982
MAI 710Minicomputer1982
S/10Micro (P)1982
Basis Microcomputer GmbH108Home computerApple 2 clone1982
208Home computerApple 2 clone1982
BBN Computer Corp.BitGraph rev BTerminal1982
Beavercreek Computer Systems?MicroS-1001982
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.ATL-008Terminal1982
Beijing Computer Factory n°5CS-2115CMicroS-1001982
Beijing Computer Technical Research InstituteGreat Wall 100Micro1982
Billings Computer Corp.System 500 CPU-IIMicro1982
System 6000 BMinicomputer1982
System 6000 CPUMinicomputer1982
System 6000 CPU-IMinicomputer1982
System 6000 CPU-IIMinicomputer1982
System 6000 XBMinicomputer1982
System 6000 XIIMinicomputer1982
BMB CompuScience Canada Ltd.SuperPETMicro1982
BOS SystemsCyte 86Micro1982
Boscoop-Personal GTAircomp 16 (aka HomeLab II)Home computer1982
Brain Trust Computer Corp.Joky-JoyHome computer1982
Brascom Computadores Brasileiros LtdaBR-1000Micro1982
Bridge Communications, Inc.CS/1MicroMultibus1982
British Micro (div. Hegotron)Mimi 802Micro1982
Mimi 802GMicro1982
Bubbl-Tec (-> Pacific Cyber/Metrix)BBC-128SBC1982
Bunker-Ramo Corp.ALADDIN 20Micro1982
ALADDIN 30Micro1982
Burroughs Corp.B 2 MS-DOS1982
B20MicroPC comp.1982
MT 985Terminal1982
OFIS Writer 400 CP/MWord processor1982
SR 110Terminal1982
Business Machine Corp. (BMC) (by OKI)IF-800 20BMicro1982
IF-800 20CMicro1982
Business Operating Systems, Inc. (BOS)BOS-M SystemMicro1982
CYTE Turbo-DOS-86Micro1982
BVM Equipamentos e Projetos Ltda.Fast PersonalHome computerTRS-80 clone1982
PersonalHome computer1982
Bytec Management Corp. (div. Comterm)HyperionMicroPC comp. (-)1982
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Micron 400Minicomputer1982
Mikron 600Minicomputer1982
Series 5000Minicomputer1982
Beijing Computer Factory n°2BCM-80B (/NorthStar Advantage)Micro1982>
BarcellosAMT 100Micro1983<
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)OMSOffice1983<
Billings Computer Corp.100 Computer SystemMicro1983<
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHBIMHome computerApple 2 clone1983<
BonsaiSM 3000Micro1983<
SM 4000Micro1983<
Britannia Computer Ltd.BabyMicro1983<
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Mikron 500Minicomputer1983<
Mikron 550Minicomputer1983<
B. Hübler/K.-P. EvertAusbaufaehiger Mikrocomputer mit dem U 880Home computer1983
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 4800Minicomputer1983
BTI 5000 MK IIMinicomputer1983
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)EVDTTerminal1983
MPx 8010Minicomputer1983
MPx 8020Minicomputer1983
MPx 8030Minicomputer1983
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.ATL-004Terminal1983
Topper CP/MTerminal1983
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryTP-805Micro1983
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryJDS-0520MicroPC comp.1983
Bell Computer Systems78400Micro1983
Big Monkey ComputerMonkey 1Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Bit Corp.BIT 60Home computer1983
Blaise, Fraiberger & Moulin (BFM)BFM-186 (=Metrologie BFM-186) (by YE-Data)Micro1983
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHBlaupunkt IIHome computerApple 2 clone1983
PC-33Home computerApple 2 clone1983
Boeun Electronics Co., Ltd.Peek BC-1000Home computer1983
Boscoop-Personal GTAircomp 32Home computer1983
Braegen Corp.8521Terminal1983
Bromley Computer ConsultancySuperstarMicro1983
BT EnterprisesBT Model III MicrocomputerMicroTRS-80 clone1983
BullQuestar 200Terminal1983
Questar M (=Micral 80)Terminal1983
TTX-90Word processor1983
Bull Micral (div. Bull)80-22Micro1983
Bunker-Ramo Corp.ALADDIN 70Micro1983
Burroughs Corp.B 911983
B7900 EMainframe1983
ET2000 MS-DOSMicro1983
MP 8631-1Terminal1983
Busch GmbH & Co. KGMicrotronic Computer SystemHome computerLearn1983
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 1600Minicomputer1984<
BDS, Inc.X-286Micro1984<
Bedford Computers Corp.Real Time Composition SystemWorkstationPublishing computer1984<
Super Setter System (/PDP-11/34)WorkstationPublishing computer1984<
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Topper 2Micro1984<
Beijing Wire Communications FactoryGreat Wall 100Micro1984<
Burr-Brown Research Corp.CS450MicroMultibus1984<
Burroughs Corp.B930Minicomputer1984<
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Mikron 600 20/20Minicomputer1984<
Mikron 600 40/40Minicomputer1984<
Series 1000AMinicomputer1984<
Bacher Elektronische Geräte GmbHSYS 310Micro1984
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7/69Mainframe1984
Barrister SystemsModel 212Word processor1984
Basic Timesharing, Inc. (BTI Computer Systems)BTI 6000Minicomputer1984
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 2000Minicomputer1984
Basis Microcomputer GmbHJuniorHome computer1984
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.ATL-3270Terminal1984
Bell Computer SystemsModel FourMicro1984
PC TwentyMicro1984
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP)CP-UAPMicro1984
BGR Computers P/LExcalibur 64Micro1984
Birostroj Computer d.d.1157? (-> Robotron)Office1984
Bit Corp.BIT 90Home computer1984
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.Model 12Micro (P)1984
Model 14Micro (P)1984
Model 22Micro1984
Braegen Corp.8524Terminal1984
BRITEurope PCMicroPC comp.1984
BullQuestar 400 (=SMES Corail B4000)Terminal1984
Questar 415Terminal1984
Questar 420Terminal1984
Bull Micral (div. Bull)90-50Micro1984
Burcon, Inc.SPT-871Micro1984
Burroughs Corp.A10Mainframe1984
A9 Model DMainframe1984
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Mark 5Minicomputer1984
BML Computer Design Pte Ltd.?Micro (P)PC comp.1984>
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 110Office1985<
Bauz GmbHBasys-PC (/Alphatronic)Micro1985<
BICC-Vero Electronics GmbHAC 46093Analog1985<
BRITAlpha 2000 ATMicroPC comp.1985<
Alpha 2000 PC/XTMicroPC comp.1985<
Brother Industries, Ltd.NP-200Word processor1985<
NP-300Word processor1985<
Burr-Brown Research Corp.MP85188SBC1985<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7/90-2Mainframe1985
Basic Eletrônica Ltda.Diginet XTMicroPC comp.1985
Basic Time, Inc.BT/ATMicroPC comp.1985
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MPx 7000 seriesMinicomputer1985
MPx 7110Minicomputer1985
MPx 7120Minicomputer1985
MPx 9110Minicomputer1985
MPx 9120Minicomputer1985
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.Advanced PC DisplayTerminal1985
ATL-3270 MSTerminal1985
ATL-3270 SNATerminal1985
BHG Fejlesztesi IntezetMASTERMicro1985
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.B230 (PRO28 Series)Micro1985
Model 16Micro (P)1985
Model 18Micro (P)1985
Model 2Micro (P)1985
Brasil Trade Center (BTC)BTC-XTMicroPC comp.1985
Britton Lee, Inc.BL300 (3 models)ServerDatabase server1985
BullTTX-35Word processor1985
Bull Micral (div. Bull)30MicroPC comp.1985
Burroughs Corp.A12Mainframe1985
OFIS Writer 25Word processor1985
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Micron 270Minicomputer1985
Barrister SystemsModel 140Minicomputer1986<
Model 145Minicomputer1986<
Model 150Minicomputer1986<
Model 160Minicomputer1986<
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI DS-500MicroPC comp.1986<
Brother Industries, Ltd.Picoword 4000Word processor (P)1986<
Burroughs Corp.A3Minicomputer1986<
B7900 SeriesMainframe1986<
B800 SeriesOffice1986<
CP 2000MinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
CP 9585MinicomputerCommunication processor1986<
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)7/90-1Mainframe1986
Basic Time, Inc.BTurbo 286 AT CompatibleMicroPC comp.1986
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 1500MicroPC comp.1986
MAI 3000Minicomputer1986
MPx 9010Minicomputer1986
MPx 9020Minicomputer1986
MPx 9200Minicomputer1986
MPx 9500Minicomputer1986
MPx 9530Minicomputer1986
Bawareth EnterpriseDPC-200CDHome computerMSX1986
DPC-200CD (by Daewoo)Home computerMSX1986
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.ATL-179Terminal1986
Beijing-Guangdong Chinese Characters Computer Technology Research and Development CenterGF20/IICMicro1986
Beltron (div. PC Craft)8088 TurboMicroPC comp.1986
Beltron Computer Systems10100 XTMicroPC comp.1986
10101 XTMicroPC comp.1986
10105 XT SystemMicroPC comp.1986
10120 XT SystemMicroPC comp.1986
10130 XT SystemMicroPC comp.1986
10201 AT SystemMicroPC comp.1986
10230 AT SystemMicroPC comp.1986
10301 Lightning XTMicroPC comp.1986
BEST Computer, Inc.PC/ATMicroPC comp.1986
PC/AT PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1986
PC/XT (2 models)MicroPC comp.1986
PC/XT PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1986
Turbo PC/AT (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Turbo PC/XT (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Turbo PC/XT PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1986
Best Systems Corporation of Canada, Inc.AVT-286MicroPC comp.1986
AVT10-286MicroPC comp.1986
Mk IIMicroPC comp.1986
Mk IIIMicroPC comp.1986
Mk IVMicroPC comp.1986
Bettex, Inc.3000Workstation1986
Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.Long Island PC/AT (9 models)MicroPC comp.1986
Blue Chip International, Inc.PC KBRDMicroPC comp.1986
Blue Max Technology, Inc.Monolith 4250 DIULMicroPC comp.1986
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.Model 32Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Model 34Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Model 36 XTMicro (P)PC comp.1986
Model 38Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Model 8Micro (P)PC comp.1986
Pro 81Micro1986
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)BAP0000MicroPC comp.1986
BAS0001 KBRDMicroPC comp.1986
BAS0002MicroPC comp.1986
BAS0003MicroPC comp.1986
BPX0001MicroPC comp.1986
BPX0002MicroPC comp.1986
BXS0001 Desk-TopMicroPC comp.1986
BXS0002 Desk-TopMicroPC comp.1986
Bulgarian Academy of Science - Robotics InstituteMIC 16 TurboMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16BMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16EMicroPC comp.1986
MIC 16NMicroPC comp.1986
Bull1000 (=Atari PC-2)Micro1986
BDS-3/HDS 7404Terminal1986
BDS-7/HDS 7507Terminal1986
BDS-7/HDS 7808Terminal1986
Questar 700Terminal1986
XPS-100 Model X-10Server1986
XPS-100 Model X-20Server1986
