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Makewei Enterprises Co., Ltd.OXO-60001988
Mannesman-Kienzle GmbH (-> Kienzle)-1980s
Marconi Company Ltd.Mentor (Prototype)1967
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.190151988
MDS Systems (-> Mohawk Data Science)MICRO1970s
Melcom Business Systems, Inc. (div. Mitsubishi)MCS 16001974
Melcom 381977
Melcom 81976
Melcom 8000 series1970s
Micro Computer ConsultantsCentaur1990s
Micro Dolphin186-5400 Series1985<
3400 Series1985<
Micro-Link Corp.Approach I1983
Approach II1983
Approach III1983
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)AE2420 3D AIO E24CI5-B3DH2010
X-Slim Series X340 Super-BK2009
X-Slim Series X340 Super-SV2009
X-Slim Series X340 Super-WH2009
X-Slim Series X340-BK2009
X-Slim Series X340-SV2009
X-Slim Series X340-WH2009
Microline Corp.MMCS1972
Mini-Computer Systems Inc. (MCSI)DIALOG SYSTEM-
Molecular Computer Corp.MOLECULAR Computer1982
Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (-> Litton Industries)8020-
M.E.L. Equipment Co., Ltd. (Mullard)PR 7830Analog1960s
Mauchely Associates, Inc.SKEDUFLO NTC-100Analog1960s
SKEDUFLO NTC-18Analog1960s
Measurements Aids Ltd.Type 109Analog1960s
Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co. (Metrovick)MV 950Analog1956
MV 952Analog1958
Mid-Century Instrumatic Corp. MC 400Analog1952
MC 500Analog1954
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteGVS-100 (aka HRS-100)AnalogHybrid1968
Miles ElectronicsMARCAnalog1960s
Milgo Electronics Corp. (MEC)GP 4000Analog1960s
GP 4010Analog1960s
GP 4100Analog1963
GPS 200TAnalog1960s
Series 7000Analog1963
Microdigital Eletrônica Ltda.?Atari clone ?Atari clone ?-
Micro-Star Industrial Co., Ltd. (MSI)MS-6100 SerieBoard1990
MS-91A3 (BTO)Board-
MS-91C2 SeriesBoard-
MS-9638 seriesBoard-
MS-9656 seriesBoard-
MS-96C8 SeriesBoard-
M. Bauer (-> Brisbane University)Dream 6800 (-> Brisbane U.)Home Computer1979
M. Tarasov (Mick Laboratory)ZXM-777Home ComputerZX clone2008
ZXM-AlcyonHome ComputerZX clone2015
ZXM-JasperHome ComputerZX clone2016
ZXM-PhoenixHome ComputerZX clone2008
ZXM-Phoenix 2Home ComputerZX clone2000s
ZXM-ZephyrHome ComputerZX clone2013
Mackintosh Computers Ltd.U-2200Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
MacroSystem AGDraCo 060Home ComputerAmiga clone1995
Magnavox CompanyOdyssey 2Home Computer1978
Magnex Eletrônica Ltda.DM IIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Manager I (by Vtech)Home ComputerApple 2 clone1984
MG-8065Home ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Martin Research, Inc.Mike 203 A (aka Mike 2)Home ComputerLearn1975
Mike 303 A (aka Mike 3)Home ComputerLearn1975
Matériel Technique de Boulogne (MTB)SqualeHome Computer1980s
Matra DatasystemAliceHome Computer1983
Alice 32Home Computer1984
Alice 4 (=Radio Shack MC-10)Home Computer1983
Alice 8000Home Computer1984
Alice 90Home Computer1985
Mattel ElectronicsAquarius (by Radofin)Home Computer1983
Aquarius II (by Radofin)Home Computer1984
Intellivision Computer ModuleHome Computer1983
MaxitronicaMaxitronic IHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-2001Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-48Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
MX-64Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
mc Magazinmc-65816Home ComputerKit1986
Medusa Computer SystemsHades 040Home ComputerAtari TT clone1990s
Hades 060Home ComputerAtari TT clone1996
T40Home ComputerAtari TT clone1993
T60Home ComputerAtari TT clone1990s
Mega Byte Micro Systems?Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Memotech Computers Ltd.MTX 500Home Computer1983
MTX 512Home Computer1983
MTX 512S2Home Computer1984
Mephisto (div. Hegener + Glaser)PHC 64 (=Enterprise 64)Home Computer1985
Merlin (British Telecom)M1800 (aka Tonto)Home ComputerQL clone1989
Merlin M1800 TontoHome Computer1984
MGP "Anbelo"Anbelo/CHome ComputerZX clone1990s
Micom ComputersystemeMicom-2 EHome ComputerApple 2 clone1984
Micom-2 ELHome ComputerApple 2 clone1985<
Micom-2 EPHome ComputerApple 2 clone1985
Micom-2 SHome ComputerApple 2 clone1985<
Micro Craft Corp.Dimension 68000Home ComputerApple 2 clone1984
Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS)Altair 680Home ComputerS-1001975
Altair 680BHome ComputerS-1001976
Altair 8800Home ComputerS-1001975
Altair 8800AHome ComputerS-1001976
Altair 8800B TurnkeyHome ComputerS-1001977
Altair 8800BTHome ComputerS-1001976
Micro-Expander, Inc.ExpanderHome ComputerZX clone1981
MicroAceMicroAceHome ComputerZX clone1980s
MicroARTATMHome ComputerZX clone1991
ATM Turbo 1 (aka ATM 512K)Home ComputerZX clone1991
ATM Turbo 2Home ComputerZX clone1993
ATM Turbo 2+Home ComputerZX clone1994
Microcontrol Systemas de ControlesApplekitHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Microcraft Microcomputadores Ltda.AMC-85Home ComputerKit1983
Craft II PlusHome ComputerApple 2 clone1982
Craft IIeHome ComputerApple 2 clone1984
Microdigital Eletrônica Ltda.TK-2000Home Computer1984
TK-2000 ColorHome Computer1984
TK-2000 Color IIHome Computer1984
TK-3000Home ComputerApple 2 clone1985
TK-3000 IIeHome ComputerApple 2 clone1985
TK-3000 IIe CompactHome ComputerApple 2 clone1986
TK-80Home ComputerZX clone1981
TK-82Home ComputerZX clone1981
TK-82CHome ComputerZX clone1982
TK-83Home ComputerZX clone1983
TK-85Home ComputerZX clone1982
TK-90XHome ComputerZX clone1985
TK-95Home ComputerZX clone1986
MicroKit (Micro Systèmes)Super VegasHome ComputerKit1984
Vegas 6809Home ComputerKit1982
Microkit Inc.8/16 UMDS (Intel CPU)Home ComputerKit1977
8/16 UMDS (Motorola CPU)Home ComputerKit1977
Micromint, Inc.Lasar ZEHome ComputerApple 2 clone1985<
Micronique SASHector 1Home Computer1983
Hector 2 HRHome Computer1983
Hector 2 HR+Home Computer1983
Hector HRXHome Computer1983
Hector HRX + Disc2Home Computer1984
Hector HRX + mini DiscHome Computer1985
Hector MXHome Computer1985
Hector MX 40C + Disc2Home Computer1985
Hector MX 80C + Disc2Home Computer1985
Hector XTHome Computer1985
VictorHome Computer1980
Victor IHome Computer1980
Victor LambdaHome Computer1983
Victor Lambda 2HR + / Hector 2HR +Home Computer1983
Victor Lambda 2HR / Hector 2HRHome Computer1983
Victor Lambda II / Hector IHome Computer1983
Micronix Industria e Comercio de Computadores Ltda.DactronHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Dactron EHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Micropic Ltda.MC-186/TIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
MicroSCI Corp.HavacHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Microsys - BeocinHobby ZR-84Home Computer1984
Microtechnic8150EHome Computer1982
Le GauloisHome ComputerTRS-80 clone1984
Microworld Pty Ltd. (-> Applied Technologies)MicroBeeHome Computer1982
Midwest Scientific Instruments (MSI)MSI 6800Home Computer1977
MIKCA80Home ComputerLearn1980s
Mikrodat K.K.T.MikrodatHome ComputerApple 2 clone1986<
MikroelektronikaPyldin-601Home Computer1987
Pyldin-601AHome Computer1989
Pyldin-601MHome Computer1989
Pyldin-601THome Computer1989
Pyldin-601UHome Computer1989
MikrolabKR580IK80Home ComputerLearn1980s
MilDef Systems?Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Miles Gordon Technology (MGT)Sam CoupeHome ComputerZX clone1989
Milmar Indústria e Comércio Ltda.Apple II PlusHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Apple masterHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Apple SeniorHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Dactar-Comp (=CompuMate)Home Computer1985
Laser IIcHome ComputerApple 2 clone1986
Mimic Systems Inc.SpartanHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Mitac Inc.LIC-2001Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
LIC-3001Home ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.ML-61Home ComputerMSX1980s
ML-8000Home ComputerMSX1983
ML-F110 (LETUS)Home ComputerMSX1984
ML-F120 (LETUS)Home ComputerMSX1984
ML-F120 DHome ComputerMSX1984
ML-F48Home ComputerMSX1984
ML-F70Home ComputerMSX1984
ML-F80Home ComputerMSX1984
ML-FX1Home ComputerMSX1986
ML-FX2Home ComputerMSX1986
ML-G1Home ComputerMSX21986
ML-G10Home ComputerMSX21985
ML-G3Home ComputerMSX21986
ML-G30Home ComputerMSX21985
ML-G30 MK IIHome ComputerMSX21986
ML-TS2Home ComputerMSX21987
ML-TS2HHome ComputerMSX21987
Montex - IvangradMisedo 85Home ComputerTRS-80 clone1980s
Moscow Lemonossov State University (MGU)IrishaHome Computer1983
Mostek Corp.GEMS-8Home ComputerLearn1975
Motorola, Inc.D-1Home ComputerKit1976
D-2Home ComputerKit1978
WDR-1-Bit ComputerHome ComputerLearn1981
MTA-SZTAKI COSYPrimo (-> Microkey)Home Computer1984
SYSTERHome Computer1984
Multi-MacMT-600Home ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Multitech Electronics Inc.Micro Professor MPF 1BHome ComputerLearn1981
Micro Professor MPF-1Home ComputerLearn1979
Micro Professor MPF-1 PlusHome ComputerLearn1982
Micro Professor MPF-1/65Home ComputerLearn1984
Micro Professor MPF-1/88Home ComputerLearn1984
Micro Professor MPF-1AHome ComputerLearn1981
Micro Professor MPF-1BHome ComputerLearn1979
Micro Professor MPF-IIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1980s
Micro Professor MPF-IIIHome ComputerApple 2 clone1983
Micro Professor MPF-IPHome ComputerLearn1985
Micro Professor MPF-PC900Home ComputerLearn1982
Microkit09Home ComputerLearn1983
MultixMX-CompactoHome ComputerTRS-80 clone1980s
Muromskiy Zavod Radioizmeritelnykh Priborov (RIP)KristaHome Computer1987
Krista-2Home Computer1987
MyarcGeneve 9640Home ComputerTI-99/4A clone1987
MytechMy Basic 4000Home ComputerKit1980<
Mytishchinskom Elektrotekhnicheskom ZavodeKometa-01Home ComputerZX clone1990s
Marconi Company Ltd.Myriad IIIndustrial1967
Messmetallurgie GmbHMM 6800Industrial1978
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.Melcom 350-MR3100IndustrialRISC1997
Melcom 350-MR3200IndustrialRISC1997
Melcom 350-MR3300IndustrialRISC1997
Melcom 60-MR3000 SeriesIndustrialRISC1997
MTA-SZTAKI COSYLaoconIndustrial1984
Magnavox CompanyAM/GSQ-13 (XW-1)MainframeEarly1958
Magnuson Computer Systems Inc.M80 (IBM 138 comp.)Mainframe1980s
Marchant Calculator Inc. (SCM)MINIACMainframeEarly1954
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Whirlwind IMainframeEarly1950
Whirlwind IIMainframeEarly1953
Matematikmaskinnämnden (MMN)BARKMainframeEarly1950
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Adena 256Mainframe1990
Max Planck Institut für PhysikG1MainframeEarly1952
Mellon Institute of Industrial ResearchDigital ComputerMainframeEarly1954
Memorex Corp.MRX/40Mainframe1974<
Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co. (Metrovick)AEI 1010MainframeEarly1957
Mihajlo Pupin InstituteCER-2Mainframe1963
Minsk Production Association of Computer Engineering (MPOVT)ES-1020MainframeRYAD1971
ES-1230 (aka MINSK-9000)Mainframe1995
Minski Zavod Vychislitelnyh Mashin (MZVM)M-3Mainframe1957>
RYAD SeriesMainframeRYAD1970s
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.COSMO 300Mainframe1975
COSMO 500Mainframe1975
COSMO 700Mainframe1974
COSMO 700IIMainframe1976
COSMO 700IIIMainframe1979
COSMO 700SMainframe1979
COSMO 800IIMainframe1981
COSMO 800SMainframe1981
COSMO 900Mainframe1977
COSMO 900IIMainframe1979
Melcom 1101MainframeEarly1960
Melcom 1101FMainframeEarly1960
Melcom 1530Mainframe1963
Melcom 1600Mainframe1966
Melcom 300Mainframe1962
Melcom 3100/10Mainframe1966
Melcom 3100/30Mainframe1966
Melcom 3100/50Mainframe1966
Melcom 330 (=TRW 330)Mainframe1962
Melcom 500Mainframe1960s
Melcom 700Mainframe1974
Melcom 7000Mainframe1970
Melcom 700IIMainframe1974
Melcom 700IIIMainframe1979
Melcom 700SMainframe1979
Melcom 7500Mainframe1970
Melcom 7700Mainframe1970
Melcom 7770Mainframe1970
Melcom 800IIIMainframe1979
Melcom 800SMainframe1979
Melcom 900Mainframe1974
Melcom 900IIMainframe1979
Melcom 9100-30FMainframe1970s
Melcom 9100-5Mainframe1970s
Melcom 9100-5FMainframe1970s
Melcom 9100/30Mainframe1968
Melcom COSMOMainframe1974
Melcom COSMO IIMainframe1970s
Melcom EX800Mainframe1985
Melcom EX800IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX830Mainframe1985
Melcom EX830IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX840Mainframe1985
Melcom EX840IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX850Mainframe1985
Melcom EX850IIMainframe1988
Melcom EX860Mainframe1987
Melcom EX860IIMainframe1990
Melcom EX870Mainframe1987
Melcom EX870IIMainframe1990
Melcom EX880Mainframe1987
Melcom EX880IIMainframe1990
Modbook, Inc.ATROPOS (aka DIP)MainframeEarly1955
Modutest Systems, Inc.Mod 9Mainframe1980
Moskovskiy Tsentr SPARC-tekhnologiy (MCST)Elbrus 1 (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1973
Elbrus 1 DB (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1980s
Elbrus 1K2 (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1980s
Elbrus 2 (dev. IPMCE)Mainframe1977
Moskovskiy Zavod Schotno-analiticheskikh Mashin (SAM)ES-1050 (=R-50)MainframeRYAD1973
Mountain Systems Inc.MODAC 404MainframeEarly1954
MODAC 410MainframeEarly1955
MODAC 414MainframeEarly1956
MODAC 5014MainframeEarly1954
Multiprocessors, Inc.Model 5Mainframe1980
M Data System (div. Metalplex)M-3202/1Micro1984
M Technology Inc.04PCMicroPC comp.1995
386SX-MXMicroPC comp.1993
3486MicroPC comp.1993
M03DCBPCMicroPC comp.1994
M04KGMicroPC comp.1995
M05B3MicroPC comp.1995
MP05DMicroPC comp.1995
MP05MMicroPC comp.1995
S5TEMicroPC comp.1996
StallionMicroPC comp.1990s
M-Office (div. MIGROS)PC XT TurboMicroPC comp.1988
PCS-286 (by Olivetti)MicroPC comp.1990
M-Tech Laptops, Inc.20UMicro (P)PC comp.2001
25RGMicro (P)PC comp.2003
30WMicro (P)PC comp.2001
34Micro (P)PC comp.2001
38Micro (P)PC comp.2001
665SEMicro (P)PC comp.2007
870PMicro (P)PC comp.2004
928Micro (P)PC comp.2002
2000Micro (P)PC comp.2001
2200CMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
2200SMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
2200TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
4200Micro (P)PC comp.2002
5600Micro (P)PC comp.2002
5600XMicro (P)PC comp.2004
5690Micro (P)PC comp.2004
7521Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
7531Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
7600TUMicro (P)PC comp.2009
8100Micro (P)PC comp.2002
8350Micro (P)PC comp.2004
8500Micro (P)PC comp.2001
8588Micro (P)PC comp.2003
8588XMicro (P)PC comp.2003
9000Micro (P)PC comp.2001
C27Micro (P)PC comp.2004
CL51Micro (P)PC comp.2004
CL56Micro (P)PC comp.2004
CL71Micro (P)PC comp.2005
D15RPMicro (P)PC comp.2009
D15TSMicro (P)PC comp.2009
D400Micro (P)PC comp.2003
D464XMicro (P)PC comp.2003
D470KMicro (P)PC comp.2004
D470WMicro (P)PC comp.2004
D900CMicro (P)PC comp.2007
D900KMicro (P)PC comp.2006
D900TMicro (P)PC comp.2004
EL80Micro (P)PC comp.2006
IFL90Micro (P)PC comp.2007
J14 PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2003
J15Micro (P)PC comp.2003
J243Micro (P)PC comp.2003
M-TabMicro (P)PC comp.2003
M30Micro (P)PC comp.2002
M375eMicro (P)PC comp.2004
M38AMicro (P)PC comp.2005
M400AMicro (P)PC comp.2005
M540VMicro (P)PC comp.2006
M550GMicro (P)PC comp.2005
M560GMicro (P)PC comp.2005
M5700Micro (P)PC comp.2009
M570AMicro (P)PC comp.2005
M570UMicro (P)PC comp.2007
M570URMicro (P)PC comp.2007
M590KMicro (P)PC comp.2006
M660NMicro (P)PC comp.2006
M670SUMicro (P)PC comp.2007
M7200TMicro (P)PC comp.2009
M72SMicro (P)PC comp.2007
M7700Micro (P)PC comp.2009
M860TUMicro (P)PC comp.2009
M8700Micro (P)PC comp.2012
M9800Micro (P)PC comp.2012
N340S1Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
N340S2Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
N340S8Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
T200Micro (P)PC comp.2004
TN121RMicro (P)PC comp.2009
TW10Micro (P)PC comp.2009
M. KramerKramer MCMicro1987
M.P.M. ComputersSMT 486DX50MicroPC comp.1995<
M/A-Com Information Systems, Inc.AS 1000MicroPC comp.1986<
One TouchMicro1986<
Professional ComputerMicroPC comp.1986<
M&R EnterprisesAstral 2000Micro1976
MA Labs, Inc.Decision Maker 101Micro (P)PC comp.1997
DecisionMaker 1009Micro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1010AMicro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 982Micro (P)PC comp.1999
MA SystemsDecisionMaker 1002Micro (P)PC comp.2000
DecisionMaker 1003Micro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1006BMicro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1007Micro (P)PC comp.2000
DecisionMaker 1008Micro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1009Micro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1010AMicro (P)PC comp.2001
DecisionMaker 1010BMicro (P)PC comp.2001
Macrotron GmbHmuPro-80Micro1977
MactellTwister TW 203MicroMac clone1998
Twister TW 243MicroMac clone1998
Twister TW 753MicroMac clone1998
Typhoon TY 183MicroMac clone1998
XB 203/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 203/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 204/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 204/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 253/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 253/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB 303/DTMicroMac clone1998
XB 303/MTMicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 180MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 200MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 233MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro 250MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 250MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 266MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 275MicroMac clone1998
XB-Pro G3 300MicroMac clone1998
MacWarehousePowerUser 110CDMicroMac clone1995
MacWayStarWay 200MicroMac clone1997