XPS-100 Model X-40Server1986
Bull Micral (div. Bull)35MicroPC comp.1986
60MicroPC comp.1986
Burr-Brown Research Corp.TM8501Terminal (P)1986
Burroughs Corp.A2Minicomputer1986
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 DistributorMinicomputer1986
Basic Time, Inc.BTurboMicroPC comp.1987<
Bell Technologies, Inc.Multipurpose Engine/386Workstation (P)1987<
BEZBZ/ATMicroPC comp.1987<
Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.Long Island PC/XTMicroPC comp.1987<
Birostroj Computer d.d.Binar BC-300Office1987<
Boffin Ltd.Delta EliteMicroPC comp.1987<
BTA - SofiaInterlab 1600WorkstationCAD1987<
Interlab 1610WorkstationCAD1987<
Interlab 1620WorkstationCAD1987<
Buffetti40MicroPC comp.1987<
60MicroPC comp.1987<
AT 20MicroPC comp.1987<
AT F9MicroPC comp.1987<
JPC-20MicroPC comp.1987<
JPC-F9MicroPC comp.1987<
Bulldog Computer ProductsPCAMMicroPC comp.1987<
Baku Plant (div. Minradioprom)Kontur PK8020Home computer1987
Korvet PK8010Home computer1987
Korvet PK8020Home computer1987
Barrister Systems3000-2300Minicomputer1987
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)DT-4313Terminal1987
MAI 1800Minicomputer1987
Bawareth EnterpriseCPC-300Home computerMSX21987
BDS, Inc.386 family PC CompatibleMicroPC comp.1987
386 family supermicroMicro1987
386 family supermini (3 models)Minicomputer1987
Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.ATL-191DTerminal1987
Micro Bee 1STerminal1987
Bentley Computer ProductsTurbo 10MicroPC comp.1987
Bettex, Inc.3100Workstation1987
Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.Long Island Super PC/XT (7 models)MicroPC comp.1987
Blue Chip International, Inc.PC PopularMicroPC comp.1987
TurboMicroPC comp.1987
BTG, Inc.RT-300 SeriesWorkstation (P)1987
RT-3501Workstation (P)1987
BullBDS-1/HDS 7101Terminal1987
BDS-1/HDS 7102Terminal1987
BDS-3/HDS 7403Terminal1987
BDS-5/HDS 7505Terminal1987
BDS-5/HDS 7506Terminal1987
BDS-5/HDS 7507Terminal1987
Bull Micral (div. Bull)40MicroPC comp.1987
Burr-Brown Research Corp.TM8450Terminal1987
Best Systems Corporation of Canada, Inc.Compact 286MicroPC comp.1988<
Compact 86MicroPC comp.1988<
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)Advanced Series 20Minicomputer1988
Advanced Series 40Minicomputer1988
Advanced Series 60Minicomputer1988
MAI 2500Minicomputer1988
MAI 4000Minicomputer1988
MPx 9410Minicomputer1988
MPx 9420Minicomputer1988
MPx 9610Minicomputer1988
MPx 9620Minicomputer1988
MPx 9630Minicomputer1988
BBN Computer Corp.XPS-100/X-15Server1988
Benchmark Technologies Ltd.BriscSBC1988
Picture ProcessorWorkstationCAD1988
Bentley Computer Products1MicroPC comp.1988
286/12MicroPC comp.1988
286/8MicroPC comp.1988
Bleasdale Computer System PlcSentinel 030Workstation1988
Blue Chip International, Inc.PC Popular Model 1MicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 1AMicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 2MicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 2+MicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 20MicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 30MicroPC comp.1988
PC Popular Model 40MicroPC comp.1988
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.B200AMicro (P)1988
Bondwell Informatica Ltda.4270-PCMicroPC comp.1988
Bondwell LCDMicro (P)PC comp.1988
Britton Lee, Inc.BL8000ServerDatabase server1988
XPS-100 Model X-15Server1988
XPS-100 Model X-22Server1988
XPS-100 Model X-42Server1988
Bull Micral (div. Bull)15 AttachéMicro1988
45MicroPC comp.1988
65MicroPC comp.1988
75MicroPC comp.1988
Bytex Corp.ATS-1000Special1988
Bytronix Microcomputers Ltd.Series 6150Minicomputer1988
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN)ButterflySupercomputer1988~
BP EVMPK8000Home computer1988~
BUS Computer System, Inc.Bus 386/16MicroPC comp.1989<
Bus 386/20MicroPC comp.1989<
Bus 386/25MicroPC comp.1989<
BEST Computer, Inc.Lite LunchboxMicro (P)PC comp.1989
Bi-link Computer, Inc.EGA-286Micro (P)PC comp.1989
MN286Micro (P)PC comp.1989
Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.Long Island Super PC/ATMicroPC comp.1989
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.BLK 286/10 BasicMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/12 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/12 BasicMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/12 BeginnerMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/16 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/20 BasicMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 286/25 BasicMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 386/20 BasicMicroPC comp.1989
BLK 386SXMicroPC comp.1989
Blue Chip International, Inc.PC Popular 286MicroPC comp.1989
Precision 386/16MicroPC comp.1989
Precision 386/20MicroPC comp.1989
Preference 286/1MBMicroPC comp.1989
Preference 286/512MicroPC comp.1989
BNPO KirovBashkiria-2MHome computer1989
Bashkiria-2M ROM-diskHome computer1989
Brest Electromechanical Plant (BEMZ)BYTEHome computer1989
ES-1845MicroPC comp.1989
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)BAG0000 GAS PLASMAMicro (P)PC comp.1989
BAG0001 GAS PLASMA ATMicro (P)PC comp.1989
BSI-III ATMicro (P)PC comp.1989
BSI-III AT CRTMicro (P)PC comp.1989
BSI-III CRTMicro (P)PC comp.1989
BSI-III XT CRTMicro (P)PC comp.1989
CGA GAS PLASMAMicro (P)PC comp.1989
CGA GAS Plasma Bare boneMicroPC comp.1989
VGA Gas Plasma BareboneMicro (P)PC comp.1989
Brother Industries, Ltd.WP-1Word processor1989
WP-55Word processor (P)1989
BullDPX/2 500Server1989
Bull Micral (div. Bull)200MicroPC comp.1989
600MicroPC comp.1989
BUS Computer System, Inc.Bus 386-33MicroPC comp.1989
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Distributor EPMinicomputer1989
BBN Computer Corp.GP 1000SupercomputerArray processor1989~
Bandai Electronics, Ltd.RX-78Home computer1980s
Bando (-> Transtec)GDT-8200Terminal1980s
Basic Time, Inc.BT/XTMicroPC comp.1980s
Basis Microcomputers, Ltd. (div. Basis)Medfly (Basis 108 clone)Home computerApple 2 clone1980s
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryCMPTS-1 (/Cromemco)Micro1980s
Beltron (div. PC Craft)286MicroPC comp.1980s
Bi-link Computer, Inc.Piccolo Portable PCMicro (P)1980s
Binary Technology, Inc.SIBEC-51SBC1980s
Blue Chip International, Inc.HorizonMicro1980s
BMG Microsystems Ltd.5001980s
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.Pro 36Micro1980s
Boscoop-Personal GTAircomp 64Home computer1980s
Böwe Informations- und Systemtechnik GmbH?Terminal1980s
Brandt (div. Thomson-Brandt)JPAC JO-7400 (same Videopac 7400)Micro1980s
Brascom Computadores Brasileiros LtdaBR BabyHome computer1980s
Brasil Trade Center (BTC)BTC-XT TurboMicroPC comp.1980s
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)486DX2-50MicroPC comp.1980s
Bromcom Computer PlcxPDAPDA (P)1980s
Budapesti Radiotechnikai Gyar (BRG)Lic. ABC 80Micro1980s
BuffettiBPC-10MicroPC comp.1980s
Bull?TerminalVTX (Minitel)1980s
Questar 205Terminal1980s
Questar 210Terminal1980s
Questar 303Terminal1980s
Questar 305Terminal1980s
Questar 306Terminal1980s
Questar 310Terminal1980s
TTX-33Word processor1980s
XPS-100 Model X-25Server1980s
Bull Telesincro S.A. (-> Bull)VTX-90/2STerminal1980s
Burroughs Corp.B3965Mainframe1980s
Busicomputers Ltd.Prophet 2 (by Acorn)Home computer1980s
Prophet 3 (by Acorn)Home computer1980s
Banyan Systems, Inc.CNS386Server1990<
Brother Industries, Ltd.WP-1400DWord processor (P)1990<
WP-4UWord processor1990<
WP-500Word processor1990<
WP-60Word processor (P)1990<
WP-65Word processor (P)1990<
WP-650Word processor1990<
WP-660Word processor1990<
WP-720Word processor1990<
WP-75Word processor1990<
WP-760DWord processor (P)1990<
WP-80Word processor1990<
WP-95Word processor1990<
BBN Computer Corp.TC2000/126SupercomputerArray processor1990
TC2000/8SupercomputerArray processor1990
BDS, Inc.MerlinMicro1990
Beijing University of Technology - Electronic Instrument FactoryMPSSpecialParallel computer1990
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.BLK 286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1990
BLK 286/20MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 286/25MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 386/20MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 386/25MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 386/33 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 486 EISA (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
BLK 486 ISAMicroPC comp.1990
BLK 486/25 EISAMicroPC comp.1990
Boldline Computers (div. Micomp-Tech)Wearnes Boldline MMicroPC comp.1990
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.B200 SuperSlimMicro (P)PC comp.1990
B310 SuperSlimMicro (P)PC comp.1990
B310 SuperSlim PlusMicro (P)PC comp.1990
B310SX-16Micro (P)PC comp.1990
B310VMicro (P)PC comp.1990
Boss Technology Corp.Boss 3633SMicroPC comp.1990
BPK "Sever"SeverHome computerZX clone1990
Sever 48/002Home computerZX clone1990
Brick Computer Co.The Brick (4 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1990
BullDPX/2 100Server1990
DPX/2 110Server1990
DPX/2 340/1Server1990
DPX/2 340/4Server1990
DPX/2 360/1Server1990
DPX/2 360/4Server1990
DPX/2 510Server1990
BUS Computer System, Inc.Bus 286 VGAMicroPC comp.1990
Bus 386SX VGAMicroPC comp.1990
Bdi286-12MicroPC comp.1991
286-16 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1991
386-20MicroPC comp.1991
386-25MicroPC comp.1991
386-33MicroPC comp.1991
386SX-16MicroPC comp.1991
386SX-20MicroPC comp.1991
486-33MicroPC comp.1991
Beaver Computer Corp. (BCC)SL 007 386SL-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
SL007Micro (P)PC comp.1991
ST 286MicroPC comp.1991
ST 386DX/CMicroPC comp.1991
ST 386SXMicroPC comp.1991
ST 386SX/CMicroPC comp.1991
Bi-link Computer, Inc.286/20MicroPC comp.1991
286/20 MonoMicroPC comp.1991
386SX/20MicroPC comp.1991
386SX/20 MonoMicroPC comp.1991
FT433 File ServerServer1991
NB2580Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PD325Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PD325MMicro (P)PC comp.1991
PD333Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PD333MMicro (P)PC comp.1991
PD433Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PD433M PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