MacWorksMillenium 604/132MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/150MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/166MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/200MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/233MicroMac clone1997
Millenium 604e/400MicroMac clone1997
Millenium G3/307MicroMac clone1997
Millenium G3/325MicroMac clone1997
Mad Computer, Inc.D1000 DesktopMicroPC comp.1986<
MAD-1MicroPC comp.1983
MAD Intelligent Systems, Inc.MAD-2 Model F2000MicroPC comp.1986<
Mael Computer S.p.A.Idea 1080Micro1981
Idea 2080Micro1981
Mag PortN30I4Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Tiny Note 200TNS-06Micro (P)PC comp.1999
TNS-05 (TinyNote)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30I2 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30I2-13Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30I2-14Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30I2-15Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30I3-14Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30I3-15Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T2 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30T2-13Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30T2-14Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30T2GMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T2IMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T2LMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T2MMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T2UMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
TS30T3-13Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30T3-14Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
VerityMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 200Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Verity 200 TNS-0 6 (TinyNote)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Verity 200VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 233VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 333VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 4226VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 4230VTLMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Verity 4233VLSMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 4233VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 4326VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 4330VLTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 685CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 690CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 770CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 775CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Verity 8000 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Verity 850CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 8536CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Verity 860CDTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
MAG Technology Co., Ltd.Verity 7000 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Magic Computer Company, Inc.MAGICMicro1983
Magic ComputersSupercom Portable 386Micro (P)PC comp.1989<
Supercom Supertower 386MicroPC comp.1989<
MagicbookTornadoMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
MagiTech Corp.Pinnacle P2BXI/233MicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P2BXI/266MicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P2BXI/300MicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P2BXI/333MicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P96NT/100SMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P96NT/133SMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P96NT/166SMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle P96NT/200SMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle PENT2-266/PTLMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle PP96NT/150IMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle PP96NT/166IMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle PP96NT/180IMicroPC comp.2003<
Pinnacle PP96NT/200IMicroPC comp.2003<
Magitronic Technology, Inc.486DX2-66ULMicroPC comp.1995<
500Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
550Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
600 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
601 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1997<
620 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1997<
800Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
820CMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
820TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
860DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
860TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
862 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
864 SeriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
7600Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
G-K5100MicroPC comp.1997<
G-M4PF SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
G-MD266D-34-8MicroPC comp.1994<
G-MD340G-130-4MMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MD433ELMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MD433L-130-4MMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MD433L-170-4MMicroPC comp.1994<
G-MD440G-130-4MMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MD466L-210-4MMicroPC comp.1994<
G-MF433ELMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MF466L-10-16MMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MF650CMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MF660CMicroPC comp.1995<
G-MP60F-34-8MicroPC comp.1994<
G-MS466L-10-16MMicroPC comp.1994<
G-P120MicroPC comp.1997<
G-P133MicroPC comp.1997<
G-P166MicroPC comp.1997<
G-P200MicroPC comp.1997<
G-P200M Multi-media SystemMicroPC comp.2003<
G-P22266AGPMicroPC comp.1997
Magitronic 2 SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Mercury (EZ Series)MicroPC comp.1990s
MultiMedia Model 8Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Multimedia Model 86Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Paradigm PAR2GMicroPC comp.1990s
Paradigm PAR4GMicroPC comp.1990s
Pentium 60MicroPC comp.1995<
Pentium 86Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS200ASMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30ACMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30ASMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30ATMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30PMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30TSMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS34XMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS38Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
XT Turbo 900-10MicroPC comp.1987<
Magnatronic166 PentiumMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
TS30GMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Magnavox CompanyHeadstart 286MicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 300MicroPC comp.1991
Headstart 300CDMicroPC comp.1991
Headstart 386/33MicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 386SXMicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 386SX-16MicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 386SX-20MicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 486 DXMicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 486 SXMicroPC comp.1990s
Headstart 500MicroPC comp.1991
Headstart 500CDMicroPC comp.1991
M1101GY System 110MicroPC comp.1989
M16034GY System 160MicroPC comp.1989
M38044GY System 380MicroPC comp.1989
M58044GY System 580SXMicroPC comp.1989
Magnum GLMicroPC comp.1990
Magnum SXMicroPC comp.1990
MaxStation 286 (by Philips)MicroPC comp.1990
MaxStation 380 (by Philips)MicroPC comp.1990
MaxStation 386SX (by Philips)MicroPC comp.1990
MaxStation 386SX-16 (by Philips)MicroPC comp.1990
MaxStation 480 (by Philips)MicroPC comp.1990
MetalisMicro (P)PC comp.1990
Metalis 286Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Metalis 386SXMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Metalis 386SX/20Micro (P)PC comp.1990
PR80CDGY Professional 386-20Micro (P)PC comp.1992
Professional 286/12MicroPC comp.1991
Professional 286/12 CD PCMicroPC comp.1991
Professional 386/33MicroPC comp.1991
Professional 386SX-16MicroPC comp.1991
Professional 386SX-16 CD PCMicroPC comp.1991
Professional 386SX-20MicroPC comp.1991
Professional 386SX-20 CD PCMicroPC comp.1991
Professional METALIS 286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Professional METALIS 386SX-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Magnex Eletrônica Ltda.Manager IIMicro1980s
Mainstreet Computer Corp.AT PlusMicroPC comp.1986
Ehanced PCMicroPC comp.1986
PC 2/20MicroPC comp.1986
Super PCMicroPC comp.1986
MaintainAsis Pro 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Axis P133MicroPC comp.2003<
Axis P166MicroPC comp.2003<
Axis P200MicroPC comp.2003<
P100MicroPC comp.2003<
P133MicroPC comp.2003<
P166MicroPC comp.2003<
Maintenance Informatique Service (MIS)220 XMicroBilling machine1970s
320 XMicroBilling machine1970s
420 XMicroBilling machine1970s
520 XMicroBilling machine1970s
620 XMicroBilling machine1970s
720 XMicroBilling machine1970s
Majestik ComputersHorizon (3 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Spectrum (2 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Vision (2 models)MicroPC comp.1998
Management Agency International s.r.l. (MAI)SAMURAI S16 (by Nissei Sangyo)MicroPC comp.1983
Management Techniques, Inc. (MTI)AdministratorMicro (P)1982
AssistantMicro (P)1982
Mango ComputersNotePro 1660 MMX (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1998
NotePro 1660 MMX LT (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1998
NotePro 2000 MMX SUPRAMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Mansoft (MS-Net)MS-Net M2 333MicroPC comp.1999~
ManSoft SarlMansoft 4593MicroPC comp.1990s
Mansoft 5216MicroPC comp.1990s
Mansoft 5372MicroPC comp.1990s
Mansoft 5495MicroPC comp.1990s
Mansoft 5525MicroPC comp.1990s
Mansoft 5551MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNet 2216MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2216 G+MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2217MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNet 2372MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2525MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2551MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2593MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 2681MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET 3495MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNet Elite 3216MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNet Elite 3372MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET Elite 3525MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET Elite 3551MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET Elite 4495MicroPC comp.1990s
MSNET Elite 5593MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 2495MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 3593MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 4216MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 4372MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 4525MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo 4551MicroPC comp.1990s
Tekneo P4160GDMicroPC comp.1990s
Manu-Tronic, Inc.MDD 100MicroTRS-80 clone1980
Manufacturers Design Source (MDS)MDS 386/20MicroPC comp.1988
Map Computing Ltd.M3 CSi EvoMicroPC comp.2000s
M3-Evo FXMicroPC comp.2000s
SxPi 64MicroPC comp.2000s
Maple Oak ComputerDiz Pentium 100MicroPC comp.1995>
Diz Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1995>
Diz Pentium Pro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
HT PentiumPro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
HT-Pentium 100MicroPC comp.1995>
HT-Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1995>
YL Pentium 100MicroPC comp.1995>
YL Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1995>
YL Pentium Pro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Maquis Tecnologia e Sistemas Ltda.MTS-IVMicro1984
Marathon Computer GmbHM3032Micro1985
Marathon Computer, Inc.RackMac TS 604e/120MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/200MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/233MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 604e/250MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/250MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/275MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TS 750/300MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/180MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/200MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 603e/240MicroMac clone1990s
RackMac TZ 604e/200MicroMac clone1990s
Marco ElectronicsMultiplexerMicro1983<
Marconi Italiana S.p.A.MAP I (MPC90)Micro1984
Marlin Industrial Ltda.VECTOR WKG AMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKG PMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKG XMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS BMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS FMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS HMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS IIMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS MMicroPC comp.2005
VECTOR WKS RMicroPC comp.2005
Marquette Electronics Inc.8000 Holter SystemMicro1980s
MaRS Technology Co., LtdCeleron BOXMicroPC comp.2001
Duron BOXMicroPC comp.2001
ExpressMicroPC comp.2000
Marspal 931AMicro (P)PC comp.2000
Marspal 931A4D PIII 500Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Marspal 931A4D PIII 700Micro (P)PC comp.2001
Marspal 933A4Micro (P)PC comp.2001
Marspal 936A4Micro (P)PC comp.2001
Marspal 950A3Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Marspal 960A5 PIII 1.13Micro (P)PC comp.2001
Marspal 982DMicro (P)PC comp.2000
Marspal 990A5Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Marspal 991A5Micro (P)PC comp.2001
PIII BOXMicroPC comp.2001
PIII BOX PIII 733MicroPC comp.2001
Thunderbird BOXMicroPC comp.2001
Thunderbird BOX A1.4GhzMicroPC comp.2001
Martec International Electronics Corp.iBEX 2000Micro1977>
iBEX 7000 (by Logic Systems International)Micro1981~
Martin Research, Inc.AT 804-3Micro1975
AT 811-3Micro1975
MAS SystemsMAS 100 XTMicroPC comp.1987
MAS 1000 XT PortableMicro (P)PC comp.1987
MAS 200 Turbo XTMicroPC comp.1987
MAS 2000 Turbo XTMicroPC comp.1987
MAS 800 ATMicroPC comp.1987
MAS 8000 ATMicroPC comp.1987
Mask SystemsRival FT Pro 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival FT Pro II 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival FT/166MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival MT Pro 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival MT Pro II 200MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival MT/166MicroPC comp.2003<
Rival SL/166MicroPC comp.2003<
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Suitcase ComputerMicro (P)1975
Master Computer Inc.Cascade 386-40 Small DesktopMicroPC comp.1994<
Cascade 386/33MicroPC comp.1988
Cascade 486-33 Mini-TowerMicroPC comp.1994<
Cascade Pentium 120MicroPC comp.1995>
Cascade Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1995>
Cascade Pentium 166MicroPC comp.1995>
Cascade Pentium Pro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Cascade PentiumII 266MicroPC comp.1997>
Pentium/60 PCIMicroPC comp.1994<
Matek Business SystemsEpsy Impulse 66MMicroPC comp.1995<
Espy Impulse 66MMicroPC comp.1996<
Materials Development Corp.RM-1600MicroPC comp.1985<
Matra DatasystemAlcyane A6Micro1981
Alcyane A6EMicro1983
Axel AX20Micro1983
MD 500 (by Norsk Data)Micro1980s
MD 5000 (by Norsk Data)Micro1980s
MD 555Micro1980s
MD 565Micro1980s
MD 575Micro1980s
MD 5800Micro1980s
MD 585Micro1980s
MD 5900Micro1980s
Matra-Tandy Electronique SA (MTE) (Lic. Radio-Shack)TRS-80 Model IIIMicro1981
TRS-80 Model IVMicro1983
Matrix Digital Products Inc.Matrix 386 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1992
Matrix 386SX/20 NotebookMicro (P)PC comp.1992
Matrix 486-50 DX2MicroPC comp.1992
Matrix 486-50 DX2MicroPC comp.1992
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.MACS-10Micro1980
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Ultra 386SXMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Mavis Computer SystemsModel VMicro1986<
Max Computer Station, Inc.223II0 (223C15)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
223II0 (223C16)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
223II0 (223C17)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
244 (244MC15)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
244 (244MC16)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
244 (244MC17)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
258 (527CDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
258 (528GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
258 (530GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 II (524GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 II (528GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 II (530GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 IN (524GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 IN (528GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 IN (530GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 SI (524CDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 SI (528GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
755 SI (530GDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