PW325Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PW333Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PW433Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Bitwise Designs, Inc.SportSXMicro (P)PC comp.1991
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.BLK (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1991
BLK 386/25NCMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 386/33UMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 386/40MicroPC comp.1991
BLK 386SX/20 (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1991
BLK 486/25MicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486/33 EISAMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486/33 ISAMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486/33UMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486/50MicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486/50UMicroPC comp.1991
BLK 486SX/16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
BLK 486SX/20MicroPC comp.1991
Bluemax Computer Corp.Attaché 286-160Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 386-250Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 386-330Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 386SX-160Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 386SX-200Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 486-250Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Attaché 486-330Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.B220SLMicro (P)PC comp.1991
B310SL-20Micro (P)PC comp.1991
B330DXMicro (P)PC comp.1991
B330SXMicro (P)PC comp.1991
Brest Electromechanical Plant (BEMZ)ES-1855MicroPC comp.1991
Brick Computer Co.MobyBrick (2 models)MicroPC comp.1991
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)286/16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
386/33Micro (P)PC comp.1991
486/33 ISAMicro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 286/12 PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 286/20 PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 386/25 PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 386/33Micro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 386/33 PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
CRT-III 386/40 PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1991
LCD-V VGA 386SXMicro (P)PC comp.1991
NP 846TMicro (P)PC comp.1991
PC-III VGA PLUSMicro (P)PC comp.1991
PC-V VGAMicro (P)PC comp.1991
BullDPX/2 150Server1991
DPX/2 210Server1991
Bustec Computer GmbHBus-Station 1WorkstationSPARC clone1991
Bi-link Computer, Inc.VGA433Micro (P)PC comp.1991~
Basicon, Inc.AD1/SSBCMicrocontroller1992<
Binary Technology, Inc.SIBEC-IISBCMicrocontroller1992<
Blue Earth, LLCMicro-440SBCMicrocontroller1992<
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)GPx 4150MicroPC comp.1992
GPx 5150MicroPC comp.1992
Beaver Computer Corp. (BCC)Avanti 025Micro (P)PC comp.1992
Avanti 486Micro (P)PC comp.1992
Bestar (div. Hertie)Bestar MSS 5000 (=NTS DreamWriter 325)Micro (P)1992
Bestek Computer Co., Ltd.BEK-486MBMicroPC comp.1992
BGW Systems, Inc.U86Micro1992
Bi AmZX Spectrum 48/64Home computerZX clone1992
Bi-link Computer, Inc.HyperBook 2200SXMicro (P)PC comp.1992
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.NB 320SMicro (P)PC comp.1992
Blue Star Computer, Inc.386DX/25 NotebookMicro (P)PC comp.1992
386SX/25 NotebookMicro (P)PC comp.1992
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.386SL/FMicro (P)PC comp.1992
BullDPX/2 270Server1992
DPX/2 380/1Server1992
DPX/2 380/4Server1992
DPX/20 100Server1992
DPX/20 105Server1992
DPX/20 110Server1992
DPX/20 125WServer1992
DPX/20 130Server1992
DPX/20 130SServer1992
DPX/20 135Server1992
DPX/20 135WServer1992
DPX/20 140SServer1992
DPX/20 150Server1992
DPX/20 150SServer1992
DPX/20 155WServer1992
DPX/20 215Server1992
DPX/20 310Server1992
DPX/20 320Server1992
DPX/20 400Server1992
DPX/20 420Server1992
DPX/20 430Server1992
DPX/20 440Server1992
DPX/20 445Server1992
DPX/20 450Server1992
DPX/20 455Server1992
DPX/20 460Server1992
DPX/20 465Server1992
DPX/20 470Server1992
DPX/20 475Server1992
DPX/20 480Server1992
DPX/20 485Server1992
DPX/20 490Server1992
DPX/20 495Server1992
DPX/20 600Server1992
DPX/20 610Server1992
DPX/20 620Server1992
DPX/20 630Server1992
DPX/20 640Server1992
DPX/20 650Server1992
DPX/20 660Server1992
DPX/20 680Server1992
DPX/20 690Server1992
DPX/20 690HServer1992
DPX/20 800Server1992
DPX/20 810Server1992
DPX/20 820Server1992
DPX/20 830Server1992
DPX/20 840Server1992
DPX/20 890Server1992
DPX/20 890HServer1992
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHProvit 3030Micro1993
Provit 4000Micro1993
Provit 5000Micro1993
Badger Computers (div. Group Technology)GT-110Micro (P)Palmtop1993
GT-486P1 (by Dauphin)Micro (P)Pen computer1993
Bel-Air TechnologiesVistaMicro (P)Pen computer1993
Bi AmZX Spectrum 128Home computerZX clone1993
Bi-link Computer, Inc.HyperBook 2300DLC/40Micro (P)PC comp.1993
HyperBook 2300SLC/25Micro (P)PC comp.1993
HyperBook 3200SLC/25Micro (P)PC comp.1993
PD 43D Portable DesktopMicro (P)PC comp.1993
PD 45D Portable DesktopMicro (P)PC comp.1993
PW 43D Portable WorkstationMicro (P)PC comp.1993
PW 45D Portable WorkstationMicro (P)PC comp.1993
BIT Computer, Inc.FT4668DT (4 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Bitwise Designs, Inc.433ACPMicro (P)PC comp.1993
433CRTVLMicro (P)PC comp.1993
433DSMicro (P)PC comp.1993
433LCDMicro (P)PC comp.1993
433VPMicro (P)PC comp.1993
466ACPMicro (P)PC comp.1993
466LCDMicro (P)PC comp.1993
466MMACPMicro (P)PC comp.1993
466MMCRTVLMicro (P)PC comp.1993
466VPMicro (P)PC comp.1993
BASIC 433SSMicro (P)PC comp.1993
Deluxe 450SSMicro (P)PC comp.1993
ULTRA 466SSMicro (P)PC comp.1993
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.BLK 486DX/33 LBMicroPC comp.1993
BLK 486SX/25 (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1993
BLK 486SX/25 NBPCMicro (P)PC comp.1993
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.486 DXMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 DXcMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 NCMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 NC/RMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 NC2Micro (P)PC comp.1993
486 NSXMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 SL/FMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 SLCMicro (P)PC comp.1993
486 SLC25Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Brain Computer Corp.The Brain 386-33MicroPC comp.1993
Brick Computer Co.NoteBrick 486DX -33 (12 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1993
NoteBrick 486DX2-50 (6 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1993
NoteBrick 486SL-25 (6 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1993
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)486DX2-66MicroPC comp.1993
Bajtek S.A.i486DX2/66MHzMicroPC comp.1994<
BB Data ABGrizzly 266 AlfredoMicroPC comp.1994<
Grizzly P66 BatmanMicroPC comp.1994<
Grizzly S33 AlfredoMicroPC comp.1994<
Bear486/50 DesktopMicroPC comp.1994<
Beaver Computer Corp. (BCC)Premio Pentium PCI 66MicroPC comp.1994<
Premio Pentium PCI 90MicroPC comp.1994<
Beyond 2000 Systems, Inc.STRATUS NT 90MicroPC comp.1994<
Black Cat486/66 VLMicroPC comp.1994<
Brett ComputersExecEISAMicroPC comp.1994<
ExecutiveMicroPC comp.1994<
Executive PCI PentiumMicroPC comp.1994<
Pro PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
Pro VLB 486 DX2-66MicroPC comp.1994<
Station NTe EISAMicroPC comp.1994<
Brother Industries, Ltd.BCR 4486MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 4486/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 4486/VIPMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 4486DLMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 4586MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5486MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5486/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5486/VIPMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5586MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5586/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 5P54C/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 7486MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 7586/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8486MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8486/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8486/VIPMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8586MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8586/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR 8P54C/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR3 486MicroPC comp.1994<
BCR4 586/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BCR4 P54C/PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
BurgoyneRocket 60MicroPC comp.1994<
Bitwise Designs, Inc.ACP 486DX4-100Micro (P)PC comp.1994
ACP P90Micro (P)PC comp.1994
DSC 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1994
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.BLK 486DX/33 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK 486DX2/50 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK 486DX2/66MicroPC comp.1994
BLK 486DX2/66 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK 486SX/33 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK P/60 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK P/66 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
BLK P/90 VLBMicroPC comp.1994
Blue Rose Computer Systems, Inc.MultiMedia Pentium 60MicroPC comp.1994
MultiMedia Pentium 66MicroPC comp.1994
MultiMedia Pentium 90MicroPC comp.1994
Brilliant System Ltd.Brilliant PalmtopMicro (P)Palmtop1994
Brother Industries, Ltd.WP-5500Word processor1994
WP-5750DSWord processor1994
Beyond 2000 Systems, Inc.WebWerxServer1995<
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.4DX33PMicroPC comp.1995<
4DX33VMicroPC comp.1995<
4DX66PMicroPC comp.1995<
Model 4 DLCMicroPC comp.1995<
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHProvit 2000Micro1995
Be, Inc.BeBox Dual603-66MicroMac clone1995
Beaver Computer Corp. (BCC)SL 007 433C Secure Notebook 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1995
BIT Computer, Inc.DU-VESA 486 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1995
EX Green Note (5 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1995
EZ4108DD (4 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1995
FR MediaBook 486DX (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Bitwise Designs, Inc.433PCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
433SCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
433SXPCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
433SXSCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
466PCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
466SCRTMicro (P)PC comp.1995
ACP NP 486DX -33Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ACP NP 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ACP NP 486SX-25Micro (P)PC comp.1995
DSC NP 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1995
DSC NP 486SX-25Micro (P)PC comp.1995
LCD NP 486DX -33Micro (P)PC comp.1995
LCD NP 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1995
LCD NP 486SX-25Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Screenstar BasicMicro (P)PC comp.1995
Screenstar DeluxeMicro (P)PC comp.1995
Screenstar UltraMicro (P)PC comp.1995
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.Centurion P-100MicroPC comp.1995
Centurion P-120MicroPC comp.1995
Blue Rose Computer Systems, Inc.MultiMedia Blossom DX4/100MicroPC comp.1995
MultiMedia Blossom P100MicroPC comp.1995
MultiMedia Telemetry DX4/100MicroPC comp.1995
MultiMedia Telemetry P100MicroPC comp.1995
Network Bud DX4/100MicroPC comp.1995
Network Bud P100MicroPC comp.1995
BovoData Système SA486 DX2-66MicroPC comp.1995
486 DX4-100MicroPC comp.1995
P75MicroPC comp.1995
Boxlight Corp.MultibookMicro (P)PC comp.1995
Brett ComputersMaster Executive P100MicroPC comp.1995
Master Executive P133MicroPC comp.1995
Pentium 120MicroPC comp.1995
Pro PCI DX4-100MicroPC comp.1995
Pro Phone (5 models)MicroPC comp.1995
Brick Computer Co.PowerBrick (19 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486DX2-50 4/127Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486DX2-50 4/260Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486DX2-50 8/260Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486DX2-50 8/340Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486SX-33 4/127Micro (P)PC comp.1995
SubBrick 486SX-33 4/260Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ThinBrick 486DX2-50 4/250Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ThinBrick 486DX4-75 4/250Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ThinBrick 486SX-33 4/250Micro (P)PC comp.1995
ThunderBrick 100MicroPC comp.1995
ThunderBrick 120MicroPC comp.1995
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)BSI NP5262TMicro (P)PC comp.1995
NP 7657TMicro (P)PC comp.1995
NP 7659TMicro (P)PC comp.1995
NP 9549DMicro (P)PC comp.1995
BTG, Inc.AXP275Server1995
BullEscala D201 (3 models)Server1995
Escala D401/8Server1995
Escala R201/4Server1995
Escala R201/8Server1995
Best Best Pentium 90MicroPC comp.1995~
BCM Advanced Research, Inc.SQ580 - SIS5596MicroPC comp.1995>
SQ585 - SIS5596MicroPC comp.1995>
SQ591 - 2430VXMicroPC comp.1995>
SQ593- 2430VXMicroPC comp.1995>
SQ594 - 2430VXMicroPC comp.1995>
SQ596MicroPC comp.1995>
SQ598MicroPC comp.1995>
SQ600MicroPC comp.1995>
BTG TechnologyPentium EV P200MicroPC comp.1995>
Bell TechnologyEagle 5100 / TSIMicroPC comp.1996<
Eagle 5120TSIMicroPC comp.1996<
Eagle 5133TSSMicroPC comp.1996<
Eagle 5166-T2SUMicroPC comp.1996<
Eagle 5200-VSUMicroPC comp.1996<
Eagle 6200-TSUMicroPC comp.1996<
EuroBell Budget PowerMicroPC comp.1996<
Bits & PCsPower IV 486-66MicroPC comp.1996<
Power Pro V/200MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/100MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/120MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/133MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/166MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/75MicroPC comp.1996<
Power V/90MicroPC comp.1996<
Bitwise Designs, Inc.P133/ACPMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
Blue Star Marketing, Inc.Eclipse E-133MicroPC comp.1996<
Eclipse P-166MicroPC comp.1996<
Brother Industries, Ltd.BCM3 486SX/25Workstation1996<
BCP 221V LiteBook(SubNB)Micro (P)PC comp.1996<
BCP 521VMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
BCP 651T ProBookMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
BCR4 486 VLMicroPC comp.1996<
BCR4 486DX4/100MicroPC comp.1996<
BCR4 586P P120MicroPC comp.1996<
BCR4 586P P75MicroPC comp.1996<
BCR5 486dx2MicroPC comp.1996<
BCR5 586 P90MicroPC comp.1996<
BCR5/60MicroPC comp.1996<
P100 CD OfficeMicroPC comp.1996<
P120 MaxMicroPC comp.1996<
PC 5000 P90MicroPC comp.1996<
Professor 166MicroPC comp.1996<
Professor P60 PremiereMicroPC comp.1996<
Professor P90 PremiereMicroPC comp.1996<
SoloMicroPC comp.1996<
Byte Computer Superstore Ltd.Byte 486DX2/50MicroPC comp.1996<
Be, Inc.BeBox Dual603-133MicroMac clone1996
BIT Computer, Inc.Cheetah III (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
Cheetah IV AM (5 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
Cheetah IV DS (6 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
DM4104DDMicro (P)PC comp.1996
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.Centurion P-166MicroPC comp.1996
Centurion Pro P-200MicroPC comp.1996
STRATUS P100Micro (P)PC comp.1996
Brick Computer Co.Black BrickMicro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerBrick 2Micro (P)PC comp.1996
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)NP 5259CMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5262AMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5262CMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5265AMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5265CMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5266AMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 5300 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8100 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8600 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8657DMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8659DMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8662DMicro (P)PC comp.1996
NP 8662TMicro (P)PC comp.1996
Bung Enterprises Ltd.Doctor PC JrHome computer1996
Batra InternationalSummitMicroPC comp.1997
UltraproMicroPC comp.1997
Voyageur IXMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Voyageur XMicro (P)PC comp.1997
BIT Computer, Inc.Cheetah III AM (6 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
Cheetah III DS (6 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
Blackship Computer Systems, Inc.Centurion P-133MicroPC comp.1997
Nautilus NX-100MicroPC comp.1997
Neptune P-75MicroPC comp.1997
Neptune P-90MicroPC comp.1997
BowerAloïs ProMicroPC comp.1997
AltaïrMicroPC comp.1997
IzarMicroPC comp.1997
NatisMicroPC comp.1997
PégaseMicroPC comp.1997
Primus ProMicroPC comp.1997
StellisMicroPC comp.1997
TeliosMicroPC comp.1997
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)NP 6287AMicro (P)PC comp.1997
NP 7207HMicro (P)PC comp.1997
NP 8687AMicro (P)PC comp.1997
NP 8737AMicro (P)PC comp.1997
NP 8759HMicro (P)PC comp.1997
BCM Advanced Research, Inc.FR550 82430TXMicroPC comp.1997>
SQ575 82430TXMicroPC comp.1997>
SQ576 82430TXMicroPC comp.1997>
Black CatVXPRO-200MMXMicroPC comp.1997>
Binary Technology, Inc.K6-200MicroPC comp.1998
Pentium Pro 200MicroPC comp.1998
PII 233MicroPC comp.1998
PR200MicroPC comp.1998
BIT Computer, Inc.CH 616CIDMMicro (P)PC comp.1998
CH 620EKTMMicro (P)PC comp.1998
CH 723EKTMMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.CacheFlow 100ServerCache server1998
CacheFlow 500ServerCache server1998
Boundless Technologies, Inc.CapioTerminal1998
Brick Computer Co.BigScreen 4Micro (P)PC comp.1998
E-BrickMicro (P)PC comp.1998
PowerBrick 3Micro (P)PC comp.1998
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)NP 6280AMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 6600 (5 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 6623TMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 6626TMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 7200H (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 8263KMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 8266KMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP 8700HMicro (P)PC comp.1998
BullEscala E620ServerPowerPC1998
Big Red Computers PlcAlpha IIMicroPC comp.1999<
Discovery 350MicroPC comp.1999<
Discovery 400MicroPC comp.1999<
Discovery 450MicroPC comp.1999<
Discovery 500MicroPC comp.1999<
Discovery C333MicroPC comp.1999<
Enterprise Dominator 900MicroPC comp.1999<
Enterprise K7 600MicroPC comp.1999<
Enterprise/ATX 266P2MicroPC comp.1999<
Explorer K3-450MicroPC comp.1999<
Explorer R550MicroPC comp.1999<
Explorer R600MicroPC comp.1999<
Galileo Internet 200MXMicroPC comp.1999<
Galileo M300MicroPC comp.1999<
R500MicroPC comp.1999<
Voyager K266/3DMicroPC comp.1999<
Voyager K350MicroPC comp.1999<
Voyager K400MicroPC comp.1999<
Voyager K450MicroPC comp.1999<
ZeddexMicroPC comp.1999<
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHProvit 5600Micro1999
Brick Computer Co.BigScreen 5Micro (P)PC comp.1999
MobyBrick 2Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NoteBrick 3Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NoteBrick 4Micro (P)PC comp.1999
ThinBrick 2Micro (P)PC comp.1999
ThunderBrick 2Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Brite ComputersAndromeda IIMicroPC comp.1999
B142Micro (P)PC comp.1999
B2130Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Capella IMicroPC comp.1999
Cassiopeia IMicroPC comp.1999
Cassiopeia IIMicroPC comp.1999
Dorado IIMicroPC comp.1999
Dorado IIIMicroPC comp.1999
E360Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E362Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E380Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E5140Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E5320Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E5520Micro (P)PC comp.1999
E6530Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Gemini IIMicroPC comp.1999
Gemini IIIMicroPC comp.1999