Alsea 223PMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Alsea K (236C)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (243C)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (243CR)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (246C)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (246CR)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (250M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (260M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Alsea K (265M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Columbia XE (450M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Columbia XE (460M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Columbia XE (465M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Green 735Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Green 755Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
M6N (515CDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
M6N (516CDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
M6N (517CDC)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
MaxBook 340 (275F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 340 (360CR)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook 340 (360F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook 340 (370F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 340 (380F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 340 (460CR)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook 340 (460F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook 340 (470F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 340 (480F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 340S2Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxBook 340S8Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxBook 722 (250M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 722 (260M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 722 (265M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 722 (270M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 722 (280M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 722 (M722)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MaxBook 752 (41GF3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 752 (485F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 752 (7521)Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxBook 799 (31GF3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 799 (380F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 810 (250AW)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook 810 (350AW)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook M722 (250F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook M722 (260F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook M722 (265F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook M722 (270F3)Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxBook N30 (N30W2)Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxBook N30 (N30W3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxBook N30 (N560M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N30 (N570M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N30 (N575M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N30 (N580M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N30 (N585M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N38 (260M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N38 (460M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N38 (465M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
MaxBook N38 (470M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Maximus Green 759Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MaxNote 5033+Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxNote 6120Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxNote C9971Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxNote C9971-TVMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
MaxNote DL70Micro (P)PC comp.2005
MaxNote DL70-TVTMicro (P)PC comp.2005
MaxNote DL71Micro (P)PC comp.2005
MaxNote DL71-TVTMicro (P)PC comp.2005
MaxNote M7Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MaxNote N8120Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MB02 (MB2MC15)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
MB02 (MB2MC16)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
MB02 (MB2MC17)Micro (P)PC comp.2004
MediaNote CD BookMicro (P)PC comp.1996<
MediaNote Green 735Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Metolious 430M2Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Metolious XL (550M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Metolious XL (560M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Metolious XL (565M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Metolious XL (570M3)Micro (P)PC comp.2000
Metolious XL (N30W)Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MP-983Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MP-983AMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
MP-993Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Rogue 423M2Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Siletz 426TMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Maxar PC (-> Hyosung)Maxar 286MicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 286LMicroPC comp.1988
Maxar 286SMicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 286TMicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 386 (1MB)MicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 386 (4MB)MicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 88LMicroPC comp.1988
Maxar 88SMicroPC comp.1987
Maxar 88TMicroPC comp.1987
Maxar PC 286/16MicroPC comp.1989
Maxar PC 386/20MicroPC comp.1989
Maxar PC 386/25MicroPC comp.1989
Maxar PC 386/33MicroPC comp.1989
Maxar PC 386SXLMicroPC comp.1989
NPC IIMicro (P)PC comp.1989
SILETZ U 433 CPMicro (P)PC comp.2000
SILETZ U 450 CPMicro (P)PC comp.2000
Maxdata Computer GmbH650Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
650TMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
650XMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
2800Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
4511 IWMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
AddModels=PC 500 MHzMicroPC comp.2003<
Alpha (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha MB (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha MD (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha ML (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha MOMicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha MW (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Alpha MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Artist BristolMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Artist DenverMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Artist Future P3-550MicroPC comp.1999<
Artist Future P3-600MicroPC comp.1999<
Artist Future P3-700MicroPC comp.2000s
Artist Gold (8 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist Gold Office (8 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist Gold Office 233MHz (MD2.33 TX97XE)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist Gold Office PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist Gold PII (9 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist Harvard SLMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Artist Harvard SL ProMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Artist NL PC Home Magic (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC Home Magic PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist NL PC Magic (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC Magic PII (6 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist NL PC Office Classic Focus (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC Office Classic Focus PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist NL PC07-line Classic Favorit (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC97-line Classic Favorit 350MHzMicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC97-line Classic Favorit PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist NL PC97-line Classic Focus (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist NL PC97-line Classic Focus PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist PC (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC 97-line (10 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC 97-line Classic Future (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC 97-line Favorit (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC 97-line Focus (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC 97-line Future (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Favorit (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Focus (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Future (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Home (14 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Home Focus (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Home Future (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Home Magic Fun&Function (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Magic (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office (14 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office Classic Favorit (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office Classic Focus (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office Classic Future (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office Focus (8 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC Office Future (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC SCSIMicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC97-line (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC97-line Classic Favorit (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist PC97-line Classic Focus (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist Pro PC (6 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist SRV (9 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Artist SRV PII (7 models)MicroPC comp.1997>
Artist StanfordMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Artist YorkMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC (23 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC D AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC D BHMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC DBAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC DCAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC DYAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home (18 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home 2000-lineMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home D (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home MMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC home M AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home MDMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home MWMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home MXMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Home TMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC home T AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC M AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC MBAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC MC D (6 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC MCAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC MYAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC NE C (6 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC office D AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC office M AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC office T AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC T AT (3 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC TBAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC TCAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bluechip PC TYAMicroPC comp.1999>
Bristol ProMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Bristol Pro 2Micro (P)PC comp.1999>
Bristol Pro 2PMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
BTC PC (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTC PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTC PC Home (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTC PC MBMicroPC comp.1999>
BTC PC MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTC PC Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC (25 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC 2000-line (25 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC Home (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC MBMicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC MDMicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC MWMicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
BTO PC Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Eco 3200XMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
ECO 4000IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ECO 4000IW SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ECO 4000IW Top SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ECO 4010IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ECO 4200XMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
ECO 4510IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
ECO 4700IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
EtonMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Eton ProMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Eton Pro PII 400Micro (P)PC comp.1999<
Falcon 100MicroThin client2005
Falcon 200MicroThin client2005
Falcon 200LMicroThin client2005
Falcon 300MicroThin client2005
Falcon 300LMicroThin client2005
Family Series (11 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Favorit 1000 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Favorit 3000 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Favorit 5000 (4 models)MicroPC comp.2006<
Funline PC (25 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Home (18 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Home 2000-line (11 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Home/MD (11 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Home/MW (11 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Home/MX (11 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC M BH P4-2000MicroPC comp.1999>
Funline PC Office (18 models)MicroPC comp.1999>
Hardvard SL AGPMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Harvard SL ProMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
M-Book 1000Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
M-Book 1200XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
M-Book 4000U G1Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 4500U G1Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 5000 G5Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 5500 G4Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 5500 G5Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 5600 G5Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 600Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 600 G2Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 6000 G3Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 6000 G4Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7000 G2Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7000 G4Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7000 G5Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7500 G2Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7500 G3Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7500 G4Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
M-Book 7500 G5Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Maestro 880MicroPC comp.1999>
Magic 12.1 SEMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Magic BostonMicro (P)PC comp.1999>
Magic Boston 466Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC Home (20 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC MBMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC MDMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC MWMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTC PC Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC Home (20 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC MBMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC MDMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC MWMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic BTO PC Office (14 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC 97-line (9 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC Home (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC MDMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC MWMicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC MX (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic PC Plus (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Magic Series (11 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
NB 2000-line Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB 2000-line Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB 2000-line Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB 2000-line Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB 2000-line Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 3000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4000IEMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4000IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4010IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4011IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4100AWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4100IEMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4100IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4200XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4500AMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4500IMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4500WMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4510IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4511IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4700IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Eco 4705IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Home Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2002
NB Home Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Home Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Home Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Home Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MB Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MB Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MB Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MB Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MB Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2002<
NB MD Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD MX Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD MX Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD MX Eco 3200XMicro (P)PC comp.2004<
NB MD MX Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD MX Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD MX Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MD Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MW Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MW Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MW Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MW Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MW Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MX Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MX Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MX Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MX Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB MX Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Office Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Office Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Office Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Office Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Office Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 2000 cMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 2000CMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 5000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 5000IRMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 5500IRMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB PRO 6000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6000IMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6000IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
NB Pro 6000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 600IMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 600IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
NB Pro 6100IMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6100IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
NB Pro 6100TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 6110IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 660TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 660XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 7000DXMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 7000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 700TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 71000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 710TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 710XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 8000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 800IWMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 8100ISMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
NB Pro 8100IWSMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
NB Pro 8100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online (17 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Online MBMicroPC comp.2000s
Online MDMicroPC comp.2000s
Online ML (21 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Online MO (15 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Online MW (21 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Online MX (21 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Online NB MB Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MB Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MB Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MB Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MB Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MO Eco 3000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MO Eco 3000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MO Pro 5000TMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MO Pro 5000XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Online NB MO Pro 7100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
PC (13 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC 2000-line (18 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC 2000-line Favorit (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC 2000-line Focus (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC 2000-line Future (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC 2000-line Pro (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Favorit (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Focus (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Future (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Home (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Home Favorit (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Home Focus (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Home Future (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC MBMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MD FavoritMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MD FocusMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MD FortuneMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MD FutureMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MD MagicMicroPC comp.1990s
PC MW (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Office (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Office Favorit (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Office Focus (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Office Future (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Office Pro (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
PC Pro (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance (21 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance 110TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance 120TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance Artist seriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance ECO seriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance Imperio seriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance M-Book seriesMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Performance MBMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance MDMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance ML (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance MO (15 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance MW (18 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance MX (22 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MB Eco 3000TMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MB Eco 3000XMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MB Pro 5000TMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MB Pro 5000XMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MB Pro 7100XMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MO Eco 3000TMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MO Eco 3000XMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MO Pro 5000TMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MO Pro 5000XMicroPC comp.1990s
Performance NB MO Pro 7100XMicroPC comp.1990s
Pro 5000IRMicro (P)PC comp.2007
Pro 5000IR SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2007
Pro 600IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 600IW SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 600IW Top SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 650Micro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 650TMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 650XMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 7000DXMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pro 800IWMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 800IW SelectMicro (P)PC comp.2006
Pro 8100XMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
SRV (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
SRV 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
SRV Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
StanfordMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Stanford ProMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Vision 100CMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision 350Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision 350MMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision 440TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision 450Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision 450TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision FX 460TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Vision FX 470TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
WS (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
WS 2000-line (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
WS Home (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
WS Office (17 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
YorkMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Maxicom, Inc.MAXICOM/DLMicro1986<
Maximus Computers Inc.486-50MHz Maxi-CADMicroPC comp.1994<
Cyrix 486/40 VESA Local BusMicroPC comp.1994<
Green 759Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Home Office MediaMicroPC comp.1998
Magna Artist MediaMicroPC comp.1996<
Magna Artist ProMediaMicroPC comp.1996
Magna MediaMicroPC comp.1996<
Magna ProMediaMicroPC comp.1996
Magna-3D MediaMicroPC comp.1996
Magna-Artist Pro MultiMediaMicroPC comp.1995
Magna-P350XT DVDMicroPC comp.1998
MediaNote 100Micro (P)PC comp.1996
MediaNote 120Micro (P)PC comp.1996
MediaNote 133Micro (P)PC comp.1996
MediaNote 150Micro (P)PC comp.1996
MediaNote 166 32/1.7Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MediaNote 166 8/540Micro (P)PC comp.1996
MediaNote 200 16/1.7Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MediaNote 200 32/2.1 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MediaNote 233Micro (P)PC comp.1998
MediaNote 266 128/6Micro (P)PC comp.1999
MediaNote 266 64/4Micro (P)PC comp.1999
P5-90 PCI/ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
PowerMax 120 16/ 810Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 120 16/1GMicro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 120 8/810Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 120TMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 133Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 133 16/ 810Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 133 16/1GMicro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 133 32/1GMicro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 133DMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 133TMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 150Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 150 16/ 810Micro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 150 16/1GMicro (P)PC comp.1996
PowerMax 166MMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 166TMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 200 32/2.1Micro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 200 32/3Micro (P)PC comp.1998
PowerMax 233 32/2.1Micro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 233 32/3Micro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 233 64/2.1Micro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 233 64/3Micro (P)PC comp.1998
PowerMax 233MMicro (P)PC comp.1997
PowerMax 266Micro (P)PC comp.1999
PowerMax 300 Best Buy 128/6Micro (P)PC comp.1999
PowerMax 300 Best Buy 64/4Micro (P)PC comp.1999
PowerMax 333Micro (P)PC comp.1999
Maxtech Corp.G735Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
G756Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
G770Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
GREEN400Micro (P)PC comp.2003<
Model G720Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
YesBook 753Micro (P)PC comp.1996<
YesBook 753 PlusMicro (P)PC comp.1997
YesBook 755Micro (P)PC comp.1997
YesBook 755 ProMicro (P)PC comp.1997
YesBook X-740CMicro (P)PC comp.1995
YesBook X-740TMicro (P)PC comp.1995
MaxtronEGA LCD Laptop 286Micro (P)PC comp.1991
LCD-286Micro (P)PC comp.1991
LCD-386Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PC 101Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PC 201V/286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PC 301V/386SX-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
PLASMA 386Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Portable ATMicro (P)PC comp.1991
Portable XTMicro (P)PC comp.1991
Portable XT LCDMicro (P)PC comp.1991
MaxVision Corp.MaxPacMicro (P)PC comp.2003
Symbion 5100 Pentium 166MicroPC comp.1995>
Symbion Pro4000MicroPC comp.2003<
Maxxboxx DatasystemsMaxxBoxx 730/200MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 860/180 MPMicroMac clone1980s
MaxxBoxx 860/200MicroMac clone2000s
MaxxBoxx 860/225MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/233MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/266MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 930/333MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/180 MPMicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/200MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/200 MPMicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/225MicroMac clone1997
MaxxBoxx 960/800 MPMicroMac clone1997
May Computers Corp.Info 286MicroPC comp.1988
Mega 4000MicroPC comp.1988
Mayberry Products486/DX2-66MicroPC comp.1995<
486/DX4-100MicroPC comp.1995<
Maylong Group, LLCMN-1000Micro (P)PC comp.2012
Mazovia1016MicroPC comp.1986
1032 (Prototype)MicroPC comp.1986
2016AT (Prototype)MicroPC comp.1986
MBC5400 133Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
5400 150Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
ALCYANE A10Micro1980s
ALCYANE A100Micro1980s
ALCYANE A100EMicro1983<
ALCYANE A15Micro1980s
ALCYANE A20Micro1980s
ALCYANE A200Micro1983
ALCYANE A30Micro1980s
ALCYANE A5Micro1980s
ALCYANE A6Micro1983<
ALCYANE A6EMicro1983
Alcyon (Prototype)MicroPC comp.1980s
Proteus Pentium 133-200 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MBXMicroStation 400MicroPC comp.2002
PowerStation 533MicroPC comp.2002
McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co.Microdata 1000Micro1986<
Microdata Reality 4700Micro1986<
McPerson s.r.l.EOSMicro (P)PC comp.1997
HALMicro (P)PC comp.1995
MCSN38N2 (API-7595)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MCS microsystemsAlpha 1Micro1978
Beta 8Micro1978
McTek Systems, Inc.McTEK 286 (Rabbit 286)MicroPC comp.1989
McTEK 386-20Micro (P)PC comp.1989
MDStar 386-25 DX 4/130MicroPC comp.1991
Star 386-25 DX 4/80MicroPC comp.1991
MDB Systems Inc.Micro/11MicroLSI-11 comp.1985
Micro/11-1MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/11-73MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/23MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
Micro/73MicroLSI-11 comp.1986<
MDG ComputersHorizon SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Value SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Vision SeriesMicroPC comp.1990s
Mead ComputerCat 10MhzMicroPC comp.1987
Mecer (div. Mustek)MB02Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
N340S8Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
W210Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Xpression DL70Micro (P)PC comp.2005
Xpression DL71Micro (P)PC comp.2005
Mechanical and Electrotechnical Institute Varna (VMEI)FadataMicro1986
Mechanikai Meromuszerek Gyara (MMG)MIKRO PLVMicro1980s
Mectel International, Inc.AMW286-12Micro (P)PC comp.1991
AMW386SX-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Notebook ComputerMicro (P)PC comp.1990
Media Book200TXLMicro (P)PC comp.1999
330iMicro (P)PC comp.2001
340 (340S2 340S8)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
380Micro (P)PC comp.2000
722 (M722)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
735Micro (P)PC comp.1999
800 K400 PLUSMicro (P)PC comp.2001
800 PIII 800Micro (P)PC comp.2001
880 K450 PLUSMicro (P)PC comp.2000
880 Plus (Valiant 5000, 5340)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
920 (30W, 38W2, 38W3)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
920 PIII 650Micro (P)PC comp.2000
920 PIII 700Micro (P)PC comp.2001
6100 (7521)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
E-751Micro (P)PC comp.2001
EXECUTIVEMicro (P)PC comp.1999
LITE TRAVELER PROMicro (P)PC comp.1999
N30 N30WMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Navigator (M722)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Premium 7321Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Premium 7521Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
VOYAGENOTE PROMicro (P)PC comp.1999