L470Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Orion IIMicroPC comp.1999
S4510Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Titania IIMicroPC comp.1999
Triton IIMicroPC comp.1999
Triton IIIMicroPC comp.1999
X7530Micro (P)PC comp.1999
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)NP 2300 (4 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 5257AMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 6650TMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 8500 (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 8530KMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 9700 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NP 9700HMicro (P)PC comp.1999
BullEscala EPC-2400Server1999
Escala EPC-2450Server1999
Escala EPC-400Server1999
Escala EPC-430Server1999
Escala EPC-440Server1999
Escala EPC-450Server1999
Escala EPC-610Server1999
Escala EPC-810Server1999
Escala PowerCluster EPC1200 (3 models)Server1999~
Escala PowerCluster EPC400 (8 models)Server1999~
Escala PowerCluster EPC800 (4 models)Server1999~
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHProvit 900Micro1990s
BaldaVAIO VGN-T370P/LMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Basicon, Inc.MC-64ASBCMicrocontroller1990s
Bauer Computer und Optische Speichersysteme GmbH?WorkstationSPARC clone1990s
Baycom2200 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
2700 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
2850 seriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Agent PGA1Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Agent PGA2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
VoyageMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBookMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook 1Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook 2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook 3Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook 3 PlusMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook IMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook IIMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook IIIMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook III PlusMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook III+Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WorldBook SubMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
BBG Electronics Industry Corp. Ltd. (by Subor)Subor BBG-1Home computerLearn1990s
BCOM Electronics, Inc.CivilNote 3100MicroPC comp.1990s
MarsMicro (P)Palmtop1990s
TopNETMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Beaver Computer Corp. (BCC)Avanti 750Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Beko Elektronik A.S.ARCELIK A1000MicroPC comp.1990s
ARCELIK A1200MicroPC comp.1990s
BEKO B1000MicroPC comp.1990s
BEKO B1200MicroPC comp.1990s
Belinea GmbH (div. Maxdata)XS10 B01Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
XS10 W01Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Bell Northern Research Europe Ltd. ASAMSpecialParallel computer1990s
Bestek Computer Co., Ltd.Value3000PRO1990s
Bestway Systems, Inc. (BSI)6200DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Binary Technology, Inc.SIBEC-IIISBCMicrocontroller1990s
Blackmate386 SX-1-2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Blue Earth, LLCALC-51SBCMicrocontroller1990s
BOLData Technology, Inc.N341C2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Bona Technology, Inc.Bonafide 386SX/20Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Bondwell Industrial Co., Inc.486Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
5400DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
5400DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
6200DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
6200DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
B200Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
B310Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
B310+Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
B310AMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
B310SXMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
BSI 6120Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Quickmedia V16 PentiumMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Brick Computer Co.Mobile Warrior M300NMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Preceptor 4Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Preceptor 5 (CY27)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rocket(N30N3)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Rocket2A (N341C2)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
RocketBrick2A (N341C2)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
RocketPlus (CY23)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Speed (TS30W)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
SpeedBrick (TS30W)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
SpeedBrick+ (TS30W2)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
SpeedBrick+3 (TS30W3)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
SpeedPlus (TS30W2)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
SpeedPlus 3 (TS30W3)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Brinel PC Prod SrlAlpis DelphinusMicroPC comp.1990s
Bristol Research Corp.BRCIndustrial1990s
BroadAx Systems, Inc. (BSI)6200DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Brother Industries, Ltd.WP-1150Word processor1990s
WP-2200Word processor1990s
WP-2400Word processor1990s
WP-2410Word processor1990s
WP-2450DSWord processor1990s
WP-340Word processor1990s
WP-3400Word processor1990s
WP-3410Word processor1990s
WP-3550Word processor1990s
WP-510 (aka OPUS)Word processor1990s
WP-5600Word processor1990s
WP-575Word processor1990s
WP-5850MDSWord processor1990s
WP-5900MDSWord processor1990s
WP-620Word processor (P)1990s
WP-6700CJWord processor1990s
WP-70Word processor1990s
WP-700DWord processor (P)1990s
WP-7550jWord processor1990s
WP-760Word processor1990s
Brown EnterprisesZ80 Micro ControllerSBCMicrocontroller1990s
BSM Computer, Inc.Identity 386-33MicroPC comp.1990s
BTO15W14Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
15W23Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
15W25+Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Bulgarian Academy of Science - Center for Informatics and Computer Technology APS-48SpecialParallel computer1990s
BullEscala D204 (4 models)Server1990s
Escala D401 (3 models)Server1990s
Escala D404 (2 models)Server1990s
Escala D604E (3 models)Server1990s
Escala E230ServerPowerPC1990s
Escala PL220ServerPowerPC1990s
Escala PL240ServerPowerPC1990s
Escala PL400ServerPowerPC1990s
Escala PL420ServerPowerPC1990s
Escala T610ServerPowerPC1990s
Bullman GmbH & Co. KGAero 43173Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Business Computer Ltd. (BCL)Molecular 18 Systemation AmigoMinicomputer1990s
BYTE Computer S.A.Nova XPMicroPC comp.1990s
Best Price Computers Ltd.M41MicroPC comp.2000<
M42MicroPC comp.2000<
M48MicroPC comp.2000<
M57MicroPC comp.2000<
M62MicroPC comp.2000<
M80MicroPC comp.2000<
M86MicroPC comp.2000<
M89MicroPC comp.2000<
Splashes 450MicroPC comp.2000<
Splashes 533MicroPC comp.2000<
Splashes 55MicroPC comp.2000<
Splashes 800MicroPC comp.2000<
Splashes A6MicroPC comp.2000<
Value 101MicroPC comp.2000<
Value 102MicroPC comp.2000<
Value 105MicroPC comp.2000<
Value 3000MicroPC comp.2000<
BullEscala T430ServerPowerPC2000<
Escala T450 (4 models)ServerPowerPC2000<
BEST Computer, Inc.Terra AXVMicroPC comp.2000
Boundless Technologies, Inc.Capio II 2992Terminal2000
Brick Computer Co.Elite 2 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NoteBrick 5 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
ThinBrick 2 PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2000
ThunderBrickMicro (P)PC comp.2000
Brite ComputersAltair IMicroPC comp.2000
AnandMicroPC comp.2000
Andromeda IIIMicroPC comp.2000
Andromeda IVMicroPC comp.2000
AntaresMicroPC comp.2000
AntilaMicroPC comp.2000
Capella IIMicroPC comp.2000
Cassiopeia IIIMicroPC comp.2000
Centauri IMicroPC comp.2000
CygnusMicroPC comp.2000
Dorado IIIIMicroPC comp.2000
Dorado VMicroPC comp.2000
E6150Micro (P)PC comp.2000
E6250Micro (P)PC comp.2000
E6520Micro (P)PC comp.2000
E6550Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Gemini IIIIMicroPC comp.2000
Gemini VMicroPC comp.2000
Orion IIIMicroPC comp.2000
Orion IVMicroPC comp.2000
PerseusMicroPC comp.2000
Phoenix IMicroPC comp.2000
Phoenix IIMicroPC comp.2000
PolluxMicroPC comp.2000
Titania IIIMicroPC comp.2000
Triton IIIIMicroPC comp.2000
Triton VMicroPC comp.2000
bSquare Corp.MauiPDA (P)2000
BullEstrella 300 Model 604E (7 models)Server2000~
Estrella 320 Model 604EServer2000~
Estrella 340 Model 604EServer2000~
Estrella 350 Model 604EServer2000~
Estrella Model M604Server2000~
BlackwolfCS1009MicroPC comp.2001
BOLData Technology, Inc.Challenger A1400 A1.2MicroPC comp.2001
Challenger A1400 A1.4MicroPC comp.2001
Challenger AXR1400 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Challenger D1000 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2001
Challenger MP1200MicroPC comp.2001
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 4150Workstation2001
3DBOXX Workstation 4860Workstation2001
Bplan (by Genesi)PegasosMicroMac clone2001
Brainium Technologies, Inc.DreamMax 700Micro (P)Palmtop2001
Brick Computer Co.Brick 32KMicroPC comp.2001
Brick P4MicroPC comp.2001
Brick PC (2 models)MicroPC comp.2001
MegaLiteMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MercuryMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroLiteMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NoteBrick 8Micro (P)PC comp.2001
Slim DesktopMicroPC comp.2001
SpeedBrickMicro (P)PC comp.2001
Brite ComputersDracoMicroPC comp.2001
EnforceMicroPC comp.2001
LynxMicroPC comp.2001
BullEscala ILServer2001
Escala PL600RServer2001
Escala PL600TServer2001
BigBay Technologies, Inc.Mini PCMicro (P)PC comp.2002<
NotebookMicro (P)PC comp.2002<
Pilot HouseMicroPC comp.2002<
Redundant SystemMicroPC comp.2002<
BowerAntaresMicroPC comp.2002<
HalleyMicroPC comp.2002<
Bharat Electronics Pvt. Ltd.Amida Simputer (-> PicoPeta)PDA (P)2002