Media Markt und Saturn Verwaltungs GmbhNBI-366 AvantgardeMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
NBI-366 Premium XLSMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Network NCI (D1131)MicroPC comp.2003<
Network NCI-266MP-PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NCI-433 Avantgarde XOMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NCI-466 PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI (D1156)MicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-200M3 Premium Classic SEMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-233M3 ClassicMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-233MP-PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-233MP-Premium 5/98MicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-300 MP PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-300MP-Premium 5/98MicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-333 MP PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-333MP-AvangardeMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-333MP-Premium 5/98MicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-350MP-Grafik XLMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-450 MP Avantgarde XOMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-450MP-Premium XL 10/98 AMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-550 PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-550 Premium XLMicroPC comp.2003<
Network NPI-550CD PremiumMicroPC comp.2003<
NPI-350MP-Premium XL 10/98MicroPC comp.1990s
NPI-400MP-Premium XL 10/98MicroPC comp.1990s
NPI-450MP-Premium XL 10/98MicroPC comp.1990s
Media Micro Inc.Pro425SIMicroPC comp.1992
Media OnMP120MicroPC comp.1990s
MP66MicroPC comp.1990s
Media Saturn International GmbHNetwork NPI PremiumMicroPC comp.1990s
Medical Office Systems, Inc. (MOS)200MMX Power UserMicroPC comp.1997
MMT SystemMicro1979<
Medidata Informática S.A.M-XTMicroPC comp.1986
M301MicroPC comp.1985
Medion AG2592Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
6032Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
6071Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
7276Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Akoya Chromebook S2015Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya E1016DMicro (P)PC comp.2009
Akoya E1211Micro (P)PC comp.2009
Akoya E1215Micro (P)PC comp.2009
Akoya E1221Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1222Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1226Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1229Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1230Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1239TMicro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya E1312Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1315Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1317TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E1317T TouchMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E2139TMicro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya E221TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E227TMicro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya E2294Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E23401Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E3211Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E3215TMicro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya E3222Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5010Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5214Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5217Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5218Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5410Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E5411Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6201Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6210Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6211Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6212Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6214Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6215Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6217Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6220Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6222Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6226Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6232Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6234Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6237Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6239Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6239TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6239T MultitouchMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6241Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6416Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6418Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6421Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6422Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6424Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6429Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E6431Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7210Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7211Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7211 MD97447Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7211 MD97476Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7211 MD97513Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7211 MD97558Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7212Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7216Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7218Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7218 MD97872Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7218 MD98680Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7219Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7220Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7220 MD9874Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7222Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7223Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7223TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7225Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7225TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7226TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7227Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7227TMicro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7416Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya E7419Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya Extreme X7810Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98041Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98160Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98240Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98360Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98510Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98740Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98760Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98770Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya MD98780Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya Mini E1210Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya Mini E1212Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya Mini S1210Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya Mini S1211Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P17601Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya P32010Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya P4610Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P5277Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P5278Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P5323Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P62017Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P65001Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P65015Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P6512Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6611Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6618Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6620Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6625Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6630Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6631Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6635Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6638Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6645Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P6677Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P67001Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P67048Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya P6812Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P7812Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P8610Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P8611Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P8612Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P8613Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya P8614Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S1210Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S1211Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S17402Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya S17405Micro (P)PC comp.2010s
Akoya S2211Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S3211Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S3212Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S3409Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Akoya S4216Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S4219Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S5610Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Akoya S6211T TouchMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
AP75Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Cerion PC MT 5 MED series (11 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
CIM2000Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Cybercom PC MT5 MED series (13 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Cybermaxx PC MT5 MED series (13 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Cytron PC MT5 MED series (13 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
D27ESMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
E2227TMicro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P6605Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P66065Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P6689Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P6705Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P7651Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer P7859Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer X6807Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer X7859Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Erazer X7861Micro (P)PC comp.2019<
Ewer PC MT4 MED series (19 models)MicroPC comp.2003<
Ewer PC MT5 MED series (15 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Extreme X7810Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FAM2000+Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FAM2020Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FID2000Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FID2020Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FID3010Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
FIM2010Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Life E6201Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Life PC MT5 MED (26 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Lifetec PC MT 4 Type MED series (25 models)MicroPC comp.2003<
Lifetech LT9886Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MAM2090Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MAM2100Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MAM3000Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD Business W PC MT5 MED (30 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
MD Professional W PC MT5 MED (15 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
MD2550Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2592Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2642Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2727Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2804Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2879Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2889Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD2962Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD40029Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40179Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40234Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40254Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40672Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD40673Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD40674Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40676Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40700Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD40888Micro (P)PC comp.2001>
MD40889Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41086Micro (P)PC comp.2008>
MD41100Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41164Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41270Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD41271Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD41274Micro (P)PC comp.2009>
MD41320Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41389Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41567Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41621Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41638Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41960Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD41983Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD41984Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD42000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42050Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42200Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42329Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42416Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD42418Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD42585Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42678Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD42703Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD5020Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5029Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5057Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5061Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5214Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5216Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5218Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5222Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5223Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5225Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5275Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5387Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5389Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5400Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5943Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5944Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5945Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5946Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5950Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5955Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5982Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD5996Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6030Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6102Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6103Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6148Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6161Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6181Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6184Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD6458Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD7321Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD7404Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD89560Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9303Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9304Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9313Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9326Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9326Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9399Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9467Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD95001Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95022Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95043Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95062Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95090Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD95092Micro (P)PC comp.2002>