BOLData Technology, Inc.Challenger AX 2100MicroPC comp.2002
Challenger AX 2200MicroPC comp.2002
Challenger N2100MicroPC comp.2002
Challenger N2200MicroPC comp.2002
LCD PC 1700MicroPC comp.2002
Brainium Technologies, Inc.DreamWriter 450Word processor (P)2002
DreamWriter 500Word processor (P)2002
Brick Computer Co.AirBrickMicro (P)PC comp.2002
Brick 478Micro (P)PC comp.2002
Brick 478MMicro (P)PC comp.2002
Platinum PIII 1.0MicroPC comp.2002
RocketBrickMicro (P)PC comp.2002
RocketBrick PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2002
ThunderBrick 4MicroPC comp.2002
Brite ComputersAndromeda 1.0MicroPC comp.2002
Cassiopeia 1700MicroPC comp.2002
Cassiopeia 1800MicroPC comp.2002
CL-10Micro (P)PC comp.2002
CY-25Micro (P)PC comp.2002
Dorado 1.13MicroPC comp.2002
Dorado 1.26MicroPC comp.2002
Orion 1.0MicroPC comp.2002
Orion 1.7MicroPC comp.2002
Pollux 1.5MicroPC comp.2002
Pollux 1.7MicroPC comp.2002
Pollux 1.8MicroPC comp.2002
Titania 1.8MicroPC comp.2002
BCL LogicLMC Atlantis P166MicroPC comp.2003<
LMC Classic P100MicroPC comp.2003<
LMC Endeavor P133MicroPC comp.2003<
LMC Marl ATX P133MicroPC comp.2003<
BCM Advanced Research, Inc.BRAVO333AC1MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO333AC2MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO333PSCMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO366AC1MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO366AC2MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO366PSCMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO400AC1MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO400AC2MicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO400PSCMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVO500 ACMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVOMX333CMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVOMX366CMicroPC comp.2003<
BRAVOMX400CMicroPC comp.2003<
PA-SUNMicroPC comp.2003<
BCOM Electronics, Inc.CivilNoteMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Best Price Computers Ltd.Poweroid 7003MicroPC comp.2003<
Poweroid 7004Workstation2003<
Poweroid 7011MicroPC comp.2003<
Poweroid 9210MicroPC comp.2003<
Poweroid 9212Workstation2003<
Poweroid 9220Workstation2003<
Poweroid 9502MicroPC comp.2003<
Binary LogicBOLD Server P100/FX/DV2Server2003<
BOLD WorkStation P100/FX/DV2MicroPC comp.2003<
Black Cat150PROMicroPC comp.2003<
A-180PROMicroPC comp.2003<
A-T2-166+MicroPC comp.2003<
Cyrix 5x86-120MicroPC comp.2003<
DFI-200+MicroPC comp.2003<
M-180PROMicroPC comp.2003<
M-200PROMicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-100MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-120MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-120+MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-133MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-150MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-150+MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-166MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-166+MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-200MicroPC comp.2003<
MT3-200+MicroPC comp.2003<
PCI DX-133MicroPC comp.2003<
R622-180PROMicroPC comp.2003<
T1-100MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-120MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-133MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-150MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-166MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-75MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-P120+MicroPC comp.2003<
T1-P150+MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-100MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-120MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-133MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-150MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-166MicroPC comp.2003<
T2-75MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-100MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-120MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-120+MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-133MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-150MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-150+MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-166MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-166+MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-200MicroPC comp.2003<
T3-75MicroPC comp.2003<
Bleck-Tec Computer GmbHARGUS P133MicroPC comp.2003<
ARGUS P166MicroPC comp.2003<
Blitz Computer, Inc.Contact Sierra 100MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra 120MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra 133MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra 150MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra 166MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra 75MicroPC comp.2003<
Contact Sierra Pro 200 PowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Brother Industries, Ltd.BCT4 486MicroPC comp.2003<
BCT4 586MicroPC comp.2003<
BCT5 486MicroPC comp.2003<
BCT5 586MicroPC comp.2003<
BCT8 486MicroPC comp.2003<
BCT8 586MicroPC comp.2003<
BI2100VMicroPC comp.2003<
MX34MicroPC comp.2003<
MX34ProMicroPC comp.2003<
MX34ProIIMicroPC comp.2003<
MX64MicroPC comp.2003<
MX64ProMicroPC comp.2003<
MX64ProIIMicroPC comp.2003<
Strata VC (OTC-8100D01133A)MicroPC comp.2003<
BTG TechnologyP200MicroPC comp.2003<
BYTE Computer S.A.Nova PCMicroPC comp.2003<
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHAutomation PCMicro2003
BenQ Corp.Joybook 2000Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Joybook 3000Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Joybook 5000Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Joybook 8000Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Brick Computer Co.Marathon CL51Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Brite ComputersCassiopeia 2000 PlusMicroPC comp.2003
CL-50Micro (P)PC comp.2003
Dorado 1UMicroPC comp.2003
Orion 2.0MicroPC comp.2003
bSquare Corp.Power HandheldPDA (P)2003
BullEscala PL3200RServer2003
NovaScale 9000 SeriesServer2003
NovaScale 9000/500Server2003
NovaScale 9080Server2003
NovaScale R410 F2Server2003>
NovaScale R430 F2Server2003>
NovaScale R440 F2Server2003>
NovaScale R450 F2Server2003>
NovaScale R460 F2Server2003>
NovaScale R480 F2Server2003>
NovaScale T840 F2Server2003>
NovaScale T860 F2Server2003>
Best Price Computers Ltd.Poweroid 1200MicroPC comp.2004<
Poweroid 4202Workstation2004<
Poweroid 6207Workstation2004<
Poweroid 7204MicroPC comp.2004<
Poweroid 9008MicroPC comp.2004<
Poweroid 9012Workstation2004<
Poweroid 9204MicroPC comp.2004<
Poweroid 9222Workstation2004<
Poweroid 9301MicroPC comp.2004<
Poweroid 9303MicroPC comp.2004<
BenQ Corp.Joybook 6000Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Joybook 8100Micro (P)PC comp.2004
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 7108Workstation2004
Brick Computer Co.Marathon CL56Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Brite ComputersCassiopeia 2000A PlusMicroPC comp.2004
Galaxy 1339Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Galaxy 1449Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Galaxy 1450Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Galaxy 1559Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Galaxy 1565Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Galaxy 1570Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Pollux 2.4AMicroPC comp.2004
Titania PedistalMicroPC comp.2004
B. BuzbeeMagic-1Micro2005<
BenQ Corp.Joybook 7000Micro (P)PC comp.2005
Biohazard Computer Systems, Inc.Abyss 775MicroPC comp.2005
Abyss 939MicroPC comp.2005
Abyss SLIMicroPC comp.2005
Abyss SLI IntelMicroPC comp.2005
Annihilation 775MicroPC comp.2005
Annihilation 939MicroPC comp.2005
Annihilation SLIMicroPC comp.2005
Annihilation SLI IntelMicroPC comp.2005
Frostbite 775MicroPC comp.2005
Frostbite 939MicroPC comp.2005
Frostbite SLIMicroPC comp.2005
Frostbite SLI IntelMicroPC comp.2005
Nuclear Winter 775MicroPC comp.2005
Nuclear Winter 939MicroPC comp.2005
Nuclear Winter SLIMicroPC comp.2005
Nuclear Winter SLI IntelMicroPC comp.2005
OUTBREAKMicro (P)PC comp.2005
BOLData Technology, Inc.DL70Micro (P)PC comp.2005
DL71Micro (P)PC comp.2005
Brick Computer Co.Marathon DL70Micro (P)PC comp.2005
Marathon DL71Micro (P)PC comp.2005
BenQ Corp.Joybook A33EMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Joybook S73GMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Brite ComputersEL101LSFMicroPC comp.2006
EL101MSFMicroPC comp.2006
EL945MMTMicroPC comp.2006
EL945MSFMicroPC comp.2006
Entry PedestalMicroPC comp.2006
Galaxy 1233aMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1448aMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1450aMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1560Micro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1561Micro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1561VMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1566aMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Galaxy 1566VMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ML945MMCMicroPC comp.2006
PL945MFTMicroPC comp.2006
PL945MMTMicroPC comp.2006
BullNovaScale 5005 SeriesServer2006
NovaScale 5080Server2006
NovaScale 5085Server2006
NovaScale 5160Server2006
NovaScale 5165Server2006
NovaScale 5245Server2006
NovaScale 5325Server2006
Brainium Technologies, Inc.WiBookMicro (P)Palmtop2006~
Bestcomp Computadores Ltda.Bestcomp PersonalMicroPC comp.2007<
P2410MicroPC comp.2007<
Personal P4 2810MicroPC comp.2007<
Personal P4 3000MicroPC comp.2007<
Se2820MicroPC comp.2007<
Bit Shop Industria, Comercio, Exportacao e Importacao Ltda.Bitway CorpMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitstar Intel 3.06 GHZ CDRW/DVDMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitstar Intel 3.06 GHZ MULTIMIDIAMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP BitwayMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitway BitstarMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitway Flex PCMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitway FlexPCMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitway Intel 3.06 GHZ CDRW/DVDMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP Bitway Intel 3.06 GHZ MULTIMEDIAMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP FLEXPC Intel 3.06 GHZ CDRW/DVDMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP FLEXPC Intel 3.06 GHZ MULTIBIDIAMicroPC comp.2007<
UDP OEMMicroPC comp.2007<
Boundless Technologies, Inc.Ibrow Modular 2993MicroPC comp.2007<
TC ViewpointMicroPC comp.2007<
Broadberry Data Systems Ltd.Luggable EMP-350-17Workstation (P)2007<
BenQ Corp.Joybook S31Micro (P)PC comp.2007
Brite ComputersD945GCPE-FTMicroPC comp.2007
D945GCPE-MTMicroPC comp.2007
D945GCPE-MT2MicroPC comp.2007
D945GCPE-SFMicroPC comp.2007
DG31PR-FTMicroPC comp.2007
DG31PR-MTMicroPC comp.2007
DG31PR-MT2MicroPC comp.2007
DG31PR-SFMicroPC comp.2007
PL945 (FT)MicroPC comp.2007
PL945 (MT)MicroPC comp.2007
PL945 (MT2)MicroPC comp.2007
PL945 (SF)MicroPC comp.2007
PL946 (FT)MicroPC comp.2007
PL946 (MT)MicroPC comp.2007
PL946 (MT2)MicroPC comp.2007
PL946 (SF)MicroPC comp.2007
BenQ Corp.Joybook P51Micro (P)PC comp.2008<
Belinea GmbH (div. Maxdata) 1250Micro (P)PC comp.2008 2Micro (P)PC comp.2008 2xsMicro (P)PC comp.2008 3Micro (P)PC comp.2008 4Micro (P)PC comp.2008 150XMicro (P)PC comp.2008 1Micro (P)PC comp.2008 1XSMicro (P)PC comp.2008 2Micro (P)PC comp.2008 3Micro (P)PC comp.2008 3.1Micro (P)PC comp.2008 4Micro (P)PC comp.2008 5Micro (P)PC comp.2008
o.centerServerHome server2008
o.max 5 XSMicro (P)PC comp.2008
o.max XSMicro (P)PC comp.2008 1Micro (P)PC comp.2008 1.1 NLMicro (P)PC comp.2008
BenQ Corp.Joybook Lite U101Micro (P)PC comp.2008
Joybook R45Micro (P)PC comp.2008
Joybook S42Micro (P)PC comp.2008
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 8400Workstation2008
3DBOXX Workstation 8550Workstation2008
Brite ComputersClassmate PCMicro (P)PC comp.2008
DQ35JO-FTMicroPC comp.2008
DQ35JO-MTMicroPC comp.2008
DQ35JO-MT2MicroPC comp.2008
DQ35JO-SFMicroPC comp.2008
Mini-ITX ProMicroPC comp.2008
BullEscala PL860RServer2008
Barnes & Noble, Inc.NookTablet (P)2009
BenQ Corp.Joybook Lite U102Micro (P)PC comp.2009
Barnes & Noble, Inc.Barnes & NobleTablet (P)2010
Nook ColorTablet (P)2010
BeagleBoard FoundationBeagleBoard-XM C2SBC2010
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.CacheFlow 5000ServerCache server2010
Bullx B500 Blade systemSupercomputer2010
Bullx super-node S6010/S6030Supercomputer2010
Curie fat nodesSupercomputer2010
Escala E5-700Server2010
Escala M6-700Server2010
Escala M7-700Server2010
NovaScale gcos 9010Server2010
NovaScale R422 E2Server2010
NovaScale R422-E2Server2010
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHPower Panel 500Micro2000s
Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd.ECX-810SBC2000s
VSX Series (8 models)SBC2000s
Beelink (-> AZW)Z83MicroMiniPC2000s
BenQ Corp.Joybook 1200EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook 2100Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook 2100EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook 5000UMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A32Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A32EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A33Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A51Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A51EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A52Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A53Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A53-LE07Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook A82Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook DH8000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook DHR500Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook DHS5Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook Lite T131Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook Lite U105Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook Lite U121 EcoMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook P52Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook P53Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook Q41Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R22Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R22EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R23Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R23EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R31Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R31EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R43Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R46Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R47Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R48Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R53Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R55Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R55EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R55VMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R56Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R58Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook R5UMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S32Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S33Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S35Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S41Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S43Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S46Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S52Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S53Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S53EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S53WMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S57Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S6000EMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S6000NMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S61Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S7000NMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S72Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S73Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook S73VMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Joybook X31Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Best Price Computers Ltd.Poweroid 1206MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid 2000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid 5102Workstation2000s
Poweroid 6206 C2000MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid A64MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid A64 FX-51MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid P4 2.2 - 2.4MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid P4 3.0 - 3.4MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid XP1800+MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid XP2100+MicroPC comp.2000s
Poweroid XP2400+MicroPC comp.2000s
Big Red Computers PlcEvolution 700/DMicroPC comp.2000s
Phantom K7 700MicroPC comp.2000s
Voyager D700MicroPC comp.2000s
Bluebird Soft, Inc. (Pidion)PidionPDA (P)2000s
Book Digital Co., Ltd.SmartBook 168ATablet (P)2000s
SmartBook 168CTablet (P)2000s
Smartbook D22ESMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
SmartBook G138Tablet (P)2000s
Smartbook i-2000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Smartbook i-D22ESMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Boston Ltd.Boston 7033TRWorkstation2000s
Boundary Devices, Inc.BD-SL-i.MX6SBC2000s
Nit6 (3 models)SBC2000s
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 4915Workstation2000s
3DBOXX Workstation 8960XTWorkstation2000s
Broadberry Data Systems Ltd.Eclipse 3000MicroPC comp.2000s
Brother Industries, Ltd.WP-2500QWord processor (P)2000s
WP-2600QWord processor2000s
WP-3900DSWord processor2000s
WP-7000JWord processor2000s
BullEscala E1-700Server2000s
Escala E1-705Server2000s
Escala E1-715Server2000s
Escala E2-700TServer2000s
Escala E2-705Server2000s
Escala E2-705TServer2000s
Escala E2-715Server2000s
Escala E2-715TServer2000s
Escala E3-705Server2000s
Escala E4-705Server2000s
Escala E4-715Server2000s
Escala E5-715Server2000s
Escala EL245B (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala EL445BServerPowerPC2000s
Escala EL460BServerPowerPC2000s
Escala H9-700Server2000s
Escala IL400RServer2000s
Escala M5-715Server2000s
Escala M6-715Server2000s
Escala M6-800Server2000s
Escala M7-705Server2000s
Escala M7-715Server2000s
Escala PL1650R (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL1650R-LServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL1660R (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL245R/T (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL250R-L (2 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL250R-VL (4 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL250R/T (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL3250R (2 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL450R-VL (2 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL450R-XSServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL450R/T (3 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL450R/T-LServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL6450R (4 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PL850RT-L (2 models)ServerPowerPC2000s
Escala PowerCluster EPC2400Server2000s
NovaScale 3025Server2000s
NovaScale 3045Server2000s
NovaScale 4040Server2000s
NovaScale 6320Server2000s
NovaScale 7125Server2000s
NovaScale 7285Server2000s
NovaScale 9165Server2000s
NovaScale 9325Server2000s
BuyPCBitsBudget 1MicroPC comp.2000s
Encore 3200+MicroPC comp.2000s
BeagleBoard FoundationBeagleBone A6ASBC2011
Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (aigo)M710Tablet (P)2011
M718Tablet (P)2011
M718 HDTablet (P)2011
BenQ Corp.Joybook 5100UMicro (P)PC comp.2011
Joybook A52EMicro (P)PC comp.2011
Bmorn Technology Co., Ltd.V13Tablet (P)2011
V7 ProTablet (P)2011
V9Tablet (P)2011
V99Tablet (P)2011
BravusBRVM705ATablet (P)2011
BullBull Benchmarks SuperComputer ISupercomputer2011
Bull Benchmarks SuperComputer IISupercomputer2011
Curie hybridSupercomputer2011
NovaScale gcos 7010Server2011
RWTH Compute Cluster (RCC)Supercomputer2011
Tera-100 HybridSupercomputer2011
Escala E4-700Server2011~