MD95093Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MD95132Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95143Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95189Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95190Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95223Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95224Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95300Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95319Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95320Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95321Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95334Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95335Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9535Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95374Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95383Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95400Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95401Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95408Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95438Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95469Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9559Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95600Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95687Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95712Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95763Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD95789Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9580-FMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD95800Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9580AMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9580FMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9588Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD96032Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96100Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96166Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96175Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96177Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96218Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96254Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96287Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96290Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96293Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96299Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96301Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96317Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96327Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96336Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96350Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96360Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96370Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96373Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96382Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96383Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96387Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96400Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9641Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96414Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96419Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96442Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96444Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9646Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96482Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96483Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96494Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96496Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96500Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96518Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96544Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96559Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96569Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96570Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96619Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96622Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96652Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96688Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96701Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96702Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96703Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96705Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96712Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96727Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96734Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96737Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96745Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96754Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96776Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96779Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96780Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96786Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96802Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96803Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96804Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96827Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96839Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96849Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96850Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96851Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96858Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96866Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96868Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96875Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96888Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96891Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96910Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96912Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96914Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96915Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96923Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96926Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96945Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96946Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9695Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD96956Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9696Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD96975Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97006Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97011Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97020Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97039Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97043Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97063Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97086Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97101Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97109Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97111Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97129Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97132Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97155Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97158Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97160Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97192Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97193Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97195Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97201Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97202Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97203Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97213Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97216Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97222Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97228Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97262Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97266Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97294Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97295Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97296Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97303Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97308Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97309Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97312Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97313Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97320Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97330Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97365Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97371Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97372Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97379Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97382Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97403Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9741Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97426Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97427Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97439Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97441Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97457Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97459Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97460Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97461Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97470Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97485Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97490Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97495Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97500Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97519Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97531Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97532Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9755MicroPC comp.1990s
MD97566Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97569Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97640Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97644Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97690Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97750Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97753Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97768Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97794Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97823Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9783MicroPC comp.1990s
MD9783-A TitaniumMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97834Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97835Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9783AMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97845Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97861Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97878Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97881Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97900Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97900 (DE Model)Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97917Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD97967Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD9799Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD9800Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
MD98022Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98029Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98037Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98039Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98041Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98042Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98150Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98200Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98240Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98330Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98340Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98370Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98459Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98460Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98462Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98465Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98470Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98475Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98510Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98550Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98551Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98553Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98554Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98557Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98560Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98561Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98562Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98574Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98643Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98653Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98680Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98710Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98717Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98721Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98738Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98740Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98741Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98742Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98744Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98747Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98770Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98780Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98857Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98862Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98863Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98864Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98867Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98887Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98891Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98901Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98978Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD98997Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99007Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99009Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99022Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99050Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99060Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99070Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99080Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99090Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99109Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99127Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99128Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99142Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99148Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99230Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99261Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99310Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99410Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MD99460Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Medion PC MT5 MED MT series (13 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Micromaxx PC MT5 MED MT series (13 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
Microstar PC MT5 MED MT series (13 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
MID2020Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MID2030Micro (P)PC comp.2004>
MIM2000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2040Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2050Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2060Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2070Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2080Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2170Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2180Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2190Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2230Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2310Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2320Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MIM2330Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Mini E1311Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
MS-16C1Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Network PC MT5 MED MT series (11 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
ProMedion 2700TMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
RAM2000Micro (P)PC comp.2001>
RIM2050Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
RIM2060Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
RIM2080Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
RIM2520Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
SAM2000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
SIM2000Micro (P)PC comp.2002>
SIM2110Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
SIM2120Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Speedmaster PC MT5 MED series (12 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
UAM2000Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
UAM2010Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
UIM2080Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WAM2030Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WAM2040Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WID2000Micro (P)PC comp.2001>