Escala M6-705Server2011~
Escala E2-700Server2012<
Escala E3-700Server2012<
Barnes & Noble, Inc.Nook HDTablet (P)2012
Nook HD+Tablet (P)2012
BeagleBoard FoundationBeagleBoard DSBC2012
Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (aigo)M80DTablet (P)2012
BengerVersa TabTablet (P)2012
Best Buy Co., Inc.Easy Home Tablet 7Tablet (P)2012
Easy Home Tablet 7 HDTablet (P)2012
Easy Home Tablet 7 LETablet (P)2012
Bi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.Business PCMicroPC comp.2012
High Performance PCMicroPC comp.2012
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHEndeavour 1000Tablet (P)2012
Endeavour 800Tablet (P)2012
Endeavour DiscoveryTablet (P)2012
Endeavour Discovery 3GTablet (P)2012
Endeavour Discovery T3Tablet (P)2012
Endeavour Discovery T3 3GTablet (P)2012
BlissPad A9730Tablet (P)2012
Pad B9712KBTablet (P)2012
Pad Q7011Tablet (P)2012
Pad R1010Tablet (P)2012
Pad R9735Tablet (P)2012
BlowWhiteTab 7Tablet (P)2012
Bmorn Technology Co., Ltd.Metal Shell 7Tablet (P)2012
V11Tablet (P)2012
V15Tablet (P)2012
V18Tablet (P)2012
V20Tablet (P)2012
V26Tablet (P)2012
V28Tablet (P)2012
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 8920Workstation2012
bqEdisonTablet (P)2012
Elcano 3GTablet (P)2012
BrigmtonBTPC-2-BTablet (P)2012
BTPC-4-NTablet (P)2012
BTPC-5-NTablet (P)2012
BSNL (Penta) (by Pantel Technologies)Penta T-Pad IS703CTablet (P)2012
Penta T-Pad IS704CTablet (P)2012
Penta T-Pad IS704DTablet (P)2012
Penta T-Pad IS704DXTablet (P)2012
Curie thin nodesSupercomputer2012
NovaScale gcos 9012Server2012
ByondLaplet L1Tablet (P)2012
Laplet L1+Tablet (P)2012
Laplet L9Tablet (P)2012
Laplet L9+Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi1Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi10Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi2Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi3Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi5Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi5+Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi7Tablet (P)2012
Mi-Book Mi8Tablet (P)2012
BeagleBoard FoundationBeagleBoneSBC2013
Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (aigo)M808Tablet (P)2013
M89Tablet (P)2013
N10Tablet (P)2013
X82Tablet (P)2013
X85Tablet (P)2013
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHEndeavour 1010Tablet (P)2013
Endeavour 700BNTablet (P)2013
Endeavour 800 NGTablet (P)2013
Endeavour TVTablet (P)2013
BlissPad B9740Tablet (P)2013
Pad M1002Tablet (P)2013
Pad M7021Tablet (P)2013
Pad M7022Tablet (P)2013
Pad M8040Tablet (P)2013
Pad M8041Tablet (P)2013
Pad M9727Tablet (P)2013
Pad R1001WTablet (P)2013
Pad R1003Tablet (P)2013
Pad R7014Tablet (P)2013
Pad R9733Tablet (P)2013
BLU ProductsLife TabTablet (P)2013
BlueboT100Tablet (P)2013
Boundary Devices, Inc.Nitrogen6XSBC2013
bqCurie 2Tablet (P)2013
Curie 2 3GTablet (P)2013
Edison 2 3GTablet (P)2013
Edison 2 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
Edison 2 Quad Core 3GTablet (P)2013
Livingstone 3N HumanityTablet (P)2013
Livingstone 3N NatureTablet (P)2013
Livingstone 3N WelfareTablet (P)2013
Maxwell 2Tablet (P)2013
Maxwell 2 LiteTablet (P)2013
Maxwell 2 PlusTablet (P)2013
Maxwell 2 Quad CoreTablet (P)2013
Tesla W8 2Tablet (P)2013
BrigmtonBTPC-700DC-RTablet (P)2013
BTPC-PH1Tablet (P)2013
BTPC-PH2Tablet (P)2013
Broadwell Technology Co., Ltd.BW-MV921Tablet (P)2013
BSNL (Penta) (by Pantel Technologies)Penta T-Pad WS707CTablet (P)2013
Penta T-Pad WS708CTablet (P)2013
Penta T-Pad WS807Tablet (P)2013
Penta T-Pad WS907QTablet (P)2013
BungBungameKalos 2Tablet (P)2013
MissTablet (P)2013
Bak USABak Board 3GTablet (P)2014
Billow TechnologyX100Wv2Tablet (P)2014
X200IKTablet (P)2014
X300STablet (P)2014
X700Tablet (P)2014
X800IKTablet (P)2014
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHEndeavour 101Tablet (P)2014
Endeavour 800 HDTablet (P)2014
Polaris 803Tablet (P)2014
Polaris QC 7.85''Tablet (P)2014
BlowSilverTAB10.4 HDTablet (P)2014
BLU ProductsLife View 8.0Tablet (P)2014
Touchbook 7.0 3GTablet (P)2014
Touchbook 7.0 ProTablet (P)2014
Bmorn Technology Co., Ltd.W1110Tablet (P)2014
W7102Tablet (P)2014
W7109Tablet (P)2014
W7402Tablet (P)2014
W7405Tablet (P)2014
W7409Tablet (P)2014
W7416Tablet (P)2014
W8009Tablet (P)2014
W8010Tablet (P)2014
W8012Tablet (P)2014
W8013Tablet (P)2014
W8119Tablet (P)2014
W8419Tablet (P)2014
W9102Tablet (P)2014
W9103Tablet (P)2014
BOXX Technologies, Inc.3DBOXX Workstation 8950Workstation2014
bqAquaris E10Tablet (P)2014
Aquaris E10 3GTablet (P)2014
Curie 2 Quad CoreTablet (P)2014
Curie 2 Quad Core 3GTablet (P)2014
Edison 3 miniTablet (P)2014
Elcano 2Tablet (P)2014
BrigmtonB-Basic7-NTablet (P)2014
BTPC-701QC-NTablet (P)2014
BTPC-PH3Tablet (P)2014
Broadwell Technology Co., Ltd.BW-MA706Tablet (P)2014
BSNL (Penta) (by Pantel Technologies)Penta T-Pad WS704QTablet (P)2014
Penta T-Pad WS802QTablet (P)2014
BullCartesius Accelerator IslandSupercomputer2014
Escala E2-800Server2014
Escala E3-800Server2014
Escala E4-800Server2014
NovaScale gcos 7015Server2014
BungBungamePhoton 2Tablet (P)2014
Billow TechnologyX100LBV5Tablet (P)2015
Blaupunkt-Werke GmbHAtlantis 100Tablet (P)2015
BlowBlackTAB10Tablet (P)2015
BlackTAB10.4Tablet (P)2015
BlackTAB7.4 HDTablet (P)2015
BLU ProductsTouchbook 8.0 3G P220LTablet (P)2015
Bmorn Technology Co., Ltd.W1415Tablet (P)2015
W1416Tablet (P)2015
W1418Tablet (P)2015
W740Tablet (P)2015
W7406Tablet (P)2015
W7413Tablet (P)2015
W7423Tablet (P)2015
W8008Tablet (P)2015
W8420Tablet (P)2015
W8421Tablet (P)2015
bqAquaris M10Tablet (P)2015
BravisNB105Tablet (P)2015
NB70Tablet (P)2015
NB701Tablet (P)2015
NB74Tablet (P)2015
NB75Tablet (P)2015
NB85Tablet (P)2015
NP72Tablet (P)2015
WXi89Tablet (P)2015
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)micro:bitSBCLearn2015
Broadwell Technology Co., Ltd.BW-NI812Tablet (P)2015
BSNL (Penta) (by Pantel Technologies)T-Pad IS701XTablet (P)2015
Cartesius 2Supercomputer2015
Santos Dumont GPUSupercomputer2015
Santos Dumont HybridSupercomputer2015
?wierk Computing CentreSupercomputer2015
Bak USASeal 8 LTETablet (P)2016
Barnes & Noble, Inc.Tablet 7Tablet (P)2016
BLU ProductsTouchbook M7Tablet (P)2016
Touchbook M7 P271LTablet (P)2016
bqAquaris M10 UbuntuTablet (P)2016
Aquaris M8Tablet (P)2016
BQ-1045G OrionTablet (P)2016
BQ-7021G HitTablet (P)2016
BQ-Aquaris M10 Full HDTablet (P)2016
BravisNB102Tablet (P)2016
NB106Tablet (P)2016
NB107Tablet (P)2016
NB751Tablet (P)2016
NB752Tablet (P)2016
BLU ProductsTouchbook M7 ProTablet (P)2017
bqBQ-1056L ExionTablet (P)2017
BQ-7081G CharmTablet (P)2017
BQ-7082G ArmorTablet (P)2017
BQ-7083G LightTablet (P)2017
JOLIOT-CURIE KNLSupercomputer2017
JOLIOT-CURIE SKLSupercomputer2017
bqBQ-1077L Armor Pro LTETablet (P)2018
BQ-1082G Armor ProTablet (P)2018
BQ-1083G Armor Pro PlusTablet (P)2018
BQ-1084L Hornet MaxTablet (P)2018
BQ-7036L HornetTablet (P)2018
BQ-7084G SimpleTablet (P)2018
BQ-8041L ArtTablet (P)2018
JUWELS Module 1Supercomputer2018
bqBQ-1085 Hornet MaxTablet (P)2019
BQ-8067L Hornet PlusTablet (P)2019
Barel Poland Sp. z o.o. (Cavion)Base 10 3GRTablet (P)2010s
BB-mobileFirstTabTablet (P)2010s
Techno 7.0Tablet (P)2010s
Techno 7.85 TM859BTablet (P)2010s
Techno 9.0Tablet (P)2010s
Beholder International Ltd.BeTAB 1001Tablet (P)2010s
BeTAB 1041Tablet (P)2010s
BeTAB 1042Tablet (P)2010s
BeTAB 7004Tablet (P)2010s
Blackbird (by Alps)I7000Tablet (P)2010s
Blu GateSapphire BG7iTablet (P)2010s
BLU ProductsTouchbook 7.0 PlusTablet (P)2010s
BOXX Technologies, Inc.TS70Tablet (P)2010s
bqBQ-1081G GraceTablet (P)2010s
BSNL (Penta) (by Pantel Technologies)Penta T-Pad IS701CTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS701DTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS701RTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS701XTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS709CTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS801CTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad IS802CTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad P03Tablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad WS700Tablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad WS702CTablet (P)2010s
Penta T-Pad WS703CTablet (P)2010s
BuytekK103Tablet (P)2010s
K706Tablet (P)2010s
K709Tablet (P)2010s
K901Tablet (P)2010s
KQ88-3Tablet (P)2010s
Broadberry Data Systems Ltd.Cyberview EMP390Workstation (P)2020<
Bailey Controls Co.LTEWS-
Basic/Four Corp. (div. MAI)MAI 200Office-
MAI 4102Minicomputer-
Bertin TechnologiesSymptome-
Broadberry Data Systems Ltd.Cyberserve Atom-101Server-
Cyberserve Atom-102Server-
Cyberserve Atom-102fServer-
Cyberserve Atom-102sServer-
Cyberserve Atom-102tServer-
Cyberserve Atom-203fServer-
Cyberserve Atom-203tServer-
Cyberserve Atom-204fServer-
Cyberserve Ft48b8812Server-
Cyberserve Gt20b5502-leServer-
Cyberserve Gt24b5501Server-
Cyberserve Gt24b8236Server-
Cyberserve X34-102fServer-
Cyberserve X34-104lServer-
Cyberserve X34-104sServer-
Cyberserve X34-108rServer-
Cyberserve X34-203fServer-
Cyberserve X34-203sServer-
Cyberserve X34-204fServer-
Cyberserve X34-208sServer-
Cyberserve X34-216sServer-
Cyberserve X34-p02fServer-
Cyberserve X35-101fServer-
Cyberserve X35-101sServer-
Cyberserve X35-102fServer-
Cyberserve X35-104sServer-
Cyberserve X35-108rServer-
Cyberserve X35-202fServer-
Cyberserve X35-203fServer-
Cyberserve X35-203sServer-
Cyberserve X35-204fServer-
Cyberserve X35-208sServer-
Cyberserve X35-216sServer-
Cyberserve X35-308sServer-
Cyberserve X35-316sServer-
Cyberserve X35-408sServer-
Cyberserve X35-p02fServer-
Cyberserve X35-p04sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-102fServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-102sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-104sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-203fServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-203sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-204fServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-208sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-216sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-308sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-316sServer-
Cyberserve Xe3-408sServer-
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