WIM2030Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2050Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2070Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2080Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2110Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2120Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2140Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
WIM2160Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Mega Computer Corp.AM 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1994
AM 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1994
Double Impact Pentium Pro 200+MicroPC comp.1996
DS 486DX -33Micro (P)PC comp.1994
DS 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1994
ECO Series 486 DX2/66 VLBMicroPC comp.1994<
Impact 486-25MicroPC comp.1991
Impact 486/50EMicroPC comp.1992
Impact 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Impact 486SLC-33Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Impact 486SX-25Micro (P)PC comp.1993
Impact 486SX/25+MicroPC comp.1993
Impact 590PCI16DMicroPC comp.1996
Impact NB 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Impact NB 486DX2-50Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Impact NB 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Impact NB 486SX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1995
Impact Pentium 133MicroPC comp.1995>
Impact Pentium 166MicroPC comp.1995>
Impact Pentium 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Impact Pentium/MMX 166MicroPC comp.1997>
Impact Pentium/MMX 200MicroPC comp.1997>
Impact PentiumPRO 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Virage 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1994
Virage 486DX2-66Micro (P)PC comp.1994
Virage 486SX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1994
Mega Image, Inc.ApolloMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Integra (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 1010 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
Megabook 770Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 800 DiamondMicro (P)PC comp.1996
Megabook 880Micro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 880 RubyMicro (P)PC comp.1996
MegaBook 880 Super DiamondMicro (P)PC comp.1996
MegaBook 911 GoldMicro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 911 PlatinumMicro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 911 Platinum PlusMicro (P)PC comp.1997
MegaBook 911 SilverMicro (P)PC comp.1997
Megabook 911CDMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
MegaBook Apollo (3 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
Megabyte S.p.A.Megabyte Linea Entry TMicroPC comp.1990s
Megabyte Linea Reference TMicroPC comp.1990s
Megabyte Linea Workstation TMicroPC comp.1990s
Megadata Computer and Communications Corp.UPS-7Micro1977
MegaramaUnika Graphic Pentium 75MicroPC comp.1995
Megaware Industrial Ltda.400MicroPC comp.1995~
Champion GX 55MicroPC comp.1999~
MEGACORP - RDMicroPC comp.1990s
MEGACORP - SWMicroPC comp.1990s
MEGAHOME - EMicroPC comp.1990s
MEGAHOME - IMicroPC comp.1990s
MT AMD K6-2/300MicroPC comp.1998~
New GenerationMicroPC comp.2000~
PIII-450MicroPC comp.1998~
Premium Box 450MicroPC comp.1998~
Premium Box 600 PLMicroPC comp.1999~
MeisakuBusiness Line (7 models)MicroPC comp.1999<
MatroxMicroPC comp.1999<
MegaMicroPC comp.1999<
Optima 466MicroPC comp.1999<
Optima Celeron A 400MHzMicroPC comp.1999<
Pentium II 333 OfficeMicroPC comp.1998
Power Line (7 models)MicroPC comp.1999<
TuplaMicroPC comp.1999<
MelchersCMC 2000MicroPC comp.1988
CMC 2000 LCMicro (P)PC comp.1989
Memodyne Corp.Model M80 Cassette ComputerMicro1970s
Memorex Corp.CommuterMicro (P)Palmtop1992
Model 7500 Telex 386SXMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Sail 386/25eMicro (P)PC comp.1992
Memorex Telex Corp.386-20MicroPC comp.1989<
7075MicroPC comp.1990
8080-25MicroPC comp.1992
8090-50MicroPC comp.1993<
8257MicroPC comp.1993<
8280MicroPC comp.1993<
8287MicroPC comp.1993<
8290MicroPC comp.1993<
8290-33MicroPC comp.1993<
8590R-33MicroPC comp.1993<
8592MicroPC comp.1993<
8592R-66MicroPC comp.1993<
Celerria LP60MicroPC comp.1996<
Memoria Factory - TemesvarAllicMicro1985
CE 119Micro1984
Memory and MorePDS ELITRA PENT-90 VIPMicroPC comp.1994<
PDS SLIMLINE 486-66MicroPC comp.1994<
Memory System (by SANCO)7000Micro1980s
Memotech Computers Ltd.RS 128Micro1984
Mensa ComputersG.F. 1000Micro1981
Mepcom International, Inc.TigerMicro1986<
MERA-KFAPKRAK-86 (SM-1909)MicroPC comp.1986
MK 45Micro1984
MK 4501Micro1984<
MK 4501/2Micro1980s
MK 50Micro1983<
MERA-STERMevax 6600MicroPC comp.1985
Mevax 86MicroPC comp.1980s
Mercator Business SystemsMBS 2000Micro1981
MBS 3000Micro1981
MBS 4000Micro1981
MBS 5000Micro1981
Mercure Système Informatique2000Micro1977
2110 CMicro1981
MI-CMicro (P)PC comp.1990
Puissance 3Micro1983
Série 16Micro1983
Merit Distributing Inc.HRP 600IMicroPC comp.1990s
MW2/350MicroPC comp.2003<
MW2/400MicroPC comp.2003<
MW3/450MicroPC comp.2003<
MW3/500MicroPC comp.2003<
MW3/550MicroPC comp.2003<
MWC/466MicroPC comp.2003<
P-166 WorkstationMicroPC comp.2003<
Merlin (British Telecom)M2215Micro1980s
Merocomp OyMC Business Line Intel Pentium 4MicroPC comp.2000
MC GigaMicroPC comp.2000
MC OptimaMicroPC comp.2000
MC ThunderMicroPC comp.2000
MC TitanMicroPC comp.2000
MC TornadoMicroPC comp.2000
Powerline 1000MicroPC comp.2000
MESA Technology Corp. (MTC)521TMicroPC comp.1980s
Mesh Computers Plc386Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
A6R ProMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Alite A6Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Alite A6 ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Alite A8Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Alite A8 ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Classic 133MicroPC comp.1996<
Classic 75MicroPC comp.1996<
Cubex 2800+ StormMicroPC comp.2000s
Cubex 3000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Cubex 3200+MicroPC comp.2000s
Cubex Media TVMicroPC comp.2006<
Cubex64 3000+ SLMicroPC comp.2000s
Cubex64 3400+ PINMicroPC comp.2000s
Cubex64 3700+MicroPC comp.2000s
Discovery 02-2002MicroPC comp.1990s
Discovery 2.8GHzMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Discovery 7800 WUXGAMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
DynamoMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Dynamo 7800GTXMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Dynamo C1.5Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Dynamo DX Plus 1.6Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Dynamo M11-Wide CBXMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Dynamo Plus 1.4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Dynamo Plus WIFIMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Dynamo WLXMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Elite 120MicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 133MicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 166 UltimaMicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 2/2002MicroPC comp.1990s
Elite 200 FireBladeMicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 75 Directors EditnMicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 95 Directors EditnMicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 95 P100MicroPC comp.1996<
Elite 95 P90MicroPC comp.1996<
Elite A 550 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite A 560 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite A 570 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite A3Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Elite A3 ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Elite D820MicroPC comp.2006<
Elite E6300 GSMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite E6400 SLIMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite E6600 SLIMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite Fire X1950 PCWMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite M 530 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite M 540 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite M 550 PCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Elite P4 3.0 - 3.4MicroPC comp.2000s
Elite P4 3.6GHzMicroPC comp.2000s
Elite Pro 200MicroPC comp.1996<
Elite Pro A9300Micro (P)PC comp.2008<
Elite Q4 FXMicroPC comp.2008<
Elite Q5 FXMicroPC comp.2008<
Elite2 D805MicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 D930MicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 D950MicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 E6600 SLIMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 MediaMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 SLI GSMicroPC comp.2006<
Elite2 SLI GT6MicroPC comp.2006<
Evolution GT WonderMicroPC comp.2005<
Explorer 15.1 2200Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Explorer 15.1 2400Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Explorer 15GT UltraMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Explorer PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
F3FMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
F3Jc-ProMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
G92 pulse ProMicroPC comp.2008<
Genius 133 ConnectMicroPC comp.1996<
GTA Quad ProMicroPC comp.2008<
GTS Quad ProMicroPC comp.2008<
HomeMedia DX2/66MicroPC comp.1996<
LD466-8125LLMicroPC comp.1996<
Matrix 1000BBMicroPC comp.2001<
Matrix 1000TMicroPC comp.2001<
Matrix 1100TMicroPC comp.2001<
Matrix 700 ProMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix 850DMicroPC comp.2001<
Matrix A 3200+ pCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix A 3500+ pCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix A 4000+ pCXMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix A650MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix A700MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix D700MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix D750MicroPC comp.2000<
Matrix D800SMicroPC comp.2000<
Matrix Duron 700TMicroPC comp.2000<
Matrix Eclipse PCWMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Matrix Eclipse PlusMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix Fire850MicroPC comp.2000<
Matrix FX55 SLIMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix InspireMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix M 2800+MicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix M 3000+ AGPMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix M 3200+ AGPMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix M 3400+MicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix P4-3000MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix PremierMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix Prestige ConnectMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix S3100+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix TitanMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix Titan PlusMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix VectorMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix Vector PlusMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix Vector XmasMicroPC comp.2005<
Matrix X-treme G7600MicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix XP1800+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP1900+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP2000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP2100+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP2200+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP2400+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP3000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XP3200+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix XXX ProMicroPC comp.2008<
Matrix XXX UltimaMicroPC comp.2008<
Matrix2 MediaMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix2 PrestigeMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix2 VectorMicroPC comp.2006<
Matrix64 2800+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 CSXMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 DualMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 DVXMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 ELXMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 GTXMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 PlusMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3200 XtraMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3400 UltraMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3500+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3700 ProMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 3800 UltraMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 4000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 FX PlusMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 FX UltraMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 FX XtraMicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 FX Xtra-53MicroPC comp.2000s
Matrix64 FX55 ProMicroPC comp.2000s
Media+ 3000+MicroPC comp.2000s
Media+ Cubex64 939 MCEMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Monarch 466MicroPC comp.1996<
Monarch II400MicroPC comp.1996<
Monarch P90MicroPC comp.1996<
MSI ER710Micro (P)PC comp.2008<
MSI GX610MicroPC comp.2008<
Pegasus 15 WIFIMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Pegasus 15.1 800 FSBMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Pegasus 15.1 ELMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus 15in PCWMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Pegasus 17 WIFIMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Pegasus 17.1Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Pegasus 2200+Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus 2400+Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus 2500+Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus 3070Micro (P)PC comp.2006<
Pegasus 3170 CSXMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Pegasus 3170 PCAMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Pegasus 7800 SLIMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Pegasus 7800 WUXGAMicro (P)PC comp.2006<
Pegasus Athlon4Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus EL PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus64 3000+Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
Pegasus64 3200+ XTiMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
PowerView 3GHz Plus 17.1Micro (P)PC comp.2000s
PowerView 3GHZ ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
PowerView 3GHz WiFi PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Prestige DX4MicroPC comp.1996<
S-Presso 3GHz ProMicroPC comp.2000s
Tablea CentrinoXtraMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Titan Dual X2 ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Titan PCWMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Titan X1800 FireMicroPC comp.2006<
Ultima 15Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Ultima 17.1 800 FSBMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Ultima 3.4GHz PlusMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Ultima Plus 17.1 800FSBMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Ultima Plus CSXMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
Ultima ProMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Ultimate Q8MicroPC comp.2008<
Universal Media DX2/66MicroPC comp.1996<
Venture 15.1Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
Venture NCMicro (P)PC comp.2005<
Voyager X5Micro (P)PC comp.2005<
X-treme 64 3000+MaxMicroPC comp.2000s
X-treme 64 FX-53MicroPC comp.2000s
X-treme Media ProMicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme X9450GTMicro (P)PC comp.2008<
X-treme2 SLI GT6MicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme2 SLI GT9MicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme2 SLI GTXMicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme2 SLR EclipseMicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme2 SLR TitanMicroPC comp.2006<
X-treme2 SLR VistaMicroPC comp.2006<
PC 116-2Micro1987<
PC 116-X/20Micro1987<
Mester-Globus Rt.Super XTMicroPC comp.1985
Met@box ?MicroMac clone1990s
MetaTech486DX/33 ISAMicroPC comp.1994<
486DX/33 VESAMicroPC comp.1994<
486DX/50 EISAMicroPC comp.1994<
METO (by NEC)9000 PC (=NEC PC-8201A)Micro (P)1983
Metra Information Systems, Inc.425SXMicroPC comp.1993
Deluxe 286-12MicroPC comp.1990
Deluxe 386-25 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Deluxe 386SX-16MicroPC comp.1990
Deluxe 486-25MicroPC comp.1990
Promis AT EISA (4 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis AT ISA (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis MAT EISA (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis MAT ISA (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis MAT VLB (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis MT VLB (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis SL ISA (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis SL VLB (5 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Promis ST EISA/VLB (4 models)MicroPC comp.1993
Standard 286-12MicroPC comp.1990
Standard 386-25 (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Standard 386-33MicroPC comp.1990
Standard 386SX-16MicroPC comp.1990
Standard 486-25 32K/CACHE (2 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Supreme 386-25 (3 models)MicroPC comp.1990
Supreme 386SX-16MicroPC comp.1990
Supreme 486-25MicroPC comp.1990
Metro Computers486Dx - 33MicroPC comp.1994<
Magitronix 286-12MicroPC comp.1990
Magitronix 386-16 SXMicroPC comp.1990
Magitronix 386-20MicroPC comp.1990
Magitronix 386-25MicroPC comp.1990
Magitronix V20-12MicroPC comp.1990
Pentium 60MicroPC comp.1994<
MetroBook Computer Corp.DTMicro (P)PC comp.1999
DT PLUSMicro (P)PC comp.2000
MetroBook LTMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Metrobook VLMicro (P)PC comp.1998
Métrologie (by ye-data)Misystems Choice PCMicroPC comp.1996<
Metron L. Industria Eletronica Ltda.Aquanta CWT (20 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Argus (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Corporate 2200MicroPC comp.2003<
Corporate 3100 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Corporate 3200 (12 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Corporate 5100 (8 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Corporate 5200 (12 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Corporate 7200 (4 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Maxima (20 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
MMPMicroPC comp.2003<
MMP-IIMicroPC comp.2003<
MMP-III (20 models)MicroPC comp.1990s
Smartnote L901 (4 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Metropolitan Technical Services Inc.Metrobook LTMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
Mexmal Mayorista, S.A. de C.V.ALASKA PAXSON 2 DF 2000MicroPC comp.1990s
MexxlineSCSI Office Pro PII/266 LXMicroPC comp.1999~
Ultra Office PII/266MicroPC comp.1999~
MGV Manufacturing, Inc.Ulysses 486iVLMicroPC comp.1995<
MIC ComputerMinotaureMicro1983
Michada Computers, Inc.Michada 120 MedTowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Michada 166 Med TowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Michada 166MMX MedTowerMicroPC comp.1997>
Michada 200 Med TowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Michada 200 MMX Med TowerMicroPC comp.1997>
Michada ATX 166 Med TowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Michada ATX 166 MMXMicroPC comp.1997>
Michada ATX 200 Med TowerMicroPC comp.2003<
Michada ATX 200 MMX Med TowerMicroPC comp.1997>
Michada P166 MedTower WSMicroPC comp.2003<
Pentium 200Pro (2p)MicroPC comp.1995>
Pentium Workstation P133MicroPC comp.1995>
PentiumPro 200 WorkstationMicroPC comp.1995>
Super Pro 200 WorkstationMicroPC comp.2003<
Micom Data Systems Ltd.NB 486DX2/66MicroPC comp.1994<
Micon6200DMicro (P)PC comp.1990s
Micrelec SAILDA 2Micro1982
ILDA 3Micro1985<
ILDA CompactMicro1983
Micro 1, Inc. Power 386MicroPC comp.1988
Power 386-16MicroPC comp.1989<
Power 386-20MicroPC comp.1989<
Micro Application Systems, Inc. (MAS)MasEDTMicro1980
Micro Arts Australia GroupEISA ProMicroPC comp.1994<
PentiumPro 200MicroPC comp.1995>
Power Pro Pentium 166MicroPC comp.1995>
Power Pro StealthMicroPC comp.1994<
Power Pro VesaMicroPC comp.1994<
MICRO Assistance Group (MAG)MAG NT 4000MicroPC comp.1994<
MAGGP4XXM/DMicroPC comp.1995<
MAGTA4XXD/M/TMicroPC comp.1995<
MAGVT4XXD/MMicroPC comp.1995<
Micro AZ 80Modulus SystemMicro1981
Micro Business Applications, Inc.Micron 840Micro1981
Micro Card Systems, Inc.MCS 7000Micro1980
Micro Computer Machines, Inc. (MCM)MCM 70/1000Micro1970s
MCM 70/700Micro1974
MCM 70/800Micro1976
MCM 70/900 (Model 924)Micro1977
MCM 700 APL (Model 782)Micro1977
MEC 800 (Model 808)Micro1977
MEM Power (Model 524)Micro1977
Micro Connections Inc.Diplomat 386Micro (P)PC comp.1993<
Micro Controls InternationalvoiceSTATIONMicro1994<
Micro Craft Corp.Craft XTMicroPC comp.1984
Dimension DM25640Micro1984>
Dimension DM51240Micro1984>
Dimension DM51240-XMicro1984>
Dimension PM1240-20Micro1984>
Dimension PM51280Micro1984>
Micro Digital Systems Ltd.MDS 2009MicroS-1001980s
Micro Electronics Inc.Micron TransPort Trek2-CMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
My Favorite PCMicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpecMicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 1405MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 1416MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 1520MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 1710MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 4322MicroPC comp.1999
PowerSpec 4323MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4325MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4630MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4631MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4720MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4721MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4820MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4821MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 4830MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 4900MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 4970MicroPC comp.2002
PowerSpec 4980MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 4983MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 4985MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 4987MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 5420MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 5450MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 5640MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 5780MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 5781MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 5850MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 6001MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 6002MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec 6235 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 6241MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 6242MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 6310MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6320MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6321MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6322MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6330MicroPC comp.1998
PowerSpec 6410MicroPC comp.1999
PowerSpec 6520MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6521MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6522MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6523MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6610MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6611MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6612MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6620MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6621MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6622MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6630MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6631MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6632MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 6641MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 6642MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec 6644MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec 6650MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec 7130MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7131MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7220MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7221MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7230MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7231MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7320MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7321MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7330MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 7430MicroPC comp.1999
PowerSpec 7431MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec 7501MicroPC comp.2007
PowerSpec 7540MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 7640MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 7710MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 7715MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 7717MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 7720MicroPC comp.2000
PowerSpec 7725MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 7755MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 7845MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 7955MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8210MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 8215MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 8216MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 8217MicroPC comp.2001
PowerSpec 8250MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8251MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8251MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8270MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8330 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8342MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 8345b2MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 8350MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8351MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8360MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8420MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8421MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8425MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8540MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8605MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8610MicroPC comp.2002
PowerSpec 8620MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8650MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8703MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 8705MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8720MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 8731MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 8736MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 8750MicroPC comp.2002
PowerSpec 8820 (2 models)MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8822MicroPC comp.2003
PowerSpec 8860MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8920MicroPC comp.2002
PowerSpec 8921MicroPC comp.2002
PowerSpec 8923MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 8926MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 8940MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 8985MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 9130MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 9140MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 9360MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 9361MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec 9431MicroPC comp.2004
PowerSpec 9432MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec 9501MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec 9800MicroPC comp.2006
PowerSpec B300MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec B318MicroPC comp.2010
PowerSpec B322MicroPC comp.2011
PowerSpec B331MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec B332MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec B333MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec B361MicroPC comp.2017
PowerSpec B600MicroPC comp.2007
PowerSpec B615MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec B639MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec B646MicroPC comp.2007
PowerSpec B648MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec B654MicroPC comp.2010
PowerSpec B659MicroPC comp.2016
PowerSpec B662MicroPC comp.2017
PowerSpec B670MicroPC comp.2011
PowerSpec B682MicroPC comp.2016
PowerSpec B701MicroPC comp.2009
PowerSpec B709MicroPC comp.2011
PowerSpec B725MicroPC comp.2015
PowerSpec B901MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec BBMC-05MicroPC comp.2005
PowerSpec E371MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec G150MicroPC comp.2016
PowerSpec G157MicroPC comp.2010
PowerSpec G161MicroPC comp.2011
PowerSpec G170MicroPC comp.2012
PowerSpec G171MicroPC comp.2012
PowerSpec G178MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec G182MicroPC comp.2012
PowerSpec G310MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec G350MicroPC comp.2007
PowerSpec G400MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec G410MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec G412MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec N100MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec N105MicroPC comp.2000s
PowerSpec N106MicroPC comp.2013
PowerSpec N671MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec PC 4510MicroPC comp.1999
PowerSpec PC Reference Series P166MicroPC comp.1996
PowerSpec Select Model 4320MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec Select Model 4321MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec Select Model 4332MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec Select Model 4430MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec Select Model 4431MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec Select Model 4432MicroPC comp.2003<
PowerSpec T455MicroPC comp.2007
PowerSpec V202MicroPC comp.2009
PowerSpec V350MicroPC comp.2008
PowerSpec V50MicroPC comp.2009
PowerSpec X450MicroPC comp.2016
PowerSpec X501MicroPC comp.2014
PowerSpec X506MicroPC comp.2016
TransPort TREKMicro (P)PC comp.2003<
WinBookMicro (P)PC comp.2000s
WinBook 486 SXMicro (P)PC comp.1993
WinBook J2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WinBook J4Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WinBook J4 -731Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WinBook N3Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WinBook N4Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
WinBook X2Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
Micro Express, Inc.IFL9025Micro (P)PC comp.2008
IFL91Micro (P)PC comp.2007
JFL9226Micro (P)PC comp.2008
JFT2200Micro (P)PC comp.2008
JHL9025Micro (P)PC comp.2008
Lyte Byte 3400 1/100Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Lyte Byte 3400 1/200Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Lyte Byte 3400 1/40Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Lyte Byte 5300Micro (P)PC comp.1991
Lyte Byte 5400 1/100Micro (P)PC comp.1990
Lyte Byte 5400 1/200Micro (P)PC comp.1990
Lyte Byte 5400 1/40Micro (P)PC comp.1990
Lyte-Byte 3400Micro (P)PC comp.1989
ME 286-12MicroPC comp.1989
ME 286-20MicroPC comp.1989
ME 386-16MicroPC comp.1989
ME 386-20MicroPC comp.1989<
ME 386-25MicroPC comp.1989<
ME 386SX-16Micro (P)PC comp.1991
ME 486-Local Bus/DX2/66MicroPC comp.1993
ME 486DX2/66MicroPC comp.1994<
ME Regal SXMicro (P)PC comp.1991
MicroFlexMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFLEX 486/DX2MicroPC comp.1993
MicroFLEX 486/DX2/50MicroPC comp.1993
MicroFlex NB2800LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NB4100LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NB7100LMicro (P)PC comp.2002
MicroFlex NB8100LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NB8120LMicro (P)PC comp.2002
MicroFlex NP1000LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NP2700Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NP4120Micro (P)PC comp.2002
MicroFlex NP4800Micro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NP4800CMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex NP7110Micro (P)PC comp.2002
MicroFlex NP8650LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
MicroFlex-PCI/133MicroPC comp.1996
MicroFlex-PCI/166MicroPC comp.1996
MicroFlex-PCI/P100MicroPC comp.1996
MicroFlex-PCI/P100/HomeMicroPC comp.1995
MicroFLEX-PCI/Pro200MicroPC comp.1996
NB 486DX-33Micro (P)PC comp.1993
NB 486SX-25Micro (P)PC comp.1993
NB2500Micro (P)PC comp.1992
NB3450LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NB3650LMicro (P)PC comp.2000
NB5620Micro (P)PC comp.1991
NB6100Micro (P)PC comp.2012
NB7500Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NB8466Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NB8466LMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NB8500LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NB8770Micro (P)PC comp.2012
NB9100Micro (P)PC comp.2012
NB913Micro (P)PC comp.1992
NB925Micro (P)PC comp.1992
NB92dx4Micro (P)PC comp.1990s
NB9400LMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NBL5100Micro (P)PC comp.2012
NBL60Micro (P)PC comp.2012
NP1000LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP1020AMicro (P)PC comp.2003
NP1120Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP1122CMicro (P)PC comp.2003
NP1124LMicro (P)PC comp.2003
NP1266Micro (P)PC comp.1998
NP133AMicro (P)PC comp.1998
NP2160Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP2180LMicro (P)PC comp.2002
NP2200Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP2400Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP2500Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP2517Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP2526LMicro (P)PC comp.2003
NP2600Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP2650Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP2700Micro (P)PC comp.2001
NP2800LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP2850Micro (P)PC comp.2001
NP3450Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP4100BMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP4100LMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP4800BMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP4850BMicro (P)PC comp.2001
NP5100Micro (P)PC comp.2001
NP5120Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP5180Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP52Micro (P)PC comp.1996
NP5240Micro (P)PC comp.2002
NP5626LMicro (P)PC comp.2003
NP5790Micro (P)PC comp.2008
NP5796Micro (P)PC comp.2008
NP5800Micro (P)PC comp.2001
NP6366Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NP6366BMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NP6366VMicro (P)PC comp.1999
NP7100LMicro (P)PC comp.2002
NP7120Micro (P)PC comp.2001
NP7200 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1997
NP7400Micro (P)PC comp.1999
NP7450Micro (P)PC comp.2000
NP8000 (2 models)Micro (P)PC comp.1996
NP8000IMicro (P)PC comp.1996